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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 6, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 20 LETHBRIDGE HERALD Thursday, June 6, 1974 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Is it true that some nuts do not contain cholestroP What about chestnuts and peanuts? Dear Reader Nuts don't contain any cholesterol. Cholestrol is an animal product found in the flesh of animals and such products as milk and eggs. Just remember that if the product is from the vegetable kingdom it is cholesterol-free The catch is that large amounts of fat cause our liver to produce more cholesterol This appears to be particularly true of saturated fats common in animals and in coconut oil. Almost all raw nuts are high in fat Part of this fat is saturated fat. About 87 per cent of the calories in peanuts is fat and 15 per cent of the calories is saturated fat That is not very good from a nutritional point of view, if you want to avoid fat and saturated fat. English walnuts would be better since only 82 per cent of their calories is fat and quite remarkably only 5 per cent of their calories is from saturated fat. They are rich in polyunsaturated fat Raw chestnuts are an exception in the nut group and are really a low fat food They are more like a bean. Only 6 per cent of their calories are from fat Obviously neither peanuts nor chestnuts contain cholesterol since they are from the plant kingdom For more information about cholesterol write to me in care of this newspaper, P.O Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019, and ask for the booklet on cholesterol. Send 50 cents to cover costs. Flashback 1891 Sir John A Macdonald died. 1896 George Herbo and Frank Samuelson left New York for Europe in a rowboat They arrived in England July 31 1924 Canada and the United States signed a treaty to curb liquor smuggling. 1935 Field Marshal Lord Byng, governor-general of Canada from 1921 to 1926, died 1954 Eurovision was inaugurated, broadcasting a flower festival. Dear D. Lamb This is a different kind of question from an 80-year-old woman in excellent health Is it possible at her age to revitalize flaccid muscles of the upper arms and inner thighs by exercise? She had been a swimmer for years when her body was in fine form (firm and rounded) It's different now. Dear Reader Yes, there is no difference in muscle fibres in older people and younger people. A muscle is enlarged and its strength increased by placing it under progressive weight loads, such as in weight lifting. You don't need to use weights to do this. You can exercise your arms against resistance and this puts the muscle fibers under load and will stimulate their enlargement and increase their strength If a muscle's strength cannot be increased or it cannot grow, it is usually because of poor circulation to the muscle Just to use a well-known public illustration of what strength or resistant exercises can do for your muscles, Governor Wallace of Alabama has pointed out recently that he is a lot stronger in the upper part of his body than he ever was before he was shot With the subsequent paralysis of the lower part of his body he has built up all the muscles in his arms and shoulders so that he can use them to help himself get around. This growth and incease in muscle mass in this area of the body has been a direct result of resistance or strength-type training. You don't have to be in your 20s to develop good muscle mass. I do think as you get older it is even more important to check with your doctor about the types of exercises you do The group of people who should be particularly careful about weight lifting and strength-type exercises are those who already have high blood pressure These firm contractions of muscles can sometimes significantly increase blood pressure levels. Dr. Lamb welcomes questions from his readers, but because of the volume of mail he cannot answer personally. Questions of general interest will be discussed in future columns. Write to Dr. Lamb in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. Your horoscope ByJeaneMxon FRIDAY. JUNE 7 Your birthday today: Your own inner drive determines what direction you take this year. Whatever you've been doing must be reorganized to eliminate or scale down overelaborate projects. Relationships are in for revision, some crucial moments. In the past century, today's natives were usually quiet, wellnieaning people; in this century they have more energy, harder ambitions. ARIES (March 21-April Everybody in sight has his two cents worth to put in. You and your ventures are thoroughly discussed. You're apt to be poorly advised. Do your own thinking. TAURUS (April 20-May Distant people are favorably