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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD may One one minus The department of the environment and Coleman Collieries are to be complimented on the measures which are being instituted to help control the dust situation in Coleman. It must be that most of the measures ordered by the provincial government are simple and obvious ones the installing'of the paving of the use of a rubber-tired vehicle on the coal piles instead of a tracked bulldozer. These measures 'and have been a part of company practice from the very beginning. The fact that they were not demonstrates very clearly the absolute necessity of government supervision of the environment from the very beginning of any extracting operation and not just when a situation has become intolerable. Only time will tell whether all the combined measures will work to reduce pollution to an acceptable standard. The Coleman if it can be called an important one in the considering the value of coal in Alberta's future. The provincial government does not seem to be doing as well in Northern Alberta. The bill to appoint a development czar for northeastern and allowing with cabinet to ignore existing rules and is a troubling one. Fears are not eased by the remark of Winston minister of public that the expansion situation in connection with the Athabasca oil sands is comparable to a wartime emergency. One must ask just which legislative regulations may be bypassed with the passage of the new bill. Some no doubt concern the providing of housing and municipal services. Many probably concern environmental matters involving not only the primary industry but also the supporting services. These laws were presumably adopted only after much discussion and thought about the general welfare-and future of the people of Alberta. It is open to question whether they should become vulnerable to elimination in eagerness over the development of oil resources. For months thoughtful observers have been warning about just such dangers as are implicit in the government's proposed development bill. They have feared that the energy crisis and the ensuing would overpower concerns for the for social welfare and for the orderly development of the whole economy. And they have seen pollution standards in the U.S. weakened or nullified in the name of the energy crisis. Without the companies presently involved in the oil sands development have put heavy pressure on the provincial government in connection with environmental which have always been a special thorn to them. The provincial government and make a persuasive case for swift action in the development of the Athabasca but this action should not be arbitrary and it need not be. It is particularly unseemly of a cabinet minister to be so caught up in the excitement of development that he likens it to a wartime emergency. This creates an atmosphere in which enthusiasm substitutes for common sense and greed can be disguised as patriotism. Justice in Chile Seven months after the overthrow of the government in the state of justice in that country is troubling many supporters of the new junta. The civilian courts have bowed to the expanding authority of the government and virtually excused themselves from handling political cases. Hundreds of civilians have been tried in military mostly behind closed and this court system has even violated its own code of justice by denying defence lawyers the right to cross-examine prosecution witnesses or to question allegedly incriminating on the grounds of national security. The even under a state of does not allow a military court to try an individual for crimes alleged to have been committed before the state of siege was put into effect. Yet this is precisely the kind of charge on which most'persons are being tried. Last week saw the beginning of trials in military courts of 57 air force officials and 10 civilians accused of having attempted to aid the Allende government and its member parties before the coup. According to church persons are still being detained for political reasons and there are still cases of arbitrary arrests and of prisoners being detained without formal charges or access to legal aid. Charges of mistreatment and torture are widespread- According to the New York it is generally acknowledged that deterioration in the Chilean court system set in during the Allende in BERRY'S WORLD which the Supreme Court developed strong disagreements with the government. The president of that court is even accused of having given legal approval to the overthrow by before the that the Allende government had its legality by acting on the margin of the It is notable that while the new junta dissolved the legislature and forced disbandment of political it also announced an intention to preserve the autonomy of the judicial branch. This was no dangerous inasmuch as the Supreme Court president had personally welcomed junta members to his chambers in given the new government his blessing. Since that a number of landmark decisions by the highest court have handcuffed lower courts in protecting human rights of political prisoners. One case involved a 15-year-old boy arrested and held incommunicado without formal charges since Dec. 19. Although a court of appeals ordered the interior ministry to make known the charges or to release the Supreme Court set aside the saying that authorities had the right to detain minors for whatever reason and for as long as they deemed necessary. motives for the decree of the court the exclusive concern of the The deterioration of justice in Chile and the accompanying erosion of individual integrity among judges and other supposedly dedicated to a rule of law are an object lesson to the world. Letters wrench The Kissinger technique By Joseph syndicated commentator JERUSALEM The Kissinger technique emerges with special clarity in the way the secretary of state is handling the present round of disengagement talks between Israel and Syria. The negotiation was bound to be tough because the parties were far apart and had little incentive to compromise. But Mr. Kissinger arranged for pressures to mount on both and now he comes on stage as the only man who can dismantle the pressures the answer