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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 16, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta I May 1BT4-THE LETH1RIDOE HERALD-5 Arms development brings new horrors By Max London Observer commentator GENEVA The rapid progress of armaments technology in recent bringing the development of new weapons that can inflict horrifying is worrying International Red Cross experts. A report just issued here describes some of these new developments and calls for intergovernmental action to restrict or even prohibit their use in war The on that may cause unnecessary suffering or have indiscriminate cites the development of high velocity flame weapons and new types of projectile. areas of which hitherto had made little contribution to weapons now have a relevance which few would have predicted in earlier it says. Laser range-finding and target-spotting has been found to be an inexpensive method of improving the accuracy of weapons especially aerial says the report. Although they have rather low power-outputs as such lasers have a highly damaging side effect because they are capable cf destroying the human eye at ranges of up to some thousands of metres Anyone looking straight into a laser beam risks total destruction of the eyes. The report holds out the prospect that in the next several laser devices may be used as thermal weapons Their original once measured in tens of has in a decade been increased ten thousand-fold Three basic types of high-energy lasers are now being developed The mobt advanced are gas- dynamic with 200 kilowatts power-output They operate by heating carbon dioxide to a high which then expands and is cooled by supersonic passage through with the resultant high energy being discharged through a mirror cavity The report adds most likely applications are in ground-based weapons or aboard ships. Aircraft use is but only aboard large Then there are electric- discharge lasers which also excite carbon dioxide gas and have reached 100 megawatts at peak power. These can also be used aboard ship and probably on board aircraft if airborne generators and capacitors are improved. But the greatest potential for multipurpose military the report is that of chemical lasers are still in early stages of development have much military interest because little outside energy is so that chemical lasers may eventually be small and light they operate at short wavelengths which reduce atmospheric attentuation and increase thermal damage effects. Lasers have great attractions for the military mind Among their advantages is that they can burn holes in or their radiation can destroy from the human the optical sensors of attacking weapons. They have essentially a zero time of have no mass requiring compensation for and can be pointed rapidly from target to target. The report predicts possibly in 10 fighter aircraft may have laser and progress may have been made in laser defence systems against missiles. The report adds- light may give rise to severely damaging effects on the human including possible shock waves acoustic and and protein generation in the blood plasma Tissue chemical and disturbances of the blood circulation may also occur at the impact Among incendiary thickened pyrophoric agents have already been used in small-calibre rockets fired from portable multi-barrelled launchers. They are far superior to the portable flamethrower because they have a considerably longer range about 200 metres with accuracy and are simpler to use. larger TPA projectiles are being developed for artillery and air-to-ground rocket and new flame weapons may continue to appear alongside exploiting some of the newer fluorine-based incendiary agents Another area of concern is the constantly improving high velocity ammunition for small arms These bullets cause dreadful much in excess of what is needed to put a combatant out of action. In fragmentation which cause the greatest number of casualties in modern increase the risk of multiple injuries and the possibility that civilians will be Multiple injuries greatly increase the mortality the report emphasises. Even with adequate medical care within seven hours of the injuries being the fatality risk rises by 15 per cent for each additional abdominal organ injured. If more than five abdominal organs are injured in the same death is practically certain. The report of Book review the cases will require surgical attention to more than one injury at the same time. In recent armed where medical services of a very high professional standard were it was almost a rule that several surgical teams would work on the same patient. This resulted in reduction of fatalities and more effective medical it such resources are seldom available to the average patients with multiple wounds will rarely receive adequate In a move to bring about action on these an international conference is being convened by the International Committee of the Red Cross in from 4 June to 28 at which the report will constitute the principal working paper. The report is particularly concerned with and inflicted by conventional weapons It explains in some detail the history of the rifle noting that at one before the First World bullets with a moderate muzzle unless they struck a not infrequently passed through the body without causing extensive damage round their path But with the high-velocity bullets now in general the picture is very different. Around the point of impact the bullet sets up a strong shock wave which can damage blood vessels and nerves at a considerable