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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta I LETHBRIDGE HERALD May Turner's budget was politically sound Commodity prices The old cliche that what goes up must down hasn't applied to the commodity where prices seem go up and stay indefinitely. It is worth that world prices for wool have fallen 43 per cent below their 1973 peak and are still although they have not yet descended to the prices of the late 1960s when wool was still competitive with synthetic fibers. The sudden after an almost equal dizzying can be traced to Japan's sagging economy. That country normally buys half the wool exported by Australia and has been the world's largest wool buying nation. Even though Eastern with expanded mill capacity and possible hopes of becoming a major textile exporter to the has increased purchases of as far as wool growers Down Under are concerned the market has dropped out of their business and they are in desperate trouble. The effect of world prices on North Arnerican growers can be deduced from a remark ..made by a broker to the Wall Street Journal. He suggested they put a story on wool on the obituary page. As the lower prices for wool are not thought likely to affect consumer prices. By the time the lower price works its way through the manufacturing chain it is expected to be offset by rising labor costs and others. The casual with a synthetic wash-and-wear wardrobe and synthetic carpets may care little about the price of wool. But he should be interested in this apparent domino effect in international trade. Japan's present situation comes about because of the vastly increased prices for oil. This has dampened one of the world's fastest growing economies to the point where it has now had an effect on another commodity price. There are grounds for believing this will not be an isolated instance. In the general world-wide scare about rising commodity prices and international another cliche comes to the one about pricing .oneself right out of the market. ART BUCHWALD Fire in the White House WASHINGTON The key word that keeps popping in the transcripts of the presidential tapes is The president and his aides kept coming up with a scenario for every setback in the Watergate case. The one scenario they never and the most vital one in my is what they should have done when Alexander Butterfield disclosed the president had taped- everyone who came into the Oval Office. If I had been the president's trusted this is how I would have handled it. I'll be B and the president will be P. Mr. President. Butterfield just blew the whistle on the tapes. COh fudge' I think we better game plan this right away. What do you suggest we They're going to demand those tapes. You can bet your sweet on that. We have the following options. we turn them over. we refuse to turn them over or we have a fire in the White House basement. Tell me about Yes. sir. It's late at night and you're up in the bedroom and Nixon says she smells smoke. You tell her Kissinger is probably burning some old cables. Suppose the butler comes in and says he smells smoke also'' You tell him to mind his own business and go back to bed. Hmmrnm. You know there are a iheckava lot of tapes in the basement. What happens when the fire department is They could put out the fire right away and save the tapes. You stonewall them in the Rose Garden and tell them how proud you are of the fire fighters of America and how much it means to you to have them come to the White House at that hour in the morning. We'll get Pat Buchanan to write up a little speech for you to deliver in which you point out the difference between fire departments of the United States and those in the enslaved countries of the world that you have been to. What are the In America every local community can choose its own fire fighting and the government does not dictate what type of trucks they should order. If a community wants a hook and they can order a hook and ladder. If they decide they'd rather have a it's their option. So while I'm reading the speech the fire in the basement is going full Right. Now for what we ought to do is have you present each fireman with a scroll expressing the gratitude of every woman and child in this nation for the wonderful work they are doing. You could personally sign each one in front of them. This should give us enough time to burn up every tape you ever made. dee doo I could go on television the next day and say how distraught I am that these which would have proved my once and for have gone up in smoke and have been lost to history. But I can promise to turn over all my notes of those conversations which will show I knew nothing about Watergate or the coverup. Without the tapes we've got the darn Watergate committee by the whiskers Good Art. there is one more thing. How did the fire start in the first John Dean was sneaking a smoke in the basement instead of doing what you asked him to do. And he threw his butt on the tapes. I like it. Let's see how it plays in Peoria. By Dian syndicated commentator OTTAWA Finance Minister John Turner is fond of telling us that 1. he is not a and 2. his budgets are economically sound. Step right up ladies and and watch with baited breath as Wizard of Ottawa juggles before your very eyes as economically morally politically mind boggling a piece of public relations as has ever passed for a budget. Under the he had few although it would have been nice for him to have done something real for the weakest members of society. But in the great tradition of the rhetorical impact of this budget will probably go far beyond the economic