to everybody's prayers. The basic elements of a disengagement agreement along the Golan Heights which separate Israel and Syria are obvious. Israel would abandon all Syrian territory seized during the 1973 plus a small slice of the Syrian land occupied during the 1967 war. The small slice would include which is the capital of the Golan Heights area. In return Syria would stop the fighting now under way and return Israeli prisoners. The strip of land between the two countries would be occupied by a UN and both sides would.thin out their military forces in the adjacent territories. The disengagement would be considered the first step in a general peace agreement which would include further Israeli withdrawal from Syrian territory. The trouble with this deal originally was that neither side had much interest in making it. The Syrians have always represented themselves as the advance guard of Arab unity. Any accord which would leave Arab territory in Israeli hands is a loss for them not a gain. The Israelis are interested in trading land for peace. But the land around the Golan Heights is high ground with military significance. Some settlements might have to be abandoned for the first time in Israel's history as a state. And the Israelis have no faith the Syrians will live up to the agreement anyhow. In these Kissinger first took soundings from both sides. Then he bided his time allowing events to take their course. given the Near the furies began to work their way. First President Anwar Sadat of Egypt stepped onto the stage vacated by Mr. Kissinger. He attacked the Russians over and over again. He praised Mr. Kissinger to the skies as a He sent his defense Ahmed to sound out the Syrians and then expressed high confidence that a disengagement would be worked out. The result was to scare the Russians into believing they were on the point of being squeezed out of the Near East. They came together with the Syrians and encouraged them to escalate the fighting on the Golan Heights. The which reached a particularly grave point with a Syrian commando raid last Wednesday filled the Israelis with deep misgivings the more so as the pattern of American voting at the UN suggested Washington was turning a blind eye to Arab marauding against Israeli settlements. see what the magician can Golda Meir told a group of visitors earlier last in a derisive reference to the secretary of state. What the magician in fact brought on his present trip was the power to turn off the specters he had raised. He started in assuring Andrei Gromyko of Russia's place in the peace and extracting a pledge that the Soviet Union would not obstruct the disengagement talks. By the weekend Mr. Kissinger had begun the shuttle process of trying to reconcile the Israeli and Syrian positions. The odds on a successful mission seemed high for suddenly everybody had been given a stake for success. The Israelis would get an end to the murderous combat in the Golan Heights. The Syrians would be responding to appeals from prestigious Arab including President Sadat on the right and President Boumedienne on the Arab left. The Russians would have a piece of the action in a Near East settlement. The Egyptians and would acquire new clout. As to the it will seem that Mr. Kissinger has once more produced peace like a rabbit from the hat. The triple dead heat of eavesdropping By William New York Times commentator ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE DEVICES 1974 by Inc. you must business is terrible and it's all WASHINGTON In Secretary of State Henry Stimson closed down the the State Department's code breaking office on the principle that the. way to make men and nations trustworthy was to trust them. As he later told aide McGeorge do not read each other's When novelists Graham Greene and John le Carre wrote about the morally debilitating effects of the ends before means attitude of their books were read for their drama more than their message After the spy as judge and executioner found roots in American traditions of justice in the old when some individual sheriffs embodied the entire process of law. in this period of we view the adoption of totalitarian means to combat totalitarian threats as less than as we have come to understand that we cannot overcome our enemies by becoming romanticising the profes- sional spy. The willingness to listen to put the need of national survival ahead of the restraints of what Stimson considered national to penetrate personal privacy in order to preserve national was second nature to Richard Nixon. He and his chief foreign affairs both children of the Cold were determined to end the Cold and a willingness to eavesdrop came with the job. Step using the FBI the president and his men sure of the necessity of such action to protect the national interest began to eavesdrop on the men in the press and in the White House to find the sources of leaks. Step when the FBI appeared was to create a investigations in room 16 of the executive office which was willing to or in order to plug the leaks. Step three down the eavesdropping road was the transfer of the ability to security purposes over to political campaign purposes. Belatedly trying to figure out what went H. R. Haldeman explained to the president that John Mitchell had grown so accustomed to eavesdropping that he must have lost his sensitivity to the illegality of wiretaps. Even at that when the meaning of the events of the previous year were being driven into the Oval the habit of .eavesdropping was so ingrained that it was natural for John Ehrlichman to suggest that he make a recording of his confrontation with John Mitchell. As the transcripts the president told him-to go ahead and for electronic adding that he personally did not want to listen to the tape. The irony is so exquisite as to be here was Ehrlichman suggesting that he eavesdrop on the man accused of authorizing the Watergate unaware that hit own conversation planning to bug the bugger was being bogged. That is the triple dead heat nt AauAcripAnhina tha rnval flush or unassisted triple the ultimate hat trick a plot twist that would have made E. Phillips Oppenheim blush. The president's willingness to go along with the indiscriminate eavesdropping on all his advisers and