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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 18, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 4 LETHBRIDOE HERALD May 1974 IJIII OKI Italian rightists rebuffed The unexpectedly strong support for the retention of divorce by Italian voters in their country's recent referendum is probably not as much of a rebuff to the Pope as it is to certain politicians on the Right. Naturally it will be a disappointment to 'the heirarchy of the church but the real concern must lie with what the vote portends for the political future. Italy's strongest political the Christian allied itself with the neo-Fascist movement in the attempt to throw out the divorce law passed in 1970. The neo-Fascists went all out to represent the battle against divorce as an anti-Communist crusade. That strategy backfired and may have hurt the Christian Democrats in the process. All those who voted for the retention of the divorce law are not necessarily going to vote for the Communists in the next general election just because they WEEKEND MEDITATION happened to agree with the Communist position on this issue. Many people probably voted for divorce simply because they think it makes sense. there is bound to be a residue of resentment toward the politicians on the Right who forced the vote and that could deflect some support to the Communists. The immediate consequence could be that the thinking they have something going for might topple the weak government of Premier Aldo Moro. Italy cannot afford much more turmoil of that sort. Divorce is a serious issue but in this instance it was treated frivolously by some politicians who used it to play games. In the process they did much harm to the country which in the long run might hurt the church more than having legal divorce continued. Apostle of social justice Few people today know the name of Walter Rauschenbusch which is a great pity because he was one of the pioneers in the war for social the best friend of the underprivileged America ever had. He was a profound Christian with a deep passion for God. His untiring struggle against economic exploitation and the deprivations of the poor did not weaken but rather strengthened in him the need for spiritual unity with God. He was close to the great prophets of righteousness and social justice in ancient Israel and Jeremiah and had kinship with Jesus in his kingdom Thy will be done in earth as it is in He believed tHat Jesus came to establish a kingdom of righteousness both in the individual heart and in society. A faith that did not issue in social regeneration was to him a mockery. Men who knew Rauschenbusch said he carried the spirit of a kind with a great burst of laughter and good humor bubbling up from him. He had a gift of friendship and was not only hated by those who opposed social reform but deeply loved by those who knew him. Historian and he believed that western civilization was passing through social revolution unparalleled in history for scope and Thus the important fact for the Christian Church was what attitude and relation to this crisis would it He saw the church uncertain and uninformed. The church should go back to the Old Testament prophets who were far more than merely classical illustrations and sidelights. They are an integral part of the thought life of Christianity. Here were statesmen of the highest men who refused to confine themselves to Their sympathy was wholly with the poor and oppressed. If they lived would they not take up the cause of the downtrodden who lived in poverty and not with the rich and They were not practitioners of religious but had a deep identity with the suffering in society and had a practical interest in politics. any one holds that religion is essentially ritual and or that it is purely or that God is on the side of the or that social interest is likely to lead preachers he must prove his case with his eye on the Hebrew and the burden of proof js with Rauschenbusch said many other wise things upon which one should meditate. with the selfish ambition of grown-ups Jesus felt something heavenly in a breath of the Kingdom of God. To inflict any spiritual injury on one of these little ones seemed to him an inexpressible the true social is the highest all other good things are contained in idea of the Kingdom of God is not identified with any special social theory. It means joy. Let each social system and movement show us what it can contribute and we will weigh its evil is salvation must be is formed by but after it is formed it determines action. What a man says and he and what he has he says and selfish person becomes a stupid person if he lives long enough. Other things being the loving people are the wise people. Love is the fountain of youth which the Spanish conquistadores sought. Love rejuvenates the kingdom of God is the true human it is a fellowship of and love. But it is hard to get riches with to keep them with and to spend them with right to labor is one of the fundamental rights of often hear the assertion that no one can tell whether Christianity would because Christianity has never been tried. I deny it. Christianity has been both in private and in social and the question is in order whether anything in the history of humanity has succeeded except are told that democracy has proved a failure. It has in so far as it was crippled and incomplete. Political democracy without economic democracy is an uncashed promissory a pot without the a form without substance. But in so far as democracy has become it has quickened everything it has We praise 0 God for faithful