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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 61

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 17, 1972, Lethbridge, Alberta 38 IETHDRIDGF. HERALD Weilncirfciy, Mtiy 17, By JEANE DIXON TlU'KShW, IS Vinir You .on- nHur ujvnhed in i r- r-poiiMbiliiU'S of IN1 niak'rial and social wurlil around you, inipruvLMiH'nt of ynur proper- ty and poswssimis. Kmolion- nl runs quieter and slroniier Texhiy's nalives arc candid, dependable, hut often pursue impractical prujct'ls and have lo pull out of blind alloy? iiiirl slart nciain. AllIKS (March Pursue y o u r currenl goals despite a passing moment of concern "'.er ivanreixs. A cherished private plan can rnove toward completion. i Your palienee lainily rind a.vociales urt them the present mund. I'.iee your efforts In avoid fulimii1. (iK.MIM (.May '21 .lime 1 much of today's situa- on. leave ujur planning flexible. Vnu have help with diverse, cre- niive ventures. I'ANCKH (.limp 21 .Inly Since Micro is no agreumcnl 1 fmioMtf others as to i.s in he done or hov; it's best done-, vim have an elinnec lo have your own way. I.KO ii I v i You may have lo cut back in LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Heart races tr patient stnmls Dear Dr. Lamb A number i brain that controls Hie sympa- of years ago I had a sympathcc- tholic nervous system can cause ton'iy. They made a seven-inch this. Some drugs, particularly incision along Uid side of my i some of the tranquilizers. are abdomen and cut Llie sympath-! a frcciiienl cause and if you etic nerves lo the blood vessels j want lo go way oul, so can to my loot. It was necessary [weightlessness. because I had a loot infection. This is the exact kind of prob- tinier lo work mil iMails of ninfiflentinl arrangements fur more c-nnstTValive action. VIlKit) 23 Sept. Mula1 tir.s ;i (lay .1 you drift through routines and irilti your pri- vate lift; and inner self grim- ing I'icher. LII1ISA (Scpl. 23 Oct. F r o h la.L-. p'oL'-; strongly iudit'aleti. Ihe day Lo 1 u x" n rial e in tnvn achievements, pursue romantic sentimental interests SC'OIIPH) (Oct. 23 Nov. You can go f o r w a r ft despite tendencies toward personal dis- agreements. An active share in social, public affairs promises well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Di-c. "Jl t: Si'Mlf.' n (llttt'l1- cm'c-: lie ll.c miildli; man fur Melti'K.'. others loi-t'lllor. Pursue the hur.kT slili1 of your roman- lii- in.flinali'jii-- 22 .lilll. lOi: Don't M-ll't- tor husiness and career Ihim'.s as they arc, ai'.d as iirojiioL'tl titl'ers. You can enjoy (he personal side of life unusually well now. (Jan. 211 l-'ch. TNI: Some tr" llM- (iii'liulcnee uitlicatetl in home life is of your inal.iiu; you are stroni: oa telling others v.'hal lo do and hov.' to go ahout it. PISCES (Fell. Tax, insurance, legal mat- ters require your attention. rotti'ne good coverage as ytni your career. lly Tile Cliicago Triliuncl I am having trouble sland- 1cm Uiat concerned a lot of us Ing up. I lie down my as a possible comphcaition of heart rats N normal, usually manned space flight. It was below 70. I sit up it is SO thought Ihe prolonged period of or 95 and when I stand up it is weightlessness would the ]20. If am up for several' min-1 astronauts to no longer be able Hawaiian tides Andy sends a complete 20- volume sei of the Merit Student j Encyclopedia to Mary Heistu-; man, age 11, of Eugene, Ore- pon. for her question: arc (lie K.iivaiicin (Mrs hardly noticeable? watch the water rocks like a Tins oscillation sloshes up on each but The tides are great inrtividu-: motion toward alists. Almost everywhere they illie celllrc of tile see-silw- repeat their schedules every 24 The oscillation sways witli a hours and 50 minutes with natural rhythm. In a large slight variations. But Ihe de- 1'asin it is slower and seems to tails are different along every be gentler because it has to shore. Where the Pacific meets i more water. can utes it goes as high as 140 beats [0 adapt to the effects of gravit; l is about i Dear Header You have mine, without a fairly complete what we call postural hypo-ten-: examination, all Ihe contribul- sion wlu'cli means that when i ing factors lo your problem, but not possible to deter- is able you change your posture by standing up your blood pressure drops. It can follow an operation lo cut the sympathetic nerves that control the size of the blood vessels in the lower part of the body. A similar type of operation was done commonly B number of years ago in the treatment of individuals with high blood pressure and imme- diately after the operation most of these individuals had prob- lems similar to the ones you cite. Individuals who have been at bed rest for long periods of time or those who are acutely in also have similar problems. Several Illnesses and