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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - March 14, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta Infc Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb A woman told you she had been taking male hormones for 12 years and wanted to know the symptoms from taking them. Why didn't you tell her? Don't you know' Perhaps a doctor looks at it from the outside and from what they have been taught in the books. We are here on earth to have joy, to give love to one another, to have peace in the home, and to have a happy family life. Is it worth living, or preserving life if we are not a real woman or a real man? The symptoms are as follows: She becomes mean in -speaking, cannot read or play music because she cannot concentrate She prefers to be alone because everyone else is wrong but her. She cannot receive joy or sorrow because she doesn't care. She fights with her husband and children because she has lost her mother love I have had too much male hormone so my doctor had to give me too much female hormones and I was afraid that he would give me male hormone again. I would rather have too much female hormones than be taking male hormones because I realize what it did to my husband and children and myself. I'm a temale nurse. Dear Reader If you are a nurse you should realize that doctors often have to make a decision on what is best under the circumstances. The woman you are talking about wrote in because she was told she was being treated for cancer I would not be able to know what her exact condition was without access to her total medical record but I would not be so foolish as to recommend stopping a medicine that might be her only means of survival. I'm afraid you have exaggerated the effects of male hormone. Both sexes naturally have both male and temale hormones. It is the balance that makes the difference Male hormones simply accentuate masculine characteristics, which often include an increase in aggressiveness. Not everyone has the same personality reactions that you describe. Some do It is something like there being mean men and some not so mean but usually it is more than hormones that makes this difference, it's what inside the brain. Dear Dr. Lamb Is enlargement of the spleen always a result of leukemia? I would also like to know if anemia is a result of leukemia. Dear Reader The spleen is a small organ behind the stomach and just under the diaphragm on the left side. It is a sort of specialized lymph gland. It can be moderately enlarged in many conditions. It is enlarged in malaria, many infectious diseases, and sometimes for unknown reasons. It is also enlarged in some forms of leukemia It can be enlarged in a form of hereditary anemia, which is not leukemia also. The doctor determines the meaning of a large spleen on the basis of additional findings. An anemia is often part of the findings of a leukemia, but, of course, anemia can also be caused from many others things. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on the menopause, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Menopause" booklet. Alberta to help artists EDMONTON (CP) The Alberta government has moved to help struggling artists by introducing legislation that would allow the province to guarantee up to million in loans to artists The legislation, amendments to the Art Foundation Act, would guarantee loans for all types of artists, including painters, musicians and writers, said Ron Ghitter (PC Calgary Mr. Ghitter said outside the House that the cabinet would later set down the conditions that must be met to receive loan guarantees. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN 6 TIM CMcMt Tffknt Both vulnerable. Sooth deals. NORTH 4 AQ73 V AK6 0 AJ A U 8 5 WEST EAST 1084 094 0 Q7C2 SOUTH 4 KJ5 V QJ2 0 KQ7 KJ94 The bidding: South West North East 1 NT Pass 7 NT Past Pass Pass Opening lead: Nine of P. Hal Sims, a bridge im- mortal, claimed that he nev- er misguessed the location of a queen. As a joke, seme friends once stacked a deck against him which contained two queens of spades, and the fate of the hand depend- ed on successfully finessing for the lady. After playing a few tricks, Sims glared sus- piciously at his opponents and barked: "I think both of you guys have the No competent player should misguess the queen of clubs on today's hand. South became declarer at a contract of seven no