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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 20, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 4-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD July 1974 Big business a scapegoat for economic ills Imminent Now that veteran Progressive Conser- vative MP Gerald Baldwin has joined his voice his statement published elsewhere on this to those warning of a possible rift in Confederation because of the feeling of alienation on the part of there may be a temp- tation to take the matter seriously. Mr. Baldwin is. after a respected representative of the West in Parliament there are flaws in Mr. Baldwin's views. There is certainly dis- content in the West but it is not to be equated with that in Quebec which is grounded in a sense of cultural and linguistic alienation. That alienation did lead to serious threats of separation but the kind of alienation discerned in the West is probably not much different from what is known as grumbling in other regions of the country. The usual regional discontent has recently been intensified as a result of the frustration at not being able to elect a Conservative government To interpret that feeling as a sign of imminent seces- sion is unwarranted Voting against the Liberals is not the same as signalling an intention to separate from Confederation. It is disappointing to have a man of the stature of Mr Baldwin issuing this kind of statement. The Conservatives have just elected a strong Opposition which should be able to exercise considerable influence on the course the Government takes. To do so the Conservative members need to work together under their leader and not hive off into fac- tions Prime Minister Trudeau has just emerged from the handicap of minority government and has spoken in con- ciliatory terms about doing what is best for all parts of the country. He should be given a chance to act before threats are made to secede. The premier of this province has not been talking about Western he has been preparing for the negotiations on oil prices which lie ahead. If the federal Conservatives would announce support for Mr. Lougheed's position or come out with a clear stand of their own as a contribution to the consultations that would be more helpful and responsible than making statements about how unhappy they are. Partial victory Although the award of half a farm to the wife in an Alberta divorce case may be seen by some as a victory in the struggle for equal rights for some doubts linger. The implication that a woman has to go out of the home to work before she can claim to be making a contribution to the upbuilding of a farm is disturbing In the Fielder rase the contribution made to the farm was cash earned through whereas in the Murdoch case the contribution was full- time service on the farm. The absence of a cash involvement in the second instance surely cannot mean that nothing of value was to be seen in all that Mrs. Murdoch did as a farmer's wife One way to compute the contribution made by a wife to a farming operation would be to estimate what it would cost to hire people to do her keep run do and at times serve as a field worker. But even this would not give a full picture of her contribution since she would likely per- form better than hired help and would save valuable time otherwise required in recruiting and directing that help. What the ruling in the Fielder case should do is provide a powerful impetus to the now small movement calling for pay for housewives. The least that could happen is that women who stay at home should have a portion of their husband's pay designated as theirs for taxing and pension purposes. When that whether or not the woman actually handles the it should be possible to apply the princi- ple of a material contribution to the up- building of a farm or business in making awards m divorce cases.-1 Then no such in- vidious comparisons as that of Mrs. Mur- doch with Mrs Fielder would be likely and a real victory on the rights front could be proclaimed The fate of the Concorde Having made a decision on nuclear reactors. Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his government now face a similar decision on the controversial Concorde supersonic aircraft which Britain has been developing jointly with the French at great cost to both countries Although the Concorde project was originally protested by environmen- talists because of the noise that has mostly been taken care of by requir- ing that it fly supersonically only at higher than usual elevations and over oceans and deserts. The main argument is one of speed versus cost and it comes down to the question of whether Britain wants to subsidize five planes to the tune of about million annually in order to have aircraft capable of two round trips daily between the U.S and London. WEEKEND MEDITATION There is no doubt that the capabilities of the plane are but its fuel its disruptive effect on other air service and the undeniable social fact that it represents a subsidy to businessmen in a hurry make it a project of dubious merit. As one British editor put mile every two seconds and a ton of fuel every three minutes as spectacular as watching a conjurer set fire to your Although the economics of the set in the larger picture of Britain's pre- sent would seem to pre- determine a decision to opt it should be recalled that the nuclear reactor deci- sion was not based solely on economics and Wilson may feel that Britain has too much at stake to drop the Concorde now. When you are discouraged A favorite greeting of Jesus of good Indeed his faith has been religion of three There was the good cheer of forgiveness when Jesus said to a sick sins be forgiven thee Obviously his sickness and his sin had a close connection Then there was the good cheer of companionship in that com- was security The disciples were caught in a storm at sea and Jesus came walking on the water He called out to of good it is be not afraid. just before his death Jesus spoke words which to grim old Carlyle were the bravest ever uttered by the world you shall have but be of good I have overcome the world Certainly not all the followers of Jesus had the same gay spirit Back in the days of the Puritans in early New a man was severely censured for defending his maid who had been caught smiling in author of a great concordance that bears his once defined laughter as be- ing merry in a sinful manner. On the other the famous Jacob I will not with a man who frowns on laughter Eric Linklater says that when he was at school a report to his parents summed the whole he is doing fairly but he is handicapped by a sense of Humor is a dangerous since you will find some silly people taking you seriously and so dis- torting your meaning It is said that it is very unwise for politicians to crack a joke. Is politics then a vocation only for stuffed In the Royal Navy it is