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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 12, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 18-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD July 1974 Your horoscope By Oixon Ask Andy JULY 13 Your birthday Promises a long run of healthy normal in which whatever you do consistently brings reward in kind and sets up the chance for another cy- cle of the same Make full use of any reasonable short term situation. See that your daily life is well rounded Today's natives tend to make their own rules and stick to them. ARIES 21 April Make this weekend a holi- day in spirit if not actual fact There'i no great rush unless vou want to skip some interesting preliminary stages TAURUS 20 May The prize now goes to those who know what they want and need. Your intuition leads bright and strong where you haven't got the figures yet GEMINI 21 June Interesting news comes from unexpected needs study before you tell it Slow down enough to get the full flavor of what you re doing CANCER 21 July Stable agreements are come easily into reality Friendly contacts iill Fun with figures By J A. H. HUNTER None exclaimed Ann many did you buy I m not sure Mom. but we didn t think vou d want replied Joe took a third of them and one third ot a plum Then Betty took half what remained and also half a plum and that left five for me Well9 Yesterday's KAROO was 10944 the give satisfaction ac- cording to the way you ex- press yourself LEO 23 Aug. Give positive thought to business or begin now to set up a promotion for yourself. Be it's not yet time for announcements. VIRGO 23-Sept. Verify what you clear up questions for others where they ask Get moving either locally or for short travels this lively weekend LIBRA 23 Oct. Formalities have run their approach final solutions now In many matters the deal today is the best you're likely to get Settle1 SCORPIO 23 Nov. Problems are more easi- ly resolved if you'll come forth with your deeper are able to recall the reasons for beginning current enterprises. SAGITTARIUS 22 Dec. Ply your trade if you but quit early Join the general turnout for a pleasant weekend of doing nothing too serious Share favorite pastimes CAPRICORN 22 Jan. Relax away from the job. There's a range of greater benefit from simply being finding a deeper understanding of naaural human responses AQUARIUS 20 Feb. It's time to pick up the scattered pieces See what you can develop taking the past as no more than a point of departure. There's much to do PISCES 19 March Be on the move Select the proper get there with your message go on to the next Sociable activi- ty here and there a hint of romance The Chicago Tribune Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN The Ct.iciso Tribune North-South vulnerable. West deals. NORTH A Q 8 2 V A K J 5 A J 7 6 9 WEST EAST 4 V743 VQ1096 98 KQJ1054 4873 2 SOUTH J 10 9 7 5 3 V 8 2 K4 3 A 6 The bidding. West North East South Dble. Pass 4 A Pass 4 NT Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening King of A finesses and not one of them would have muttered South as he entered 100 above the line for his opponents. should give up this To the extent that he made his own bad South had a point North had a classic take- out double of West's preemp- tive club opening. South judged well to jump to four spades in for with 8 points in high cards and a six-card major he was too strong for a mere bid of three response he would have to make on a virtual yarboroi h. That one sign of life was all North needed to consign the hand to a slam. West led the king of clubs to South's ace. Without time out for declarer ran the jack of losing to East's king. The club return was ruffed in dummy. Declarer drew the outstand- ing tramp and entered his hand with the king of diamonds' A diamond to the jack lost to the and that was down one South took heart from the fact had he tried the heart that too would have failed In view of West's preemp- tive East was marked with length in the other three suits. Thus it was quite likely that both red-suit finesses would and that even the king of trumps would turn up in East's hand. To make the declarer did not need to take single After winning the ace of declarer was correct in leading the jack of spades. should tempt West into covering if he held the king. when West follows with a low declarer should have gone up with the ace. When the king fails to trumps are abandoned temporarily. declarer tries to drop the queen of hearts by cashing the ace and king and ruffing a heart comes to but de- clarer follows by ruffing his remaining club in dummy and ruffing dummy's last eliminating those two suits from both his hand and dummy. a trump is led. If West turns up with the king of declarer has to rely on the diamond finesse if East has the as is likely and was indeed the he is endplayed. He must either present declarer with a or lead a diamond into dummy's ten- ace. Either declarer avoids a diamond loser. WOOD Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Mark age of Window for his Why does wood Behind the scenes there is an invisible force called buoyancy. It causes wood to float on water. It causes a cork to bob high on the waves and explains why a ship sinks lower when loaded with a heavy cargo Like all other forces of buoyancy is governed by precise rules These rules determine why a certain substance floats and also how much of it is above the water level. I Some of us like to think that modern folk are a lot smarter than their ancestors. Maybe this is so But it so happens that today's Andy question was solved some 20 centuries ago by a wise old Greek His name was Archimedes and what he discovered about floating and non floating objects is called the Principle of Archimedes. We can state this in a as follows A body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. Naturally a large idea stuffed into a nutshell is quite crowded and perhaps hard to grasp Please do not feel discouraged It can be spread examined and explained in detail. After what was understandable