disposed, but it's your job to reach them. Keeping up with competitors, following advice intended for those of larger means may generate problems. GEMINI (May 21-June Nobody sees anything in the same light you do. Be ready to alter plans on short notice to save investment. Chances are you've overestimated something. CANCER (June 21-July Nothing near at hand works smoothly. Distant matters aren't likely any better but you're not so involved. Money presents complexities. LEO (July 23-Aug Optimism carries quite a push, but there's some contrary pressure on the way. Consolidate your progress while you can. People in established positions tend to be firm Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN c 1974, The Ctiiciw Tribum Neither vulnerable. South deais. NORTH A94 I1 5 3 0 Q98 A Q J 8 7 6 WEST EAST 4QK7 A J63 Q107B4 "7.198 0 10 4 K J 7 6 5 9 4 2 K 5 SOUTH AAK 10 5 2 AK2 A32 in 3 The bidding South West North East 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Six of East baited a subtle trap for declarer, but South found an effective counterplay that allowed him to bring home his game. North is perhaps a whisker short of a two-over-one re- sponse, but the alternative of one no trump was not appeal- ing He intended rebidding clubs at his next opportunity in an attempt to convey that he was minimum, but SDUth's leap to three no trump nipped that in the bud. West led his fourth -best heart, and declarer had only six running tricks. H seemed that the logical way to de- velop the extra tricks was to take the club finesse First, however, declarer took the precaution of allowing East's jack of hearts to win the first trick. He won the heart re- turn with the king and ran the ten of clubs. East ducked smoothly. Had declarer accepted the success of the club finesse at face value, he would have re- peated it with disastrous con- sequences. East would win the king and knock out de- clarer's last heart stopper, and four good club tricks would languish in dummy with no way for declarer to get to them. That would in- evitably have led to the con- tract's defeat. After East ducked the club, declarer could, of course, bring in the whole club suit by leading a club to the ace, but in that case East had bet- ter hold his cards closer to his chest in future. However, South did find a legitimate counter to East's tactics. Since, assuming a normal 3-2 break, he would have no problem if the club finesse were right, declarer decided he could hold off repeating the club finesse for the mo- ment. Instead, he cashed the ace-king of spades and sur- rendered a trick in the suit to West. When both opponents- fol- lowed, the club finesse be- c a m e unnecessary, for de- clarer now had nine tricks via four spades, two hearts, a diamond and two clubs. He won the heart return and, after cashing his spades. South led a club to the ace. His foresight was rewarded when the king came tumbling down, allowing him to score two overtricks. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept Business expansion isn't necessarily inevitable or favorable. Overbuying is the mood of the day. Be wary of taking added responsibility. Give thought to your health. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct Impulsive moves can upset many deals. You'll do better to troubleshoot what you have rather than seek exchanges for new Property values shift abruptly Keep current. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov Gather your resolve, ask for the place in the world you feel you've earned, beginning with local, personal conditions. There's no reason you can't be heard and answered. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec Any move you make seems inaccurate or beside the point Money spent on yourself and your home should be held rigidly within budget figures no impulse purchases! CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan Routine requests encounter excuses, delays, denial. Draw a line on how much you will do at your work. You'll be proud of your tact and patience with those you cherish. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb Speculative bubbles burst all around soon. Wait, have resources ready to buy in at reasonable rates. Pick up the pieces then. For now, be conservative, mind your own business. PISCES (Feb 19-March Friends and family continue to distract you from business, career concerns. Optimism is great, sustain it with prayer avoid carelessness. 