anything which affects the area In the Young Isaac Newton figured on anv tranquiliziug drugs von i thc "les obey a global rhythm, as the earth rotates I would suggest that if you are ought to talk with your doctor ahout eliminating these entirely. U you happen to be taking any medicmes to control high blood pressure, these too can he a factor and perhaps you should talk to your doctor about de- creasing or eliminating any such medicine. If you are not taking any medicine, then you might consider using support stockings or wrapping the legs firmly with an elastic bandage irom the tip of the toe wel up above the knee. The use of this external pressure prevents blood from pooling in the legs and prevents the increase in heart rate and drop of blood pressure- GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN 1C lm: BT Tbi Chlun TrUxmi] Both Ceali. Tulcerable. South NORTH OK2 097 485) WEST AJ75J EAST OK6 10 97 OJ IB 8431 11842 SOUTH AA VAQ101S3 O AQ5 AKJ The bidding; Booth West North Eait 2 V Pots 2 A Pass 3 V t V Pass 4N Pus 5 Pass 5 NT Pass 6 V Pass S.VT Pass Past Pass Opening lead: Ten of 6 South, thc declarer at six no trump, made a very sound investment of 30 poults M'hich paid off a profit of nearly 50 times that amount, when a carefully contrived play proved essential to overcome adverse distri- bution in both major suits. South's two heart opening should satisfy anyone's re- quirements and North's posi- tive response of two spadea Is routine. After the opener's rcbid of three hearts, North's raise to four was well cho- cen. It may prove vital to confirm a fit In hearts. Had he rcbld three spades, it would have placed South in en awkward position to take further constructive action. With thc heart raise, South was determined lo reach at least a small slam and, In an attempt lo RO all thc way, ha emhnrkcd on BIsckwood Inquiry rvcn tho he held all the ncea hlnucil. Over the five club response hn hid five no trump. Had North three kings, It was Soulh's Intention to go Itie limit. When North re- sponded with six hcnrls, per- haps South should have quit. tut ho persisted to nix no trump in remote chnnre partner miunl. carry on, to seven himself, bat North had already given his and he passed West opened the ten of clubs, East played the queen and South won the trick with the king. There appeared to be tricks to bum on the deal and declarer was tempted to cash the ace of cpades, cross over to North's king of hearts and then try to run the spade suit. The five and queen of diamonds can be dscarded on Uie king and queen of spades and if the jack drops, South has 13 tricks six spades, three bearLs, one diamond, and three clubs. If this fails, he can still attempt to run the heart suit which merely re- quires a three-two split. Even should the jack hold out, there is still a chance provided that the player with the long heart is out of spades. Altho the odds in declar- er's favor are overwhelming, he would have gone down to defeat had he tried for all the tricks inasmuch as West held both major suits stop- ped and when ho ficU Jn with the jack of hearts, he may be expected to cash the jack of spades. South observed a way to Improve his chances for the email slam nt the price of a mere overtrick. At trick two he led the three of hearts and when West followed with the four, the -deuce was played from dummy. East won a very cheap trick with thc six of hearts and shifted to a diamond. Declarer put up the ace, played the ace of spades nnd then crossed over lo thc king of hearts. When East ahowcd out, tho merit of South's safety play in that suit was revealed. Thc klnR nnd queen of apailre were cashed on which thc five and queen of dia- monds were disrnrdcd. Tho rloscd hand wns rccntorcd with the ace of clubs and tho nee nnd queen of hearts dropped West's Jack nnd thereby established Soulh's rcmnining lienrt.r, so that hn cnuid claim Uie balance and his slum. as its surface under the moon. But sailors learned that this neat global pattern does not fit the local details. They depend on the tides to float them into port and out again. The strength and time tables vary Ills uues in even' port. Visitors to Hawaii are surpris- ed by gentle highs and lows that wasu only a loot or so over the lovely beaches. In certain bays and inlets along our At- lantic coast, the highs surge toward the center of the see-saws, out to sea. The Hawaiian Islands are out there in tbn inid-Paciiic, near where (he oscillation nt t ll e huge basin is very slight. Sci- entists think that this is why the tides there are hardly notice- able. A lazy zone at the center of a tidal sec-saw is called node and Tahiti is even (.'loser to a node in the Pacific ha; seem to ignore the of the moon altogether and keep a 24 hour daily schedule the sun v-'ith slight vari- ations. lows in the 24 minute period, up 20, 40 