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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 15, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 4-THE LETHBRIDQI HERALD May 1974 Automation and job losses Nowhere are the conflicting social and economic aspects of automation more clearly demonstrated than in the newspaper business. And it is a a point which is sometimes overlooked. Many newspapers of international calibre have folded in recent years because of rising costs of labor and raw material. Some of including the prestigious New York Herald could have been saved by automation but were prevented from doing so by strong unions which feared the job losses which would have resulted. The irony is in the all the jobs on the paper were instead of just a percentage of and these are jobs which in all never be retrieved. There are some exceptions to this rule that once lost newspaper jobs are not regained In the Beaverbrook operation recently closed down its Glasgow paper because of financial setbacks. Some of the with backing from local bankers and are attempting to establish a new independent and using the old plant. the Daily Express 1800 persons were thrown out of work. It is significant that the proposed new paper will have a staff of only which is termed a realistic manning level. A story about the endeavor was crash course in newspaper Overmanning is considered to be the mam weakness of the national press in Britain. As long ago as 1966 the Economist made a study which reported that in some Fleet street operations a manpower saving of as much as 50 per cent could be made. Job security is a natural concern of unions and their members. But in many at least in the newspaper it has seemed a blind concern which has resulted in a total instead of a partial job loss. The best for a newspaper or any business which switches to automation in an attempt to meet the economic imperatives of higher wages and more expensive is to make certain that no individuals lose their jobs in the enterprise and that manpower will be reduced to necessary numbers through attrition. Of when this in statistical terms jobs will eventually have to be found elsewhere to meet the needs of the working force and this is the problem which at present faces a technological society and which must be recognized. Job losses in industry and business due to automation will have to be made up in the sector of recreational and cultural services. It could be that many persons will have to learn to justify their lives in other terms than are at present that fewer will be components of the working force as it is now constituted. This will require a great adjustment in values and concepts of what constitutes a good and productive but society will be the better for it. In this federal expenditures via the Canada OFY grants and similar awards are pioneering efforts and should be respected as such. One of the recent innovations of the Canada Council fits this description very well. Its touring office has announced the creation of a directory of performing arts available for touring in as a service to artists and to the sponsoring communities. It is inviting applications for inclusion and certainly will result in more jobs in this sector of the economy. Au Canada Frenetic Canadian nationalists and possibly some be encouraged by a couple of news- stories which were held up in the mail strike but have finally reached the prairies via the Financial Post. The first concerns the brain drain to the U S. It's down to a says the Post. Only technical and professional workers emigrated from here to the U.S. in fiscal the lowest number since 1951. This included only 96 compared with the who emigrated in the highest number in 15 years. The reasons given did not include anything like a strong umbilical attachment to the maple but instead reflected such economic factors as U.S. cutbacks in space and supersonic programs. The second story involves the success of the government's attempt to establish a computer industry in Canada. Control Data Canada Ltd. received a grant of million in 1970 from the department of trade commerce under its program for c'dvancement of industrial technology to move research and development work from the US. to Ontario. Last month it introduced its new series of Canadian designed and developed large scale the Cuber 170 three of which will be manufactured in this country for world markets. The company chairman predicted that the co-operation between government and industry in this attempt would serve as a model for the whole world. The success of the Canadian along with the continuing news of world-wide sales of the Candu nuclear will hearten all those who stand on guard for and the fact that the computer program has spent only million of the PAIT grant will be good news to all the rest. ART BUCHWALD No fun for liberals WASHINGTON You would think these would be great times for but I've discovered many of them are in a deep depression Partridge was as glum as I've ever seen him the other day. are lousy times for all of he said as he munched on a watercress salad. can you say You should be rejoicing with Watergate and the fact that Nixon is on the no fun being against Nixon any more. Everyone's