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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 10, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDGE .11117 Summit reveals truth about detente A strong leader The Trudeau victory marks him as a strong leader in the eyes of the one who was not toppled or reduced to minority government by the problem of inflation as has happened to many other heads of state This should strengthen the Canadian presence at the important international meetings which lie ahead this year and indeed in all international dealings. There may be a slight setback at the Caracas conference on sea law it was Jack Davis who represented Canada in the early stages of this conference and he was the one cabinet minister to be defeated. But this should be only tem- since he was obviously representing a successful national government and not North Vancouver. Possibly his absence from his home like that of David cost him the election All in the world has been crying out for strong leaders who can control events within a democratic framework like it or Canada has done its part. Judgment on Lethbridge The great majority of Canadians would agree that David Lewis has been a dis- tinguished a colorful and capable political an orna- ment in Canadian life One does not have to agree with his policies or arguments to appreciate his concern for people's welfare and the skill with which he exercised that concern. Mr Mr Stanfield and Mr. all of whom campaigned vigorously against him and tried to defeat expressed honest regret that he was deteated. In this they displayed commendable sen- sitivity for the casualties in the political wars. They saw Mr. Lewis as a worthy and honorable opponent and they were magnanimous in their victory over him He was a they and they were gentlemen for saying so. Nearly all Canadians were waiting for the three of them to say and they were not disap- pointed. In that how embarrassing it is that the overwhelming choice of the voters of Lethbridge constituency should have called his own leader for grieving for the fallen Surely that says something about Lethbridge The optimists are coming It is now at least in to look farther ahead than the next vote in Parliament This release from myopic vision is an uncalculated coin- ciding as it does with a resurgence of op- timism among the world's long range visionaries who nave until now been preoccupied with ecodoom Some of the possibilities of the as they have been set forth in are not only reassuring but downright stimulating One of the most exciting is a collection of visions and projects of astronomers and physicists of impec- cable academic qualifications. Collec- they foresee in the next years factories on the moon for manufac- turing processes which need a perfect a Jupiter which is gradually dis- mantled for its raw materials and 3 Venus turned into a sub tropical world by rocketing algae into its lethal at- mosphere They would utilize the carbon and release the which would then combine with hydrogen to form rain and cool the planet off. If it sounds like science it is hardly necessary to offer the defence that many of technology's ac- complishments of today were the science fiction of half a century- ago In a less fanciful concentrating on global rather than un- iversal another scholar has attacked the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth finding flaws in the programming of the computer model on which the theory was based. He attacks the projections on the availability of raw material and for that sea water is known to contain about a billion years' supply of sodium choloride and 100 million years' supply of borax and potassium and more than one million years' supply of tin and cobalt He feels that pessimistic projections have paid little attention to possible ad- vances in in producing sub- stitute materials and in production techniques. In regard to a potential shor- tage of he maintains that even if agricultural technology remains static and the amount of land under cultivation does not if all that land is rais- ed to the productivity level of land in The Netherlands it will be sufficient to feed a population of 60 billion about 16 times the world's present population Similar flaws are exposed in the club's gloomy calculations about population growth and pollution. In the optimists are fighting back. Now that the myopia has been cured to some extent and it is possible to look farther it may also be bearable to view that future without rose colored glasses ERIC NICOL A long life Women in some European countries are tending to die a World Health Organization survey says The emergence of this and trend coincided with an increase in cigarette smoking by women and increase in the number of women with jobs. Welcome to the girls. I don't want to appear to take malicious pleasure tee-hee in statistics that show chat woman has bought liberation at the cost of a shorter life expectancy But the WHO survey does have social implications that merit serious comment WHO. Nowhere in the vast literature promoting woman's liberation have I noticed mention that the equal rights to be won include the right to move forward the date when Ms dons the pine overcoat. In the process of becoming fulfilled as a career woman enters the wonderful world of kippered pickled liver and gout all previously reserved for the privileged male As woman assumes the executive respon- sibilities and stress of she finds that the room at the top is furnished with an oxygen tent. And the matter of which is the weaker sex is confused beyond the wildest dreams of the Mayo Clinic. Humiliating and subservient though the domestic role may it puts less strain on the vital organs. That's something to as we ply the vacuum cleaner over the rugs of our liberated abode. The apron we wear may not guarantee the longevity of but it's a lot more conducive to long life than the grey-flannel suit our wife wears to the office. I don't suggest that a man should get married right after high just to take advantage of a preferred rate of life in- surance premiums. a man should work for a few for the same reason that the man keeps banging his head against the wall- because it feels so good when he stops. Yet it seems unfair a bit un- to let women go blundering