friends and fellow for the touch of their hands and the brightness of their for the cheer of their words and the outflow of goodwill that refreshes us. Shine upon us from the faces of our thou all pervading that in loving them we may be praising Rauschenbusch F. S. M. On the hunt By Doug Walker Elspeth presented a rather startling picture to the rest of us one evening as she lay on the kitchen floor reaching away back into the recesses of the lowest cupboard. When it was suggested that we should get a camera and get a picture of Judi said we could label trying to escape the Elspeth was looking for a couple of pie tins something the rest of us haven't had any reason to believe existed in our house. Letters No wonder the Liberal budget was promising cheaper shoes and bicycles Contradictions in CLC By Richard Toronto Star commentator VANCOUVER wages and working are by no means the only cause of declared the Canadian Labour Congress Executive Council's report. are sometimes also a declaration of a defiance of the industrial juggernaut in our society and a re-assertion of the will of the individual over the One problem of the CLC is that such moments of insight are rare. A larger problem is that the conditions which produce such insights are harder and harder to find. There were only two tangible expressions of old-style union defiance at their 10th biennial the the postal buttons worn by the postal workers and the la buttons being sold for 50 on behalf of Cesar Chavez' United Farmworkers of California. The timing of the convention was ideal. The coincidence of the election campaign meant that delegates could attend a tub- thumping NDP euphemistically titled a education Also in May the west coast's Dogwood trees and Rhododendrons are in bloom. The timing was right also because it caught the CLC in transition. Basically it still has a moral itch to be radical. Its real problems are those of success rather than the more clear cut issues of struggle. The CLC represents one-third of Canadian workers. They are the elite of labor. Wage settlements in the first quarter of this year hit an historic high of 10.8 per compared to eight per cent last year. Fringe benefits which add up to almost one- third the cash value of wage settlements have increased even faster. A growing number of led by the federal chartered have re- opened contracts voluntarily to add cost of living increases. While though far from of organized labor is better public anger grows at the succession of particularly those in services where the real target is the public rather than the actual employer. The threatened air controllers' strike would have forced cancellation of the CLC convention because of the postal one-third of the delegates' badges hadn't arrived by opening day. Labor Minister John Munro edged cautiously up to the subject of industrial disputes in his speech. To applause he declared he opposed compulsory arbitration. Scattered boos broke out when Munro added that arbitration is one technique that can obviate the sort of damaging confrontation which the public increasingly The contradictions within organized many of them between head and showed at the start. At the political education delegates roared their approval when farmer NDP Federal Leader Tommy Douglas battlelines are being drawn. The time has come to stand up and vote for The fact is though that the number of CLC locals affiliated to the NDP has dropped over the past two from 809 to 743. The same split showed in the debates. Delegates attacked as inadequate a platform resolution demanding that Ottawa raise the federal minimum wage from to an hour. must fight with everything we have for the one delegate declared. The economy policy statement of the CLC executive contained little that even Finance Minister Turner might disagree with except for some of the which said that multi-national corporations treated workers as only to be used or The document described inflation as world wide too powerful to be constrained by wage and price controls. Inflation gave the CLC the cause it needed badly. Corporation profits have said retiring Donald and hope that we were at least beginning to eradicate poverty has been excessive or not also enable powerful unions to win larger wage settlements. The responsibilities of unions to their own members and to the broader society outside cannot always coincide. MacDonald's retirement illustrates the problems of transition. He slammed as accusations the CLC was no longer interested in social yet in office MacDonald held to the view that union achievements could be measured in dollars won for members. The new Joe a former woodsworker is as hard a bargainer as MacDonald but is more flexible on key issues such as the Canadianization of international unions. Neither nor the three newcomers to the executive slate represent radical change. The CLC conspicuously lacks a personality able to carry its message to the public. The CLC does have one such figure. He is Louis the ebullient president of the Quebec Federation of Labor. Typically Laberge took time out from the convention to address a picket line of striking electricians in downtown Vancouver. Laberge's is special status for the QFL within the CLC. Asked if he had considered running for national office Laberge more than enough to do at Reassuring political leaders would elicit voter response By W. A. Montreal Star commentator the inter- national oil crisis developed last autumn there was a wave of highly emotional talk about the probability of a grave economic no less emotional because much of it came from economists. By this wave of gloom