against Nixon. Who the hell wants to be in the mainstream of American Who wants to march to somebody else's don't first four years it was great to be against Nixon. You could scream and shout about what the man was doing to the and everyone thought you were some kind of nut. People would argue with you or ignore you. at least you knew that you were in the and you had a warm feeling because you were sure all of them were wrong and you were right. remember going to parties and people insulting me because I called Nixon a crook. I attended anti-Vietnam rallies and the FBI took my picture. I circulated petitions against Attorney-General Mitchell and I wrote letters to editors against Carswell being appointed to the Supreme Court. I was considered a radical left- but by gum I had an identity of my own. Then Watergate took place and as time went on all the people I used to argue with started to come over to my side. I accused Nixon of brought cheers from the crowd. The very people who called me vile names admitted I'd been right all along. When I discovered Nixon had no defenders something within me see what you I said. guess the final blow came when Sen. James Buckley asked for the president to resign. Can you imagine how it feels for a dyed-in-the-wool liberal to be on the same side as a doesn't leave you any place to Partridge only thrive when we're in opposition to in a hopeless cause. We're not any good when the whole .damn country is echoing everything we say. think I'll get out of he said in disgust. would hate to see you do I told him. have an idea that might resolve your problem. As long as the majority of the country is against why don't you defend can't be he said. It would put you back in the minority again and you could find yourself being ostracized by the same people who took issue with you before Watergate. Only this time you would be on Nixon's side and they would be against him. It would be a great way to get back at do he said excitedly. about being involved in a hopeless cause. This could top them A lesson to be learned early By Doug Walker One of my editorial consultations with Cleo Mowers one day drifted off into reminiscing about university days. Cleo had departed from the University of Saskatchewan a year or two prior to my arrival but we had been exposed to some of the same professors. We discovered that we both had been members of groups petitioning for the removal of unrewarding professors. In neither instance was any action taken but whereas I came out of my experience merely Cleo learned a valuable lesson. The to whom Cleo's delegation agreed that the professor in question was a dud but he said life is full of encounters with boring people and replete with dull experiences and it's good to learn early how to endure them. Letters The Christian Science Monitor may I have your attention Syria's determination By Gavin London Observer commentator JERUSALEM Imagine the unlikely event that you had a blazing row with a beefy next-door neighbor. He chases you out of part of your own garden Later it comes to letting bygones be bygones and shaking but he still insists on leaving behind him and using the tool shed he deliberately built on your lawn when he occupied it Would you doubt his genuine desire for According to Mrs. Golda the outgoing Israeli prime you should do no such thing. And hence impasse on the Golan Heights. Whenever one or another Arab State digs its heels in on or goes to or otherwise offends foreigners whose best interests are served by Arab the cry goes up. can those Arabs be thinking As Egyptian troops crossed the Suez Canal into Sinai in the 1973 October American Middle East watchers predictably threw up their Now that President Hafez Assad of Syria is taking a tough line on disengagement of Syrian and Israeli forces on the Syrian Golan even neutral observers in Jerusalem this week were similarly on earth is eating those damned What is eating those Syrians and it was eating those too before October 1973 is frustration and the humiliation of foreign occupation of their land If there is to be a genuine Arab- Israeli peace the Israelis cannot expect to keep settlements inside Syria. That is the basis of Syrian that Israelis do expect tc. By it was obvious to all Arabs that the Americans including Mr. Nixon and today's peacemaker Dr. Kissinger were happy to let the Arabs in the Middle East wretchedly stew. It served American interests to have a apparently unattackable Israel and an apparently divided Arab front. That Washington felt a sort of impasse would shackle the area in an enforced peace. Then the Israelis could devote a massive effort to counter- terror operations and perhaps wipe out Palestinian terror all over the world. In that humiliating President Sadat of Egypt and President Assad decided the only thing to do to break an intolerable impasse was to go to war to face the world and America and Israel with another set of to force them to act in the direction cf realism and genuine peace. It seemed a logical thing to do. Yet all those moaned why. These the problem is not war but an offensive for peace. But in Jerus- alem and people Syrians are going to get more than they bargained for if they go on shelling and shooting