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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 28

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 7, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 28 THE UTHBRIDGE HERALD Thunday, June 7, 1973 _ -_ j i.j.jjj H liliJi Your horoscope A, B JEANE DIXON -T1.OJ.V FRIDAY, JUNE 8 Your birthday today: To confirm beliefs and consoli- date your holdings becomes your 'major campaign for this coming year of striving. Today's are energe- tic, willing to improvise novel work methods. ARIES (March 21 April Accept the fact that there's more work than you can com- plete on time, and that nobody is able to pitch in. TAURUS (April 20 May Cross-purposes are the rule of the day leave your check- book home, likewise credit cards. GEMINI (May 21 June Endless rounds of discussion get nowhere but serve to slow your progress. Concentrate on your own affairs. Select simple goals. CANCER (June 21 July A tendency to take on more than you can handle character- izes your behavior today. Care- ful planning is important. LEO (July 23 Aug. Yesterday's 'challenges contin- ue, escalate. If you must make changes, put your attention to being thoro and complete. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. Extravagance is more related to emotional factors than to j financial outlay. Tidy up youri workweek. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. Recent discrepancies begin to adjust. You learn the key to current puzzles late today but it can't be used immediately. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Pull back from the centre of attention; regroup and plan a fresh approach. Serious ideas jell in later hours. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. Shortcuts and vivid ideas backfire. You never appreciate some factors until ycu learn by your own experience. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Haste in most matters is apt to precipitate difficulty. Be- ing irritated by others' behav- ior should be beneath your dig- nity. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. No amount of extra travel will bring projects closer to perfection. Tend to nearby chores. Temper control .is im- portant right now. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Discretion carries your day. Be explicit, volunteer no side is- sues which might confuse mat- ters. Family and associates are restless. (1973, The Chicago Tribune) W Fun with ____ figures Today m. i TtT By J. A. H. HUNTER You" must know the SEXD MORE MONEY puzzle, produc- ed about fifty years ago. Here we a tougher alpbametic on the same theme. Each letter stands for a dif- ferent digit What do you make of PLEASE' MONEY POP S OME M 0 N E Y PLEASE (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: 239] books. m history June 7, 1973 j Allied miners, of them Canadian, won their I greatest victory of the First I World War 56 years ago to- j the battle of Messines. The German front lines OE a ridge over- looking Ypres were blown up from underground and the whole ridge was cap- tured in three hours by the infantry. Measuring calories Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Stu- dents Encylopedia to Gail Horta, age 11, of W. Warwick, Rhode Island, for her ques- tion: How do they measure the cal- lories in different foods? A dieter's Calorie Chart looks as neat as a pin. The so-called fattening and non-fattening foods are listed in ounces, grams or cups. Beside each item is a number of calories in easy-to-figure round numbers. The picture looks perfect, but such precise neatness might make a person suspicious. Ac- tually, there are several rea- sons why the calorie value of this or that food sample can- not be precisely accurate. Calorie counting concerns the possible energy that digested foods can produce in the body. This is translated into units of heat. The calorie itself is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree C. This unit, however, is not the one used by the calorie count- ing experts. They use the kilo- calorie, alias the Large Calorie, which equals small calor- ies. The unit used on a Calorie Chart should start with a capi- tal letter and it represents the heA required to raise a gram j cf water degrees C, or 1.000 grams by one degree. A heat unit is used because heat is a form of energy released when foods are digested by the body. These highly complex pro- cesses are far from fully un- derstood and they differ from person to person. Hence, it is not easy to figure precisely how much energy certain foods pro- duce for one and all. However, experts