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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 17, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 4-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD May 1974 Economic Review dreams amid scarcity Fuddle Duddle land The recent wilderness debate among MLA's in Edmonton was enough to make one's hair stand on end Not only did it air diametrically opposed views as to development of the Alberta side of the Canadian Rockies but it exposed some alarming thoughts 1 The American dollar is all right as long as it comes across the border as a tourist 2 The Rockies are narrow enough to hike across in a day's time and overnight hostel accommodations are not needed The first view holds that scenery is not enough to extract that American dollar which may be true and that entertainment must be offered It brings to mind the possibility of a Canadian answer to Walt a Fuddle Duddle Land complete with a sight-seeing coal mine an animated ghost and a monorail around Waterton Lake Under this a Canadian resource as be developed for foreign consumption as surely as if it flowed across the border in a pipeline And it would soon be seen to be since scenery which is exploited economically ceases to be scenery The second which strikes any experienced hiker as being of dubious holds that not even a hostel building should mar the virginity of the wilderness Presumably the MLA who made this whose physical prowess must be is among other with the delights of hiking along the divide as well as across it His additional assertion that public interest is more important than making a fast buck seems coming as it does from a man who has been assailed by wilderness buffs in the past for backing specific instances of development In assessing the future of the Canadian Rockies the point to remember is that they should be developed with the best interests of all Canadians in mind Neither of the above views satisfies this criterion Indeed no single use should dominate There are areas of mountains where economic interests are and should be others where recreational development should be not for the economic benefits to be derived but because it fits the recreational needs of and still others which should be left untouched These are incompatible uses and mutually exclusive even some of the economic interests conflict and they should not be established lest one monopolize the but should be set out according to an over-all view The Environment Conservation Authority indicates that its final report will be made this summer and it should be awaited with great interest Pollsters encounter resistance The poll taking business is in people no longer seem to want to answer the pollsters questions Until the completion figure was 80-85 per cent ot the target population Today the figure is down to 60-65 per in spite of three or four call-backs by the researchers conferences have already been held by the American Statistical Association to try to determine the causes ot the decline in responsiveness ol pollees The National Science Foundation has also agreed to support research into the problem One theory is that as more women go out to work there are fewer people at home to answer the pollsters' questions This isn t convincing because many pollsters make their rounds at night or at least make their call-backs then The tact is that the drop in completion figures is due mainly to resistance to pollsters In trying to come to grips with this new situation of growing refusal to answer pollster questions the suggestion was made at the first ASA conference that many people may have been put off bv the trivial nature of some of the survey research exploitation has been associated with surveying the techniques have been used or to gain entry into homes for the purpose of selling something There may be deeper reasons still for the growing resistance Thoughtful people are uneasy about the possibility that poll results not merely but trends They fear that the polls may not have greater value than coin flipping inasmuch as opinions are often elicited from people who have not reflected on the questions and thus have only superficial answers It is a good thing that pollsters are being driven to examine the whole business of taking opinion surveys A searching inquiry into the value and legitimacy of poll taking is in order ERIC NICOL Tricky Dick's English The cuss words edited from transcripts of the White House tape recordings have brought the American and Canadian systems of government closer together Canadians have been under the impression that in Prime Minister Trudeau they had something quite in terms of the unprintable Liberty Fraternity Obscenity such has been the trinity on which the democratic process has lately been based in this country I don't think that it occurred to many of us that Pungent Pierre had a counterpart in Dirty Dick Now however Canadians have been treated to watching U S television commentators give halting readings of Nixon on tape that include expletive deleted Gee it s just like watching the CBC You look twice to make sure that it isn't Ron Colhster reporting from filthy old Ottawa I doubt that most of us suspected that the walls of the White House the Off-White House picked up four-letter words in the abundance we associate with the House of Commons For one thing. President Nixon was not known to be bilingual This appeared to limit his in comparison with the P M who is every bit as fluent as Captain Crunch But it turns out that Nixon too can express himself in two public and private English In his TV press conferences he chooses his words with a circumspection that suggests that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and margarine would freeze solid But when he's sitting around with a few of the swapping plans to bribe a Nixon talks of the earth earthy Now that it is revealed that the presidency has a dirty mouth will this hurt Nixon's popularity'' Many Republicans were prepared to support Nixon when they believed that all he