trump by a simple process of arith- added his 22 points to Sooth's announced 16 minimum and leaped an the way to the grand slam. A grand slam that depends on a finesse is hardly ideal, bat no bidding system could determine that the jacks of hearts and diamonds were wasted cards. The moment dummy came down, declarer realized that he would need the club fi- nesse for his contract. Also, he could play either defend- er for the missing queen. In this type of situation, it is a sound principle to delay the crucial decision as long as possible, to learn as much about the you can. Declarer started by cash- ing three rounds of hearts, both defenders following. Next came four rounds of spades, and again both de- fenders followed to the first three and discarded on the fourth as South shifted a club. Finally, declarer took his three diamond tricks, and when West snowed out on the third diamond the contract became iron-clad. East was now marked with six diamonds, and he had already shown up with three spades and three hearts. Since there is room for no more than 13 cards in a bridge hand. East could not possibly have more than one club. Therefore, declarer cashed the ace of clubs, and when the queen failed to drop, he finessed West for the queen, knowing with cer- tainty that tas play had to win. Your horoscope lyJeaneDixon FRIDAY, MARCH 15 Your birthday today: Is the beginning of a campaign to improve the quality of your daily living Relationships are subject to wide fluctuation and cannot be taken for granted now. Experi- mentation in work methods or perhaps experience in learning new ways leads you to re-evaluate your career goals, change directions. Today's natives generally are smooth talkers, acutely aware of the ways of the world. Laziness is their most frequent temptation. ARIES (March 21-April An avalanche of energy, demands for results, but there's little available opportunity or elbow room for getting much done. Studious friends are helpful. TAURUS (April 20-May Depend on your own judg- ment, most of your friends are off on a tangent. Short cuts applied to your work pay off readily, and you learn valued skills. GEMINI (May 21-June There's no delegation of either authority or responsibility open to you now you do it yourself, in healthy self- interest. Check your facts and figures as you go. CANCER (June 21-July Decide what is reasonable to undertake as you have only a limited amount of energy to scatter. Thinking things thru will save on both material resources and intangibles. LEO (July 23 Aug. Postpone serious financial maneuvers, concentrate on enjoying life as it is. Time at your favorite hobbies and pastimes is time well spent today. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. You again meet up with stress. All you need is an earnest interest in something a little aside from what has been your deeply ingrained set of habits. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Travel requires close timing, regulation of speed, greater caution than usual. Nobody seems quite as congenial as you'd like you're a bit cool, too SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. A time for sitting tight, avoiding needless risks. Meanwhile, there is much that can be done in self- improvement, plotting of future enterprises. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Your personal program turns out a little more complex than can be easily achieved. Widen communication, seek expert advice on puzzling situations. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. A philosophic approach works best, as it removes you far enough to give perspective. You have something extra to consider in your planning, so be alert. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. As personal contacts encounter crosscurrents and obstacles, settle down to mental pursuits, budgets, correspondence. Shy away from financial ventures of friends. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Your resources increase, largely by your own productive efforts Collective facilities are helpful, but individuals less so than ordinarily expected. 