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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 9 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I have very high cholesterol in spite of a fat-free diet. I also take Choloxin twice a day. Is it safe for me to eat food made from coconut I have in mind some crackers with coconut oil. As I work long hours and weigh only 110 I feel I need extra energy and strength Due to I supplement my diet protein powder and Tiger's Milk almost every day. Is Mther one of these mdesirable for me9 Dear Reader It is true lat some people who are not verweight still have a high holesterol level. In these istances it is important to mit the and particularly he saturated fat and holesterol in the diet oconut oil is mostly a aturated fat so you should void ii and any products lade with coconut oil. That often include a variety of products with listed as an ingredient. otten this means coconut You will find it in cake iake in coffee instant breakfast seasoning for vegetables and many food products The only milk products you should be using are those low in fat butter fat is high in saturated fat use skim low fat cottage nonfat dry milk powder or a milk such as the milk products for babies who are allergic to milk Most of the protein powders are low in fat and can be used You need to read the label to see what per cent of fat is in the products For an energy lift don't forget the value of good fresh fruit juices. Fresh fruit such as a banana or an orange is also .good. People would be much better off if they would learn to snack on fresh fruits rather than the things most of them use. For more information about cholesterol write to me in care of this P.O. Box Radio City New N. Y. and ask for the booklet on cholesterol Send 30 cents to cover costs. And a word about your medicines. Choloxin is a form of thyroid medicine and is used to lower cholesterol level. Just recently a new Questran has become available It may be more effective. It binds the bile salts and eliminates them through the bowel. This in turn leads to the elimination of cholesterol because bile salts are made from cholesterol. It is reported to be very effective in combination with a proper diet. You might check with your doctor and see if he would like to try you on this medication Dr. Lamb welcomes questions from his but because of the volume of mail he cannot answer personally. Questions of general interest will be discussed in future columns. Write to Dr. Lamb in care of this P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y. 10019. COUNTRIES LINKED Ferry service links almost every coastal country in the National Geographic Society says Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN cj TM Tnb.nt BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS Q. you hold. OA-762 2 The bidding has proceeded East South West North 1 A Dble. 2 3 Pass What action do you partner could make a free bid of three you should be mildly interested In slam You can convey this with a cue-bid of three spades Note that the hand was not good enough for an immediate but It Improved considerably once partner Intro- duced the heart suit Q. you hold- KQ54 OAK108 The bidding has proceeded. North East South West 1 Pass 2 0 Pass 2 NT Pass What do you bid now' rebid has shown a hand of some 16 and yours is worth 17 at a heart con- tract We would not fault yon If you leaped all the way to six hearts that docs run the slight risk that you are off two quick losers In clubs A more scientific approach would be to cue bid three Intending to bid five hearts at your next and thereby conveying your concern about the unhid suit Q. 3 Neither as South you hold. 4AKJ10 vAK The bidding has South West North East 1 0 Pass 1 V Pass 2 A Pass 2 NT Pass What do you bid are Inclined to make the rather unusual bid of three hearts. If you ever raise partner 'with a doubleton. this Is the right doubleton to have Missing the ace-king of his partner Is un- likely to go on to four hearts unless he has a five-card suit Our close second three no could be wrong if part- ner has a minimum with a single club stopper Q. 4 East-West vulner- as South you 47 The bidding has North East South 1 NT Pass What action do you Is difficult to lay down rules for hands containing elght- card suits It It