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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 5

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Lethbridge, Alberta Local 328-4411 Between 6.30 . And 4.30 . At All other times newsroom is 328-4418 monday May 14.1990 the Lethbridge Herald As ecology enters the classroom More time is needed to study environmental issues by site Rel Horvat of the Herald students have experienced the great outdoors As part of school curriculum for years. The difference is 10 or More years ago it was used As a Means to simply escape the. Class room. It used to mean taking the class outdoors just to be says Earle Warnica associate superintendent of curriculum for Lethbridge Public schools. Now of course it is a Means to explore the environment study conservation geology and other subject the old outdoor de remains offering slip. Dents activities such As ski skating swimming and his admits City schools could do More about environmental education if other factors weren t standing in the Way such As provincial exams and the province s credit system. Students find themselves with less time for options at the High school level due to rigorous study demands needed to pass the diploma Evains and meet credit requirements. It s rather embarrassing actually especially at the High school Warnica says. So we have to find ways to work environmental education into existing courses like science and social in High school phys de is an option after Grade 10, so Many of the outdoor pursuits pro Grams Aren t being delivered to kids after that. Special de programs do a lot however. This is countered by the social studies curriculum though where the environment is studied Down the boundaries of subjects for a truly Inte grated in Grade 6, All students in the District can go to in several ways using an issues approach. Some Camp for three to five Days either schools have environmental clubs but i wish1 Hills Waterton or the Crow nest pass there there were More of they learn outdoor living skills conservation his Peers across the province hiking Art nature studies first Aid and natural have had to Deal primarily with massive Cupric foods. Alum changes brought about by Alberta Educa those weeks prove to be some of the most lion recently. These changes to Core subjects incredible experiences for the because have caused school districts great expense in Many of them would t otherwise have an of these necessary expenses just passed the rinks. Those further away however find it the school budget Fri the 1990-91 school year More Dif to chill because while co Cuticular f und in place transportation funding Tor the priority forj991-92. Activities is not. It really is the Issue of the 90s we need to All Grade 4 students in the system must take attack it As a he says. David swimming lessons. Further swimming instr us Suzuki talks about some very important issues lion in t offered until Grade and we need to pay attention to what he is say this is a possible recommendation of our i physical education study to at the elementary level student make full use of the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre in the River Bottom. Nature studies life Geo logy and geography Are All taken in As Well As studies on evidence i human population. While they Are at the Centre quiere Are so Many subject areas which can be Warnica says. They look at the old min Sites talk about when people came there How they lived what they brought in and How they May have affected the environment. Conservation comes into it too. Through physical education they go hiking perhaps to the Coulee Centre from the school then there s orienteering games mathematics even comes into it. A Day there really Breaks Are a number of options available at the Junior High level including Winter camping outdoor pursuits biking and Many Junior High teachers use outdoor Edu Ca Tion goals through the science curriculum the Earth says Warnica. They take Field trips to the River Valley or the Crow nest pass and look at the geology. Through social studies they study old settlements and human develop Orient also through Fieldse would like to do More and next year really make it an emphasis along with Mulli cultural education that s very important ship shape drum major Petty officer 1 St class Sheryl Wolfe 17, is All determination during saturday s annual inspection for Lethbridge s Royal Canadian sea Cadet Centre . Joseph Gollner Canadian armed forces Northern Region commander was me reviewing officer for the inspection. General Gollner and the Large crowd of hand also witnessed Chinook s corps join with members b Calgary s. Undaunted corps to perform the ceremony o the flags a massive display of Dri ims and music. Herh photo Assumption students top bit Riesmon River by Delon Shirtz of the Herald the municipal District of Willow is trying to encourage a Farmer to prevent further soil Ero Sion on his. Land to control the amount of blowing dirt causing damage to property in Moon River or. De Langford petitioned my councillors wednesday to help find i a solution to the problem which has caused thousands of dollars dam age to his Home and pro Perty since the beginning of the year. Langford claims dirt blowing from Alma Orr s land about. 150 metres to the West has ruined his Lawn Fence and has penetrated his siding. My fencing looks like someone came in with a Lang Ford says. A Grade 6 class in Lethbridge has its collective brow knitted about he plight of Alberta s Northern forests and has voiced concern about the future of the environment to the government and members of the opposition. Bruce Lajeunesse teacher at our lady of Assumption school says the concern was borne from a Lethbridge Herald editorial which he read to the class Early in the new year. As a class we took the editorial apart bit by bit and examined All the Points it made. The kids became concerned that Alberta is Selling its lumber too cheaply that in House Impact studies were done on the pulp Mills and they re Wor ried about damage to the Environ says Lajeunesse. The students were startled to because several of his neighbors have also suffered property dam age. He estimates damages to his Lawn and Fence at More than _ but damages Aren t the Only con new Cerns Langford has. He says the receive ?163 million in Public blowing dirt is also annoying. Money through Grants and another last year he was Able to listen to the singing of larks and watch them f 1 billion in loan guarantees. _ they were disturbed to think the As they nested in Grassy Fields projects Are further supported by to his Home. This year however millions in Public Money for roads dirt has destroyed nesting areas wetland drainage and flood control and there in t any food to attract projects. The Birds Back Langford says the