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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 1

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Lethbridge, Alberta Congratulations u of l graduates missing children s Day please see fort whoop up fun Day please see As Ballet raises funds please see a flames canadians think fines excessive please see b1 Index agriculture.b12 business. Comics.b6 comment.a6 entertainment. Bill lifestyle.b8-10 poetry.d6 Public notices.d7 real Region. A3.5 to weather.a4 hockey on to a win tonight by Montreal Cana Diens Over Calgary flames could bring them their 23rd Stanley cup. Tonight s game at the Calgary saddled me the tilth game of the Best of seven final will be telecast on cart Channel 10, Cable 9, Crft Channel s and Chat beginning at 6 . Hayden Dies actor Sterling Hayden the Mav Erick Star of or. The and the Asphalt jul Rigte died Friday at the age of 70. Above left shows a 1mj photo of Hayden while above right is How he looked in 1982. Seen and heard Chad Simmons seven receiving two newts for his birthday and immediately naming them Bernard and Herbert after Grandfather bern1e Simmons and great Grandfather Herb Simmons Robert Croskery among re organizers of the Irish Canadian society saying there s Only two kinds of people in the world the Irish and those who wish they were Gerry Gray falling off his chair when finding out he d been promoted at Canada packers pass resident Anne Patuk nearly prompting a Gas station attendant to have a coronary when she pulled up to a local service Sta Tion with three nude bodies in the Back seat of her car All Manne quins destined for the pass museum Margaret to avg of Cowley complaining about her dog s habit of burying Bones behind her Livin Groom Couch Don Tweter still bitter Over the Early exit of his Edmonton oilers from the Stanley cup playoffs trying to sell a bumper sticker that reads go flames go arid take the Stam. Peders with you. Weather Low tonight near 4 High sunday near 24 sunny the Herald xxviii 137 saturday May 24, 1986. 40 cents More bodies found police May have allowed White extremists to storm meeting Johannesburg up police May have allowed White extremists to storm a meeting of the governing party of South Africa where they created such a tumult that tear Gas was used to Clear the Hall a Cabinet minister said Friday. The government ordered an investigation. Five More bodies were found at the Crossroads Black squatter Camp near Cape town raising the death toll from a week of factional fighting there to 32. Waving flags with a three branched Swastika that closely resemble the Emblem of nazi Ger Many hundreds of members of the far right Afri Kaner afrikaner Resis Tance movement invaded the National party rally thursday. They engaged in fist fights with party faithful and prevented foreign minister Roelof Botha from speaking. The extremists who oppose the governing party s plans to modify the apartheid race Laws refused to leave and the meeting was called off. Police fired tear Gas causing a Stampede from the Hall at Petersburg in the far North of trans Vaal province. Manpower minister pie tie Duplessis said Fri Tariff shakes Heinrich Victoria up president Ronald Reagan s imposition of a Tariff against Canadian imports of Cedar shakes and shingles is irreconcilable with his ear Lier commitment to removing Trade barriers forests minister Jack Heinrich said Friday. It seems to me that we have gone out of the areas of logic facts the purpose of free Trade Access to everybody s Market and what we Are looking at now is a political Heinrich told reporters. Heinrich said in the legislature that Reagan has earlier encouraged free Trade and spoken against an omnibus protectionist Bill passed this week by the . House of representatives. What i have difficulty reconciling Are those particular statements with respect to free Trade and a decision to impose tariffs on shakes and shingles which was the president s the minister said in response to a question from new Democrat Bob Williams. Social programs not negotiable Ottawa up social programs will not be discussed during Freer Trade talks whatever the american negotiators might say prime minister Brian Mulroney said Friday. Canada s policies Are not on the negotiating he told the com Mons. The House knows that and the coun try knows that. We do not have to return to american negotiator Peter Murphy did not Rule out discussing social pro Grams if they have a direct Impact on Trade Between the two countries. He told reporters at the conclusion of the first round of Trade talks this week that both countries must be free to bring up any Issue they want. New Democrat my said Mulroney will have to explain things to the american negotiating team. That is not my he said. My Job is to state exactly what i have stated on behalf of the people of Canada which is that the social programs