equally difficult to estimate their trick-taking po- tential Since we are we favor bid of five on the theory that the bid stands to gain more than it mieht Q. 5 North-South vulner- as South you hold AK9R652 The bidding has proceeded. North East South West 1 0 Pass I Pass 2 4k Pass What do you bid now7 spades have been raised your hand revalues to 14 points 1 for the fifth spade and 2 for the You have enough to jump In four put pressure on your partner by bidding a mere three spades Q. 6 North-South vulner as South you 0A.I 10 9 7 9 The bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 0 Pass 1 NT Pass f What do you spades. Don't let the fact that to all intents and has denied holding four spades deter from mak ing your natural bid You have a good hand with good intermedi- and your reverse bid des cribes your holding accurately Q. 7 Neither as South you 4tA65 The bidding has East South West North 1 Pass Pass 2 0 Pass What action do you take7 no trump Any strong- er action would be highly iidls- creet Partner has merely re- opened the and his over call of two diamonds might have been based more on a disinclina- tion to let the opponents buy the hand at one spade than on any substance to his own holding you have only a single spade stopper Q. as South you OAJ109654 The bidding has South West North East I 0 Pass INT Pass 3 Pass 3 NT Pass What do you bid normal procedure at this point would be to rebid hearts to show five-card suit with at least six diamonds. How- we feel that a bid of four diamonds could work out better for. If partner were to raise to five we could bid a slam and expect It to at on a finesse The danger- of bidding four hearts Is that holding three hearts and a doubleton diamond honor In a medl'irere might pan. LI1ABNER Your horoscope MAY 14 Your birthday Conversion is the main principle in your coming year's experience. This changeover process gets easier as you gradually gain supplemental skills. Relationships contain many new beginnings and introductions. Today's natives have a strong sense of humor and the knack for turning an ordinary story into a fascinating one. ARIES M-Aprll Much of what seemed settled early in the day proves otherwise by late evening. discreet action saves the situation. Be alert TAURUS 20-May New ideas can be quite once you're used to them. Your friends will create lively complications if you let them. GEMINI 21-June thinking must be discarded Serious study benefits your creative projects. Money gets loose too easily watch CANCER 21-July Serious discussion of money and its uses is not enough Everybody does what he wants anyway. You've got to draw a line on your own expenditures LEO 23-Aug. This quiet day can be filled with good results and sound purchases if made early It shouldn't be prolonged to squeeze in any last hasty actions. VIRGO 23-Sept. Teamwork improves your chances of success. You have plenty of opportunity to communicate and temptation to say too much too soon. Keep it simple. LIBRA 23-Oct. Changes early in the day are probably but those made later tend to be permanent. Leave nothing to chance. Older people may have good advice. SCORPIO 23-Nov. You can troubleshoot and make minor corrections consolidate progress on creative ventures late in the day. Evening favors technical consultations. SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec. Bright ideas need double may be very useful by late afternoon. Home life promises 'to be contributes to personal and family resources CAPRICORN 22-Jan. Financial prospects are looking up. Family and neighbors' concerns are near at hand Use the opportunity to improve the entire situation. AQUARIUS 20-Feb. If you want anything above normal you'll have to try harder today. If you must rely on maintain your surface calm and total tact PISCES 19-March Getting started early merely adds to the corrections you must make later in the day. Personal plans survive the may even increase in merit The Chicago Tribune Ask Andy SOLAR WINDS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Larry age of North for his question What exactly is the solar Our starry sun is big enough to engulf one and one third million earth-sized planets. It contains 99 8 per cent of all the material in the Solar System and its seething core is 100 times denser than water It is a