has died away to the point that the public probably is now too complacent about some ex- tremely serious and still unre- solved international economic problems. It seems to that there is a lesson for political leaders here and in other countries in the fervor that accompanied the phenonenom of the autumn and winter. The political leader who conveys to the public some sense both that he is sure of himself and has grounds for the that he understands not only the questions of the day but has some idea of the probably would get a considerable response. What is required is the ability to convey some feeling of sureness to others during a very uncertain period. While there are many signs that not only in would respond to this sort of the level of skepticism towards leaders is also high. The United States is a separate but some of this attitude probably spreads out from the difficulties of that great power and the shoddiness of its president. That unsettling influence on the world's affairs will not end until the Americans are able to change their national lead- a problem for which their governmental system is badly adapted. But the process of changing through misfortune or the will of the electorate is well- advanced in and here at home we are just embarking on a reappraisal which may well end in change. The lead which Giscard d'EsUing has over Francois Mitterrand indicates a reluc- tance among the French people to embark on the experiment of a left-wing coalition involving the a choice in fa- vor of what a majority feel will provide stability. In Germany the rise of another finance Helmut brings in a tough and decisive man as the replacement for an imagi- native but often irresolute leader. In the electorate may not find either al- ternative satisfactory. Mr. Trudeau's political leadership has left a great deal to be far more than the actual policies and actions of the government. He was decisive enough on the oil issue and yet this has managed to convey the impression of an erratic performance. His failure to manage men well has left him with political liabilities that are unnecessary and he is as much responsible as anyone for the erosion of the de facto Liberal-NDP parliamentary coalition which led to this election. Mr. Trudeau simply did not work at preserving it with the predictable result that it fell apart. There seem to be signs that Mr. Trudeau is by no means as personally unpopular as he had become with a significant segment of the population by 1972. He has been careful to avoid causing the sort of silly offense about which he was careless in his hey-day. He can that he and his followers did in fact respond to the rebuff the electorate administered 18 months ago. That goes some distance towards disposing ot the old accusation of arrogance. None of really bears on his questionable ability as a political if a distinction is made between that role and the purely governemental side of a prime minister's duties. I think it is true that Mr. Stanfield has become a very well-liked man here in Ottawa and that far less attention is paid in the capital to the old criticism that he is unable to convey any impression of being a decisive leader. It is not equally that outside the capital personal liking for the Conservative leader has replaced the impression of ineffectiveness. There is no other obvious explanation for the wide discrepancy between the view of Trudeau and of Stanfield in a recent public opinion poll than that the im- pression of ineffectiveness is still whether it is well- founded or not. Mr. suffers from his close association with at least three gimmicky approaches to important problems. Two involve decision to rely first on the late Marcel Faribault and then on Claude Wagner in the role of deus ex machina who would produce a Quebec following for the Tories. Only after this ap- proach twice failed did Mr. Stanfield fall back on the hard work approach of building a sound organization in the province. That is not very reassuring. He has remained wedded to the idea of a price and incomes without adequately describing the policies with which he would actually seek to resolve the problem of inflation. He has held this posture for so long that the foundations for his approach become suspect. It is legitimate to ask whether anything at all really lies behind this reliance upon a temporary freeze sold to the Conservative leader by James Gilles who would presumably be the minister of finance if the Tories edge the Liberals out. Neither Mr. Stanfield nor Mr. Trudeau looks much like the man who would be a reassuring figure at the helm during a period of grave uncertainty. It is a counterpart of the British problem where a voter turned off by Mr. Heath's stubborness necessarily had to accept Mr. Wilson's trickiness. anyone rejecting Mr. Trudeau's somewhat erratic approach and absence of political leadership must necessarily accept the risk that Mr. Stanfield is still the man who thought the road to success in Quebec was through a gimmick and who has left basic economic approaches unexplained in favor of reliance upon the palliative of a temporary freeze. Observer articles By an odd the day front page headlines proclaimed the killing of Israeli children as Arab The Herald also brought yet another of those curiously biased articles from a London Observer Gavin Young. Young's references to Israel as a next door who you out of your own and Israelis greedy for land and 'facts' that establish an ever greater Israel' while in the best Stuermer Nazi can be ignored. They merely serve to illustrate the reporter's state Of mind and prejudices. What cannot