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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 8, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta July 1074 THE LETHBRIDQE HERALD -3 Your horoscope lyJeamDnon Lawrence Lamb M.D. JULY 9 Your birthday Opens your new year on a note of high expanding fresh resources coming to reality. Discipline yourself to concentrate on your main pro- jects rather than a scattering diversification' program. Relationships must be guided with care and sensitivity. Today's natives are determin- ed always dreaming of some Utopian perfection. ARIES 21-April In avoid crowds and delays by starting early. Select work which gives you less exposure to the world at keep your own counsel. TAURUS 20-May Business deals are easier organized than personal finan- cing. Important introductions are almost need only your will to reach forth. GEMINI 21-June Be alert and confident in your approach to sudden expansion. More responsibility seems enter into it gracefully. Encourage all to greater self-confidence. CANCER June 21-July Now is a good time for organization of major pro- jects Important contacts are there to perhaps a new market for your special skills. Romance languishes. LEO 23-Aug. Just enough tempts you into overdoing Associates are full of wild schemes. Bring home symbolic gifts to ex- press your deeper feelings. VIRGO 23-Sept Do what you can for friends but stay intact and on your so you can help yourself those again later. Higher earning power is at hand. LIBRA 23-Oct Your activities come to general not in the same perspective as you view but favorably. It's also time to speak at some length to those you love. SCORPIO 23-Nov Keep your mind open for a wave of new inspiration. The main ingredients yet to put in are hard work and common sense. SAGITTARIUS 22-Dec Clarify your thinking on major projects -r nearby observers distant contacts are all for your plans. Romance eludes pur- suit for the moment. CAPRICORN 22-Jan Press onward with the overall program you've work- ed out. If one routine can't be another can. Marital and home conditions can stand improvements. AQUARIUS 20-Feb The state of the world takes your perhaps to the point that you neglect the personal touches that make all the difference. Try for a little more balance. PISCES 19-March What seemed difficult or im- possible yesterday now comes much closer to achievement. Tact and patience never go out of season among those you cherish ENJOY FREE SERVICES In an enclave on the island of people enjoy free medical no income tax and old age pen- sions. Goren on Bridge BY CH4RLES H. GOREN in The Chicago Tribune BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS Q. I Neither as South you hold- AAQ104 082 AQJ954 The bidding has proceeded North East South i 20 What action do you Altho you have a fan you have no safe action be- cause any npw suit bid would be forcing you might be push ing partner into a corner and forcing him to bid three hearts on a weak'.sh five-card suit. To enter the auction with a new you need close to an opening bid Your wisest course is to pass and hope partner can in which case you might take some action to describe your strength Q. you OA1032 The bidding has South West North East 1 A Pass 2 NT Pass 3 0 Pass 3 NT Pass V What do you bid spades Your hand is not strong enough to insist on but some forward-going move is indicated The fact that you look time to bid a minor suit and then removed partner's game bid to four shows a good six-card suit and interest in slam if partner has the necessary con- trols In the side suits Q. you AAQ.F54 v9 OA872 The bidding has South West North East Q. you AKQ10987 OK1095 The bidding has South West North East Pass Pass 1 Pass 1 A 2 Pass Pass What do you bid A spades You should make some effort to get to game In view of .your original this jump is not forcing Q. 6 Neither as South you OAQ76 The bidding has South West North East 1 0 Pass 1 Pass What do you bid spadv We on occa- stretch a point and jump to two no trump with only 18 points instead of the prescribed 19. we do not recom- mend this action when it in- volves suppressing a good four- card major suit There is hardly any risk in rebidding a mere one partner chances for game must be re garded as negligible 1 A 2 A 3 0 Pass Pass Pass 2 0 3 3 Pass Pass Pass What do you bid A the fact that you have shown mere preference with a not very robust partner seems interested in big things Do not make the mistake of bid- ding three re could have done that himself if he only wanted to get to game. You should confirm your good support for partner's first suit bidding four diamonds Q. as South you A10954 vQ763 OK9 The bidding has North East South West 1 A Dble. What action do you then support spades at your next turn. Your hand Is worth about 11 points at a cpade and that is the recommended method to describe such a holding. Q. as South you AQ105 OA985 The bidding has North East South West Pass Pass 1 0 Pass 1 A Pass 1 NT Pass 2 Pass What do you bid spades To this you have sounded like a person with a verj minimum opening bid. when in fact you are maxi mum for the auction you have conducted In your fine fit foi both of partner's suits improves your and you should advise him of that fact in unmistakable terms Q. you hold AAQ72 KQJ97 The bidding has North East South West 1 Pass l T Pass 2 A Pass What do you bid spades. The hand is developing well The normal way to show a club fit would be to offer a jump but that would interfere with the orderly investigation of slam possibilities. Therefore it is advisable to delay supporting partner's suit In a favor or clarifying your holding. After pai trier's next bid you will still have this opportunity to support thus describing your three-suited distribution. Dear Dr. Lamb My hus- band and I are 65. We were in the hospital for tests. I was taken in the life squad for chest pain. The doctor said it was only nerves. I spent about five days there for tests. He said I have a hiatal hernia and that was the reason it's hard to swallow. What is this and can it be what is hydronephrosis and I need a medical dictionary. This is what he had on my hospital bill for and he told me my tests were