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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 5, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta THE IFTHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, July 5, 1971 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon TUESDAY, JULY 6 Your birthday today: To- day begins a surge of exten- sive, extrovert, and mostly cheerful expansion leading to a "too any irons in the fire" situation. In averting this problem you adjust and learn. Today's natives always ride on a strong tide of un- expressed emotions, seldom letting themselves go. ARIES (March 21 April Your gentlest manner is none too soft against the background of your restless, impatient en- ergy. Betes quite early for an uphill tomorrow. TAURUS (April 20 May Whatever you've been project- ing for some time past now comes back to you intensified. GEMINI (May 21 June Concentrate on what you know and are most skilled in doing. Change pace and activity promptly when conditions call for it. CANCER (June 21 July Practicality is your main cri- terion today. Whatever doesn't work has to go perhaps with- out waiting for a profitable of- I.EO (July 23 Aug. latisfactory progress in any ne now depends on cummum- ation sharing knowledge :nd know how. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. Career issues are static, await- ng development. Seek special pleasures with your best friend. LIBRA Sept. 23 Oct. ,'ime off and time out to be ,-curself becomes more desir- able as the day wears on. Seel; a definite change of pace. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. repare to increase your spend- ng as social needs and oppor- unities appear on all sides. Ivening is for reflection, drift- ng with the currents. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. Whatever help you get now should be taken at face Why geysers are hot Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the World Book- Encyclopedia to Randy Arm- strong, age of Galesburg, Illinois', for his question: Why is water from a geyser hot? The frothy fountain from a geyser i s mostly gaseous steam. It reached the boiling point of water deep in the earth's crust. Down there, the geyser has a special plumbing system with a durable furnace to supply the heat energy for the spectacular operation. The true geysers of the world occur in only three major regions and their locations reveal how the earth creates them. Most of the world's geysers are located in Iceland, New Zealand and in North Amer- ica's Yellowstone N a t i o nal Park. These are regions of re- cent volcanic activity associat- ed with the formation of new crustal layers. Under normal conditions, pressure and heat increase with, depth and crustal layers three miles below the surface are hot enough to boil water. Under volcanic condi- tions, friction from crustal un- rest creates enough heat to melt buried minerals into pools of molten magma. This enormous heat energy is capped below massive layers of cool solid rocks until cracks occur in the solid surface. Then the pressure is released and the buried superheated magma erupts. It spews fumes and va- rious gases into the air and boiling minerals in flows of lava. Sometimes rivers of lava reach the surface. It may in- trude through underground crustal layers, or get buried below landslides. When this hot volcanic ma- terial is buried, it tends to re- tain its heat energy for cen- turies. However, this gradually escapes to the surface, cre- ating hot mineral springs and bubbling mud pots, smokey fu- maroles and gushing geysers. These geological wonders thai occur in fields of fairly recenl volcanic activity are powerec by deeply buried volcanic heat energy, carried up by rising gases. A geyser requires an under- ground plumbing system with crooked pipes and perhaps a buried cauldron. These cavities fill with water. Some is seep- ing ground water and some may be created from oxygen ant hydrogen gases by the trappec volcanic energy. The captured water is heated by pressure from above and by volcanic energy trapped in deen crusta layers. Normally, boiling water rises in convection currents and con- verts to steam. A geyser's crooked plumbing prevents nor- mal convection and keeps the superheated water under pres- sure until the surface boils over. This releases pressure on he superheated water below, a flash, some of it converts into steam and the geyser erupts. Meantime the crooked plumbing system refills with vater and the trapped vol- canic heat energy prepares it for the next frothy eruption. Fiery volcanoes also have beneficial features. Their por- ous lava rocks enrich the soil md plants use their erupted carbon dioxide to make oxygen. Fields of recent volcanic ac- tivity hold enormous supplies of geothermal energy. In the fu- :ure, we may see fewer gey- iers and fumaroles because Jieir energy can be used to generate non-polluting electric power. We expect the reduction of pollution to require sacri- fiMS but not Old Faithful! This super geyser is safely pro- tected forever in National Park. Yellowstone Andy sends a World Book Atlas to David Stefanski, age 11, of Independence, Ohio, for his question: How long do goldfish live? Goldfish are glamorous mem bers of the grubby carp family The rather sluggish carp have a reputation for living a very long