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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 20 -THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Friday, June 21, 1974 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Energy cnsix in no tliori- seems to be no shortage among us folks' We go on having gas" trouble for lack of a reliable way to prevent or get quick relief Your views on the subject would be welcome 1. nivself. have suffered Irom what has been diagnosed us spastic colon. A bland, low- roughage diet and anti- spasmodic medications have been the main control with less than satisfactory results. There is a side effect that I have not been able to impress rny doctor sufficiently with. The gas attacks occur usually at night, the pressure increases and it has a marked effect on the heart. The pulse rate, normally around 64. becomes highly erratic and speeds up to 90 to 120 while at the same time a completely debilitating weakness overtakes me. Urination, ordinarily once a night or none, becomes very urgent and a total of two quarts may be voided during the next tew hours. The walk to the bathroom becomes a herculean task and leaves me weak and faint. What can we oldsters do to prevent gas attacks, and what can be done for reasonably prompt relief? Dear Reader This is a common complaint and it can cause a severe discomfort, as you know I suspect your heart irregularities are indeed caused by the gas. You are describing an impending faint. These can be induced by pain from any source. In this instance your pain is caused distention and spasm in your colon Anyone who has excessive gas problems should have a good medical examination. The examination may pinpoint the basic underlying medical problem as it has in your case with your problem of spastic colon. The anti-spasmodics you are taking are important in severe cases. Not all doctors would agree with your diet, however In more recent years the tendency has been to give people with spastic colon problems a diet containing lots of roughage. The colon is a muscular tube. It has to have enough bulk to contract apainst to have normal, i hythmic contractions without cramps or spasms. Specifically, the diet should include cereal fiber. You get this from real whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals Use plenty of leafy- vegetables and salads. To help control the gas problem one should eliminate coffee in all its forms, including all the decaffeinated products The flavor oils alone are irritating to the colon. Tea and colas should also be eliminated. Eliminate alcohol, at least until the gas and colon problems are completely under control. Many people who have gaseous problems and difficulties, often labeled as spastic colon, really cannot tolerate the lactose milk sugar in milk and milk products The test here would be to eliminate all milk and milk products from your diet for some time. That includes cheese and buttermilk Ot course, you are probably already eliminating your seasoning, but it's important to eliminate all the spicy seasonings including garlic, from the diet to avoid gas. Most people will learn that there are certain foods that are particularly gas-formers lor them This often includes onions, cabbage and beans. Such an individual should avoid all sweet, starchy foods that are made with white flour That includes elimination of pie. cake, sweet rolls, puddings and similar products. For more information about spastic colon write to me, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551. Radio City Station, New York. N Y. 10019 and ask tor the booklet on spastic colon. Send 50 cents to cover costs. If a spastic colon is the problem, then a good bowel program, which should mean having a fairly substantial breakfast with lots of fluids and a regular bowel habit each morning, should be initiated Laxatives obviously should be avoided. Often on such a program the spastic colon problem will disappear and this, in turn, will alleviate the gas problem. Dr. Lamb welcomes questions from his readers, but because of the volume of mail he cannot answer personally. Questions of general interest "will be discussed in future columns. Write to Dr. Lamb in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN c 1974, The Cliicago Tribune North- South vulnerable. North deals. NORTH AK32 A 10 5 3 K J2 1054 WEST EAST AQJ109 A 8 7 6 3 6 7872 10 8 7 3 r. Q 6 4 A Q .HI S 4632 SOUTH A A 4 KQJ94 A95 AK7 The bidding: North West South East Pass Pass 1 Pass 3 Pass 4 NT Pass 5 Pass 6 1 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Queen of A Spot cards are awarded no value in the point count, yet they can be crucial in the play of the hand. One pip on a spot card spelled the dif- ference between victory and defeat for South in his six heart contract. Altho North was a passed hand, as soon as SDuth heard a double raise from his part- ner, he was determined to go to slam Why he checked on aces is something of a mys- tery, for the slam could be nearly ironciad if North was aceless. for that would place him with the two missing kings and at ieast two queens. or a strong, trick-producing side suit Since North was perfectly balanced, the slam depended on declarer losing no tricks in the diamond suit. This appeared to depend on a finesse, but declarer found a way to improve his chances considerably The key to the hand was the nine of diamonds. This potent card gave declarer a second chance to make the contract by means of a strip and endplay. In effect, it im- proved the odds from 50% the diamond finesse to a possibility. To prepare the ground, de- clarer won the first trick with the ace of spades, -drew trumps in three rounds and eliminated spades by cashing the king and ruffing dummy's remaining spade. With the preliminaries completed, de- clarer cashed the ace and king of clubs, and then exited with a club. Had East been forced to win this trick, declarer could have claimed the contract then and there, for that de- fender would either have had to concede a ruff-and-sJuff or lead a diamond into the jaws of dummy's king-jack. How- ever, West won the trick. He was farced to return a dia- mond, since a black card would allow declarer to ruff in one hand and discard a diamond from the other, and now the nine of diamonds came into play. By allowing the diamond return to run to his hand, declarer, in eJfect, had an extra the ten of diamonds. Had East produced the ten. declarer would have wan and finessed West for the queen. As the cards lay, however. East was forced to play the queen, and declarer was home free. Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon SATURDAY, JUNE 22 Your birthday today: Symbolically speaking, it's time for "inventory." When that is thought out and clarified then you can use what you have for a prosperous year of upbeat activity, converting potentials to ready cash. Relationships brighten even the dullest routine. Today's natives tend to adopt a permanently serious demeanor no matter what they are beneath the surface. ARIES (March 21-April Maintaining your calm may be difficult under the emotional stimulus of the day. Be as tactful as you can despite the excitement. There's joy to be shared. TAURUS (April 20-May Intense expressions characterize the day, as likely positive as any other way, according to your approach. Values escalate readily for almost any sort of possession. GEMINI (May 21-June To live each moment as it happens takes care of nearly all common problems. In the rush of days such as this, tempers flare over petty misunderstandings. Take it easy! CANCER (June 21-July Straighten out loose odds and ends. Whatever belongings have lost their use should be cleared out sent to your favorite charity if nothing better can be done with them. LEO (July 23-Aug. Overconfidence. haste are the main factors to keep within bounds. Enjoy the full flavor of this glamorous, complex day Evening brings good news. fun. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Influential people are helptul, but only indirectly. Be discreet, leave the way clear for them. Impulse late in the day brings you into an unaccustomed situation. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Now it's a matter of finding a common meeting point, at which the interests of all concerned agree. Your friends are temperamental, complicating your dealings. Patience! SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Outward expression of creative talents comes to full bloom. Bring selected company, make at least a symbolic journey of an intricately patterned weekend. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Accept others as they are, grant them the right to err, hope they can do the same for you. Welcome new friends. Special conditions require temporary close co- operation. CAPRICORN (bee. 22-Jan. Group of partnership ventures prosper with even minimum effort. The quest {or the unknown succeeds, generating more challenge than ever. Celebrate tonight on general principles. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. A new gadget intrigues you. or an errand brings you into an unexpected confrontation. Take the trouble to be sure of directions beforehand if you travel. PISCES (Feb. 19-March The drift today is toward added responsibility for you and those associated with you. An intuitive approach brings better results than charging ahead without thinking. 1974, The Chicago Tribune Ask Andy ALBATROSS Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Cynthia Pe Benito. age 10, of Portland, Maine, for her question: Can you tell me about the albatross? His slender white wings spread 12 feet wide, so naturally we cannot crowd them onto a page. Nor do we have room to print all the facts about the great albatross. Besides, some of these reports are fanciful sailors' yarns. So let's be fair and give some of the true facts along with at least one of the fanciful albatross tales. The famous wandering albatross has a dozen somewhat smaller cousins. All of them spend the greater part of their lives soaring like super sized seagulls over the great oceans. They belong to the sea and when the nesting season is over, they often do not visit the land again until next year's nesting season. Four of the cousins have nesting headquarters along rocky shores around the northern Pacific Ocean. The other nine belong to the southern oceans and nest on the rocky cliffs around the Antarctic. Their basic color scheme is white, lily white, with touches of brown or black. All of them have very long, strong beaks, slightly curved at the tips. The smaller cousins include the yellow nosed albatross and the black browed albatross, the black footed albatross and the brown footed albatross. But without a doubt, the most outstanding member of the clan is the famous wandering albatross whose wingspread is the widest in the entire bird world. His body is about the same size as that of a white goose. But when he soars aloft above the sea. his slender wings measure at least 12 feet from lip to tip. He belongs 1o the Southern Hemphere. When summer comes to the Antarctic, the males and females gather together from their lonely wanderings over the sea. They perform elaborate courtship dances and the birds that are seven years or older pair off for the nesting season. The parents build a cup shaped nest of muddy materials and the female fills it with one big egg. Both parents take turns at keeping the egg warm through 81 long patient days. The one and only chick is a bundle of fluffy white, accented with a shiny- black beak. For a long time the patient parents feed their only child on partly digested fish food. But chances are he is too young to fly away when the summer ends. So the parents continue to tend him through the long cold winter night of the polar region. Come spring, the family separates and each member soars away on his or her lonely wandering. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Fun with figures "I've made another teaser with Kaiolan measurements." said Joe. "There's a perfectly square box close up to the wall, and a ladder against the wall just touching one edge of the box." Don nodded. "An old idea." he declared. "How far is the foot of the ladder from the wall, and how high up the wall is its "That's for you to get." replied Joe. "The ladder is 221 kelis long, and the edges of the box under it are 60 kells." You try! Thanks for an idea to J, Mounie. Dublin, Eire, i Answer Mondavi Yesterday's answer: MOON was 4227 III ABNER VO TUP.MED HUH, MORONIC HAFTA SPREAD MAHSELF. POLKS NEED FOLKS LIKE MAKE XEM SMART GCO JUST A WOMEMT o'VORE HAS MADE US ALL FEEL LIKE GEMIUSES.V O LIVE ON -SO DID PPUNCETOW IF I WERE A MOCKED A CCACH, COULPHIT cJ A V SHORT MBS NOT ALL OF HI AND LOIS _ NOT USING HER I WHV DO YOU SAY V THAT, DITTO? J I THINK MOM'S MAD AT YOU, DAD PARTY ANYMORE BUGS BUNNY 5 VOOSE HEAD _OO< GWEAT MY LIVISC- _ ON V GET THAT THING OUT O' TH' I CAN'T SEE T WHAT'LL l DO.-' ITS TOO BIG TO FIT 'N THE TVVUNK _fe2i BLONDIE CANJ IS THE WAV DO THAT'? ARCHIE SIR YOU'LU I MEANT NOW PUT THAT DOWN WHEN I ASKED IF I COULD USE SOME STOCK.--. YOU SAIDI HERE, YOU CAN'T USE THAT EXPEN- SIVE PIECE OF SOLID HAGAR THE HORRIBLE MY MB YoiJ'ISB A JU5T WHAT PO YOU BEETLE BWLEY YOUR DE5K WOULD INSPECTION, CLEAN IT UP TUMBLEWEQS WHY PIP HAMH0CKER HAVE TO PICK FOR ANP TKYlt) FORCE TO MARRY A WORP OF ATHY SUFFICE' ;