all right. My husband's bill was and it said spastic A S.H D. and myocardial ischemia. He has been a heart patient for several years. Now neither of us knows what's wrong or if we can be helped. I've always done all my own and it makes me nervous not to be able to do it and help others. Dear Reader Chest pain is a symptom. Many medical problems can cause it other than heart attacks. The problem is that frequently you can't tell whether it is a heart attack or not without testing and observing the patient for a period of time. The prudent thing to do is to put the patient in the hospital and do this. If it is a heart immediate help can be given if any life threatening complications oc- cur. One of the causes of chest pain resembling a heart at- tack is hiatal hernia. There is a normal hole in the diaphragm where the es- ophagus passes through to the stomach. the diaphragm separates the chest cavity from the ab- dominal organs. par- ticularly after this hole enlarges and lets part of the stomach form a hernia through the enlarged hole into the chest cavity. This is associated with burning pain in the pit of the stomach and spasm of the which can cause the chest pain There are many things that can be done for this problem. For more information write to me in care of this newspaper. P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y and ask for the booklet on hiatal hernia. Send 50 cents to cover costs. Hydronephrosis refers to dilatation of the part of the kidney where the urine is collected. Hydroureter means dilatation of the ureter tube that drains the urine from the kidney to the bladder. Often the dilatation is from an obstruction to the drainage of urine. It can also occur during pregnancy from the pressure of the baby. Your tests mean that the doctor didn't think you had any important obstruction or problems with this finding and no doubt it was not considered too impor- tant in your case. All of this means that you probably can continue to do a lot of things you have been provided you change your habits to eliminate the problems you have had with your hiatal hernia The term A.S.H.D. is an abbreviation for artenosclerotic heart the problem of fatty deposits in the arteries to the heart. These are the cause of his previous heart attack. Myocardial ischemia refers to inadequate flow of blood to the heart from the same cause. since he has been a heart patient for I would presume this is merely the documentation of these problems he has had for sometime The spastic colon is another and separate referr- ing to cramps of the colon and bowel problems. These can often be improved with good bowel training and proper dietary patterns. THEN 5HALL I TELL HIM WVE SHORT DON'T TELL HIM THAT.' josr PINP out IF COMING HOME IF HE'S NOT COMIN6 HOME. ASK HIM IF 1 CAN HAVE HIS LAMP AMP BUT THE PROOF IS IN THE TASTING. JUST A PASH TOO MUCH HI AND LOIS Ask Andy f si i Andy sends a seven-volume set of The Chronicles of Narnia to Christine age of Niagara for her question How many hairs are there on a human Counting the hairs on a human head seems like an impossible job. For one some people have very thick hair and a bald person has almost none at all. The best we can do is to count the hairs growing on a small patch of the head and use this number to figure out the rest. If you have a full head of healthy there are about one thousand of them growing on each square inch of your scalp. This means that there are about hairs on a full head of hair Some human heads have fewer than hairs and some have more than and of course some human heads are quite hairless Nobody can be certain about the exact number because each hair lasts only a year or so. Every a number of old hairs fall out and a number of new ones start to grow COME SURELY YOU CAN GET ONE BALL OVER THE GET ONE OVER THE NOW WE'RE HAVE TO iT BACK BUGS BUNNY PLEASE PROCEED ATA REASONABLE SPEED... WATCH ONCOMING y TRAFFIC...SI3NAL PROPERLY WHEN MAKING A TURN BLONDIE Andy sends a seven-volume set of The Chronicles ot Narnia to Cindy age Of High North for her question How do meteors Scientists think that the meteors are as old as the solar system. This means that they were made when the planets were made which was more than four billion years ago. All this they have been traveling around the spaces between the planets. And swarms of them also swing around and around the outside edge of the solar system. Most of them are no bigger than a grain of sand. Some are as big as pebbles and a few are as big as boulders. So far as we billions of meteors have been zooming around the solar system for billions of years. And many of these little space travelers come near enough to us for the earth's gravity to pull them down to the surface. As fall through the they heat up and become red hot And these falling meteors look like falling stars. After they they can never return to space traveling through the solar system UJP THESE BILLS KEEP PILING UP AMD PILING W HAVEN'T VOU EVER THOUGHT OP SAVING SOME euriFYou DON'T SPEND irjusr LIES THERE AMD I CAN'T STAND THE THOUGHT OF LAZY ARCHIE LISTEN TO THIS MY 6UPDY OWfS ME BUCKS.' csw HAGAR THE HORRIBLE I DON'T WHO VOU FIVE -r'SAlD DOLLARS Fun figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Don put down his pen your dad had one on our new phone he said. I just figured out something on don't Mary didn't sound enthusiastic. let's have your If you switch its two putting the 4-digit part you get one more than double his What was Friday's 55 green 48 gold. Mr. Hunter answers all ideas welcomed. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntlngton California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. CPA2Y ABOUT BEETLE mm Flashback 1822 Poet Percy Shelley died. 1835 The NS. Liberty Bell at Philadelphia cracked while tolling the death of a chief justice. 1852 Fire swept through Montreal killing more than 100 persons and destroying three quarters of the city SURE THINK UP SNEAKV TO YOU TO TAKE THEM TO RESTAURANTS MV PARENTS OUT7 SO I'LL BE COOKINS FOB TONIGHT 066TL6 LI1ABNER TUMBLEWEEDS rue WONDER BRING HIM AND I'LLSINCeRBUY TRY TO GET HIM AN BUT THAR NOT BE TIME- IT LL Be. A WONDER SIMKINT INPIANS PO NOT HAVE PHIUPPINO I ___4 Int. ;