time. Some people claim that their life spans are long er than those of any other fishes, though nobody knows this for sure. At any rate, since goldfish qualify as true carp we can expect them to live to a ripe old age. Barring accidents and neglect, they do, indeed outlive most other fishes o their size. The ordinary goldfish thai live in outdoor ponds, more or less in the wild state, often live 15 years or more. The average goldfish in the average home aquarium has a life expectancy of only about five years. Dedi cated hobbyists, however, trea sure about 20 fancy goldfish strains. One of their favorite, is the handsome golden carp This durable creature has been known to live more than 3 years. As a rule, he enjoys his long life in the freedom of a well-tended outdoor pool, where everything is arranged for hi good health and personal con venience. Questions assea uy children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1971) value, used for purposes and reasons stated while it lasts, i Disquieting news in later hours forces some future improve- ment. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Your usually steady grasp falters under a rare and power- ful impulse. Where more than yourself may be involved, think twice, pray, then move once- choosing a conservative course. AUUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Quick action today brings you fresh opportunity bui. stop at the first feasible moment for re-evaluation, regrouping, in- ventory. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Put preconceived ideas and ten- tative plans aside to follow in- tuition. (1971: By The Chicago Tribune) TUMBLEWEEDS-By TOM K. TiYAN VOU'SE, OV PRUPPER, LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Don't-drink Avarniug for liver patients Dear Dr. Lamb Six years I Dear Dr. Lamb -What is MV DAD SHiS THAT WHEW HE RRECRACKEIK CALLED LAWf IN6ERS THEYD UfflTTA WHOLE SIRWG AT ONE TIME. AMP THFrt> 60 FOP POP fW POP POP POP POP POP POP POP FOP POP POP rer TOP (o? TOP POP POP POP WP POP POP POP POP POP WHAVEATENPENWTO60 INTO TO PATRASCALiJPISTINKLY WHIM MOTTIVAWER offi.m wiLPERwess is FRAUGHT WIT1 PERIL PER A SHELTERED, UNWARY 12 YEAR Oil ClTf ALA5J I 5HOULPA KEP'Mi; EYE 'SNIFF.? TO T'lNK 0' PAT POOR, NAIVE CH1LP ALL ALONE OUT PERE IN PA WILPS! SUFFER'M FROM EXPOSURE, PARYLIZEP WIT BlONDIE-By Chic Yogncj ago, I became ill and the doc- tor told me 1 had cirrhosis of ibe liver. He put me on a fat- tree diet, no alcohol and light work, no lifting. I am sticking to this advice, but I still don't have a lot of energy and I wonder if you could advise me if there are any vitamins or diets that could help? Is there any operation that will help? Dear Reader Lack of en- ergy or fatigue is common to people with chronic liver di- sease. I am sure that the vita- min B complex group, taken daily, would certainly not harm you and might be beneficial. Many patients with long-stand- ing liver disease are given supplementary vitamins and the B complex groups are the long- most important ones. Some patients with standing liver disease also have anemia, which may con- tribute to their sense of fa- tigue, and, of course, a person with liver disease can have an- emia because of iron deficiency or any of the other factors that may cause anemia as well. A careful and thorough examina- tion is necessary, if an ane- mia is present, to unmask any other factors besides the liver disease that might be contribut- ing to the problem. It would be particularly important to treat Hie anemia if that were true. From what you have told me, it sounds like you have had some very good advice. Cer- tainly you should avoid alcohol in all forms, particularly if you still have some evidence of ac- tive liver disease, which your letter suggests is the case. heut-germ oil? What is it good for? I understand that it has no special dietary claims. Dear Reader Wheat-germ oil is taken from the growth pail of the wheat seed. It is mostly a polyunsaturated oil and contains numerous vita- mins, including the vitamin B complex group and yitunin E. It is a particularly rich source tor vitamin E. Individuals who believe that large amounts of viatmin E are useful for their health often use oil. Since vitamin E is abundant in many food substances, this spe- cial effort is probably not neces- sary. Although there have been some i enthusiastic claims for vitamin E, there is no evidence at this time that the admini- stration of large doses of vita- min E to man has any effect whatsoever. In rats (fortunate- ly, not in man) it can improve fertility. For this reason, it was originally called the fertility vitamin, Dear Dr, Lamb I can't un- derstand all the p r e a c h ing about cigarettes and cigarette smoke. My husband smoked cigarettes for years until I talked him into smoking a pipe. He smokes constantly and it doesn't seem to affect him but I coughed all last winter. Talk about pollution, I breathe it all day. You would think it was a real healthy habit, smoking a pipe. UTiat do you think? Dear Reader I think it is the lesser of the two evils in most instances but certainly not beneficial for the health. GOREN ON BRIDGE This tiny ZENITH hearing aid Zenith's remarkable Z-70 is just one of 18 quality Zenith hearing One of them might be just right for you. At no obligation, test-hear a Zenith hearing aid