into job equality without understanding that they are blowing their chance to outlive men. The preponderance of widows over widowers may not heighten the charm of a dirty but women are entitled to know that they are winning a place in the sun that enables them to drop dead on the golf course at 52 Well under par. The liberationism have been so engrossed by the clitoral orgasm that they have overlooked the more permanent physiological effects of career such as flunk- ing three score and ten. The WHO report no deter them not at all. Women's urge to be equal has become as compulsive as that of the salmon to spawn upstream utterly disregarding quietus made more imminent I salute their gallantry. It takes a special kind of moxy to trade the traditional needlework for the sutures of pneumectomy. be kind to your when they come home from a hard day at the office. Massage their necks tenderly. Listen sym- pathetically to their complaints about the boss And above all remember to be a real homebody. The life you lengthen will be your own. Picking on father By Doug Walker One of the favorite pastimes of the members of my family is picking on father. That I am able to bring myself to go out into the 'world after some of the demoralizing sessions is t 'nbute to my Irish forebears I guess or 'ibbornness or stupidity can 0h fiff tftln criticisms and on Recently Paul gazed at me across the table and then said to his kids' fathers change with .the wjiy can't he changes all Elspeth By Carl syndicated commentator WASHINGTON During the decade of the out of ideological hostility and naked the United States and the Soviet Union combined spent almost a thousand billion dollars for arms. The failure of the recent summit in Moscow virtually guarantees that another trillion dollars will be squandered in the 1970s on more sophisticated weapons of human destruction And in the 1980s the cost of this senseless arms race could go to two trillion dollars. When you strip aside all the deceptive generalities and self-serving platitudes uttered by President Nixon upon his that is the story of what the White House so grandly called Summit III. It means you can forget whatever dreams you had since the U S and Russia already have the capacity to kill everything that breathes or moves on this the Kremlin and the White House would agree to start diverting resources to mass transit housing for the production of more food. we both countries will plunge headlong toward the production of what Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called numbers of warheads. The Soviet Leonid for all his so-called dictatorial is under constant pressure from hard- liners in the Kremlin who will not sleep easily until Russia exceeds the United States in the number of deliverable nuclear weapons. President who nor- mally is under intense pressure from the hard-line right wing of his own party and the was this time also under intense pressure from Democratic hard-liner Sen. Henry Jackson of Washington and from liberals who felt that the president was so desperate for that he might give away too much. An obviously disheartened Kissinger said in Moscow have come to a pretty pass when even Russian ballet dancers have twigged to the largesse of Canada Council grants Farming still a small scale business By Bruce syndicated commentator Practical experience and on the spot rather than determines success in the farming business. It responds remarkably little either to national organization or to outside and strongly to hard work at the local farm level during the late nineteen scores cf companies rushed into farming. They were mesmerized by the profit potential and the long range prospect of food shor- tax and the notion that a acre farm would be ten times more ef- ficient than a acre farm. Having waited in vain for a golden many corporations now are sadly coming to the conclusion that the farming business is not for them Most of the corporations that have tried their hand as corporate farmers have pulled up though some of them remain involved in farming in an indirect mostly through limited partnership or growing crops under spec'fic contracts It all seemed like such a good idea just a few years but these corporate new- comers might have saved themselves considerable grief had they looked at basic farm facts It is true that corporations can be effective in the development of the but it is very difficult to channel these skills into agriculture There is a lesson to be learn- ed from the failure of cor- porate farming ventures. It seems that the usual cor- porate standards of produc- quality and lower level management can- not be transferred to a multi- billion dollar industry where so many imponderables predominate. it is nearly impossible to have regularity of earnings in farming because it is subject to things beyond control such as under- supplies and market con- ditions it is not sur- prising that many major cor- porations made complete flops of their forays into the farming business It has become clear that diversified corporations simp- ly are not good farmers. There is an old saying of wants to sit up with a cor- porate sow at There is now sufficient data to show that large cor- porations have higher produc- tion cost and get lower yields than prevail on farms where the operator is part owner The real risk in a hired manager is that he cannot make decisions very and is more concerned about his job than about production of crops He knows that if he were to make a bad decision he might get so he waits for someone higher up in the corporate ranks to approve or recommend a course of ac- tion By then it is often too late Corporations are inclined to misjudge their power to control events. they often purchase overly sophisticated and expensive as cor- they are inclined to forget the cyclical and uncer- tain nature of farming Some attempted to stabilize prices in the farming industry by means of heavy advertising programs to achieve brand identification When the price for crops cor- porate advertising could not act like King Canute and hold back the tide of prices The result only was the increase in selling expenses the illusion of cor- porate efficiency has been repeatedly shattered by the fact that at the farm size does not bring with it any significant cost