Israelis on the Golan Heights instead of resigning themselves to a minimal Israeli a pullback that would leave three Israeli kibbutzim deep inside Syria and large slabs of the Golan captured in 1967 in Israeli hands. The implication is that Israel's army will strike into try to shatter the Syrian perhaps who knows reach perhaps even take it. But there are two points here. I found in Damascus a perfect willingness to pay the price of a tough stand if necessary. can the Israelis really risk the heavy casualties they would incur so soon after the October Arabs can absorb punishment much better than Israel with its small population. even foreign in Damascus say that the Syrian spirit these days would accept great hardships if their minimum demands are ignored. The Syrians certainly have had the bit between their teeth since the October war. They suffered heavily then. But honor was after years of hot air from Syrian party- boss type Syrians had entered the fray for the Arab cause. with Kissinger in the new and more modern Soviet arms flowing Sadat disengaged with Books in brief From The Enduring Power and Mystery of by David H. G. Read 112 distributed by G. R. Welch Since almost without the Lyman Beecher lectures on preaching have been given at Yale University. Like many other I collected the published volumes and had 75 of them when my enthusiasm for this enterprise ran out 10 years ago. Now with the arrival of the latest in the series my curiosity about the content of the books I Nave missed has been aroused. David H C. Read has been minister of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City since having come there from Scotland. He talks of the survival of the sermon in an age of the theological understanding of the how a sermon should be the role of the preacher. His final section tells how he goes about his sermonizing. It would do a lot of good for who have doubts about the value of to read this little book. DOUG WALKER nothing much to show for Syrians feel in the Arab in a starring role Such a spirit is a major political factor in the area With eagle-eyed political opponents watching his how could Assad sign away the greater part of The since no longer feel they must accept the first tranquillizing suggestion that comes along. One might expect to find this understood in Israel and perhaps it is in the top echelons of that country's confused government circles. But the paramount concern there to preserve those three kibbutzim on the Golan seems to show an extraordinary degree of insensitivity The settlements are all within a few miles of the ruined Syrian town of Qunei- still occupied by Israeli troops. Many Israelis will admit that to put them there after the 1967 war was a deliberate and most unwise act of needless territorial acquisition. Some saw then that it would inevitably make peace-making at a later date very if not impossible. those Israelis greedy for land and that establish an ever greater Israel even in Syria won the day. Now Jewish inhabitants from those settlements demonstrate in Jerusalem. Public sympathy is stirred Israelis ask. we going to withdraw settlements for the first time in our And the often and is no. these settlements are not in land claimed except by the wilder fanatics of Israel as part of the Jew- ish homeland But to the they are in the Syrian homeland and an intolerable provocation. So the Syrian reaction so far has been to keep their guns showing they mean business. In Israel and elsewhere I have heard people say the Syrians started the 1967 and 1973 they must pay for A Syrian would riposte by saying Israel started the 1967 war and by going back to 1948 or beyond to the causes of the struggle and the loss of Palestine. But such recriminations by either side are quite petty. Peace real lasting peace is nearer the Middle East than for decades past. To allow three admittedly ill-planted settlements and their miniscule populations to hold up a better life for millions seems unwise. Perhaps the Israelis are bluffing and intend to give them up. Perhaps they will fall back on another compromise suggestion. No one attacks the indisputable Israeli desire for safe frontiers with Arabs. But at the Israel is a long way beyond such frontiers. Education objectives The process of charting a course and filing a flight plan has little effect on a pilot's operations in the it does give him and his passengers some indication that they will arrive at the chosen airport about the estimated time. Basing education on objectives does nothing to interfere with the individual teacher's charisma or style in the it does give his pupils and their parents' some assurance that the goals selected will be achieved at somewhere near the designated time. Attending a class that is not operated on an objective based system is a bit like climbing aboard an aircraft at random and hoping that it will take you where you want to go If pupil and teacher are not sure what they are how do they know when they have done if an entire school system bases its operations on clearly stated there is a good chance that students will obtain maximum fulfilment from their years in school. Let us avoid pushing the analogy too far. Quality teaching is far more complex than flying. It