and sometimes 50 feet. Most shores get two pairs o! highs and hour and 50 which matches the passage of the moon overhead. But the Gulf of Mexico gets only one gentle pair and the tidal rhythm of Tahiti matches the 24-hour solar day. Newton's neat global theory might work if an ocean covered the entire world. But the heav- ing water is moderated by the shapes of the shores, plus some very complex teamwork be- tween rotation and the differ- ent ocean basins. This last the- ory is understandable when you experiment with a basin of water. Give it a slight tilt and There are expections to every tidal rule, but North Atlantic tides average higher than those of the Pacific. This might be because the natural oscillation sway in the smaller Atlantic basin is about 12 hours. This paces the earth's rotation under the moon. Scientists are not certain, but they that the matching oscillation and ro- tation periods may give an extra boost to the Korth At- lantic lides. However, other factors vary the details along every shore. Questions asuerj ijv cnrMien of Herald readers should be mailed to Ash Andj, P.O. Box ?55, Huntinglon Beacil, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1572) Dean of dentistry backs denturists TORONTO (CP) Dr. Gor-1 The denturists are waging a don Nikiforuk, dean of dentistry at the University of Toronto, Monday supported the principle that medical auxiliaries, includ- ing denturists, should provide service directly to patients but only after an adequate training period. Dr. Nikiforuk made thc state- ment in a news release issued jiter statements Sunday at a meeting at the Ontario Dental Association by Harry a lentist and Progressive Con- servative MPP for Oxford, that nstead of prosceutting dcnlur- ists for supplying dentures di- rectly to tho public, the associa- ion should accept them. Dr. Nikiinruk said he la con- campaign to change the law, claiming they can lower prices by dealing directly with the public. The association has brought charges against dentur- ists who deal directly with the public. Simies to hit road LONDON CAP) The Rol- linir Stones plan to hit the road i next year with a rock 'n' roll' circus, crossing Britain in a mually gnawed by the knowl- j trajn [ul, nf edge that there is not enough sjcjans, monkeys and midgets, manpower and money to pro- Mick .Tagger said today. vide adequate corrective dental .Jagger, spokesman for tin, care for everybody. shaggy-haired quinlet, said in "We have to lace the timda-; an inlcrvlcw: "The whole thing mental fads that a lot of people will a sort of rock 'n' rock arc not receiving thc dental carnival with Raines, circus care they need and that some arts and things like that." people cannot afford he said. "These are thc lacLs and He said the Stones, scheduler) lo begin n month-long United we cannot sil back surf let (he Sl.ilex lour later (his monlh, .situation solve itself." will headline Ihe planned ear- He said he did not disapprove nival show with another British of auxiliaries making nnd lillinK rock group, The Who, who.'o dentures, but it should be done gmiarisl, IMcr Tmmshend. in n way that would give Ilicin otlcn smashes bis pillar on JU5TPECAU5E SHE'S HIS OLPcR SISTER, SHE THREW HIM OUT... I CAN'T rJELCVE IT... WOULD WERE OLDER, I'P IHOU LIKE IT I THREW YOU OUT? I'M A TUMBLEWEEDS-By Tom Ryan AH! MY FAITHFUL PEPUTY! ITS SOOP TO KNOW THAT SOMEONE MISSEP ME-SOMEONE WEEPS ME.' BLONDIE-By Chic Young CAM VC J GO WITH ME TO A STAS MY CLU3 TONIGHT ;o ro THE PARTY, BUT I CAM'T V" COME BACii IjJ ,_ NOME J' BEETLE BAILEY-By Mori Walker re L.mre -o IF T. CO'JLP 3t> A IN Trie LI'L ABNER-By Al Copp LOOK LIKE: A GHOOT-.' DOES AH SOUND LIKEOME DOES AM POhiCH LIKE. OWE. -WHV HAIN'T VO'GOTTH' VO'ISA 1 DECEWCV GHOST; TOACK PAMSV.'.' I LIKEONE? FALSE. PRSTEN5ES.' NOPE- eur TH is it' V QOVAMIKIT CHECK SAYS VO ARCHlE-By Bab Montana CAN I SEND YOU AN EXCHANGE YOUN05TER STUDENT? J. DOWN.' THIS IS GRUNDV WOULD YOU UKE TO DO ME _H OF A FAVOR JUSHEAD, I THOUGHT MISS GRUMDY WAS SENDING AN EOCCHANGE YES.' STUDENT? HI AND LOIS-By Dik THATfe WHAT I READ. AHD I THE CHARACTER VBE SUPERB WEU.I YOU COULD LIKE. IS THERE AW WAV TO RATE A CRITIC VOUTDLDME THE CRITICS SAID THIS MCME DAWDLED A DIFFICULT SUBJECT VERV DELICATELY SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal BUGS BUNNY adequate preparatory training nnd I ben "they could work a.s part, of a (enl." Al piTPM hibited liy law from selling den- ial plnlrs directly lo the public phitcs filled and 1 tiy ,1 stage. The groups nil) perform In n comprehensive gigantic lent which can hold lo.fflin fans, said. I. are pro- Iravrl around on our Irain and play every 1oun for Fn e diiyv a film iT il II ..liiinl'l lio ;i licll D.' ;i film IF you DON'T, WE'LL SCREAM AND HOLLER THAT A CHEAPSKATE: BUGS, HOW ABOUT BUYING A BOX OF "LITTLE WOODSMEN "COOKIES? THAT'S CALLEP ;