benefits. Farming has severe built-in limitations on size in terms of economies of scale In for a THE CASSEROLE Bryce among has blasted major oil companies for giving employees time off of to go and heckle Prime Minister Trudeau during his recent visit to Calgary It is interesting to speculate as to what might particularly with the current if a Canadian company operating in the USA were to give its employees paid time off to go and shout abuse at President Nixon. One of the most shocking disclosures made recently was to the effect of 50 per cent of the barbiturates and other addictive drugs produced by legitimate drug manufacturers on this continent end up on the black market. The manufacturers of that there is no possible way to control what happens to their products after they are delivered to the first purchaser That's utter nonsense. It's done with beverage isn't the pharmaceutical houses can't do perhaps u_.._ A. Poor old B C Very soon it will have no no no in no business at all At least that is what is supposed to according to the predictions by management and business generally when it was a couple of years that minimum wage in that province was to go up to an hour. That's where it is so obituary columns in British Columbia newspapers should soon be filled with names ending in ltd. The Canadian Medical Association has prepared guidelines it says could thousands of physically or mentally unfit drivers off the road. But it omitted alcoholics from the list of unfit despite incontrovertible evidence that as drivers they are the least fit of all. If the good doctors are interested in rectifying the a standard definition of an alcoholic is readily it's the one adopted by the UN World Health the American Medical major food distributor tried to bring about economies of scale production to a fruit normally grown with great care on sites of 25 to 50 acres It quickly ran into bad weather and the local manager was unable to cope with this and other typical crop problems The result was a loss of more than million on this one crop The experiences in North America of course were duplicated by those in the Soviet Union There collective farms have proven to be notoriously inefficient com- pared to the tiny small private plots that Russian farmers were allowed to cultivate. When the crop became it became in effect one's On the other the small private plot was given a great deal of attention by the individual owner who was anxious to reap a personal reward for his activities. There is thus the human ingredient in farming which corporate farming can never duplicate Even sub-marginal farmers prefer to remain in an occupation that gives them at least minimal security in return for long hours and hard work. The human element means greater efforts than any corporation could possibly achieve Never mind that the operation is by many definitions uneconomic The farmer understands his land and prefers the low ret'irn on his time to the more frighten- ing insecurity and perhaps even worse economic luck cf the city As a result the trend towards corporate farming has abated. The outlook is now brighter in terms of local autonomy and control. Once the human spirit has proved to be stronger than any academic thought possible. sides have to convince their military establishments of the benefits of and that is not a thought that conies naturally to military people on either side It will never come naturally. Virtually every military man who breathes wants the widest kind of no matter how far the level of destructive poten- tial has surpassed the bounds of need or reason In our it is the responsibility of a wise and gutsy president to tell the military when their cravings for more weaponry become a threat to all other decent human strivings This fighting for his political life in the worst scandals in the nation's was in no position to tell the military and the other right-wing hard-liners anything. They constitute the last political reed he clings to in his struggle for survival Brezhnev's capacity for ordering restraint on the part of the Soviet military is not although there is evidence he may have less power in such matters than a U S chief executive The likelihood in this instance is that Brezhnev did not push either his military or his Kremlin colleagues to make any major concessions For Summit III was merely a probing exercise to see just how much Mr Nixon might give away in his moments of political agony Without minimizing the piddling this observer repeats that it was a foolish and futile meeting Some say it wrote epitaph for detente At it ought to reawaken Americans and Europeans to the fact that this is still a very dangerous world And will long remain so Detente has brought some civilized discussions of critical problems in the Mid- dle the Far East and elsewhere It has brought an end to the perennial crises over Berlin It has enhanced cultural intercourse and produced some economic ac- tivities which have benefited mostly the Soviet Union and a few big U S corporations Detente has not brought liberation to a single East European country Nor has it ended the absurdity of hundreds of thousands of U S and Soviet troops remaining in Europe almost three decades after the Second World War Detente has not transformed Russia from a country whose people are still deprived of the most basic of freedoms One might even make the dismaying observation instead of the Soviets becoming more like us as a result of we have become more like them with our White House our government assaults on a our government's resort to illegal poisonous leaks as a tool of character the official harassment of political enemies. As ill-conceived and ill- advised as the recent summit let us hope it serves the useful purpose of awakening the American people to some grim realities which are so easily forgotten amidst glib rhetoric about generation of peace crazy Mother's very pleased she's been practising that cross-buttock throw for weeks. The Lethbridge Herald 504 7th St S Alberta LETHBRIDQE HERALD CO. LTD Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mall Registration No 0012 CLEO MOWERS. Editor and Publisher DON H PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R DORAM General Manager ROY F MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;