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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 24

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 23, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta winy Ask Andy BEES' WAX Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Tena Tavlor age ot Ringwood for her question Where do bees get wax to make their In the world of the honeybees the sunny season is the busy season Through the warm afternoons the birds may take siestas the breezes may forget to puff and even the whispering leaves are silent But the honeybees remain on the job gathering pollen and nectar from the flowers These basic groceries will be processed to make tood for the teeming hive and some will be made into waxv combs to store the During a summer s day a bee makes hundreds of trips to and from the hive Lach time she returns with the baskets on her back legs bulging with golden pollen She also returns with about one five-thousandths of an ounce of sweet nectar sucked from flower throats This will be processed to make honev Thousands of bees must make thousands of marketing trips to create one pound ot honev Some ot this honey will be processed to make the waxy white cells in which it is stored This job as usual is done the busv worker bee new honeycombs are needed she gorges and gorges herselt on honey until she is fit to burst Meantime miraculous chemicals in her change the gorged honey into material On the underside of her abdomen there are eight small pores arranged in two rows When the waxv substance is it oozes out from these pores in tiny The next problem to scrape the waxy flakes from her However various tools for the job are attached to her legs She uses the hard spikes thjt form the pollen baskets on tlattened sections of her back legs She also uses various spikv tools on her other legs At this point her object is to get the flakes off her abdomen and into her mouth Chewing is necessarv to make the stutt soil and moldable hen this is done chances are she gets help trom her sister workers She carries her new made wax to where it is needed which may be the building site for a new comb or the repairing of an old one There she spits out the chewed wax and gets ready to mold it in place Other workers are on hand to help to press and tamp it into the proper six-sides size and shape Together they model another cell on a new honeycomb or remodel the damaged one So the honeycomb is made from re-processed honey But there are times when the honeybee hive needs something stronger than the usual honeycomb wax This is in the late fall when preparations are underway to make the hive weatherproof for the winter This waxv metenal is called bee blue and the workers cannot make it from honey As usual they depend on the plant world to provide all the things they need In this the workers gather the various waxes and waxy resins that many plants create to protect themselves through the winter The workers carry these gummy materials home and use them as bee glue to seal up draft cracks in the winter hive Andv sends a seven-volume set of The Chronicles of Narnia to Paige Martin age 10 of Calgary Alberta Canada for his question When did life on earth begin0 Many living things of the past left fossils in ihe ground The big dinosaurs left their bulky bones Trees left petrified wood and imprints of their leaves Scientists can date these fossil records and trace the story of life back through the ages For example thev know that there were plenty of dinosaurs around 100 million years ago Thev also know that tiny algae lived in the seas more than a billion ago Most experts think that the first living things were so soft and so tiny that thev lett no lossils in the ground But they did cause changes in certain rocks This is the best early evidence we have to go on It suggests that small simple creatures may have lived on earth 600 million v ears ago Mavbe this is when life on earth reallv began Or mavbe we shall find proof that H began at an even earlier date At present nobodv can sav lor sure Goren on Bridge H COREN c 1974 The cmeago Tribune Both vulnerable South deals NORTH A3 J 9 6 3 0 6 A K9842 WEST EAST A Q 'I 8 fi I 2 J 10 4 Q 7 2 94 O A 10 7 3 Q I'l J 7 SOUTH K7 104 K QJ 852 6 J The b.dUmg South West North East 1 Pass 2 A Pass 2 0 Pass 2 v Pass 2 NT Pass 3 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Six of vou have a choice of establishing two different suits Counting your tricks wil1 often give you a clue to the right one to- tac- kle fust The auction followed stan- dard lines Since his response of two clubs might have shut out a four-card heart suit in the South North cor- rectly introduced the major sun at his second turn rather than rebid his clubs South indicated a stopper in the unbid and decided that his six-card suit and outside entry should offer play for game West led a and de clarer had to decide where ic the trick and whicn minor suit to tackle It seemed templing to win the first trick with the king and go after but declarer stopped to count and saw since he would have to surrender a trick in the he would come to only eight two spades and one heart As soon as he gave up a club the de- fenders would knock out his remaining spade stopper and thev would have their suit established before he could set up a diamond for his ninth trick Therefore declarer won the first trick in dummy and led a diamond to the jack Had West won with the declarer would have had to bank on the suit dividing 3 3 However since East held the ace the jack won Note that East canno' win the ace of diamonds without setting up five tricks in the suit for declarer With an extra trick de- clarer could now be satisfied with five club tricks so he switched horses He led a low club and ducked it in dummy East won the seven of clubs and returnf H a forcing out the king A club was led to the king and when both opponents declarer was home The ace of clubs picked up the remaining card in that allowing declarer to in five club two spades and a trick in each red suit Your horoscope By Jeme Oixon MAY 24 Your birthday both real and features your coming year In many matters you are bound to find yourself taking unfamiliar courses of under interesting circumstances Much of your deeper nature comes into spontaneous manifestation now to the surprise of nobody but yourself Today's natives are and genuinely interested in the welfare of others ARIES 21-April Wind up your work week see family matters through to reasonable conclusions in person Add something to skimp on purchases if need be TAURUS 20-May Conference with friends brings