raging nuclear furnace that converts four billion tons of matter into energy every day and night Fortunately the planet earth is placed at a nice safe distance from these fierce outpourings of solar energy The so-called solar wind is an outpouring of gaseous particles from the sun's seething surface We speak of solar storms and solar though they hardly are related to the breezy weather events that blow around in the earth's atmosphere. Our atmosphere works with enormous masses of dense air. In its lower the concentration of gaseous molecules amounts to about one billion-billion to the cubic centimeter. The solar on the contains about five particles per cubic centimeter exposure to an earthy gale may be safer than exposure to the solar wind There are two main reasons why The solar wind is made of electrically charged particles and they travel at penetrating speeds The solar wind slows down somewhat as it gets farther from the but even at a distance of 93 million miles it whizzes past the earth at an average speed of about 300 miles per second. The surfs nuclear energy surges continuously outward in all directions It is estimated that this never- ceasing output equals about 390 sextillion which is 390 plus 21 zeros. About one two-billionths of the total output reaches our upper atmosphere and almost half of this reaches the surface of the earth In 40 our small helping of the total solar energy equals all the electrical power that modern mankind uses in a whole year These and other basic facts led scientists to suspect that the sun's outpouring energy must carry along streams of particles from the solar surface This was proved in when the Manner II space probe took measurements in and above our upper atmosphere. At that the particles streaming constantly from the sun were called the solar wind And later evidence revealed that this so-called solar wind streams on and throughout the solar system and possibly beyond Nobody was surprised to learn that in the earth's neighborhood the solar wind's average speed is somewhat faster than a million miles per hour After its tiny particles jare launched by the fantastiC energies of the seething sun Nobody was surprised to learn that solar wind particles are electrically charged mostly protons and electrons plus a few helium nuclei Normal atoms naturally would be stripped to ions in the sun's heat. the planet Earth has a built-in defense against this solar bombardment. Questions asked by chll- drtn of Herald rtcdtrt milled to Ask P.O. Box. Huntlngton California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. Pun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER one for said Bob. two numbers so that each is twice what you get if you multiply together the two digits of the other Sam thought a moment. and he declared. is twice 18 but you've got to get different Bob told him. You try' Thanks for an idea to R. Dun Ireland Friday's Total was 153846. 0 DON'T KNOHi ANYTHING A0CWT KINO OF A SCOUT ARE SNQRTMS ISNtrTAMAZlMiJ MOW SENEB3US THE PttOPuf StTAROUMD SPKZIT is OP THAN ID 2 THINK WE SHOULD OP THAT NEXT YEAR WELL INCOME TAXES DUE ON CMWSTMAS EVE. HAND LOB I DIDN'T V HEAR IT SAY C ANYTHING SIXTY-THREE DEGREES PLANT THIS OUTSIDE WHAT DOES THE THERMOMETER BUGS BUNNY THIS STATUE O' YA IS RcALLY IT WAS PRESENTED FOR YEARS OF FAITH- FUL SERVICE TO MY WOYAU ORPEE OF I'LL BET YAWERE A PROUD CLUCK WHEN TH' PRESENTATION WAS EXCEPT FOR ONE MINOR INCIDENT. DURING THE CEWEMONIES THE ACCIPENTAU-Yj DWOPPEP IT ON MY FOOT I BLONME I'M SORRY BUT HE CAN'T COME TO THE PHONE-HE'S IN THE TUB ''l BUT DAGWOOD ME IMSISTS ON' TALKING TO HE SAlD KNOWN. FOR YEA3S 3UTHE BUT DION VOU HIM ARCHIE WHAT A WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABE THEY MAKE SIP.LS LIKE THAT EVERYONE IS CDLLSCTING PIECE BATHING HAGAR THE HORRIBLE OF IT CAN YOLJ ETERNAL HAVE YQLJS5EN BEETLE BAILEY WHYf TO ATTACK ME -05-0 ITS .HARD TO OF SCOTLAND FOR 6O YEAR'S ENGLAND SLEPT PEACEFULLY BECAUSE INSPECTOR BUJGSTONE NEVER RESTED KJO CRIMINAL. EVER ESCAPED I'D HAVE GOTTEN IF-YOU SADN'T BEEN BEFORE ME TUMBLEWEEDS NGH TIME.'.'-VOU'VE GOT THESE OAMES BONDS NOW. ALLTHW THINK OF IS CHAMPAGME AND WHERE WOULD ENGLAND BE IF THAT'S ALL I THOUGHT 60 E.LUG- STONE. vou NAUST LOTSA THE CHIEFS OUTA PIRE- WORHEWW15YOU1D FETCH SOME' 51 K16W r MY HANP5 OUT IN ;