1974, The Chicago'Tribune Ask Andy BUBBLES Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Mark Bryant, age 10, of Rogers, Arkansas, for his question What causes soft drinks to fizz? They made the first soft drinks about 200 years ago. They made them with soda type chemicals and when the bottles were opened they went off with a loud pop. Nowadays, we do not use soda to make our soft drinks And when you open a bottle for a refreshing drink, the fizz behaves itself. But for old times sake, we still call it soda pop. The first fizz water was made by the earth. Sometimes rainwater is trapped below ground in rocks that are still hot from ancient volcanos. The hot water dissolves soda type chemicals from the rocks So long as it stays below, under the pressure of heavy rocks, the dissolved minerals remain invisible. But when this mineral water escapes to the surface, the pressure is released- Its dissolved chemicals become bubbles of gas and we get a bubbling spring. Some of these mineral springs are thought to be good for what ails you and people travel for miles to drink the bubbly water. Around 1772. the English scientist John Priestly set about copying nature's soda pop- He used nature's own recipe, more or less, and dissolved soda type chemicals under pressure. Nowadays, instead of soda we dissolve carbon dioxide gas. The separate molecules of gas disappear when they are forced into the water under several hundred pounds of pressure. So long as the bottle is sealed with an air-tight cap. the gaseous molecules stay dissolved in the mixture. But great changes occur when we take the cap off the bottle, or open a can of soft drink. The pressure is removed. There is nothing to keep the carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the liquid- And it wastes no time in escaping. The gaseous molecules gaUieY in bubbles and the bubbles fizz up to the surface. From there they rise higher and the carbon dioxide mingles with the other gases of the air. It is still possible to make soda pop by compressing soda into soft drinks. But carbon dioxide gas happens to be more convenient and also less likely to be harmful. True, it does us no good, but in small quantities it does us no serious harm. The bubbles of carbon dioxide in soft drinks disappear right after they tingle your tongue. Carbon dioxide also works to make our bread tasty and digestible. They are created by yeast cells that form alcohol and bubbles of carbon dioxide. In the hot oven, the alcohol disappears. And the gassy bubbles leave light spongy holes in the bread. When your grandparents were children, a soft drink was a rare treat. Nowadays, we are told that too many soda pops tend to cause tooth decay, especially when the soft drinks contain a lot of sickly sweet sugar. Maybe grandma's mother had the right idea and soft drinks should be saved for special treats. asked by child- ren of Herald readers should bo mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Hunttngton Beach, California 92t4t. (Copyright Chronicle PuMisMno Co. 1973) Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER MOUSE MOUSE SUSIE CRIES He's probably far more scared! Each letter stands for a different digit. What do you make of the CRIES? (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: Room 33 feet by 21 feet Mr. Hunter answers all letters: ideas welcomed. DECENT FOLKS SS BOTHERED LEAST, AKMOCKEP ONCOMSHO5 J -WHICH ENNOBLES BOW SMASHER AMD SMASMEE.T KONG FU.r.r THAT StfSTEM ACCOMPAN3EE> SEAUTJFUt; THOUGHTS-'? SIR, PLEASE COME CWN, AND LET'S 60 TO SCHOOL. IF WE CAN MAKE IT TO S6CONP PEKlOP... I HATE BESIDES, I'VE ALREADY TOLD HW I'M 60INS TO SIT HERE WITH SNOOPY F0K THE REST OF Mf LIFE! 60IN6T0SITHEKE ......_EP EACH OTHER ON THE JI AMP PEE SHORT MBS oy ffrnk o'neal PONT JUST STANP'v -THEee.Mmie HMD LOIS by dik browne WE SAW A NEAT FILM ABOUT ART fix WHAT ARE U DOING? IT MAPE IMPRESSION A NEW STYLE. .I'M PAINTING WITH TRUCtf BUGS BUNNY I'D LIKE TO HAVE TAKE MY PICTURE WITH MONTMORENCV! X WANT TO ENTER IT IN A PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTEST OFFECIN6 PRIZES FOR UNUSUAL PICTURES; LEMAAE KNOW WHEN YA WANT ME T SNAP IT! BLONME by chic young DA6WOOD, I WANT N. YOUR OPINION ON THEJ_ REAPING I'VE CHOSEN FOR MY POETRY CLUB GREAT IT IS TO BELIEVE THE DREAM WHEN WE STAND IN YOUTH BY THE STARRY STREAM; BUT A GREATER THINS J IS TO FISHT LIFE TMRU AMP TO SAY AT THE ENP, THE PREAM WAS TRUE v- IP BETTER GET ONE MORE BEFORE I PECIDE ARCHIE by hob montana HOW BIG UNTIL DO VE I YOU CAN BLOW IT SEE EVERY- THING YOU WANT TO BUT M VILLAGE SHOULD BE YOOST ABOVE STOCKHOLM 06R VORLD IS IN THIS IS ONE OF If SHAPE THOSE DEN I BA. LOONS "J AlhBMbAaaMA Drownc YoU PONT TO WATCH MY KETUIMLEY YOUR IPOL HAS PEEN PESEOWTtW AAAASHJJ ;