1974, The Chicago Tribune Ask Andy SATURN'S RINGS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Douglas Esson, age 12, of Salt Lake City, Utah, for his question: Why don't Saturn's rings come crashing down? Astronomers began pondering this problem soon after the famous rings of Saturn were discovered. Obviously, the golden circles somehow are suspended out in space, for their lowest level is several thousand miles above the planet's surface. The outer rim of the dazzling ring system has a diameter of some miles Until modern times, no one knew why the planet's gravity did not pull them crashing down to its surface In the 1650s, a Dutch astronomer had an idea on this subject He suggested that the big beauteous rings must, simply must, be made of tiny swarming particles For if they were sizeable chunks of material, surely the magnificent circles would collapse and crash down to Saturn's surface. Strange to say. most astronomers agreed with this idea until quite recently This was indeed strange because, in the meantime, they had figured out how even a ring system of giant boulders could remain above a planet's surface. This possibility involves a couple of cosmic traffic laws which all heavenly bodies must obey. One is the force of gravity, which mighty Saturn exerts on its rings and outward to the farthest of its ten satellite moons. If this were all. the rings and even the satellites would be pulled down to the planet's surface. But it so happens that there is another cosmic law working to frustrate the pull of gravity. The satellites of Saturn orbit around their parent planet, just as our moon is in constant orbit around the earth. The rings of Saturn also are in constant orbit around their parent planet. This whirling orbital motion counteracts Saturn's gravity. Instead of falling straight down, their orbital speed causes them to fall in a curved path which takes them around and around The strength of Saturn's gravity, as in all planets. diminishes with distance. Hence, its pull is strongest on the lower level of the rings, nearest the surface. Here the ring material should move faster to counteract the stronger downward pull And this is just what happens. The orbital speed of the inner ring is fastest and the orbital speeds decrease to the slowest ring at the outside edge of the system These same rules would keep the rings from crashing down, whether they are made of dust particles or giant boulders. And in 1973, astronomers discovered that Saturn's rings are indeed made of sizeable chunks, perhaps somewhat like rough boulders a yard wide. This new information was gathered by NASA's radar astronomers, using the 210- foot antenna in the Mojave Desert. California. The radar echoes traveled one and a half billion miles there and back in two and a quarter hours. And they revealed that the fabulous rings are swarms of sizeable chunks, all orbiting fast enough to prevent Saturn's gravity from pulling them down to the surface. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readere should bo mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntlngton Beach, California 92S48. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Fun with figures Each letter here stands for a different digit They must be complete morons, of course, but it will be a truly prime STREAK! You know what that means. S E E KOOKY K 0 0 K S STREAK (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: 24 (say "two not twenty-four) in base-6 notation. We normally use base-10. Mr. Hunter answers all letters: ideas welcomed. THEN WHOSE DRUTHERS VJOULD SO' DBUTHER 8OOK- WRSTIH' STRAMGER'S- OR DRUTHERTKU5T MAHOWN- JOBODY K1N TELL 1FAMARRJAGE. TW FOLKS. THAT'S J S I'LL TELL HOU UlHAT WE CAN DO, LUCILLE...WECAN ALTERNATE EAK5 I'LL 60 IN ANP HAVE ONE EAR PIEKCEP...TH6N VOU 60 IN ANP HAVE ONE EAR I'LL 60 IN AGAIN .THEN W 60 THEN HDU SO IN AGAIN SHORT MBS 'WE'LL SEND IN DIVERS AT ONCE SIRE, DONT rne FELL. IN TELL THEM TO THE FOURTH EAR! ABOUT THREE s WEEKS AGO WHEN DID> SHE FALL IN WAND LOIS r YOU'VE WADE SOME 6OOD POINTS IN YOUR BUT TRY TO BROADEN YOUR VIEWS. YOUR THINKIN6 IS TOO BLACK: AND WHITE SOME ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WE'VE BEEN TO TALK INTO BUYlNe A COLOR TV ALL THESE YEARS BUGS BUNNY HIYA SYLVESTER'S ALONG WITH ME AS A SALES x- THIS FACE CREAM WOULD BE GREAT PER YOU, ELIM- INATES WRINKLES, MAKES YA. LOOK YOUNGeR... OF ALL THE ONE O' TW' FIRST THINGS YA GOTTA DEVELOP IN THIS RACKET IS QUICK Hbf-TT BLONME THE BANK SENT ME THIS SILLY NJOTICE TODAY MY CHECKING ACCOUNT IS OVERDRAWN I'M GETTING TIRED) f] OF THAT IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY TIME THEY HAVE A PROBLEM THEY WRITE TO ME ABOUT IT ARCHIE I KNOW THEY'RE 1 WEARING J LARGE JEWELRY, .2 BUT IT'S ARCHIE GAVE YOU THAT CHAIN SO HEAVY MY THEN WEAR IT AS A BELT HI. BETTY? I'LL 6ET PADLOCK? YOU A I WHAT PADLOCK X FOR I ATPC DO YOU WANT YOUR BICYCLE- STOLEN HAGAR THE HORRIBLE BEETLE BAILEY BIRTMPAY, 5AR6E OH, AN ELECTRIC CORM MAKIN6 AN AWFUL RACKET OWMVi WHAtta- SHOOTJN5 AT? LEAST MDtfKE THAT WW OF ON1HEFHCE. ;