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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 24

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 22 THfe LETHBRIDGE MEHALu -rriday, Mtrcn Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr Lamb Would you please describe in your column the symptoms of kidney disease It seems I pass my water more than normal It never really bothered me because I do drink a lot of liquids But lately, every morning as soon as I get up I have to go to the bathroom It feels as if there is a pressure in my stomach Also would I have to go to a specialist or a regular doctor for a checkup for this type of problem I'm 22 years old Dear Reader There are a lot of different types of kidney disease Sometimes the first real indication is high blood pressure If a person has an acute infection of the kidney he may have severe pain in the back over the lower ribs Of course you could have fever and other signs of infection with this problem Then there are low-grade chronic infections that may not produce any noticeable symptoms Kidney stones also are a form of kidney disease and can be silent or cause severe pain in the abdomen, in the back or into the groin Bleeding in the urine is often a sign of kidney disease It can be from the bladder, however It should never be ignored and should be evaluated by a doctor at once Sometimes sudden bleeding in the urine without other problems is an indication of a kidney cancer, so you should never postphone an examination for the cause of blood in the urine Passing urine frequently can be a sign of kidney disease but more often in women it is a sign of inflamation of the bladder, usually a less serious problem It can even be caused by nervousness Increased frequency of urination can mean prostate trouble in men When a large volume of urine is passed regularly it may be simply because of a habit of drinking lots of liquids, or it could be an indication of a problem unrelated to the kidneys A diabetic often eliminates lots of urine, and he will be thirsty causing him to drink lots of water to replace the loss This can occur even though the diabetic s kidneys are still normal You would be wise to see your family doctor first for an evaluation of your symptoms If it is proved to be diabetes, which I doubt, you would not need to see a kidney specialist Your family doctor can tell if you have a problem and if it is complicated enough to warrant having you see a specialist for it Dear Dr. Lamb I am 14 years old, five feet two, and weight 110 pounds My average caloric intake per day is about 1500 to 1800 calories I have seen many charts saying that my caloric intake should be 2200 I know if I ate that much I would be fatter than I am now I am fat now, and 2200 calories is a lot of calories Dear Reader I agree Most charts recommend 2100 to 2400 calories for girls in your age group But, this is just an average figure and is high because you are still in your growing years However, you have to decide how many calories you need on the basis of your own body, not someone else's If you are accumulating fat, then either you are not getting enough physical activity or you are taking in too many calories Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N Y 10019 For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Losing Weight" booklet Fun with figures 'You're good at mental arithmetic said Mary, holding out a sheet of paper "Multiply this number by 129 Steve looked "Come on, there are he protested "I'd have to be a genius The girl shook her head "Not really, Dad You just put at 7 at each end Its the smallest number that works [that way What number was it? (Answer Monday) Yesterday's answer: OUNCE was 10973. POMPIDOU ELL PARIS (Reuter) The Elysee Palace has announced that President Pompidou is ill with an influenza infection, intensifying speculation about his general health and his possible resignation The medical bulletin said the 62- year-old French leader had been confined to his bedroom for "some days" with an influenza infection and fever of between 100 and 102 degrees. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN ifMr Tki Tnkrat Neither vulnerable South deals NORTH 41098 0 Q J It 8 3 4AK4 WEST EAST 4K73 452 VJ1096 VKQ872 OA54 092 4 10 85 Q J 9 7 SOUTH 4AQJC4 0 4C32 Hie bidding- South West North East 1 4 Pass 2 0 Pass 2 4 Pass 3 4 Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Jack of '0 Declarer bypassed a virtu- ally sure bird in hand in favor of bigger things, and came up empty. The auction was straight- forward. North's hand was worth just one move toward game, and since South could have held less and had a fit in partner's suit as additional incentive, he was fully justi- fied in going on to game West led the jack of hearts, and since there was no point to holding up, declarer von the ace. The lure of the spade finesse proved irresistible. Declarer entered dummy with a club to the king, on which East dropped the queen The ten of trumps was run to West's king, and in answer to his partner's signal. West re- turned a club Too late de- clarer realized his predica- had already lost a trump trick, and now would have to lose a trick in each side suit for down one A few moments thought after winning the first trick would have convinced declarer that he could not afford to weaken his club holding for the possi- bility of avoiding a trump loser. Providing he could de- velop the diamond suit in time to discard his club loser. South could afford to concede a trick in trumps and one in each red suit The correct way to tackle the hand after winning the ace of hearts was to play ace and another trump, and the con- tract would have been safe against almost any distribu- tion of the adverse cards As- sume West wins and attacks clubs Declarer takes the king, draws the outstanding trump and drives out the ace of dia- monds Even if West holds up to the third round, declarer can still get to dummy's es- tablished diamonds with the ace of clubs tn fact, the op- ponents must cash their heart tnck to prevent declarer emerging with an overtnck. Your horoscope lyJMMDnon SATURDAY, MARCH 23 Your birthday today: Readjustment this year features all developments, all approaches to daily living You start where you are, with what is at hand, in the spirit of rebuilding Relationships take on a quality of experiment and adventure, provide many memorable moments Material prosperity presents much challenge, high rewards tor diligence, careful strategy Today's natives prefer the bold to the bland, generally have a very good opinion of themselves ARIES (March 21-April If something is worth doing, it meets enough opposition to prove your interest is in the right place Tact and persuasion bring co-operation TAURUS (April 