can mea-' sure the possible heat energy' that different foods are capable of yielding outside the body. This is done with an instru- ment called the calorimeter. It works because when different foods are burned they yield dif- ferent amounts of heat energy. This heat can be measured in calories or kilocalories. The simplest calorimeter is a copper pot containing a mea- sured amount of water. The heat content of the pot and the water are known. The sample substance is measured for weight and temperature, then) dunked into the pot. If it is hot.' it loses heat and if it is cold it gains heat. The loss or gain in temperature is measured in calories. A more complex calorimeter is a sturdy metal chamber called a bomb. The food sample is weighed and measured and placed inside. The bomb is dunked into water and an elec- tric current ignites the sample and burns it. This heats the bomb and the bomb heats the water. By mea- suring how much the tempera- ture of a given amount of wa- ter is raised by the burning of the sample, v.e can determine its calorie content. The system is not perfect but neither is it slipshod. It tells in j a general way, how much en- ergy the average person gets from certain amounts of differ- ent iocds. For people who need special diets, a Calorie Chart is essential. For ordinary folk it is a helpful guide to foods that tend to form surplus fat. Questions asKcd by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765. Hnntington Beach, California (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973' JONATHAN LMN65TQN WOODSTOCK; TUMBUEWEEDS-By Tom K. Ryan FORSIVgTWS UNSEEMLY INTRUSION ON PUT I MllSTTAKE THE LIBERTY Of YOU... LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M, D. GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN C 1773. CftkMO North- South vulnerable. North deals. NORTH A K 8 6 3 "73 A Q 8 .1 AK2 WEST EAST A 4 6 10 9 7 0-K642 G OJ1097 SOUTH A A Q J 5 2 y AK J O 5 The North East South West 1 O Pass 1 A Pass 3 A Pass 4 NT Pass 3 V Pass 5 NT Pass 6 V Pass 7 ft Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Jack of 0 Altho South had several prospects available to take 13 tricks in today's hand, none of the obvious ways was destined to succeed. la order to bring his grand slam contract safely home, he was obb'ged to uncover a method that was by no means obvious. Altho seven spades is a sound undertaking, South's bidding technique leaves something to be desired. Tho his hand is worth 19 points counting high cards and dis- tribution, we approve of his simple forcing response of one spade after his partner opened the bidding with one diamond. An immediate jump shift should be avoided where responder lacks a fit for part- ner and does not have an in- dependent suit of his own. When North made a jump raise to three spades, South realized that a small slam was a sure thing and in or- der to assess the possibilities for going all the way, he embarked on a Blackwood inquiry. North's responses account for the missing aces, but one king was short It was reasonable for South to assume that one of these honors was the king of spades; had the other been the king of diamonds rather than of clubs, a grand slam might not have been a sound undertaking. South would have been bet- ter advised to cue bid the ace of hearts over three spades instead of using Blackwood. North would presumably re- ciprocate by showing first round control of clubs and thereby invite partner to show another feature him- self. This would provide North with the opportunity to indicate possession of the king of clubs by bidding six clubs. If he does so, South can carry on to seven spades with a measure of assurance. West opened the jack of diamonds and the ace was played from dummy. A study of the combined holdings re- vealed that several prospects were present. If trumps vided two-two, then declarer can ruff out his fourth club and third heart and claim 13 tricks. If the adverse spades are three-one, then the clubs may split evenly which -will establish declar- er's long card in that suit as a winner. If neither suit re- sponds favorably, then South can fall back on the heart finesse. There is another chance available and declarer took the first step toward testing this out by leading a small diamond from dummy at trick two and ruffing with the deuce of spades. Trumps were tested next by cashing the ace and queen, and West showed out on the second discarding a heart. Dummy was reentered with the king of clubs and another diamond was trumped with the five of spades. The ace of clubs put North in once more and the queen of