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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta Your horoscope lytamDixon MAY 28 Your birthday Now comes a time to discard everything that does not contribute to your welfare and prosperity Your own limitations can be transcended once you know what they are and learn to live with them. Relationships have to be taken lived out thoroughly in candor and mutual self respect Today's natives are apt to enjoy somewhat impatient ARIES 21-April Work encounters failures of co-operation You have the chance to show what you can do under stress No matter how rushed you do it TAURUS 20-May Confusion and contradictions are the orders of the day Family or group ventures are open to endless rounds of criticism Don't take on any special responsibility. GEMINI 21.June Come to agreement with your own set before vou act on their behalf Home conditions tend to distract vou from your work Asking favors adds to existing complications CANCER You 11 be better off for having checked out what you sign read the fine print Discussions about vocation should go directly to the point LEO 23 Aug. Financial affairs are require all your attention Be self influential people aren't likely to volunteer their help Stay clear of speculation VIRGO 23 Sept. In spite of gaps in co- operation resolve that you're going to prosper from your own initiative and enjoy doing it A full schedule demands a deliberate pace LIBRA 23 Oct. Calmly see the benefits in what first seems to be unhappy news Take a good look at vour health maintenance programs Avoid secret pursue unfinished business vigorously SCORPIO 23 Nov Friends and finances are both delicately balanced now Mixing them won t do Where can work alone do so A bright idea is well worlh patient detailed de- velopment SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec. To profit by strenuous vocational adjustments is an art today Nobody agrees beyond a fairly narrow range Whatever adopt a forthright approach CAPRICORN 22-Jan. Stay on the job instead of trekking off in search of the rainbow's end Close figuring enables you to meet exceptional much to the surprise of all concerned. AQUARIUS 20 Feb. Speculative maneuvers are more risky than likewise your fascination with them. Pray for Even very important people give out misguided advice PISCES 19-March Family issues spread out and you have a field day of extra pros and which may get in the way of the business you're trying to wrap up. Patience1 The Chicago Tribune Flashback By The CANADIAN PRESS May 1974 Jacques Cartier explored the Strait of Belle Isle 440 years ago today in 1534 on his second voyage to his first on an official mission for the French king On this which lasted only for the summer he reached the mouth of the St Lawrence without discovering that there was a river extending far inland But on his next in 1535. he explored the St Lawrence itselt as far as Hochelaga now Montreal looking for a new route to Asia and Us treasures These he did not tmd although he brought back word of the kingdom of the which spurred further exploration Fun with figures Todav we have a very simple variation on the idea of our popular monthly number games Try for fun' You have the digits 3478 Using all one of make an expression for the number 84 Easy9 Well there s something more You may use only one arithmetical sign or and once only No words Just that one sign or and the four digits Friday's answer House numbers 74 and 88 Mr Hunter answers all letters ideas welcomed' Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN c TIW CtliCMO TnbuM Both vulnerable North deals NORTH A986 1 A K 10 5 4 K7 K J 3 WEST EAST A Void A K Q J 4 Q832 V 97 Q J S 6 4 2 ff 10 953 975 A 84 SOUTH A A JO 7 5 2 V J K 0 A Q 10 6 2 The bidding- North East South West 1 V Pass 1 A Pass 1 NT Pass 3 A Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- Six of 0 It is not difficult to spot the winning line on today's hand. The art is to realize that you might need a safety play North-South reached a four spade contract in routine fashion North rebid one no- trump at his second since he held only three low spades South chose to jump rebid his six-card major rather than introduce his weak minor and North went on to game on the strength of his three trumps and ruff- ing value. The play did not take long. West led a and de- clarer could see only one loser outside of trumps. He laid down the ace of and when West showed declarer had to lose three spade tricks. Down one The 4-0 trump spbt was un- but not insurmount- able After winning the ace of declarer should have led a low spade from his hand Had both defenders declarer could have played the ace lat' making either four or Depending on the division when West shows out and East is forced to capture the nine with the declarer can limit his trump losers to two by using the ace-king of hearts as entries to finesse trumps twice. Under certain circum- declarer could make the hand even if West held all the missing trumps The key to the hand is that there is no way it could cost de- clarer to lead a low spade at his first while the po- tential reward for this would have been substantial. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I read in an article in a newspaper that every cell in a person's body reproduces itself every seven to eight years. Do'you have any way of checking on If will you please give me any information you have about if Dear Reader That is another one of those half- truths that is constantly repeated The truth is some cells never reproduce at all Some cells reproduce when they are needed to replace a damaged cell and still others reproduce constantly A good example of continuous reproduction is the case of the red blood cells. Did you know that your body manufactures about three- million new red blood cells every It also destroys red cells at that rate An average red blood cell only lasts about 120 days. So. normally you always have a lot of fairly young red blood cells in your not blood The lining of the small intestine is completely replaced every three days The old are digested and the protein in these cells used just like