be discounted so easily are the falsifications and sins of omission on the part of newsmen. It is beyond my comprehension how contradictions in terms and facts can so consistently slip past presumably responsible editor of a great London newspaper. for can Young reconcile his true statement that can absorb punishment much better than Israel with its small with his contention that Israel's occupation of land was motivated by greed for more How can he talk of the three settlements established on the Golan Heights without mentioning that their inhabitants were garrisons of young soldiers who had not chosen to be there initially. having been stationed in those desolate they tried to balance the futility of army life by doing a worthwhile job of coaxing a harvest from that desert in their off-duty hours. Nobody claims these Kibbuzim to be part of the Jewish homeland but they were until now a necessary bulwark against Syrian guns firing incessantly on legitimately owned Israeli farms of the Upper Galilee. There is no doubt in my mind that Israel would give up the settlements if there was any valid guarantee their own land would not in future be bombarded as it was for years. But with her open backing of terrorists from her own Lebanese has given no indication that a withdrawal would cause her to refrain from supporting attacks like the one on the children of Maalot. How much longer is the London Observer going to expect Jews to give up unquestioningly every hard won to lie down and die without fighting No if that happened again as it did in our lifetime in Europe the London Observer would be the first to shed crocodile tears and then look forward to the free flow of oil and as usual.'' When will these commentators editors responsible for dishing out free advice to learn that they are deluding Hasn't the terror at their own doorstep in Northern Ireland taught them Neither Syria nor her Russian promoters would be content to step quickly out of the ring once Israel was beaten anymore than a prize fighter would renounce his ambition to the world title after the first successful round. Which country would be the next cheered to be abandoned by the rest of the world when economic stakes were running too Britain Would the Gavin Irene Bee'sons and like minded London Observer commentators care to speculate on that EVA BREWSTER Coutts Petty accusations The accusations made May about the Travel and Convention Association of Southern Alberta are unjustified and petty. The association and will continue to represent Lethbridge and area admirably with respect to tourist promotion at the provincial and national level. An well professional program designed specifically for tourist promotion in the south assures successful representation. Representation by citizen taxpayers and city aldermen on our board of directors continues to assure that local concerns are and acted upon by our association. These who willingly give of their time and energy as a public are the policy makers of the association. No other charitable or that approaches city council for a grant can show such a large return on the investment of taxpayers' money. Seven years when this association was a committee of the local tourists spent less than 8 million dollars in the whole of southern Alberta annually. Last year tourists visiting southern Alberta expended over 25 million dollars of which J7 million was spent in Lethbridge. This kind of dollar growth does not occur without effort or without an effective organization and efficient management. Money spent by tourists in our area creates jobs for people. These same people pay taxes and buy goods in the city. These same people are your neighbors and friends. The statements implying that our association does not supply promotional material to tourists or conventioners are misleading. Provincial dollars available for promotion of tourist attractions within our area has increased five fold within recent years. These provincial dollars would not be available if it were not for the Travel and Convention Association of Southern Alberta. No office of any city government is eligible to receive and expend these funds for any reason. The decision by council to invest into a city convention program carried out by a single organization whose only function is that of tourist and convention promotion is prudent and sensible. Wastage of tax money by duplication of and expertise will not occur. I challenge the who wrote the letter to become involved and take an active part in the affairs of the association. Taking that stem from ignorance at any while hiding anonymously behind a pen solves little. DR. JOHN NEAL President chairman of the Travel and Convention Association of South- ern Alberta 'Letters are welcome and will be published identification is included and address are re- quired even when the letter is to appear over a they are sensible and not they are of manageable length or can be shortened letters should not exceed 300 they are decipherable greatly helps if letters are dou- ble spaced and with writers do not submit letters too frequently. The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St. S. Lethbridge. Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD CO. LTD. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mall Registration No. 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H. PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R. DORAM General Manager ROY F. MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K. WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E. BAflNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;