forbidden to speak discouragingly to any other officer in the dis- charge of his duties. Now that is a most sensi- ble The world is filled with people who take the heart out of you. Many the young person who has been discouraged and turned from a career by some expert in throwing cold water. Discouragement is the devil's best ally It destroys everything and builds nothing. Barnabas must have been a wonderful man His name had been but his friends changed it to which means of When everyone else had rejected even Paul turning against took him and sent him to Peter who had been a great failure himself and so could help failures. Mark became a saint of the church and a real lion of faith. When discouragement hits a man his morale indeed he is a collapsed capable of nothing. Hell is full of people who believed they could go nowhere else. John Donne who has become enormously popular 400 years after his is not a the Spirit of God is not a dampe The Apostle Paul has been represented as a sour person with a severe theology. Actually his theology is full of loving kindness. Did not Paul say that love was the greatest thing in the world and that without love nothing was not not not He is con- tinually erupting into great poems on the theme of love. Certainly he was a most invin- undiscourageable man. He wrote cheerful letters evert from prison. He wrote to the church at Kingdom of God is peace and He wrote to and again I say re- To Galatia he fruit of the Spirit is and not is the thermometer of sainthood. As Francis of Assisi sadness is of the devil. O pour Your tunthlne Into the darkness of my mind and for I have no brightness of my own. F. S. M. By Bruce syndicated commentator 'Tis the season for scapegoatmg and the large corporation remains everyone's favorite candidate for ritual slaughter. Both in Canada and the United the large corporations are ing positioned on the ready for symbolic despatch. Corporations have become both literally and figuratively the upon whose heads are placed the sins of the com- as in the they are on the verge of being led away into the wilderness This appalling drop in the reputations of large business has come about for many reasons. Corporations have borne the brunt of an attack by our governments because they have opposed legislation that a large segment of the public favored old age changes in the Compensation and tax reform legislation. But few are interested in the facts of these matters. In the debased version of democratic politics which prevails political demagoguery ignores that tree medicare now costs far more than any similar private that the tax reform legislation turned out to be a device to increase tax just as corporations claimed. After if things go wrong as corporations had it cannot be public opinion which was at fault as public is always Politicians who identify themselves with the common good can never admit that they were so it has to be someone large and im- personal who is guilty. The corporations fit that bill quite nicely Confidence in business and industry rises and falls with to the purchase of tickets in the Montreal Olympics to the purchase of Stampede sweepstakes to the purchase of Manitoba to tickets in Save- the Orpheum lottery Wild men in Athens must be deposed By Joseph syndicated commentator The Eastern Mediterranean presents a spectacular pan- orama of political vulnerability. Thanks to the easing of tension between Russia and the United the world can probably live safely with the soft spot. But conditions in the area are far too dicy to support the kind of reckless behavior shown by the rulers of Greece in the military coup just stag- ed in Cyprus. So in the interests of if nothing the United States now needs to make clear its hostility to the present Greek regime The ramshackle character of government in the region hardly needs underlining In Greece civilian officials of both right and left have been exiled The monarchy has been cast down. Senior army officers and most of the navy have been purged. Power is in the hands of a small junta centering around the military Brig Gen Demetnos loannides. In order to build Gen loannides has been trying to whip up nationalist feelings on disputes with Greece's historic Turkey Apart from fighting over the status of the loannides government has nursed a grudge against Turkey over claims to newly found oil in the Aegean The Turkish regime is not in much better shape The liberal civilian government of Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit is viewed with grave suspicion by the Turkish military To strengthen his Mr Ecevit has recently without formal the ban on growing opium pop- pies which had been worked out with this country in 1971. once a strong is also visibly under strain. Marshal now has been making provision for his .succession. In the process he has purged many of his country's most promising political and fanned anew the embers of struggle among Yugoslavia's con- stituent republics. It is anybody's guess whether the various ethnic groups can hold together when Tito passes particularly because there is almost certain to be some kind of Soviet pressure to produce a regime more-sub- servient to Moscow The simultaneous weaken- ing of the countries around the eastern edge of the Mediterra- nean has evoked memories of 1948 when the United States stepped in to shore up the area through the Greek-Turkish aid program and the Marshall Plan This it has been clear that there could be no major American assistance the outlook was not altogether bleak The in keeping with an apparent interest in maintain- ing at least the appearance of Letters Western vote taken as warning With the pundits rushing into print to deal with ques- tions of cabinet reshuffling and leadership in the other I am amazed that so few people here in central Canada have taken to or given heed to the warning contained in the Western vote. Almost half of the popular vote went to the Progressive Conservative nearly of the people who voted in the West have decisively reject- not just Trudeau and his but the Eastern Establishment. Campaigning in several western I caught the strong pungent odor of this a refusal to accept this rule and and a determina- tion that the true pnnciples of a including the right of provincial self- determination in proper must be retained in the West OR Which means there is more potential for a dissolution of the bonds of nationalism now in the western provinces than there ever was in Quebec where the economic consequences of separatism were always fac- tors which prompted Que- becois to vote to stay in Confederation. The economy of the West is viable and could sustain an independent state with ease and this is very obvious to westerners and more of them are openly saying so At this stage of my political career I can make this com- ment as I have no vested interest in exaggerating this and certainly oppose promoting