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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 3, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta I nc L.C I More irrigated acres An acre of irrigated land will grow more food than an acre of dry and in the period of serious global food shortages arriving with a maximum production is essential. But the availability of water is not the only critical factor. a marketing system and profitability must also be considered. It is not as easy as just decreeing build another another and deliver water to another hundred thousand Discussion of the canal has been revived. It would deliver water from the St. Mary system to acres in a long ribbon to the south of the present irrigated belt east of Lethbridge to Medicine Hat. The Redcliffe-Ronalane system is also back in the talking stage. A large acreage northwest of Medicine Hat would get water from the Bow River. Both of these will eventually be although they will require either large new storage facilities or the transfer of water from more northerly streams. But how high should they be in the priorities hsf The best value for a dollar can probably be obtained right now by upgrading the existing systems those watered by the Waterton-Belly-St. Mary rivers. The St. Mary Irrigation which is the largest and most basic of is already cramped by canal limitations and thus by a shortage of deliverable water. Existing canal structures are in need of repair or replacement. Reclamation of saline land spoiled by earlier mis-irrigation must be pursued. For the past few years the system has been adding about ten thousand acres ol irrigation a year simply by more pumping into sprinklers. This expansion could continue for many more years il the water could be delivered. However the limit on the volume of available water is forcing a halt to this growth. The deputy Mr. said in Southern Alberta recently that million would be available for irrigation in the next 10 years. If the present situation and the prospects are reviewed carefully it will probably be found that repair and improvement of existing systems will yield the biggest and fastest return in greater food production. Miracles do cease President Juan Peron of Argentina probably died just in time to preserve his reputation of being something of a miracle man In the year since his remarkable reappearance as head of after 18 years of enforced he has not been able to unite the country or put it on the road to prosperity. A grim time seems in prospect for Argentina which the aging general would not likely have been able to cope with and still re- tain his image. Whatever may be history's verdict on Juan Peron's leadership in the earlier from 1943 to 1955. it is un- questionably true that a majority of his countrymen considered him a great man. The negative things to his credit tended to be overshadowed by the impression that he had improved the lot of the com- mon man and put the country on the map That impression encouraged the notion that if only the general could return to power all the problems besetting the nation could be overcome and a new surge forward would occur. To expect anyone to be able to recap- ture the same spirit of enthusiasm that characterized an earlier period is folly to bank on an aged man in addi- tion was beyond reason. Juan Peron did demonstrate a remarkable energy in his short time back in office but the demands of running a modern state were too great Many of the problems with which he was expected to cope had dimensions which his earlier experience had not touched. Now the Argentinians can indulge another expecting Peron's the to become the rein- carnation of an earlier and carry the country forward. If she can save the nation from chaos and another military coup it will be a greater miracle than it Juan Peron had been able to do what had been expected of him. THE CASSEROLE Paul publisher and editor of the Financial told a convention of ship builders that the government appears to have And not a moment too the way things have been going. The much criticized Concorde supersonic jet flew from Paris to Boston the other day in three hours and nine minutes. Arriving several minutes earlier than it landed almost which should help to quiet the fuss about sonic booms. Another planned test flight was Boston to London and return with a full in an elapsed time of eight including loading and unloading at each end. That's fast. So one that notwithstanding all the unkind things Americans have said about they won't be able to resist buying it. Communist Party Chief Leonid Brezhnev says Russia is ready to negotiate a complete ban on nuclpar including cessation of underground tests. Noting that India now has a what France and China are fast catching up in nuclear and that the U S is providing nuclear fuels and know-how to Egypt and it's high time someone made a move to stop somewhere short of total disaster for everyone. ERIC NICOL The optional course and me are going to a said my high-school-age daughter Remarks such as this make me wonder if the criticism of the teaching of English in our schools may not be justified. My daughter's home environment if I do say'so such as to distinguish the objective pronoun from the subjective. I