was trying to hide on the tapes was his implication in the Watergate scandal They had no idea that there would be deletions on account of coarse language They must weigh the fact that to err is but to swear offends people It seems likely that Nixon's as the transcripts are has won him supporters among the longshoremen and group and lost him supporters among the clergy and persons whose vocabulary was learned watching Sesame Street If there is a parallel in the prime minister who very nearly fuddle-duddled his party out of millions of little old American ladies in tennis shoes will remember nothing of what Nixon has said except what he said that couldn't be repeated The American image of the is more chaste than that of the prime minister of and the rude figures of a rough- hewn race of the great names of the president's office has been linked with deleted expletives Even Harry the first of the Missouri muleskmners to attain the White was not so incautious as to tape-record those flamboyant flowers of speech usually preserved in the railway- station men's room It's my guess that Richard Nixon has lost the last thing he had going for him his dignity If he was unable to disengage himself from the sticky embrace of he should have draped the American flag about his shoulders and taken a vow of silence Nixon moved the Gettysburg address to a lower-class neighborhood The president takes the oath of office just once For the rest of his term he may damn nought but the torpedoes The mad golfer By Doug Walker Borys Gleb and his golfing Lu joined Fern Bouchard and me in a game recently Readers may remember that last season Borys got into our company one day and quit at the 12th hole after discovering who he was playing with This time he hung on for all 18 holes and should be allowed to write a filler about my golf game The truth is that bad as my game was that day it wasn't as bad as the one Borys came up as Fern and Lu can attest Borys is a remarkable however He's the only guy I know who wears a big mail ttu tri-ilf hall By Bruce Herald special commentator WINNIPEG Only the lower elements of society like bankers and corporate bums will read John Turner's latest magnum entitled Economic and then only because they are paid to read it As one of his admir- I suspect that he has too much sense to read it himself Mr Turner may well have produced the worst-seller of the spring publishing season This is regrettable when we all need cheering up these days and nothing could be more cheerful than the state of the Canadian economy described in a book of statistics weighing just over one pound and free for the unlike a pound of beef or butter Anyone who can wade through such a master- as through a rank will have no doubt about Canada's happy future to be there are spots of trouble here and but nothing serious With becoming the Economic Review concludes that had a very good year economically in 1973 as judged by every major test but price small after compared to the horrendous prospects of as judged by the major test of Doubtless the statistics are 202 pages of in fine interlarded with solemn explanations by Mr Turner's who may have let him see their com- ments in advance But if he is the able and hard-headed young man I take him to he wasted no time in the having seen beyond it to the sunny uplands of electoral vic- or maybe the desert of opposition In fairness to the anonymous it should be said that they surely are not as bloodless and inhuman as they look in print All of we must are not computers They live and breathe and even laugh and play after office hours On the they can take the most desperate and insoluble problems of mankind's history and convert them into language of godlike reminding the reader of some bronze Buddha in an Asiatic temple Such one imag- would still be arguing se- renely and statistically about the Gross National in the first-class cabin of the Ti- after it hit the iceberg Statistics are their business and they do it very within the bounds of duty Unfortunately those bounds are encircling a Kingdom of a dream world From the real world has lately come a different sort of voice Walter foreign minister of West Europe's most prosperous tells the United Nations conference on the world's physical resources are all feeling depressed Things cannot go on like this No one with a clear head and feeling heart should still be able to sleep calmly There is a growing feeling of frustration and of uncertainty and helplessness The ground on which we stand is shaking remember me Butt... your MP long time no see where have you Mansfield calls for full disclosure By James New York Times commentator WASHINGTON Senator Mike Mansfield of Montana is a reminder that there are still a lot of steady decent folk around here watching the store Everybody in Washington is not it just seems that way Room S 208 in the Capitol Mike's is as plain and calm as a country lawyer's office The door is always open no fancy elegant people or heroic portraits of the majority leader Mike is sad but not pessimistic about the present mess in Washington He thinks it is wrong to press the president to but he understands why the Republican leader in the Hugh Scott of condemned the president's private Watergate and why the Republican leader in the John suggests that resignation has to be considered That's Mike's way he tries to understand everybody's problems But pressuring the president to he would be evade rather than resolve the moral and legal issues Give the president not only the presumption of he but every opportunity to have his lawyers in the House and Senate to argue his cross-examine and appear on the floor of the House and if he to defend himself personally Let the system says Mike It is not only the but the Congress and the constitution that are on trial But and here he is very tough let it work all the way not half way Take the president at his word. Give him every conceivable opportunity to state his all the lawyers he wants to challenge the evidence and all the time he needs to do so Mansfield has a