dia- monds was ruffed with the jack of spades. The ace and king of hearts were cashed next and the jack was led and covered by West's queen. North trumped with the eight of spades and then the king of trumps pulled East's ten. Declarer's queen of clubs took the last trick. By reversing the dummy, South generated an extra trick In the trursp suit. In all he took three club tricks, the ace of diamonds and three diamond ruffs in his hand, two hearts and a heart ruff in dummy and three spada tricks. chest pains may be digestive Dear Dr. Lamb Can you help me? For four years now ]I have gone to several doctors and even had x-rays for my problem. They either say I'm too young for my symptoms, or they don't know what it is tnat's wrong. And the last one said he thought I was out of my mind. For the past four years I lave had severe chest pains. My age is 22 and I have had four children. I have been awakened with my chest ach- ing. It felt like it was being j crushed and I had hard time jreathmg. It seemed to start down in my back and its way up into my chest and ache clear into my back. The is so severe that I sometimes had to get a shot for the pain. The longest it has lasted is about five hours. I also have trouble in swallow- ing my food. I take small bites and chew it up as wen as pos- sible, it feels like sandpaper going down. The pain is Seated where my ribs come together. I have also had x-rays for this. I drank some chalky fluid and the doctor said he found noth- ing. This started about four years ago too. I have a lot of trouble with gas and acid. Doc- tor, I just don't think I can go through this much longer. I hope and pray you can help me. Thank you. Dear Reader Every chest pain is not a sign of heart dis- ease. From jour symptoms alone I would be inclined to think that you do not have heart disease at your age. Heart pain does not cause pain in the back and it is not associated with difficulty in swallowing. More likely you are having spasms of your diges- tive tract, including the eso- phagus. This can cause severe chest pain mimicking the pain of a heart attack. Muscles in the esophagus tube clamp down and act like a muscls cramp. You have a history of a lot cf digestive disturbances and since you've already had x- rays, I would presume that you don't have any major ob- struction. Anyone who has dif- ficulty in swallowing certainly must have a complete medical examination. Having done that, the best advice I can give you is to change your diet com- pletely. Eliminate all milk and al! milk products, including cheese, buttermilk or any foods that are made from milk, cof- fee, caffeinated or decaffeinat- ed tea, do not smoke, eliminate all alcoholic beverages if you use them, try to eat a diet made of very lean msat, such as baked chicken, broiled lean bsef or broiled fish. Avoid ex- cess use of breads. You can use some Jello, avoid spicy foods, and if you respond well to this procedure, later on you can add more cereals to your diet. If this regimen helps you a great deal I would suspect that you might have intolerance to some of these foods and you'll have to be careful about which ones you use. High on the list of aggravating factors in your case may well be milk, milk products and coffee. I feel fairly confident that your pro- blem is not heart disease and that most of it originates with difficulties in your digestive tract. Stress and tension mav also be an important factor. Try to minimize the amount of daily stress you have. NOT A COUNTRY S0UIREI BLONDIE-By Chic Young IP I'D HAVE BEEN OM MV TOES I COULDVE SOLO HER A FILTER I'M NOT SURE SETTER GIVE ME ONE O EACH MV WUS8ANO ASXcD VS TO BUY HIM A FILTER TO FILTER FILTERS BEETlf BAILEY-By Mort Walker NOT APPLY TO SN COOP A TOUCAN LI'L ABNER-By Al Capp SHORE. QUALIFIED FO'TH'JOB. HAD, VEAWS EXPERIENCE. J( Bob Montana DIDN'T EVER HEAR OF A CAPCW? I MUSTA USED ffjsv FEATHERS! lt-7 AND YOU EXPECT YOUR BOOSTER TO WEAR IT? HE MUST BE SOOD GRIEF.' HE tOST SOWe FEATHERS AND eUUED THEM ON THIS LITTUE CAP! WHAT HAPPENS! ALL HIS HI AND LOIS-Py Dik 00HP IT'S SUPPLY REPRESENTATIVE OF THE 4ta ESTATE SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal Here ae the ANSWERS fo you NEWS QUIZ PART 1-b; 2-c; 3-No; 4-fishing; 5-a PART II: 1-c; 2-d; 3-b; 4-6; 5-O PART III: 1-e; 2-c; 3-d; 4-b; 5-a PICTURE QUIZ: British Prime Minister Edward Heath HAGAR the HORRIBLE-By Dik Browns WOULDN'T GO TO JUST Von ATTMIS Of AfZKOUJ I fljOULPMT <5lV6 TrteM A OF VOUIZ UNTIL, HA6 VASU6ST IP6A OF WrlAT 00 FOR A UVIN6 BUGS BUNNY OH, BOY, LOOK AT ALU THAT GOOD X SAIP I WANT TO PANCE BUT... BUT... X'M HUNGRY! ;