distance and even bones at some distance can be fractured. In all high velocity wounds there is massive destruction of tissues and the surrounding damaged tissue is invariably contaminated with bacteria which are sucked in from surrounding skin surfaces. To avoid severe the damaged tissue must be removed. Since high velocity wounds very seldom occur in most surgeons are not familiar with their specific which leads to high risks of mortality and disability As a further research and development work has now the report on firing flechette ammunition from infantry weapons. A flechette is a miniature dart resembling a wire nail with miniature fins at its and is fired at very high velocity in thus ensuring serious multiple injuries. They are also used in artillery shells and in cluster each of which contains nearly 700 in contain about 300 so that the whole projectile can disperse about pellets. tungsten carbide or depleted uranium is used instead of giving an even greater impact velocity Destroying a cultural heritage Plundered by Karl Meyer Stewart 353 Karl Meyer presents a well- documented and fascinating account of the and theft of the remains of the human past He claims that art wholesale looting of archaeological and industrial development are destroying our cultural heritage Most countries have had some of their national treasures stolen and smuggled to overseas buyers Whatever the a stolen pre- Columbian gold and silver Maya stelae or even a temple there is likely to be a buyer who won't ask UNION 76 ANNIVERSARY UNION 76 UNION 76 ANNIVERSARY UNION 76 ANNIVERSARY 4 UNION 76 th May 13 to May 25 UNION 76 Magrath Service 422 Mayor Magrath Dr. Phone 328-9766 UNION 76 Chimo Service 714 3rd Ave. S. Phone 327-0422 STEVE SPISAK NICK PALAZZO CHEC ON THE SPOT BROADCASTING Friday Saturday May 17 and 18 MILT WIEBE AL THIESSEN Mechanic's Special May 13th to the 25th OIL FILTER and LUBRICATION Includes. 4 Multl Gradt Oil OH Filter Lubrication FREE GAS 11 70 TUNE UP oaro w.w 8Cylinder.............. OV FREE GAS Labor. MMMor UNION 76'ANNIVERSARY UNION 7ft UMIOM 711 AMMIVHBABV niJinu AUUIUI too many questions. The real villains of the international illicit trade in antiquities are the great museums of the wealthy cultured and scholarly all aided by a ragbag collection of government officials and policemen who look the other way when treasures are being stolen Although there are laws controlling the export of works of archaeological and the preservation of national human greed is more powerful than legal penalties Very often those who are supposed to protect and preserve national treasures are so poorly paid that bribes are an essential part of their income It is not surprising to read that law enforcement is so weak that it is jokingly compared to fighting a forest fire with a water pistol. There are many reasons why the plunder of the past continues Pride in the acquisition of some great generous tax benefits to benefactors of an investment against future and the pious sentiment that only western civilization can preserve antiquities for all mankind. Karl Meyer suggests concrete steps to preserve the past for the future Museums could declare a moratorium on all acquisitions until international agreement has been reached on what to do about stolen works of art Money should be made available to preserve national treasures and to compile a world inventory of art More important than people should adopt a different attitude to the reckless and criminal rape of the past by our present day cultural bandits. Complete with and this significant book is recommended reading for all who believe that a study of the past may help us achieve a better future. TERRY MORRIS Books in brief World's 100 Best by Roland J. McLeod 206 This collection of recipes from around the world will delight the family cook for each recipe is unique and fairly easy to prepare Measurements are given in and as well as conversions to the metric system. There is a short description of the origin of each recipe with an accompanying full page dazzling color photograph. Truly a book for cooking and for looking. Hidden meanings To the uncomplaining bee a dandelion is just as useful as a chrysanthemum. Photo and text by David Herald reporter The vitamin controversy By Norman editor of Saturday One of the most arrogant and absurd examples of bureaucratic authority is the recent action of the U.S Food and Drug Administration in limiting the freedor.i of the American people to buy vitamins. New regulations of the agency require doctors' prescriptions for high-potency vitamins Such vitamins account for most of the vitamin jars now available on the shelves of pharmacies or health food stores In the government is basing its regulations on what are supposed to be recommended daily allowances Vitamins higher than the RDA can no longer be sold over the counter. On its the new FDA regulations seem to make good sense People who want to fortify themselves with high-potency vitamins must be professionally diagnosed as having a disease that calls for what is officially termed supplements In the words of persons are incapable of by whether they have or are likely to develop vitamin or mineral deficiences The trouble with this statement is that it suggests the FDA is working from a scientific base of knowledge This is not true People vary in their nutritional requirements The notion of recommended daily allowances is highly approximate People who live or work alongside heavily trafficked or who live near or who are heavy smokers may not have what the FDA would describe as a Yet