in ancient Greece can be grasped by the children of modern man In such matters it helps to use an example and it's only fair to use the one suggested in today's question The body is a piece of wood and the fluid is water We all know that an ordinary log floats on a stream The principle goes on to tell why using four key words to state one equation The floating body is or held by an invisible force The strength of this buoyancy force is related to weight Actually it is related to the weight of wood and the weight of water In this the buoyancy equals the weight of water that the floating wood or pushes out of the way. Perhaps we can simplify the whole thing and say that wood floats because it is lighter than water. But there is far more than this to the principle of buoyancy We want to know why a cork floats higher in the water. Also why a chunk of steel yet a great steel ship sails on the top of the sea. These details involve volume and density. Volume is the amount of space in this case by a wooden log and some displaced water. Density is how much a certain volume of this or that weighs for its size This depends on atoms and molecules and how they are packaged together in different substances Air is less dense than water because its molecules are much farther apart A dry log is made of boxy cells filled with so the over all density of the log is less than water. An even more porous cork floats with only a quarter of its volume submerged Water is four times denser than ordinary cork which is called specific gravity and leads to another Andy ques- tion In any any object floats because it is buoyed up by a force that equals the weight of the amount of water it displaces. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntington California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I'm a six- 74-year-old and I weighed 198 pounds two months ago I didn't go on any of those new-fangled diets I just cut down on food Also eliminated all fats and sweets For one week I had a large orange and coffee for an ordinary meal at then no more until the next morning. I got so weak and faint from this that I took a little skim milk with breakfast and a little at evening Now I weight 179.1 walk an average of three miles a day. Also go through exercises four times a day I'm very satisfied with the way I have lost weight How far do you think I should go9 Would 160 for my age be too far9 When I walk quite suddenly I became a little faint So then I rest a few minutes It doesn't last but a minute or then I can go on again. Is this any danger of a heart I had a physical recently and my heart checked out perfectly. Dear Reader In general you are on the right course I suspect you are rushing it a bit You have been losing a bit more than two pounds a week Eat a little more and be satisfied to. lose one pound of actual fat a week. A combination of physical exercise and diet is really the best way to control your excess fat problem. Those symptoms you had were signs that you were overdoing the dieting I can't repeat too often that failure to eat enough calories leads to semistarvation with and many other changes that are bad for your health don't try to overdo the either. It isn't necessary that you walk fast and cause yourself to feel faint. I suspect this too is part of your overdoing your diet It doesn't mean you will have a heart attack I want to encourage you to continue your effort but at a safer level You sound like a typical person who is impatient for results and tends to overdo most things. You can walk three or more miles at a comfortable rate or even by breaking it up into two or three walking periods a day. How much should you lose1' I never could answer that question with even with radio-isotope measurements of the amount of fat and the patient before me. The only way you know- how much you should lose is after you have lost it As long as you have any significant amounts of fat around the small of the or signs of a spare or too much to sit you still have fat you can do without A good way to approach the problem of how much is to set a sensible goal and after you have reached re-evaluate yourself in terms of fat under the skin If there is still some do something about it. Still another problem is the change in the amount of muscles a person has. If you diet too fast you may lose muscles as well as and then there will still be fat to lose if you are exercising which I then you may grow muscles As your muscles enlarge and the fat goes you might not lose so many pounds even though you are healthier and have lost fat In that case you may reach the important goal of losing FAT even though you may not have lost many POUNDS. Again the key much fat is under the Send your questions to Dr. in care of this P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. Enterprise Assn LI'LABNER J----------------- i_6T5 GET A -HA NOW THAT WE HAVE A COMPLETE V NEVAH rCWR-ETE HBIORy OF TO THEM- OF THE C H's HE'S 60IM' WE BIN HERE A THE TWO HOURS j INSISTS ON ALL RSLEVANT- DETAILS BEFORE HE INTERRUPTS HIS I TAlKep TO MIM YOD TALK TO HIM IN A5KED THE Bl6 P06 THE LITTLE P06 I TALKEP TO MIM IN UJOOP5TOCK SHORT MBS r THE SHERIFF HAS LOST HIS CONFIDENCE. HE HA9 A FEELING- Of IMPENDING DOOM HE SEEMS SO NERVOUS AND JITTERS'. HI AND LOIS I WROTE A LETTER TO SENATOR PHIL BUSTER ASKING HIM WHAT we WAS DOIN6 TO PUT DOWN THE WOMEN'S LIB AAOVEMENT DIP VOU SET AN ANSWE13 HOW DID I KNOW HIS WIFE WORKED ON HIS BUGS BUNNY BUGS GO DOWNSTAIRS AND SEE WHAT'S BOTHERING DID YOU FIND OUT WHY HE WAS DOING ALL THAT HOWLING BLONDIE IDAGWOOK UP' DID YOU REMEMBER TO LET THE T DOGS INT j NOW I NEVER WLL- T KMOW WOW TMAT 7 CAME OUT' ARCHIE BE WITH YOU IN A ARCH t ALMOST THROUGH.' JUSHEAD-- .WHY DID I YOU PUT MASKING f TAPE OVER ALL YOUR. OUTLETS I DONT WANT THEM TO BLOW ALL THE DIRT INTO I HEARD THE POWER COMPANY IS eOlNG TO CLEAN THEIR- ELECTRIC LINES HAGAft THE HORRIBLE I'M CLAUDE... Wa CAN BE MORE THAN FRIENDS. BEETLE BAILEY MY NAME HAVEN'T WE TUMBLEWEEDS WHY CANT YOO UKE US RUN-OF- LOrSA PROMISE ME VOOU TRY TO MORE ORTHOPOXi ;