of this country Are not on the table Murphy or no Day that police in Petersburg were not capable or did not want to maintain Law and from now on he said the National party will make its own Security arrangements for meetings rather than relying on police. Louis be Grange the Law and order minister said the government will not tolerate thuggery and bullying tactics by any group and appointed . Stan Schutte head of the police Crimi Nal investigation division to investigate the Brawl. Be Grange said Schutte s findings will be Given to the attorney general for possible prosecutions. I will not allow people such As the afrikaner to make use of intimidate try tactics to control the political he said in Cape town. The riot was a vivid display of deep divisions among afrikaners who have controlled the government since 1948. Afrikaners account for about half of South Africa s five million Whites for whom racial segregation preserves supremacy while denying rights to the 24 million Blacks. At about the same time As the incident in pie Kersburg constitutional development minister Chris he Unis outlined to parliament in Cape town draft legislation for a multiracial National Council charged responsible for drawing up a new Constitution to give Blacks a share in National political Power. He Unis said the Council will be a starting Point for Power sharing but political analysts believe it has Little Chance of attracting popular support among the country s Blacks. Many Black leaders already have rejected participation calling on the government first to free political prisoners and legalize banned opposition groups such As the african National Congress. In Ottawa member of a common wealth group said Hopes for a negotiated Settle ment to the South african problem hinge on pre Toria s response to a proposal for constitutional talks with All racial groups in the country. Archbishop Ted Scott the anglican primate of Canada told reporters the envoy group is expect ing a response to the. Proposal before the end of the month. Scott did t disclose details of the constitutional proposal but the Commonwealth has been press up use photo archbishop Ted Scott and Mulroney leave pm s residence settlement hinges on Pretoria Ottawa up Hopes for a negotiated peace Settle ment Between South african Blacks and Whites appear to hinge on Pretoria s response to a Commonwealth proposal aimed at setting up constitutional talks with All racial groups in the country Canada s representative in a group of Commonwealth envoys suggested Friday. Archbishop Ted Scott the anglican primate of Canada told reporters the envoy group is expecting a response to the proposal before the end of the month. Scott also warned that the spread of once localized racial violence from Urban Black townships to Rural areas of the embattled country has made South Africa like a pressure we re very close to a major Scott said standing in a Chilly drizzle on the walk of prime minister Brian Mulroney s official residence after a 45-minute ses Sion with Mulroney and external affairs minister Joe Clark. Later Scott said at a news conference he believed an agreement to negotiate could Lessen the violence consid Scott would t go into details of the constitutional proposal but the Commonwealth has been pressing for the dismantling of apartheid and equal rights for All race groups in South Africa. The country s five million Whites now Rule Over 24 million Blacks who have no vote. The Commonwealth envoys have received no Assurance from the South african government that Nelson Mandela the african National Congress Leader would be freed to take part in any talks Scott said. Mandela considered the main unofficial opposition Leader in the country has been imprisoned for 22 years for sedition. However Scott said the concept that was left with the government would involve that necessity that there s no Chance of working on a negotiated solution unless or. Mandela is Able to take part in those discus Sions. Ing for the dismantling of apartheid and equal rights for All race groups in South Africa. I think the future of the work of the eminent persons group will depend on the reply that comes from the Scott said. The group s final report will be drawn up june 3-7 and then handed Over to Commonwealth Lead ers. Thousands of shacks in the Crossroads squatter Camp have been burned Down during the Battles Between conservative and leftist factions leaving to Blacks homeless. Police said the men whose bodies were found Friday were stabbed earlier in the week. They predicted More bodies will be discovered As patrols move farther into the devastated area. Trevor Manuel Secretary of the regional Branch of the anti apartheid United democratic front described the conflict As a military operation against the uhf and its affiliates. In this the armed forces were shielded by con. Serva Tive Manuel said. Such Collu. Sion Between the armed forces and vigilantes has become commonplace across the police deny taking sides in the fighting. 