20-May Allowing differences of opinion and delays, regulate your own efforts to avoid haste and resultant fatigue Add something to your resources GEMINI (May 21-June Whatever happens today should be regarded as a learning experience, preliminary to broader personal expressions later Gather loose ends together CANCER (June 21-July Get on with essentials till a late stopping point Distribute you can of the burden and be willing to share the logical results LEO (July 23-Aug. Stick at home or nearby, let others do the rushing around You 11 be proud of your delicacy in dealing with both strangers and old friends VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Pressure from outside eases off Count your blessings, realize how much better off you are as compared with what you might be, offer thanks LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Put personal whims aside See and hear what is wanted, check it for reality, then do what you must to bring the situation into some reasonable balance SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Persistence and patience with slow developments are your lot Much depends on how you protect your pwn from needless provocation, irritation SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec 21) Most of today's stress centers on resources, readily usable reserves Many people seem to feel there isn't enough of anything to go around CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Put your mam effort into actions which fill already set plans How you get along with people makes all the difference for the near future AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Stay out of added obligations If people oppose your ideas, you've been going a bit too fast, haven't given time for developments to come naturally PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) This shouldn't be a difficult Saturday Regular routines may include a little more effort than usual, deserving a restful evening (1974, The Chicago Tribune) Ask Andy REFLECTIONS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Dewan Higgms, age 10, of Grand Island, Nebraska, for his question Why does a spoon reflect upside down? No matter how you look at a shiny spoon it is bound to show very unflattering reflection of your face If you look at the bulging back of a spoon, you see a miniature face, right side up but with bulging nose and sunken cheeks If you gaze inside the curved bowl you see a skinny upside down face, with the chin where the forehead should be Mirrored reflections are full of tricky angles A smooth flat mirror shows a more-or-less true picture, though the sides are reversed Your right ear is where your left ear should be A curved mirror has even more tricks and if it happens to curve inward, it stands you on your head The inside of a shiny spoon is a curved mirror of this sort which is why it shows you an upside down reflection Reflections are caused by invisible rays of light, which travel in straight lines. Normally they carry pictures of the scenery to our eyes But when they strike a mirrored surface they bounce back and turn around This is why you can see your reflection in an ordinary flat mirror Rays of light carry an image of your face to the shiny glass surface and bounce straight back with a reflection. All sharp turns are angles, or corners And angles are the secrets behind all reflections. Basically there are two kinds The angle of incidence is the angle at which light rays strike an object while the angle of reflection is the turn they take when they bounce back And the angle of incidence always equals the angle of reflection This is the secret that twists reflections out of shape The inside of a spoon is a concave mirror, scooped out like a smooth, shiny little cave Naturally the rays of light run into some very trucky problems when they strike those curved concave sides They cannot simply strike the surface and reflect straight back, as they do from an ordinary flat mirror Actually, the light rays are forced to strike the sloping sides at sloping angles And remember, these angles of incidence must equal the angles of reflection This means that the reflected rays are turned around at sloping angles that came from your chin are angled upward Those that came from your forehead are angled downward All this magical turn-about is invisible The reflected rays from the spoon are sloped and angled towards each other They meet at a certain point above the shiny surface, but still inside the bowl of the spoon At this invisible point the lines cross over and keep on going This is where the reflections from the top change places with those at the bottom When the picture reaches your eyes, the reflection is upside down Reflections are hard to understand because we cannot see rays of light We see only the pictures they bring to our eyes When they strike a shiny surface, they bounce back at invisible angles And the concave bowl of a spoon makes the reflected rays slope and cross over. Those from the forehead switch places with those from the chin and the reflected face is upside down Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS March 22, 1974 The Canadian schooner and smuggling vessel I'm Alone was sunk by the United States Coast Guard in international waters 45 years ago today in after a 36-hour chase from Louisiana One of the H crew members drowned and a bitter legal battle ensued which ended in 1935 when judges from the U S and Canadian supreme courts awarded Canada damages and an official apology. 1946 The United Kingdom recognized Jordan 1945 The Arab League was established in Cairo 1939 Germany annexed Memei 1848 The Venetian Republic was restored 1832 German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe died I PONT KNOU HOU WE'LL EXPLAIN SCHOOL TOPAV, Birr I'LL THINK f OF SOMETHING J0EA6LE? 3-lt- HAP A BUT THAT UJODLP 8E PROBLEMS! THAT'S TELL THEM HAP SOME (WCHOLOSICAL 7 SHORT RIBS I CAN HEAR HI AND LOIS I WONDER IF I'LL EVER HAVE A OP HAIR LIKE BUGS BUNNY THE CACOPHONY OF MY ACCORCXON SHOULD INDUCE BUGS TO INVITE ME IN FOR A FREE MEAL. AT ANY MOMENT: 3 25. HERE HE COMES 3-2.2. YA MUST BE BETTER... VER PLAYIN' POESN'T BOTHER ME LIKE IT TO' WHAT'S TME TROUBLE i SLEEP WELL. LAST NIGHT THAT'S A SHAME GO IMTO THE STOREROOM AND TAKE A FIFTEEN- MINUTE NAP HOWEVER I'LL TAKE THIS CLOCK ALONG TO MAKE SURE ITS JUST FIFTEEN MINUTES THIS ISN'T THE MOST RELAXING MOW sir BAKED SOAAE COOKIES FOR THIS POOR. YOUNG MAN. I DIDN'T REALIZE. CONDITIONS -----so HAS TO I IN LIVE IN A I WINTER? UTTLE TENT> ACROSS FROM MY ON THEA TELEPHONE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE WMAT Wrol IT BEETLE M1EY DID you eer Tl4E PICTURE HUN6? YEArt.' HE DIDNT EVEN NOTICE. ME THOUGHT J. JU5T CLEANING OFFICE TEACKt NOT TO AAV ;