sense of pity about human folly and is very generous about the personal aspects of this tragedy and he sees it not in 1974 by NEA Inc iust wish the transcription of the tapes didn't have the word 'expletive' in it so partisan terms He is beyond all personal ambition even beyond his own party's battles if I hear him is looking beyond the present turmoil in Washington He is afraid that the nation would be deeply divided for a long time if President Nixon were forced to resign by political or newspaper pressure He thinks the whole Watergate scandal could have been avoided if the president had been open and trusted the and had wondered about what was right or wrong and had said or at the right time But he is not worryng about the past now He agrees with the president that resignation is a bad idea and that the impeachment process should go on to the but not in the way the president means it The the the House and Senate must decide and nothing else Put it all to he and bring the people into it all the way He wants televised hearings in the House and Senate He wants not merely the evidence the president wants to but the best including the and if he wants them when in the chambers of the Congress and on radio and television There are many arguments against this argued in this space but Mansfield thinks we've had enough and enough deception The president has asked for a fair trial under the so let it begin with all the relevant facts out plain and clear This simple approach carries great weight for the importance of Mansfield is that his colleagues in both parties and in both Houses believe in him They watch him in S 208 and on the floor of the struggling to be opposing the president on troops in opposing his own party on many arguing for the thing he thinks is even if this means opposing his own party So he has even though he doesn't want it Mansfield is in no hurry He goes on with the business of HP won't PVPH talk about whether he has made any preparations tor a trial of the president not before us he says He may be right or wrong on this but he has the influence of and in the that may be what the controversy is all about The familiar landmarks have gone Data we could rely on yesterday are no longer valid today And who knows what they will be Assuredly not the authors of the Economic the government and the opposition parties of Canada For the simple truth is that the the political speeches and the newspaper commentary in an election year will be for the most part not just confusing but quite irrelevant I take is what Mr Scheel means in a broader context He knows that even West the economic miracle must measure its prospects not against the known figures of the past but against a unprecedented and wholly unique fact of the dawning age of scarcity after a brief about a of abundance Lest the present reader sup- pose that a non-statistical re- porter is inventing his own private it should be noted that the New York Times a more reliable uses the same words as the caption on a recent editorial of sudden discovery and alarm Discussing An Age of it suggests another obvious have not transcended the limits imposed by the finite resources of a small planet This age it will require sacrifice and some new forms of self- discipline in the ways in which Americans and other free people work and spend and live In Canada we have not yet begun to get our minds around the basic planetary since we seem to have everything we can possibly need without the inconvenience of self- discipline So we for the moment But when the world's population is expected to double by the end of this and much of it is hungry when it is short of nearly all raw materials and starved for when the Canadian government blames our high living costs on these shortages and resulting then perhaps we can put our national election in perspective It has its own short-run im- of but little to do with the actual long-run situation which wilf face no mattei who though uniquely we are still part of mankind and cannot opt out of its scarcity All this will become clear later but not in a chaotic political campaign or in future issues of the Economic Review Letters Lack intellectuals The Herald headline thesis stimulates is not true Wha' intellectuals9 I have sent letters to every person I could in that University of Lethbndge and not found an intellectual I wanted an evaluation of my theory the cycle of the sun They say it is not acceptable because I cannot prove it Of course I cannot prove it If I could it would not be necessary to write the university begging for information My theory should neither be accepted nor rejected without debate on each point of difference between it and the accepted theories of primal beginnings Of course the university controls The Herald so that the only news worthy of printing is Vehkovsky fiction S Kounsou in a letter May said cannot grow on a 'follow the leader' mentality Rejecting my theory because it does not follow the leader reflects our progressive university My theory is probably too advanced for a district that supports a university that teaches fiction M E SPENCER Cardston LCI student apology The students of the Lethbndge Collegiate Institute would like to thank the general public and business community for the generous support which has been shown in supporting the LCI students events and clubs particularly the LCI stage band and marching band At this time the student body of LCI apologizes to the general public particularly to those business firms whose property was defaced by the irresponsible actions of approximately six students from a student body of 1300 We hope in the future to continue to have the support of the community LCI STUDENT COUNCIL The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th SI S Lethbndge Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD CO LTD Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mall Registration No 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R DORAM General Manager ROY F MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;