today. Zantth hearings aids priced from quality goes in before the nnme goes oh. of "Sound ft Booklet. LEISTER'S MUSIC Paramount Theatre Bldg. LETHBRIDGE NAME Little benefit for coiisiuners TORONTO (CP) The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Union said today consumers will receive little benefit from the removal of the 15-per-cent excise duty on television sets, radios and sterso sets. The union said in a press release that manufac- turers of such home entertain- ment products appear to have no intention of passing on to the consumer the full benefit of the saving. Removal of the excise duty on such products was announced by Finance Minister Edgar Ben- son in the recent federal budget. The union said it has sent a telegram to Mr. Benson and Ron Bosford, federal minister of consumer and corporate affairs, noting there is no obstacle to price manipulation on the part of manufacturers. CHICKS HATCHED ITHACA, NY. (AP) Cor- nell University says one of the world's rare and threatened birds, a napcd crane, has laid nine fertile eggs from which three clucks have been hatched at the university's lab- oratory of ornithology. The suc- cessful hatchings were the first reported In more than 20 years in the western world. BY CHARLES H. GOREN Wls By THE Chlciie Trlbonel BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: 4Q109765 OQ864 The bidding bas proceeded: West North East South V Dble. Pass 1 3 4 5 V What do you bid now? spades. Thus far part- ner his undertaken to fulfill a 10 trick contract on his own, in- asmuch as your original forced response promised nothing. Ac- tually your hand contains very attractive distributional features co that the lack of high cards should not be a deterrent to a five spade cail. Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: fvKJiri8 OJ985 AC3 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 0 Pass 1 Pass 2 <2 Pass What do you bid now? hearts. This hand Is worth 10 points and tho partner wculd require a maximum raise to approach the total required for game, yet ar. invitation should be extended on the bills of the diamond fit plus the ex- cellent texture of your heart suit. Q. 3 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: AAJ952 OAS The bidding has proceeded: South West North East l Pass 2 Pass What do you bid now? hand h not quite enough to warrant four spade hid. If partner happens to have a robust raise, game bo there. If hli raise li rather an the feeble Ride, you ehoulil be content with part score. Test It out by bidding three upadei. and permit partner to the Judge. Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: The bidding has proceeded: Sooth West North East 1 4 Pass 2 Pass .1 V 4 Pass What do you bid now? vigorous bid U In order. Your prevloui wit cldedly on the conitrvatlva Now that hu ibowa tin iat the should be is a slam If two losers In he does not ha diamonds. This conveyed by a bid of five hearts which requests North to bid a slam if he has second round con- trol of diamonds, either the king or a singleton. An alternative bid ts five clubs, a cue bid showing the king. Q. 5 Neither vulnerable. Partner opens the bidding with one heart and you hold: A43 'w'K975 OQJ974 What is your response? hearts. Where di- rect btti gives an accurate de- scription of the hand. It Is usu- ally preferable to an Indirect bid. This hand Is valued at 15 In support of hearts and comet within the of 13 to 16. which covers such responses. Q, 6 Neither vulnerable, partner opens with four spades and you hold: AA653Z OK74 What do you bid? prompt pui Indicated. You have Just enough to permit partner to make 10 tricks, since Ms call represents an overbid of two to three trlckr Q. vulnerable and as South you hold: 4.10742 OAJ952 483 TV bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 A Dble. Pass What do you bid? It our policy ID prefer four card major to a fivr card minor In responding to takeout double, we lean toward one diamond response It Is a Roori five card suit asainil very weak four card suit. Furthermore, the diamonds can be shown at the level of one. There will almost surely further bidding and whin you mention spades next time it will be clear to partner that you five diamonds and a weak four card spade suit. Q. vulnerable, part- ner opens with one spade and you hold: 6AJ85 AAKQ5 Wbat is your reiponte? diamonds Despltt the poucMlon of enoufh hfkh card ilrenjth to Justify a Jump ihlft. you should bt content to bid at thr two level. You ihoutd allow bidding room to ahow all your lulU, If necenary. Tt mlfht he that tlam It attainable but only If a fit can tw found In one of three lulU. A two heart response li not favored that call when mvdt ovir ipadt optnlni tftilinitn a fin card mlt. LIE STILL, CASANOVA" 1 I'LL GET THE LINIMENT BEtTU BAILEY-By Mort Walker THE GENERAL'S AROUNP, THAT BUBBLE 111 ABNER-By Al Capp -WIIXEEVJORK1N' V THASS UPASTOOPID NUFFLOOK TO GIT HIM OUT.V JINGUW'THESE COINS WILL KETCH CKOOKEP MILES' EAR-BUT HARD AH HAIN'T WORKED ARCHIE-By Bob Montana HI AND LOIS-By Dik Browns FOR A SMALL SUM THEV'LL INSURE VOJ INSURANCE IW ALL SET ON INSURANCE-! HAVE ALL I NEED. THANKS. SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal BUGS BUNNY YEK SET'S WOKK1N' PERFECTLY NOW... THAT'LL BE TEW BUCKS1 WHY SHOULD. I PAY "JDO WHEN ALU YOU'DIP WAS DOES IT START WORKIN' WHEN you KICK IT? ;