do not use the locution and me are going to a not merely because I have trouble getting a date who shares my taste in films but because'I am offended by permissive grammar. I am told that grammar is no longer taught in our except as an optional like Showing Up For Class. The reason for this is that grammar is linked with traditional which in turn is responsible for the increasing number of elderly persons who try to set fire to their grandchildren. Progressive with its emphasis on the whole tries to instill literacy without teaching grammar. This is like playing football on a field without there is a wonderful sense of but the purpose becomes confused. Hence the committees that are investigating literacy in our schools. More and more parents are alarmed to hear their children come out with something like and me are going to a They wonder whether grammar should not be resuscitated as part df instruction in even though this means sacrificing some of the joy of learning. From my own experience in high I'd say that the best way to make English grammar attractive to students is to have them learn Latin grammar. After Latin which has more awkward cases than a English said Ben had small Latin and less but he absorbed enough of their grammatical discipline to write with enormous respect for the rules of composition. Citing the elective quality of Elizabethan the progressive among our educators have stressed creative expression over and stood back to await contemporary equivalents of Othello and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Instead we have had The which her and me are going to see over my dead body. The committees who are performing an autopsy on this dead dream of Deweyism should perhaps consider the possibility that teachers of English wage a losing struggle against the corruptive influence of radio rock. No one who has watched a noon-hour crowd of high school students listening devoutly to a visiting rock group can doubt that the gram- matical standards of Mick Jagger carry more clout than does instruction keyed to literarcy. So long as gets the communication is fulfilled. Grammar is engulfed by sheer volume of sound. Sufficiently wording that would have instantly turned H. W. Fowler's hair snow white becotnes a triumph of syntax. kids asked to define will tell you that it is something added to their old man's hotel When nasal noises punctuated by a guitar earn the rock star his million-dollar home in Hollywood and. his stable of private our teachers of English are batting a very sticky wicket. I fear that grammatical things will get worse before they get better. Meantime God save the Queen's her and me Letters you care who ends up wasting your hard-earned Stanfield facing test By Richard Toronto Star commentator Elections are an exercise in trust. Successful leaders build a as much emotional as between themselves and the public. Conservative Leader Robert Stanfield hasn't made that connection. Everyone who knows him takes his integrity and hones- ty for yet only 18 per cent of Canadians asked by the Gallup Poll which leader was the chose compared to 33 per cent for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. A poll doesn't decide an election. Undirected anger about the cost of western alienation seeking an outlet to express anti- Trudeau some of it masking hostility toward a superior party organization at the riding a large bloc of undecided votes that conceals latent Conservative strength. All these factors could combine to elect more Conservative than Liberal MPs. Such a result would be a de- feat for not a victory tor Stanfield. That phenomenon isn't new. The late prime minister Lester Pearson climbed into power upon the ruins of John Diefenbaker's reputation. Historical coincidences are too in memory rather than explanations of the present. It is also too and certainly too to explain away Stanfield's failure to com- municate in the conventional terms of a repetitive campaign style or of his inability to generate drama and excitement. The contradiction between Stanfield's private reputation and his public image is so profound that the explanation must lie deeper. The I is that in this campaign Stanfield hasn't been able to bring himself to say what he truly he hasn't listened enough to what the public has tried to tell him. Most applause at political rallies is a conditioned response to cue- lines like next prime or a protective wave that develops when one person starts to clap. One line in Stanfield's campaign- opener in Winnipeg drew a response that was wholly genuine. He must be prepared to dis- cipline The ap- plause was strong and a signal of recognition. Perhaps Stanfield didn't hear the signal. Perhaps he has judged amid self-discipline is an unsaleable message. Certainly he has never returned to the theme again. of is in- tegral to many of Stanfield's and income the cut-back in government spending. But Stanfield has not or to explain that neither will be reduced spending means less money for worthy and less controls mean that many will be forced back from the wage and salary levels they could have won on the open market. Stanfield hasn't told the public the consequences of his nor challenged them to share responsibility for their own economic