any movement leading to western alienation there are undoubtedly those who would have no com- punction in doing and the situation is not unlike that of a tinder-dry-forest which needs only someone to strike a match to cause a conflagration. a need to file this caveat It warns against an attempt to use the big stick to deprive westerners of their equity in their own natural resources. It warns that there is a limit to the delay in remedying the wrongs of the past and finding antidotes in relation to tran- sportation problems and the establishment of western in- dustry. It warns that the West has had enough of such pseudo- national and Eastern dominated organizations as the whose Toronto-based clique engages in patronizing put-downs of the West. Their blatant partisanship in the last election was such as to per- suade me to consider putting down a motion for the next Parliament to the effect that each CBC news program be preceded by is a political program spon- sored by the National Liberal Association and paid for by the taxpayers If there can be a Quebec network which is virtually maybe we should have a Western counterpart It warns that the devastating cost of the sickly programs of state-welfarism and guaranteed idleness emanating from Ottawa is un- acceptable in the West the list is long and the hour is late. The prime minister has a majority and a mandate in Central Canada. He has neither from the West. I and my colleagues of our are acquainted with the and there is a duty to put the facts of life before the government. I am doing so at once on my own because there may be little time left. We cannot wait because time does not wait. We cannot wait because delay could set in motion a course of events which could only lead to dis- aster GERALD BALDWIN M P for Peace River detente with the United were not making aggressive moves or noises Even without being the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean could perhaps limp along without provoking Soviet intervention Then came the coup in Cyprus last Monday That move against President- Archbishop Makanos by the Greek-led national guard was an act of naked aggression The man set up in place of Nikos is universally known as an un- principled character He was beyond any as an agent of Athens with the apparent aim of achieving un- ion between Cyprus and or enosis would put the fat in the fire for the whole area The Turkish minority on Cyprus would be and the Turkish government would have to move in War between Greece and Turkey would be a distinct and even if the Russians wanted to they would have trouble staying out The first need in these cir- cumstances is to head off any further push to move from the coup to enosis Apparently the chief purpose of American diplomacy at present is to freeze the situation on Cyprus m order to prevent a rapid deterioration But m the long run a freeze is not good enough The basic fact is that the Greek by deliberately reckless is putting into jeopardy a region critical to international security It is hard to see how any stability can be reached m Eastern .Mediterranean until the Greek junta is forced from of- fice The United because its complacent at- titude toward the Colonels has had so much to do with their now has a special responsibility to divorce itself from the wild men in Athens. the performance ot the economy. During the 1950s there was not much criticism ot business as it appeared to be doing its mam job in a satisfactory manner. as inflation gathered momentum and the quality of products more and more were inclined to blame the business community for widespread difficulties When large pressures for change usually when things seem to go those in the vanguard ot social reform offer blueprints that offer idealistic and often im- practical solutions It can only be business attuned to reality that can sift out those parts ot a program that have a chance of doing more harm than good the 1963 federal which attempted to curb foreign was quickly shown to be un- workable by the business com- munity Proposed changes in the tax structure in 1969 and 1970 elicited howls of protest from business until some ot the more complicated proposals were removed Throughout thus business is obviouslv unable to avoid the reformist complaint that vested interests are opposing constructive legislation desperately needed by the public at large Business cannot help being labelled an agent of reaction but that would not matter so much it the large corporations came to the public with a better image Unfortunately the large corporations are too often guilty of engaging in public relations rather than simply telling the truth Last year many cor- porations were guilty of an ab- surd kind ot double talk When they had just completed the most profitable year in their they simultaneously declared that the return on their capital was too low. that they were suffering from a cost price squeeze all of which created an enormous creditabihty gap After reporting huge earnings the oil companies boosted their selling prices and this further eroded confidence in the business community at large Now the truth is that 1973 was not so profitable a year for large corporations One would see this instantly if cor- porations stated their ear- nings in constant that is amounts corrected for inflation Unions do this when they report their members' earnings If the accounting were adjusted for it would be obvious that com- panies were overstating their earnings by including inven- tory profits and by not allow- ing sufficient funds for depreciation a case can be made that business prestige has suf- fered because many have been bamboozled into believing what they have been told so often that they should feel guilty about and that labor is the source of all economic a philosophy which underlies the whole of Marxism Acceptance of this gross heresy has undermined con- tidence in business It needs to be said repeatedly that the more business optimizes the more it will contribute to national income and and that the productivity of capital is more important than the labor theory of value. Business pays for its drift in the coin of economic and its prestige will not be recovered until it earns back that coin It is no easy job to call for adherence to economic fundamentals Businessmen have been on high government spending and inflationary wage settlements. Many have suc- cumbed to these lures for so long that it will require a great effort for business to re- establish its place as the in the not the sacrificial scapegoat sent out from cur world for the sins of others The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St 5. Lethbridge. Alberta LETHBRIDGE HFRALD CO LTD Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mail Registration No 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R DORAM General Manager ROY F MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;