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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 17, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta Monday, June 17, 1974 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD-5 Ask Andy FISHY FOOD Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Eva Miller, age 11, of Englewood, Florida, for her question: What does a jellyfish eat? The numerous different jellyfishes range in size from thimbles to big patio umbrellas. Some of the little ones live in fresh water. But most species drift through the salty, sunlit seas. All of them are hunting for food and most of them feed on meaty seafood. A few feed on plankton, a mixed diet of mini plants and animals. And all the jellyfish are armed with stingers to stun their pray. So let's beware. The average jellyfish looks somewhat like a pretty plastic umbrella, dangling ribbons of trailing tentacles. Usually his glassy dome, or cup, is tinted with flowery shades of blue and pink and purple and often topped with a dark stenciled design. The colorful creature pulses along through his blue- green watery world by opening and closing his umbrella. He opens to capture a scoop of water and closes to jet it out behind him and the force of his little jet stream pushes him forward. He may be one animal or a colony of small polyp creatures, sharing one same umbrella. In any case, those dangling tentacles are trawling for food. The preferred diet includes shrimps, smallish fishes and a wide assortment of sea worms. Victims trapped in the tentacle net are paralyzed by nasty little stingers. The mouth of the average jellyfish dangles down on a tube, which may be quite short or quite long. The food is transferred to the digestive system, which is located on the underside of the cup and a system of small channels distributes the nutrients throughout the entire body. This system is helped along by armies of small hairs that wave streams of water in and out. i The remarkable body is a model of simplicity. It is enfolded in a roundish bag, which is made of a sort of jelly sandwich. Actually the outer covering is made from two layers of living cells and between them is a thick layer of jellified substance, which is why the jellyfish seems to be made of jelly. He has a few simple nerves and several simplified sense organs. But he has no teeth and no other method to chew his food. All his nourishment must be served in liquid form. Some of the multiple jellyfish do this with special tentacles that end in dangling lips. When a smallish fish is trapped below, these mobile lips surround him on every side. First they pour in digestive juices and dissolve the solid fish food. Then the liquid formula is sucked up into the jellyfish's body. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) FIRST STEP UPWARD Mountaineers from through- out the world have climbed the St. Elias mountains in the Yukon as a stepping stone to the Himalayas. Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon Goren on Bridge TUESDAY, JUNE 18 Your birthday today: Brings you into a higher stage of personal development, a time to relinquish everything that complicates your daily living. Material and spiritual progress are promised this year. Relations are quite selective or else sort themselves out. Today's natives are fond of antiques, traditions, skilled at exerting leadership but often subject to changeable fortunes. ARIES (March 21 April Test your plans for practicality. What seems worthwhile at first may have some strings attached to it. Relatives are unpredictable, best left to make their own choices. TAURUS (April 20 May Follow yesterday's patterns, no major commitments yet. Friends are helpful but aren't alert to subtle changes. Break up this long day into several phases. GEMINI (May 21 June Do your own thinking today. Grant others the right to be tempermental and complicated. Consolidate your own current progress meanwhile. CANCER (June 21 July Concentrate on the things best done alone, sort things out as you proceed. Ideas for future use are numerous, none of them immediately applicable. Make reference notes. LEO (July 23 Aug. Keep in touch with your friends, but stay out of their schemes. Life in general now takes on a tentative quality, as if some contingency may arrive momentarily. Pray for serenity. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Extra work brings proportional rewards. Whatever your plans are, it is likely somebody objects and you learn from coping with the situation. Younger people need attention LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Any opportunity to meet new peopie should be explored. Self-improvement disciplines prove rewarding. Stick with previously agreed schedules to avert confusing situations. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Useful knowledge has to be accurate and confirmed. Pay attention to your sources of information. A flurry of activity develops in group enterprises. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Co-operation is a rare luxury for the moment; be sure you aren't the one who refuses it. People and news from distant places hold exceptional interest; stay in touch. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. With so much to do, you can't afford to wast time bickering. Come to terms quickly and get on with the production. The odd chance pays off in almost any sporting pastime. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Imaginative work results in much lively experience, no material gain. Associates are helpful but introduce unexpected changes you must take into account very soon. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Home and family affairs distract you from work or career. Creative effort brings especially high dividends if diligently pursued. Evening should be a change. 1974, The Chicago Tribune BY CHARLKS II. GOKEN c Tkt ChictfO Tribune BKIIKiK QUIZ ANSWKRS Q. 1 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: OAQJ7 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East I c? Pass 1 Pass I 0 Pass 2 4k Pass What do you bid now? A. You have morr values than your bidding to this point has disclosed and. since partner has refold his suit freely, you have adequate support One more try is recommended, and a raisr to three spades is the logical move. Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: 4A.I98 TK72 0764 What is your opening bid? are just a shade too weak for one no trump, and it might prove convenient to open the bidding with one club. Your spade suit is biddable, but that micht lead to an au.-ku.-ard re bidding problem. Q. 3_Hoth vulnerable, as South you hold: 4743 .1 A.I 9 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 4k Pass 2 Pass 2 -v Pass What do .you bid now? A. The auction has developed inconveniently, and you are now faced with a choice of evils You ate too Rood for a mere prefer- ence lo two spades, and should have belter trumps for a jump three spades Wr suRRest a tem- poriiinc bid of three diamonds. If partner proceeds to three trump, you can relax. Over any other bid. you intend raisinc spades Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: 7 The bidding has proceeded: North East South 1 J Ohlr. 3 What do you bid? A Thrrr spades Hon't Irt the- biddinc stop you from maViTJC ymir naliiral bid You have J jnclt) fair iiand njipnsilr a paiinrT who .1 valu- able takeout double, and you cmild easily have a came Kasfs action was prcenTtivc. and does rot show any creal Mrri'Cth let the quality "f vm" M> a r s should have a holdinc in Jhe other major doubles a iTia-jftr for Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: AQIflG A103G5 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West I 4t 2 Pass Pass Dble. Pass What do you bid? A.-Three spades. An effort should be made to reach Rume, for partner has shown a fair hand with his reopening dotihle. A mere two spades or a bid of three diamonds might sound forced to partner, who. may be reluctant to take further action. The jump to three spades cannot show any crt-at strength, since you didn't bid two spades at your first turn. Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: AQID5 QJ9876 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 C Pass 1 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 r? Pass 3 NT Pass What do you bid now? A. Hearts it must be with this hand, and you must therefore con- tinue on to four hearts. This not show additional values, for each time you have bid your suit you have done so at !he minimum level Your hand could he a ma- jor disappointment to your part- ner if you allow him to play- three no trump, but in hearts, your six-card suit will produce lot of tricks Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: TAQ5 OAK92 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West I Pass 3 C Pass 3 Pass What do you bid now? A.- -We can assume that our ma- jor suits arc solid, so our primary concern is with the number of aces and kinns partner holds. We would, therefore, bid four no trump IIHackwoodl. and if part- ner shows two aces and a kinl. we would proceed to a grand slam in spades. Partner has shown nine cards in the major and his biddinc has improved our holding. Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: 4A7 KS K9843 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 1 2 2 3 4k Pass 3 NT Pass 4 Pass What dn you bid now? A. Tho you had a w.ind raiie 1o start wilh. the suhsequenl hiddini; has snecc-icd Uial ymir are of micht be a wasted vjilur. for i1 seems to oppo- Mir juiilwtS void Therefore, we irvdTnTnrnd mere raise to five However, take fuH marks jf you cJecUrd cue-bid four Miades partner can sicn off an if he is not IhrilJed mill your ace. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I am a 16- year-old girl, black and I need help. I have several problems. so I'll put them all together and maybe you can make something of it. I'm five feet one and only weigh 84 pounds. But. the big problem is I'm always tired. I mean if I just sweep one room I'm out of breath. If I ride my bike to the corner my heart's pounding hard. If I bend over to pick up something I get dizzy and have to sit down befoVe I fall down. My hair has been breaking off until I'm afraid to comb it. And. I tremble a lot. I can't control it. My periods occur every 20 days and are light. Next, I get too hot. you know, like it's summer all the time. I just burn up. especially at night. Other times I'm weak and when these two problems join together then I am grouchy. Yelling doesn't go with nine other people in the house yelling at each other. I don't eat as I should. I only eat once a day. dinner. Breakfast makes me sick during the day and supper makes me sick during the night. Please do the best you can in helping me solve these problems, because I'm tired of hearing my mother say it's only laziness. Dear Reader You have given me several symptoms, but a doctor will need more information from examination and tests to be sure what your problem is. It is possible that you have an overactive thyroid which could do all the things you describe, including the feeling of being hot. nervous, tired, hair problems and even changes in your menstruation pattern. In severe cases it can cause you to be sick to your stomach and have trouble eating. An overactive thyroid can also cause your heart to beat (oo fast. or to pound. Exercise loieranco can bo greatly decreased. will also keep vou from gaining weight even if you eal normally or sometimes more than is needed. LOOK, CHARLIE 6ROUN... I CA05HT YOUR SHOE'. I THAT'S A 60OP PiTCH AW SHOE IN5T6APJ THE OL' OF TKE BALL KNUCKLE SHORT MBS WELL AT LEAST WE CAN HI AND LOIS I'M SURE SORRV YOU ._- I CHIP WE'D PICK! HIM UP WE'LL NEVER DRAG HIM AWAY FROM THAT BUGS BUNNY BUT IF VOLJ CAME HOME SAIP IF VOU CAME HOME i BUT WHOS 3MOMDA "LOOP? BEFORE TWO, TO CALL BLONDIE There are a lot of problems that can cause fatigue and weakness- Many of these, though, do not cause the feeling of being hot all the time. I must also tell you that anxiety and nervousness can cause similar symptoms, including feeling hot. The only way to start separating the two is by a medical examination" The doctor may even be able to have a pretty- good idea of your problem with a physical examination. I would certainly like to encourage you to see a doctor, because your story has too many features suggestive of an overactive thyroid gland to neglect this possibility. Dear Dr. Lamb One nutritionist said that magnesium and fluoride help to prevent hard arteries and clogged arteries. Is this correct? Dear Reader Unfortunately not. The problem is much more complicated than this simplistic idea. This is just another example of the large amount of nutritional misinformation being pumped out to the public without any- effective quality control for the consumer of such literature. HARD HATS ONLY ON ELEVATOR WOR.K.IN1 ON THESE TALL BUILDIN'S IS KIND O' RISKY BOT TH' PAY 15 DO YOU THINK WELL GET j FiR-ED WHEN THE 6OSS FINDS OUT ABOUT OUR FEAR OF HEIGHTS ARCHIE MY DOG HAD HER PUPS IN WELL, YOU SAID IT WAS A PUP TENT THAT WAS A THAT'S AN EXPENSIVE TENT WHY HAVEN'T YOU, TAKEN IT I IT'S A JUeHEAD, I LENT YOU MY NEW MOUNTAIN TENT TO SLEEP IN FOR ONE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE Fun with figures Bv J. A. H. HUNTER "So that was your dad.- Quite a guy." said Sally. "How old is Roy grinned. "Figure it out yourself." he told her. "You're a third as old as he'll be when you're half as old as he is now. and 1 know you're only fifleen." How Thanks for an idea to Susan Bell. Calgary. Alberta. 4 Answer tomorrow Friday's answer: 70 at 79 cents. 20 at 51.25. 30 at BEETLE BJULEY BEETLE, WILL You BEMAVE TWO MARRIAGES GOTTA EUDI CAtfT WAKE FOOLS OF'EM X GOVAM1UT T-JSIARrV HUNDERDS I MADM POOLSO'OS-BUT OF