600 men still battling 13 Forest fires by the Canadian press despite a week of scattered showers and Cool temperatures 600 men were still at work Friday battling 13 Forest fires in Newfoundland. The threat to Homes and communities faced last weekend has been eased Wilh the help of a few Days of Damp weather. But seven fires were still listed As con-1. Trained a forestry spokesman said. Charles John said that Means the fires. Are not spreading and Are one step lower than the More dangerous out of control listing. The six other fires Are under control. John said 13 helicopters were Beiring used to fight the fires. The 11 water bombers in the province grounded earlier in the week by fog were on standby. Conditions Don t warrant sending them out at the he said. Meanwhile in new Brunswick 15 fires were still listed As burning although All but one Are almost out said Forest Ranger Gordon Akerley. The other at Newcastle in the North is under control and should be downgraded by monday if conditions do not Worsen during the weekend. Fire has destroyed about Hect ares of Forest in Newfoundland and hectares in new Brunswick along with about a dozen Homes and 30 cot tages Camps and outbuildings. Bus collides with trailer truck Quebec up ten eight year old children were slightly injured Friday when a school bus taking 53 of them on an excursion collided with a tractor trailer truck and a Small Van at the Ste. Foy exit of the Pierre Laporte Bridge the Accident occurred in heavy rain when the truck towing two trailers skidded on wet pavement on the Bridge and crushed the bus and Van against the. Median Guardrail. The ten injured children were taken to the Laval University medical Centre. After examination nine were sent Home while a Little girl was kept for observation. The three vehicles were severely damaged. Ottawa up Ontario judge William Parker will begin full time work monday investigating conflict of interest allegations against former Industry minister Sinclair Stevens. Justice minister John Crosbie said in an inter View Friday that Parker will also announce Mon Day the names of the lawyers who will question the witnesses during his judicial inquiry. But Crosbie was unable to say when the 71-year old chief Justice of the Ontario supreme court trial division will begin holding Public hearings into the conflict of interest allegations arising from a loan arranged by Stevens wife for one of the former minister s companies. They have to look at the various charges in connection to this matter and what arc the Points of Issue and look at the Hansard official parliamentary record and do All the preliminary work to decide who might be relevant to be called As wit Nesses and the Crosbie said. The hearings will Likely be held in Toronto where Parker and Stevens live and where most of the witnesses Are Likely to be heard Crosbie added. Parker who has subpoena Powers to Call who Ever he wants to testify will examine All allegations made by maps in the House of commons and in newspapers and television news reports. Prime minister Brian Mulroney appointed Parker last week to determine if there was a real or apparent conflict of interest by Stevens in granting millions of dollars in Industry depart ment Aid to an Auto parts company closely connected to a wealthy Toronto businessman who loaned mrs. Stevens the million. The investigation will also examine news reports that officials from York Centre corp. Stevens holding company sought up to million in Loans from three Toronto brokerage houses which were later hired to do work for the Industry depart ment. The brokerage houses did not provide any Money to York Centre. Stevens who resigned from Cabinet last week had placed his financial assets in a Blind Trust but his wife Noreen maintained an Active involve ment As vice president of the real estate firm which obtained the loan. Stevens has denied any wrongdoing and insisted in recent interviews that he will be absolved and should be Able to return to Cabinet. Parker s appointment has been questioned by opposition maps because of his past affiliation with the conservative parly. He once served As conservative Riding president for Hamilton West in the late-1950s and was i embroiled in a political controversy in the 1960s. Parker appointed to the Bench in 1961 by then tory prime minister John Diefenbaker was asked in 1968 by Ontario Premier John Robarts to head a inquiry into charges that senior govern i men officials had improperly interfered with and suppressed information about 13 inquests by Coro ners in the province. Parker absolved the tory government of any wrongdoing but some new democratic maps and members of the Media accused him of partisan i. Ship and unfairness

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