blowing dirt became so bad As to obscure his vision of his neighbor s Home 300 metres away. At other times he could see huge dust Clouds hovering Over Orr s land. Accused Orr of he says he has removed about 252 improper land management and of wheelbarrow loads of soil from his overworking his Field. He says Orr an additional worked his Field three times in 1989, a front end loader his Lawn was covered with dirt up to 30 Centi metres deep in some in some places it was Over two feet deep in the says. Councillors were shown pictures of soil covering the grass along Langford s Fence and Given a Sam ple of the pit who was not at the meeting agrees Strong Westerly winds have caused some erosion and admitted there was a bit of a problem can Gerhing residents in Moon River estates however he says he is not responsible for the quirks of Mother n lure. I did t snarl the wind to blow or cause those Ulings to he says. Orr says it s unfortunate soil has been blowing onto residential prop erty but added he should t be singled out among the hundreds of the province who Are also experiencing soil erosion Langford on the other hand feels this problem is serious Calendar wins award a popular fund raising event Ini titled by Lethbridge volunteers has won International recognition. The Cash Calendar project introduced by Lethbridge family services was on of four promotions winning special awards at a recent meeting of uie Western Region of family service America. The Public relations award was one of two earned by Canadian Mem Bers of. The organizations. The Cash Calendar now in its payoff year was recognized with the first place winning entry from family services of greater Vancouver. Its Campaign against child prostitution on newest coast centred on the theme real men Don t buy also at the conference in san Francisco Jeanne Beaty acting president of the Lethbridge family service Board of directors was honoured As one of eight outstanding volunteers in american and Cana Dian West. In Lethbridge meanwhile the family Agency received word of Success in seeking funds for its building fund. A Grant from the wild Rose foundation a Chan Nel for lotteries profits will help buy program equipment and furnishings for ils new building. The last time in october. Langford to ser vation. Act for help. The act would allow the my to Lake control of Orr s land to rectify the soil Ero Sion if he does t do it himself. Orr could also be charged for the Richard Berringer agriculture Fieldman for the told Council he had been on Orr s land several times and had noticed Little work done to control soil erosion. He told Council he became aware of the problem in february and was promised something would be done to rectify it. However subsequent Calls and visits in March proved nothing had been Berringer said Orr planned to put forage in the land this Spring but forage would take several months to become effective in dealing with erosion. He said planting critical a or Rye would be More effective. The Only solution is to get some cover on he said. Orr says he has taken Steps to reduce erosion by ripping ditches through the Field to Stop the wind from picking up the soil. But he had to waft for the Frost to leave his land before he could dig. The problems and complaints incurred by the blowing soil Don t come As a Surprise to Orr. He says people have to expect it when they decide to live on the East Side of country however he s willing to co oper ate. He and his sons helped remove dirt from Langford s property but he has been unable to return because of farming commit ments. Langford says he May consider Legal action As a recourse for dam Ages caused by the blowing dirt. They wrote to environment min ister Ralph Klein John provincial new Democrat Environ ment critic Lethbridge la John Golgo and Premier Don Getty. They received rather prompt replies of Assurance from Klein s office the government is listening to the concerns of albertan. The Alberta Pacific Eia review Board has just completed the most comprehensive Public review of a project Ever held in students line up school 16 sign a declaration of responsibility. From left Stephen Hood Sean Gibson Blair Chandler Tom the Bart and signing Kim Smons these students also wrote letters of concern about the environment o environment minister Ralph Klein and to Premier Don Getty. R hmm Ponio Horvat Alberta Klein replied to student should be looking if or industries Jeff Bell in addition intervenor r funding was provided to assist groups and individuals in making their views known to the to Kristy Malcomson came this from i have been fight ing against the pulp development foursome time. I agree with you that the government is Selling our Trees far too cheaply. I concerned that the pulp Mills do not create very Many jobs. I think we do not pollute the Environ Niertit arid does t require cutting much Klein also told Mai pm Soh the government has been concerned about pollution for More Ihan 15 years. He outlined pauses of the greenhouse chemicals from Spray cans or Emit Ted by Power plants arid gave some suggestions about what canadians can do about the problem. The harm Ful chemical cacs in cans in wrote Klein. Are commuted to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from our Indus try As individuals we can choose environmentally Friendly products. These Are ones that can be reused recycled or do the harmful chemicals. I appreciate your interest in Bur environment. You can help by seeing lies buy environmentally Friendly som of the. Children s letters Vivere forwarded to Leroy fjord Kotteh min Isle r of forestry lands and who Lajeunesse about what he believed were misconceptions held by the students. A he said he wanted to speak to the kids himself and Clear up some misunderstandings but Fie was lied up and would Send som Erie. Else front his department says Lai Eunesse now 1 guess we re either waiting for a an 5 was forthright in his Klein _ As a concerned citizen i think we could at least see if would be Safe Are Gorig i think1 before you decided to sell the Northern for ests you could have asked the peo ple of Alberta if they wanted pulp Mills coming in and destroying our forests because we Are the ones that Are going to be affected the dangers Are there will be More acid Ruairi As a result of the sulphuric acid from the pulp wrote Sean Gibson. Repossessed Many Many items not listed crowds expected come Early tender notice St. Michael s Hospital Lethbridge Alberta Micro computer employee Purchase plan tenters Al be rec god by Irto Jiffies up to 2.00 . Toed Friday. Are 1 1990. Ter Kim mull be in a sealed a testy re retd Teinja lot a Hospital Itao Eire Joy Ive Tose few end addressed to the purchasing office. Is. Hope a 1315-9 a Sonji. Us tinge. Tip 1x7. 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