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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 24

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 5, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 20-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD July 1974 Lawrence Lamb M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB I have a gall bladder that is not working Why is this ailment so common m older Will a low fat diet and no gas foods control Why- should it be Is it really necessary9 I am taking Donnatal pills before meals and Butazohdin after which gives me relief. Are these harmful if taken constantly7 I will appreciate any information you can give me I'm 79 DEAR READER Doctors call such a gall bladder a gall bladder. Remember that the gall bladder is just a sack to store bile until it is needed the bile from the liver flows down the main duct right into the small intestine as soon as it is manufactured by the liver A nonfunctionmg gall bladder is one that can't fill or store bile for any reason In 97 per cent of these cases the gall bladder contains stones The process that leads to the stone formation ends up causing the gall bladder to stop functioning A stone may be lodged in the opening to the gall bladder blocking the flow of bile into the gall bladder Or the bladder may have been mflammed and remains as a scarred contracted sack with stones inside it Fun with figures Alan was examining the lit- tle charm kalotan he commented but can you spare I got plenty They were cheap 49 cents each the green and 45 cents the gold replied Sam there was something about the total The dollars were the same as the number of gold I and the cents as many as the number of greens How many of each did he buy9 Yesterday's answer SEDAN was 71396 We really don't know whai causes the stones in the first place Some people form bile that is very rich in cholesterol. The cholesterol settles out as crystals and begins the stone formation There is some evidence that bacteria in the gall bladder contributes to the problem even if they are not the primary cause. The bacteria can pass up the bile ducts from the small intestine and into the gall bladder The stones that are formed may be mostly of cholesterol. These can sometimes be dissolved by medicine a recent medical development Other stones are black stones formed from the bile pigments Most stones are a mixture of the two There is no rule that a nonfunctionmg gall bladder must be removed in every case The reason many doctors want to remove them is that within 10 years 30 per cent of the patients with gall stones will have complications from gall bladder disease. This includes obstruction of the bile ducts with a causing jaundice and liver pancreatic acute inflamed gall which can be a painful attack and lead to serious and the possibility of developing cancer. It is equally important to note that 70 per cent of patients with gall stones do not develop complications As you might in people younger than most doctors agree that surgery should be done From 50 to 60 there is a hot and after 60 it is often not done unless there already evidence of a complication that requires it Your medicines are fine if you seem to be getting along with them. I'm not sure why you are taking them If it is for pain from gall bladder diseases that may be one reason for considering surgeiy at your age A low gas diet will help to prevent the indigestion symptoms from gall bladder disease Such a diet will not cure the gall bladder however Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN .c Ttie Chicago Tribune Both vulnerable South deals NORTH A K94 K 105 C A 95 K743 WEST EAST A Q7 5 AJS62 Q 7 6 4 OJ43 Q J 10 9 8 SOUTH A 10 5 A J3 0 K 106 A652 The South West North East 1 NT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening Queen of The bridge activist takes every finesse in sight in the firm belief that they are fore- ordained to succeed. How- on many a more passive approach to play can earn unexpected rewards With a full opening bid op- posite his partner's one no trump North did not expect his partner to have any problems collecting nine tricks at no trump Unfor- the North and South hands were mirror distribu- with the result that de- clarer had no long suit to establish once the opening lead made a break in his combined eight-card holding unlikely. West led the queen of and declarer could count eight top tricks. The chances of a 3-2 break in clubs were dimmed by the opening and it appeared that declarer would have to rely on the heart finesse for his contact But that line had a great dis- advantage declarer couid take the heart finesse either and he did not relish the idea of risking the contact on his ability to locate a queen. both the North and South hands were loaded with and nines tho given no value in the point are often the difference between success and failure in a close contact Declarer decided to put them to full use He won the first trick with the ace of and contin- ued with a club to the king He did not even mind that East discarded a low heart on the trick South simply continued with a third round of allowing West to win the trick as East sluffed a diamond West cashed his re- maining club as East pitched a but he was merely delaying the inevitable. He now had to break a suit for and South did not mind intended playing for split honors in whichever suit West attacked. West did the best he could by shifting to the queen of trying to create the impression that he held the jack as well. But declarer was not swayed from his course He won in dummy with the king and led a low spade to the ten. When this he had bs ninth trick in. It was only fitting that he should take a right position in playing East for the to make an over- trick Your horosoopo ly Jewe Dixon JULY 6 Your birthday Improved resources bolster you. drive toward success all year. holds better than usual in reasonable enterprises. Be prepared to carry the full supply the major energy. Relationships are numerous and carefree if you permit them to be so. Today's natives are clever