their lungs carry a heavy burden from the many of them are prone to respiratory ailments or to inflammatory conditions caused by prolonged toxicity. Vitamin C is believed by some medical researchers and a large number of nutritionists to play a useful role in combating such ailments by helping to oxygenate the blood and to fight inflammation or infection. It is common that people who are exposed to intensive air pollution should be permitted to take more than the 90 milligrams of vitamin C that can be obtained without a prescription The notion that a person should be forced to pay a physician a fee in order to be able to buy vitamin C tablets containing more than 90 milligrams is as arbitrary as it is nonsensical What makes the FDA regulation absurd is that anyone who believes he needs a substantial dose of vitamin C can obtain five or 10 times as many vitamin tablets as he needs in order to obtain his full dose. It may be why there need be any fuss or protests if the regulations are loose and inconsistent to the point of being unworkable The answer is that bad laws should be resisted at every turn. Laws that unnecessarily constrict the freedom of individual action or choice are dangerous they are too easily enlarged Nothing says more about the misconceived and preposterous nature of the FDA regulations than the fact that alcohol is available in unlimited quantities while vitamins are restricted Alcoholism is one of the three or four most serious diseases to afflict yet the government is apparently more worried about people taking vitamins you may not be able to obtain vitamins without a prescription but you can go up to a drug counter and buy as much aspirin as you wish. Aspirin can be harmful to the digestive to the to the heart and to the reproductive ability of blood cells The FDA says nothing about the fact that aspirin can produce serious vitamin C deficiency in people with rheumatoid arthritis Three years the English medical reported studies showing that aspirin blocked the of ascorbic acid into the blood The conclusion of the article was that rheumatoid patients needed larger quantities of vitamin C than people who didn't suffer from the disease The article also recommended supplementary dosages of vitamin C to make up for the deficiency produced by the aspirin The is that vitamin which has such an important role to play in human now has to be obtained on while which destroys the effectiveness of vitamin C in the body can be bought over the counter in wholesale lots It is probably true that the American people spend millions of dollars each year on overdosing themselves with vitamins Not all of this is some of in may be doing a great deal of good Only vitamins A and D are toxic in large doses. If the officials of the Food and Drug Administration wish to control the sale of vitamins A and they can probably make a good case for that decision. But to invoke across-the-board restrictions on all vitamins is an unwarranted and dangerous exercise of authority. The concern of the FDA should not be confined to the need to regulate health food stores. A far more serious problem that should concern the FDA is the extent to which Americans are being malnourished in what are described as or diets The student as shock-trooper By Louis local writer As everyone the term refers to soldiers highly trained in the skills of war. In like some or turn their offspring into Social and school shock-troopers are the result of a poor home environment Some parents frequently grumble about the wrongs society has done to them They voice the opinion that society owes them everything. They never see the fact that they must give to society before they take from it. This kind of groan and moan takes place in the presence of their and the younger they the greater the impression made The social shock-trooper is thereby created in the home. The youngster does not know what has happened to him and often the parents are ignorant of what they are but is and goes off to school at the age of six years already a four- year veteran in a social war which'his parents are waging. It does not take long for this little soldier to surface. His attitude is strange to the teacher who sometimes does not recognize him for the he is. The tone of his voice differs from other well adjusted youngsters He fights back at every possible chance. the others in the class get into the act and begin to pick on him because he is carry the fight to the opposition. The parents come right back into the battle with more and more conditioning. Their program is stepped up and often it is the mother who masterminds the the classroom battles and the continuous struggle until by the end of grade the poor child is a seasoned soldier committed to a lifetime of war against society on behalf of a fuzzy mother. This little shock-trooper created by some sick soul bravely battles on through elementary grades the other kids in the the teacher with poor the whole system with its terrible schools. Not once does he stop to think. He is never allowed to do that Every indication of this is strangled by weak parents bent on getting even with or something. It does not take but in such youngsters are trapped for life. They are doomed to fight their parents' and eventually this takes them up against the law where the consequences are not just a bad but years caged in jails. this is happening to too. It is not confined to the boys any more. Nor do I write thus because I believe society is it is and it needs lots of it. But parents who form these shock- are real disasters in parenthood ;