affairs. He in trusted the nor. so received that trust in return. If Stanfield would be committed to implementing his policy of controls But without public understanding and support that policy has no chance of success. Controls can be evaded by the black firms which provide employees with fringe benefits as a substitute for wage by unions which generate wage demands to justify the price increases of their companies and which then collect higher wages out of the increased profits inflation continues to escalate and becomes part of our social Stanfield told me in an interview at the end of a long campaign will become increasingly difficult to get the co- operation needed for any program of be- cause everyone will be looking out for themselves This will represent a terrible test for democratic Stanfield himself is facing that test as a democratic leader. So far he has failed it. The three ghosts of Yalta By William New York Times commentator YALTA Eager to haunt the latest example of Dacha three ghosts of a previous summit gathered to discuss Yalta II. The ghosts took the form of a a cigarette jauntily angled in a long and a cigar. In a jocular I once wrote a bit of doggerel about this Malta to no more let us falter.'1 Trouble you did falter a bit on the division of the spoils. I thought we had a personal relationship that would carry us to our rendezvous with destiny. Harry liked old too thought he was a realist. I was. So is the man who lives in this Dacha today. How can you say The way he talks about the relaxation of tensions makes him sound like a pitchman for a Turkish bath. Cold War was getting Soviet interests nowhere. When China turned we needed a non- aggression pact on our western front you cannot fight a two-front Cold War. Surely that can't be the only reason for the cordial attitude of the Soviet Union. Detente got Soviets recognition of East cost us nothing. Detente got Soviets secure European cost us nothing. Detente got Soviets secure. Detente made NATO into bowl of warm cost us nothing. Detente got Soviets grain deal with cost us cost you plenty You would of the new Soviet style of Not my but gets ballet dancers gets big but crushes internal dissent nearly as well as I did. But your man comes to Yalta with grave weaknesses. The Soviet economic system has proven to be no match for the West's. Your man is bogged down in central planning and the bureaucracy is muscle-bound. The Communist system is an inefficiency inside a botch-up wrapped in an alibi. That's why your man is desperate for western technology. And for western capital to develop resources to sell to western markets. We are willing for you to help us compete so long as you do not ask us to change the system that makes it impossible for us to compete. Unless the Soviet Union demonstrates its sincerity by agreeing to limit the warheads of MIRV a detestable by the nothing is named right any more if I were the American I wouldn't give the Russians a As another quid pro I'd insist again and again and again on an easing of Soviet emmigration policy. Scoop is a grand isn't On the other I like old Henry he's a realist. Nixon brings his own weakness to Yalta. Who is he to teach us If he drank every toast he proposed to he would never sober up foreign affair is not love affairs. By making himself the indispensable he makes it harder for him. but your man is going along with him every step of the way why is the general secretary helping the president look so good on American We like to deal with the people we know. You died and Truman started the Cold War Kennedy was killed and Johnson started the Vietnam War We know this American we both have a stake in the same and we don't know anybody else in your country who can drag the right-wing warmongers along Poppycock. The value of young whatsisname. Ike's is that he understands the flow of history even if he never understood that the making of tape recordings impedes the writing of history. This president seizes the moment to play one power centre against and makes peace when he sounds most belligerent- A grand design. He is the East's symbol of the continuity of change and the western key to unlocking the Iron Curtain. If he doesn't cave in Franklin with some unwritten understanding on arms control in- a wrongheaded assumption that it would save his political then he will not only but history will speak of if I may say in the same breath as me. But hark the glow-worm show's the matin to be near The the cigar and the pipe dissolved in the Crimean as the living leaders of the world's humming me as they took their places at the haunted table to begin Different remedies Since inflation appears to be a dominant issue in the current election perhaps you will allow an economist by to make a few points which might clarify some misconceptions. While not denying the gravity of the The Herald has questioned whether the control of wages and prices so steadfastly advocated by Mr. Stanfield might really be an appropriate cure for inflation. The of depends upon the nature of the sickness. Although inflation denotes one and the same condition where prices are persistently it can have different causes which obviously call for different remedies. The eight per cent jump in the level of consumer