the protein in your food Our body is a recycling machine far ahead of our primitive ideas about recycling in our own environment Even the iron containing hemoglobin in those destroyed red blood cells is saved and used again to form new blood cells The cells of the skin are constantly being shed and replaced So are the hair hbers These must be rebuilt with new proteins The liver is a good example of an organ that can grow new cells if part of it is removed If a lot of scarring occurs it may not be able to do so. but ordinary injury or surgical excision of part of the liver stimulates it to form new liver cells By tendons and brain cells cannot be replaced at all or at best only poorly You can increase the size of muscle fibers by but you won't increase the number of cells or replace old ones We are stuck with the number of brain cells we and as we get older the number of those in the cortex or thinking portion are fewer in number we have a lot more than we usually need it can become important as you get older. Brain cells damaged by excess use of alcohol oji a long-term basis cannot be replaced. There is much new interesting that indicates that living brain cells can learn to take over new functions if a person loses the cells that control an arm there is the possibility that other cells can be trained to take over these functions. The possibility of training other brain cells for new tasks opens a wide possibility for helping people with problems such as strokes at some time in the future Many such as brain can undergo chemical even if the cell is not replaced That the ammo acids and various minerals in the cell may be exchanged for different proteins and minerals during the cell s life These changes may be related to cell repair or even if the cells are not actually replaced you have all variations rather than a seven or eight year cyclical replacement Send your questions to Dr. in care of this P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. Ask Andy CRAYFISH NEST Andv sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Gerry age of Bixby for her question Does the crayfish build a The crayfish is a small freshwater cousin of the sea- dwelling lobster He prefers to do his foraging after dark This means he must make plans to keep out of sight during the day He may hide in the gravelly bottom or dig himself a smallish burrow in the muddy banks of his stream or pond Or he may dig a burrow in the bottom and surround it with a turret The female enters a sort of nesting burrow when she lays her eggs You may not notice but various crayfish lurk in most of our streams and boggy swamps Sometimes they build fancy doorways that reveal their hideaways especially when the floor of their stream is surfaced with sandy gravel What you see looks like a camp of small muddy mounds each mound is a turret of damp dirt packed around the entrance to a burrow Chances the crayfish lurks with his pincers and whiskery antennas poking out through his roof Naturally he hopes to grab a small fish or some other passing swimmer After he crawls forth on his eight skinny walking legs to forage for greenery and whatever decaying material he can find Though the turret builders appear to live in crayfish are not sociable creatures and often fight among themselves the adult lives his own life and keeps more or less to himself In most he inhabits a separate hideway in a submerged burrow or in the mud just above the water level Building his burrow is no problem for he is well equipped with tools His pinchers and skinny legs are encased in a crusty shell and his tail has a crusty fan- shaped scooper Though his burrow can be called a he does not use it as a bedroom When his watery world grows dark enough for he walks forth on his skinny legs If startled he can swim backward like a darting arrow There is one occasion when the burrow becomes more of a nesi Crayfish mate in the fall when the male places his sticky milt onto the female's abdomen She then retires to her burrow where she lays about a hundred of her own eggs The fertilized eggs are fixed onto the bristles of her swimmerets There they remain through the winter The brood of baby crayfishes hatches in the spring and each tiny creature looks like a mini- copy of its parents Their pale glassy are tinged with patches of pink They crowd clinging to mother's swimmerets with their claws Soon they leave home and as they their tiny shells are molted for larger ones The crayfish shell is built of calcium chemicals extracted from the water and building a larger shell is quite a problem First the chalky minerals in the old shell are dissolved into the blood and rebuilt into the new shell below Then the body swells up with extra water and the papery thin old shell is cast off Extra calcium is added to harden the new shell and after six hours or so the molting job is finished Questions asked by chil- dren ol Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntington California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. BIOGRAPHER DIES TYRINGHAM. Mass Margaret president of V.'ellesley College from to 1966 and a Pulitzer Prize-winning died Friday of cancer LI'LABNER EXCEPT THIS L vS ANOTHER HE'D HAVE BEEN DONE FOR.'.' THE BLOOMER FIEND is AMONG I WON'T LET VOU Ol JT OF MV SIGHT.'.' The quick brown fox jumped over the unfortunate dog. SHORT MBS JUST I NlVENTED HI AND LOIS POT SAYS SHE I6HT TRY ID JOIN A WHAT TLE LEASUE BASEBALL DO YOU THIS YEAR -WHAT DO YOU ___ I DON'T I SUPPOSG.. BUGS BUNNY IM WEADY FOR INSTALLATION AS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE MUSKWATS YA LOOK SUPER- HAVE TRYIN1 T'WALK WEARIN' THAT SWORD IS KIND O' HUH BLONDIE HECE COMES MYRA FRIZ SEE WERE MOT SPEAKING OH HELLO 3L.OMDIE ARCHIE IS THE ANY ITEM I'M NEW SELLING THE TAK.I BUT THIS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE TO CONSERVE FUEL.' WHAT IS IT A SMALL JAPANESE A JAPANESE I'M NOT BUYING HAGAR THE HORRIBLE A UAZV I'LL TELL WIFE LIKE PRINK TO BEETLE BAILEY TO THE BEAT of A DIFFERENT THEPE A DRlM BRAMMS' LULLABV2 PEOPLE I SET UP I AR6NT AuU TUMBLEWEEDS WHAT SAY WE GO PEAR LIMPIP T8ARE HUNTlN'j I 6ITS THESE PIG UGLY TEETH HOLES ALL ;