visitors should not surprise seen as the massive dose of the poison he had been sipping steadily for years. It was not he because it would be used for the purposes for for Truth. I am not among those who think the president guilty of an impeachable high crime. An addiction to eavesdropping was his grievous and grievously hath he already suffered for it. The man who was ready to eavesdrop to protect the confidentiality of his office in Hamlet's with his own a petard is a and this one has blown presidential confidentiality sky-high. Because Nixon would read everyone else's we are now forced to read his hardly an edifying and in so doing we lee why Henrv Stimson was right. Changes I read with great interest the article which appeared in The Herald MaV Impeachment at the United Nations. Some other facts which I dug up from other sources add to the writer's accusations. Much .of what is being sent to the developing nations in the guise of is almost totally useless. A large percentage of the and advisors are sent as military by western governments to keep lines open for further economic exploitation. Wiiat remains in these in the form of wealth and military power only gives self-seeking governments the the reasons and the means for remaining in power. The results of this type of aid are bloody coups and as has happened in South America and Africa in the past few decades. The rest of the foreign aid is in the form of monetary value and foodstuffs both of these being good as short-term help to relieve the suffering of but the problem is far from solved. The top 20 richest nations of the in combined have three or four times the riches and luxuries than have the 100 other nations combined. The other two and a half billion people living on less than half of the land only have 20 per cent of the world's wealth. In the recent oil crisis the industrialized nations were slightly inconvenienced having to wait a few hours for gas. The worst effects are only now being in the form of fertilizer in poor countries which depend totally on every kernel of grain which can be.obtained. India for may have to suffer through a cut in production of V4 or from last year's devastating for a country so dependent on agriculture to stay alive. What does all this It means that you and I are guilty of crimes for which men have been tagged and called intfuman. What has happened to our ideals of love thy democratic and the equality of Dp they only count for a small circle of those rich enough to buy their way How then can we in the nations of the west rid ourselves of these accusations and be of real help to those in More foreign aid in sufficient amounts to really help to organizations who. have proven to be of etc. Foreign aid in terms of men and materials which are going to be of technological assistance to countries in preferably agricultural assistance. This means that many who have nothing better to dp should volunteer for training and service in some organization which is set up to aid. Peace Corp or Canadian Executive Service Overseas. Every person living in the wealthy west should give of himself to help his brothers in how about catching the bus or riding a bicycle instead of taking that gas guzzlini how about digginj up that beautiful useless lawi in the back yard and a vegetable or givinj up smoking and drinking am sending the money to someom who really needs it. Send a letter to members Parliament or to Mitchel Sharp pushing for mort foreign and asking thai the minimum wage law ir Canada hold for company based in Canada regardless of which country they have holdings in. would mean that a Canadian owned company working ir foreign countries would have to pay all employees tht minimum wage of Canada. These changes are going tc involve a major change in tht lifestyle of the rich nations but it will be necessary if thu world is going to function any level in future years. must tighten our belts 01 world economic and socia disaster will be just arounc the corner it's staring us in the face. ANONYMOUS Lethbridge Monarchy is tragedy The purpose of my feature on monarchy in the British Isles was to show the absurdity of such an institution. The Scots and Welsh all have claims to but the Germans have possession. Nemo Nusquam wrongly believes Harold II and William the Conqueror were Englishmen. This is not true. Harold was a Saxon while William was a Frenchman. When those Frenchmen were finished to those Saxons in the llth and 12th the hybrid nation which resulted became known as the English. All the Georges were either Hanovers or Saxe-Coburgs. and thereby German. That is a long line of German kings on English and Celtic soil. My article said the name change occurred the Second World not absolutely but rather inaccurate. But to retrace my steps this ruling family changed names. The Saxe-Coburg became Windsor and the family name which was the German became the English A wholesale name switching then took place amongst the so-called nobles. It is a pity the whole matttr is not some sort of absurdity. or comedy. from all in all has been a great tragedy. This man has been built on peasant blood and peasant bodies. Billions have been poured into death'to keep so called royal families on thrones. The British monarchy is no exception. Even Scots and Welsh are beinj destroyed because of it Millions have died through thi too. share in this monarchy figurehead or It is ridiculous to tell Americans get or tell Japanese businessmen to go home while we fear to cut the umbilical cord with Westminster and Windsor Monarchy in the British Isles is no farce. It is. a very great tragedy. The more I think about the less I lajgh at but Canada will' remain a joke for decades if it- does not junk the monarchy. How can a Russian or any other kind of bow to a British Leihbridge LOUIS BURKE- All the please. The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St. S. Alberta LETHBRIDQE HERALD CO. LTD. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mail Registration No. 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H. PILLING Mintging Editor DONALD R. DORAM General Manager ROY F. MILES Advertising Manager DOUQLAS K. WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E. BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;