impact. Turner said the budget's main aim was to attack inflation. First he wanted to encourage the production of more things. Yet nowhere in the budget can one point to a specific item and would increase On the one could say that taxing the oil companies would not be the greatest way to get them to produce or keep their costs down. Next Turner wanted to hold down prices. Among other he would have cut the federal sales tax on basic construction equipment. What effect might that have had on the price of According to Turner's the effect would have been and any monitoring if one could have been would have been hard put to come to any meaningful conclusion. The federal sales tax was to be cut from all footwear and bicycles. The tax is 12 per cent at the wholesale level. Markups from the wholesale to the retail level range upwards to more than 100 per cent. A man's shirt retailing for might have been reduced by 50 cents. The effect on prices was obviously in the right but it was hardly a frontal attack on inflation. Item by one came to similar the net effect on inflation would most likely be zero. If your husband or wife doesn't you could have put money into a retirement savings plan for him or her not in addition to your but only if you don't use yours. If you don't own a you could have put aside a year tax free. You would have less to spend might have reduced your real demand for goods and leaving more for but unless you were very inflation would have eroded your savings. The government was legitimately concerned about MOUNTlES TALK OF A UfJ'OfJ I think I see the Commissioner's point... it would ruin the tourist our savings. Without there would not have been funds for business investment and expansion. Even people are cashing in their Canada Savings Bonds because they can get more in a savings account. Turner had tried to protect our savings two ways. First he had tax exempted our first of interest as long as it hadn't come from the stock market. he was going to give Canada Savings Bond holders a bonus to bring the yield to maturity up from the present seven or 7Vz per cent to nine per cent. No doubt nine per cent would have been better than but it would have been no guarantee your money would buy what it once did. Turner's budget was fiscally sound. But it would have been more equitable had he been prepared to spend more money. The poor in Canada can only get poorer when you consider that they spend a much larger proportion of their incomes on the very commodities like food that have increased most in price. But Turner wasn't prepared to spend more. One can only assume his reluctance was another indication of his basic puritanical identify those guys who are making all the and tax them. Identify the like alcohol and high powered and tax them too. Encourage the like saving money for a home or old and riding a but encourage them by reducing taxes only as much as you've increased taxes to the bad guys. At first the budget sounded like really good politics. It was and eminently plausible. Can't you hear the campaign speeches look what you could have had if the election weren't The sad thing Turner's budget would have been better than anything the opposition parties have been promising. Portuguese coup increases tension in Spain By William London Observer commentator MADRID The moment of truth has come for Spain after Portugal's emotional and seemingly successful democratic revolution. Every new development since the coup d'etat in Lisbon has caused increasing nervous tension in the Franco establishment. It is now clearly realized here that the fresh breeze of freedom could penetrate the smog contaminated atmosphere of Madrid. The possibilities created by Portugal's dramatic awakening from half a century of authoritarian rule are now seriously worrying the Spanish government. In these last days of the Franco the government has been assaulted on many fronts. The Roman Catholic formerly the most solid pillar of the is now its most outspoken critic. Worker priests defiantly uphold the cause of free trade unions and oppose the discredited state controlled sindicatos. Basque priests are among the most militant supporters of the extremist wing of the Basque separatist movement. A vast majority of the younger with the LETTERS backing of most of their demand an end to the old Church State and even the conservative prelates stress the importance of human rights. Workers continue to strike in this country where strike action is virtually illegal. Violence by Marxist Leninist and other extreme underground leftist organizations is increasing. In the northern Basque provinces Spain's the mini civil war is escalating and there seems no likelihood that Franco's troops and security police will ever succeed in suppressing ETA the Marxist oriented Basque nationalist organization. It was an ETA commando group which assassinated the president of the government. Admiral Carrero Franco's oldest and most loyal in Madrid last December. The Franco regime could depend on the stolid support of the politically apathetic and relatively prosperous middle those middle aged bourgeois families content with their television and similar who didn't want to rock the boat and risk exchanging material welfare for idealistic political changes. Now galloping inflation and other economic problems heightened by the oil crisis here have eroded even that support. All these shattering blows come at a time when the old Generalissimo is approaching the end of his long dictatorial reign. In failing health he is said to have Parkinson's Disease it is becoming increasingly clear that he no longer exercises supreme control over affairs