in business and keeping track- of material details. ARIES 21-April Social aspects of living take over whatever work is scheduled If you're already far from go farther see something new. TAURUS 20-May Pitch in early to restore your bring in get the home front in order There are people to see outside your regular rounds GEMINI 21-June You can get a great deal of satisfaction from today's achievements. Neglected projects are waiting to be brought to completion or phased out CANCER 21-July Clear off technical consult professional promote a definite plan. Success attends your response to today's brisk stimulus. LEO 23-Aug. Make this as complete a holiday as you can. If you must do so with eyes and mind open to the marvels often taken for granted. VIRGO 23-Sept. Much that seemed too complex for ready doing falls into place quite smoothly with the help of today's unsual combination of people. LIBRA 23-Oct. The things you do in earnest now will last as something to remember. You'll benefit materially. Later hours are filled with bright fun. SCORPIO 23-Nov. Declare peace with all. spend your time improving what exists or clearing out whatever has become useless. You should have plenty of help SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec. Be something of an inquiring reporter- make the rounds with pertinent present yourself and your will to cooperate. Short travels succeed CAPRICORN 22-Jan. Much that has been organized up to now must be redirected. In more quiet turn your attention to what your intuition suggests. AQUARIUS 20-Feb. The world seems your oyster today. Go along with the idea of something for everybody and everything to be shared alike. Romance pops up all around PISCES 19-March Proceed with no extra movies or while listening for information. Secrets emerge and are quickly hidden by remterpretation The Chicago Tribune Ask Andy DIGESTION Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Kevin age of Des for his ques- tion How is the process of digestion A dinner tray of meat and dessert and beverage looks like smells like food and tastes like food of it is food But in its present form it is not useable food for the body Before it can be used it must be chomped and .broken remodelpd and mixed with liquid In other every meal must go through the complicated process of digestion The food we eat goes on a long winding excursion from the through the stomach to the intestines. Along the it is shredded to fragments and showered with enzyme juices that spurt in through the walls. The original meal is an assortment of chemicals. During most of these are broken apart and some are assembled to make quite different chemicals The digestive process starts in the mouth The teeth begin the job of tearing the solids to shreds Saliva contains a digestive juice called which starts the work of changing starchy foods into sugary chemicals When each well-chewed mushy mouthful is it jogs down a tube to the stomach This muscular pouch is where the main job of digestion is done. There the food is mashed and bashed to a pulpy liquid We know that meats and milk products provide needed proteins and most of us assume that these proteins are extracted and used by the body. Not so Proteins are made of chemicals called amino acids and in the stomach the proteins we eat are broken apart into their more than 20 different ammo acids. This chemical wonder is performed mainly hydrochloric acid and the enzymes in digestive juices that pour in through the stomach walls. When this stage is the soupy liquid leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine As it winds through this long the remaining starches are converted to sugars. Fats are converted to glycerol and usable fatty acids The remaining protein portions are converted to amino acids What started out on the dinner table as is now a liquid formula containing chemicals such as amino fatty acids and simple sugars At this the mixture also contains a residue of indigestible such as cellulose from stringy vegetables The usable in the form of a liquid pass through the intestine walls into the bloodstream. The indigestibles pass on down to the large the colon. From with other waste they are sent outside the body The bloodstream carries the properly digested ingredients to the busy cells. The fats and sugars may be used right away to yield energy. Or they may be stored in fatty tissues for further use. The cells use more than 20 of the digested ammo acids to build a large assortment of proteins. Thus the meat proteins we eat are broken down and reassembled to build the special proteins needed by the human body. QuMllont asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntlngton California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. Flashback 1764 Ivan VI of Russia was murdered after 22 years in prison. 1940 Britain severed relations with the French Vichy government. 1946 The Canadian dollar was placed at par with the United States dollar. LI1ABNER '-owce A GHOST IS0ONNA PERFECr .'SHORT'NINJ' WITHIM THEN AH 6O6S IMTO FO'A ORTWO- DON'T JUST STAMP THERE START LOOKIN6 FOR TOUR KA61E5 ARE TO HAVE SOOP NOSES SET THAT 0EAGLE TO THE ANP FINP WR MISSIN6 I KNOW THAT'LL HAPPEN. I'LL 6ET 6ITT6N BY A SHORT MBS LEFT A BULLET IN MIS POCKET. WHITE WOMAN GOTTUM HI AND LOIS I'D BETTER PUT SOMETHING ON SO I DON'T SHOE POLISH ON MY BUGS BUNNY CAKE FOR. A PIECE OH WALNUT X BLONDIE MR WILL YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING FOR MYCOlNl TMAT'SAM INTERESTING ELMO KIMD OF COINS -H. ARE YOU ANY KIND THE ICE-CREAM MAN WILL TAKE ARCHIE THIS WILL BE. THE SAD SUMMER OF f EVERYTHING HAS GONE UP EXCEPT ALLOWANCE TOO LAZY TO POSITION .AT JACEY NICKLE'S DEPARTMENT STORE..' JUGHEAD IS WORKING ...LIKE JUGHEAD.' I'M TOO OLD TO BEG AND TOO YOUNG FOR WELFARE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE DID I PUM6 A6 YOU FOR A WAS QUESTION BEETLE BAILEY POOR HE'S STILL ON STANDARD TIME BUT TUMBLEWEEDS WHAT'S POTHERING- I'M IN A OW00Y...A MY LIFE HAS COME TO A STANDSTILL... I'LL PET WHEN CARRV NATION WAS SEVEN SHE'P AT LEAST HAVE SMASHEP A FEW POTTLES OF ;