allows far more room for individual styles and no two in the classroom will arrive at precisely the same point at the same time by the same route. While the pilot is responsible for his passengers only during the the teacher can have a lifelong effect on the personalities and achievements of hundreds of the students he meets during his so one must be very cautious about asking him to by the provided that he is not forced to conform to any particular style but simply asked to chart his own course and to file a flight it is difficult to see how he could make any valid objection. Objective based education is not a teaching method and it is definitely not a fad. It says nothing about how one should teach and does nothing to force a change in what a teacher does in his it merely asks him to state what he intends to do and exactly what his pupils should be able to do at the end of the learning then if the goals he set have been achieved. Should the pupils fail to reach the appointed the teacher can re-examine both his goals and his strategies to see if he can promote greater success. After a few he should be able to tell incoming students precisely what he will ask them to do and what they will achieve Needless to such statements apply only to outcomes that are observable and measurable. Objective based education systems make few claims concerning the thousand and one desirable outcomes of schooling that always result from superior teaching but cannot always be demonstrated to have been even a conscious effort by teachers to define and work towards such goals can improve the chances of attaining them. The use of objectives will not ensure that the pupils will reach their goals any more than filing a flight plan will ensure that aircraft will reach theirs. It will ensure in the realm of measureable everyone involved will know where teachers and pupils are supposed to be going and how they intend to get there EARL E. BLOOMER Lethbridge Inconsistent facts I have read with some interest Mr. Louis Burke's articles in The Herald. As he looks back into history to discredit certain particularly his facts are sometimes inaccurate and apparently laced with a deep- rooted hatred. I am certain I will never change Mr Burke's I would like to point out a few of his discrepancies. Mr. Burke points out that the English are of mixed racial he calls so All Europeans are hybrids including and Canadians are more hybrid than people in most other countries and becoming more hybiid all the time and proud of it. He points out among others that William of Normandy was not an Englishman but a Frenchman. But in fact he was a hybrid who was a direct descendant of a Viking chief who settled in Normandy. A Germanic tribe of hybrids invaded Ireland and subdued the dark short original Irish making the land their own. They eventually merged with the people there The Vikings virtually controlled Ireland for over 200 years from their strongholds in the towns of Waterford and towns which the Vikings founded. Most of the Vikings were net thrown out of as Mr. Burke but remained in these towns after the battle with and merged with the becoming Irishmen themselves. Even St. Patrick was not an Irishman but came from likely an What does all this Nothing really except history makes interesting that we are all of mixed ancestry and that all our ancestors have been conquerors at one time and have been conquered at other times. To use ancient history for political motivation not only shows but downright sickness. The and Irish have made great contributions to this as have the etc. We are proud of our but we are all Canadians now. Let's keep it that way. Lethbridge H. THIESEN Better Commonwealth When and if the monarchy has no further useful or before if the people so we can do one of two abolish it or put something better in its place. The same goes for the destroy or display the brains God gave us and improve it for our benefit and I mean lor all colors and right around the world. During the golden age of the British no other place on earth had the same high standard of justice and no part of the empire had a lesser crime rate than any other part of any nation. I do not say that was because of the no monarch can hold the throne except by the people's consent. And no other nation has more control over its government than we do but most of them have far or even nothing at all I am not at all worried about ancestry. No person but has royal and no monarch but has commoner's blood What we need to worry about is being able to build a better Commonwealth and not act like some kid not yet out of who can only knock the blocks over and expect people to applaud his cleverness. I am more liable to trust someone who builds things up. or at least tries than I am of wreckers. Magrath J. A. SPENCER The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St. S. LETHBRIDGE HERALD CO. LTD. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mall Registration No 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H. PILLING DONALD R. DORAM Managing editor General ROY F. MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K. WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E. BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;