of state. He has delegated much of his authority to the president of the or prime the tough but not noticeably astute Sr. Carlos who replaced the assassinated Carrero Blanco. on top of all these this virulent epidemic of democracy has broken out in neighbouring Portugal. The Portuguese revolution has been followed with intense interest by the average Spaniard. When I returned to Madrid from Portugal I was repeatedly asked by casual taxi night watchmen and Council's irresponsible action The Christian Science Monitor someone please shut the The recent decision by city council to donate a further to the Travel and Convention Association of Southern Alberta was a highly irresponsible action and should definitely be rescinded. The aldermen strongly supporting this association and who apparently wore out the other to the point where this decision was have shown a flagrant disregard to the responsibility of their office and the taxpayers of Lethbridge. It is to be hoped that their names will be conspicious by their absence in the coming election. This association is not a Lethbridge organization and there is no reason why Lethbridge taxpayers should have to subsidize Southern Alberta. If Lethbridge monies are to be used then this should be a wholly Lethbridge or- ganization and a new office set up within city subject to the same controls and regulations as other departments dependent upon city funds for their existence. At a time when city the city manager and senior directors have spent long weary trimming and cutting essential turning away worthy charitable it is very if not impossible to understand where this sudden abundance in city funds suddenly appeared from. In the years the association has been in operation the only material available for visitors has been that supplied by the Nikka Yuko Garden Fort Whoop-Up Association and the Gait Museum. CJOC radio and TV also filled a gap by providing a tourist map with a wealth of information on the area and are to be commended on their civic The department in city hall providing material for conventions also filled a gap and did not seek the service. Many of the organizations receiving this service from city hall can testify that they appealed to city hall as a last hope because they had been turned down elsewhere or directed to city hall for brochures. How many Lethbridge taxpayers realize that the budget of this association has trebled this year for a service that is non- xistent. Perhaps those organizations who have been turned away will now ask why and put up a strong fight to have the apparently excess funds diverted into more worthwhile channels. A CONCERNED CITIZEN Lethbridge to describe the Lisbon scene. All were fascinated by the tale of the fiesta the euphoria of the soldiers with red carnations behind their ears and in their rifle barrels. Everyone is intrigued and almost all seem to relish the reports of the abolition of the dreaded the Portuguese political police. Government pressure on the Spanish press has increased since the first days of the coup. All newspapers with barely suppressed the report of the ending of press censorship in Portugal. But after the pictures of the monocled General Spinola embracing the exiled Socialist leader Mario Soares on his emotional return to inspired editorial comment became more gloomy and critical. Yet some frustrated Spanish newsmen have managed to get in a few quiet digs. A typical example was one paper's banner considering joining one had to read the small print some way down to discover that the story referred to Portugal not Spain. A man who played a vital role during Portugal's liberation day was Senhor Pedro Feyto a senior information ministry official. He acted as an intermediary when Dr. Caetano was in the Carmo barracks with the National Republican surrounded by the rebel army officers and their troops. That highly critical confrontation was resolved peacefully. Later Sr. Pinto asked discussing the virtually bloodless you think that this is a proof of Portugal's political Indeed it appears to be so. it is difficult to imagine such a similar bloodless revolution occurring in Spain. On the events across the frontier have stimulated some violent reactions from extremist notably on the but so far fortunately confined to words not deeds. Prime Minister a former interior police chief and military has previously by the garotting of Catalan anarchist Puig Antich in thai his promises of liberal reforms lack sincerity. Spain's political police are well known to be heavily infiltrated by Fascists. Groups of young calling themselves Warriors of Christ the have raided art destroying works by and escaped unpunished. Sr. Bias Pinar publishes a weekly magazine advocating a policy of grotesque Nazi-style anti- Semitism. In the event. Spain's May Day passed off relatively peacefully. The the the workers are biding their time. But Spain today is an isolated area of Fascism in a world which has rejected its discrt- lited doctrines. It is a which some day must cuine to an end. It can only be hoped that the final solution for Spain can be in Portuguese without blood. The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St. S. Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD CO. LTD. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mail Registration No. 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H. PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R. DORAM General Manager ROY F. MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K. WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTQN Circulation Manager KENNETH E. BARNETT Business Manager x HERALD SERVES THE 1 ;