your information up to may put you next to a very good thing to do on your own See if you can sell an idea GEMINI 21-June Money moves easily today Your persuasive ability is quite high If you've neglected any details now is the time to catch them up CANCER Professional advice is favored in analyzing any problems Attend close a long-range deal Resist a temptation to buy luxury items LEO 23-Aug. Quiet persistence can bring you good whereas a power play would defeat its own purposes today Partnership resources promise sharp improvement VIRGO 23-Sept. With serious thought comes clarity of view Recent confusion passes and solutions are much nearer Material prosperity is on the rise LIBRA 23-Oct Emphasis today is on exchange you have much to offer and more to accept The accent is on service and its quality Gather those you love for an evening of fun SCORPIO 23-Nov. Now is the time to set definite schedules for work already promised Avoid further commitment until current obligations are on their way to redemption SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec Almost everything that happens now is beneficial in its final outcome Think positively Add to your however trivial the sum CAPRICORN 22-Jan. This should be a moderately calm day in which your challenge is simple just persevere in whatever enterprises you have underway Make few changes AQUARIUS 20-Feb You've got a potentially easier so ease off htgh pressure approaches Medical check other professional counsel is favored PISCES 19-March Creative projects deserve all the effort you can put into them Mend relattonships where there has been stress Express optimism with a modest party tonight Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr Lamb I have a little girl who is 7 and her underarms and neck turn black when they get sunburned It s very embarrassing to me when people ask me if I never clean her neck I know it s cruel of me to use Lava soap on her but I did and then she cries a lot alterward People have told me that it s because she was once real thin and then as she got older she gained a lot of weight I think she weighs about 110 but she is big for her age She looks about 10 or 11 years old I have tried everything on her from soaking her in the tub to using a lot of creams on her and it still doesn t work Please advise me as soon as possible Dear Reader That dark color is not dirt You can t do anything about it with soap It is the skin pigment that she has The pigment in the skin is many layers of cells beneath the surface of the skin It turns dark on exposure to sun The only way you can do anything about the color is to cover the area and prevent it from being exposed to the sun That is hard to do in a little girl If she has no other problem I would think you should ignore it If she is really much too large for her have the pediatrician look at her and be sure she doesn t have a gland oroblem that is causing her to grow too much and which might affect her pigment or skin coloring Meanwhile don t hurt her with trying to wash off the color Dear Dr Lamb Will you please tell me the correct amount in milligrams of vitamin C for me to take each dav' I am 68 and female Dear Reader You could get a lot of different answers on that People do have different requirements for vitamin C Perhaps the best guide is the new recommended daily dietary allowances that were revised in 1973 by the Food and Nutrition Board National Academy of Sciences National Research Council They recommended that women in your age group should have 45 milligrams of ascorbic acid a day That of course would be in a normal diet containing adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables The recommended daily dietary allowances are the values which are sufficient to maintain good health in most Fun with figures By J A H HUNTER Each letter stands for a different digit What a waste of good wine1 But this TOPER must be truly odd What do vou make of our SHERRY9 TIPSY TOPER SIPS DRY SHERRY LI'L ABNER ARE H AVI NG RETIRED FROM A VOU -S V. SCOTLAND YARD AT ON A MV LIFE AHEAP IS AU.OK1ELOMG S. CAREFREE NUMKH TO PRECISELY THE. NUMBER OF YEARS MAVVOU EKiUCTY MAWOU LIVE- AMOTHIR 59VEARS'r W PI56RACEP THE NAME IMAGINE ANP 6IKL SCOUT CELLING COOKIL THEY SHORT MBS KISS 1 PKOV WORKS Hl AND LOIS healthy individuals II you had an illness or even perhaps if you smoked a lot of cigarettes then the amount you needed each day might be increased Some vitamin C enthusiasts feel that everyone should take much larger doses than this Some of these larger doses can cause irritation of the digestive tract in some people and in very large doses cause additional problems It is unlikelv unless you have some medical problem that would cause difficulties that vou would have any trouble however with as much as 1 000 milligrams a day I m not recommending that vou take that much but that s still within the safe range II vou d just take one all purpose vitamin tablet a day it will contain in it adequate amounts of vitamin C to supplement your normal diet intake I do not mind recommending an all purpose vitamin tablet taken once a dav for individuals who are concerned about their vitamin intake It is one way to be sure that older people who sometimes neglect proper dietary intake really do get adequate amounts of vitamins These daily type preparations that are available usually do not contain excess amounts of vitamins that could cause you anv problem either Send your questions to Dr in care of this P 0 Box Radio City New N Y 10019 For a copy of Dr Lamb's booklet on balanced send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. Enterprise Assn DON'T I'LL RUN RI6HT DOWN ANP YOU SOMETHING THE THIRD MONTH IN A ROW I'VE THAT YOU FORGOr MY BIRTHDAY HE MUST HAVE A MEMORY BUGS BUNNY IT'S TIME PER SYLVESTER T HIS LUNCHTIME CHECKER. GANAF WITH MONTMOR.ENCY TH GORILLA THAT LOOKS LIKE HIM COMIN NOW' CITY ZOO SERVICE YARD BLONDIE MR 1 MAVE SOME BAD NEWS IT'S ON ACCOUNT OF THE FUEL. SHORTAGE TO PUT AMY OIL ON YOUR HAIR AS A REGULAR CUSTOMER CAN'T vou GIVE ME JUST ONE LITTLE ARCHIE BUT MISS I'D TEACHING LIKE A IS YOUR PAROLE.' I WANT TO SCHOOL J ORGANIC I AS YOUFO FARMER A FARM SEE THOSE FIELDS OF WAVING NURTURED AND FERTILIZED WITH THE THOUGHTS b 13 THIS PILE OF COMPOSTED GARBAGE I HAVE TO PLOW THROUGH V TONIGHT' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE AS SAP AS I THE A WANTS To A OP TMSM BEETLE BAILEY IT'S NICE TO A BUT DON'T NOT HUMAN I'M SORZy OHO 60TJA ME TO Trie MEN KOOM TUMBLEWEEDS I'LL. OUT OF TOW THIS WIMPLE. ITS EVAN6ELINE SUMPS PIRTHPAYl THAT'S WHY I'M THIS NEW YOUR ATTIRE LEAVES SOMETHING TO 0E PESIREP... ;