prices resulted from the coincidence of several mostly unpredictable. Considerable crop failure in 1972 pushed upward the world prices of foodstuffs by nearly 90 per cent in two a world wide upswing in industrial production which occurred in 1973 caused acute shortages of several industrial raw materials the oil producing countries raised the price of crude oil by almost 400 per cent in one year The Liberal government took no action to curb the current commodity price inflation on the premise since this inflation is a world wide nothing can be done about it. This argument is only partially for of all the major industrial Canada is probably the best suited to resist a commodity price in view of her abundant endowment with natural resources. due to the lack of any policy our rate of inflation last year was actually higher than that of a country which depends so much on imports of industrial raw and energy. This owing to a marked slowdown of industrial the general trend in the com- modity prices appears to be downward with the exception of oil prices This should abate the inflationary pressures in the domestic insofar as they are linked to the world commodity prices At the same time organized labor in embittered by the shrinking purchasing power of earnings is pushing for large pay hikes in the order of 15 to 20 per cent. If the wage and increases of this size would inevitably fan the inflationary flames with the result thai the pace of inflation instead of declining might actually escalate It is this sort of imminent threat that Mr Stanfield's wage-price controls are designed to avert. DR. I. J. ADEL- CZLOWIEKOWSKI University of Lethbridge Socialist government A few years ago I read about a Liars where members used to compete once a with the honors going to the one who could tell the biggest he I'm sure the NDP government in British Columbia coming to power and would have an excellent chance of an honorary in such a contest They say they feel so sorry for the poor working and old age raising their pensions a few dollars a month while the premier hikes his own salary from a year to along with a big boost to all the other MLAs and adding around more people to fill civil servant posts at a nice fat salary each. This is what they call fighting inflation and curbing government to say nothing of the many thousands of taxpayer dollars modernizing government offices etc. They are finding it hard to convince the working small business and they are buying that it's in their interest to have everything under government control. I'm sure many will agree it is high time we got out of this and get back to the good old free enterprise where one doesn't mind working for something one can call one's own I know there are many who helped elect a Socialist government in British Columbia who would work even harder to get them out. Let's not forget this in the federal as well as provincial Why hasn't the Liberal government fulfilled some of the promises it's making such 3 song about in their campaign during the years it has been in power1' Of course the prime minister was an NDP until he saw a chance to get into power under the Liberal banner The changing of etc of our postage stamps every few is another big expense Canada could get along to say nothing of the cost of labelling all products in French as well as English Is this Canada or What about all the other nationalities who make their home in perhaps they should force their home language on our school system. Could we force the English language on the schools in France or any other I am glad to by what readers have to say in the papers that many are getting their eyes open to what's going on. Our wonderful free Canada is fast becoming brain washed into a Socialist Communist state By the news reports Manitoba and Saskatchewan are having similar laws forced on them by Socialist governments JOHN H FOX B C Independent kingdom May I draw attention to in The Herald June stating that Serbia been a possession of Austria since Serbia was an independent kingdom. It was the former Turkish provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina which were annexed by Austria in 1908. The Austrian crown prince and princess were assassinated in Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia by a Serbian high school student who came over from Serbia with other terrorists for this thereby triggering off the First World War G. TELCS Lethbridge Candidate's promises with the coming candidates are busy making promises to all ages of people but us in the 45-58 age group. We worked hard to accumulate a little and now would like to slow down a little and start relaxing but with all costs going sky high we can't. So how about the candidates telling us what their plans are for the older people who are too young for any pension. A Canadian for 57 years Lethbridge The Uthbrtdge Herald 504 7th St. S. Alberta LETHBRIDQE HERALD CO. LTD. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mail Registration No. 0012 CLEO Editor and Publisher DON H PILLING Managing Editor DONALD R DORAM General Manager ROY F. MILES Advertising Manager DOUGLAS K WALKER Editorial Page Editor ROBERT M. FENTON Circulation Manager KENNETH E BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;