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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 28

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald {Newspaper} - 1974-01-30,Lethbridge, Alberta Aé— inc uinaKlililá rtáHALU<>«íi JMMMry n, 1t74 i»rAM I THURSDAY, JAN. 31 Your birthday today: ConversatiMi, traiuttion from old habits and conditions to new and more productive daily living describe your coining year. Less time can be wasted as you find more clearly marked paths. Relationships came to reliable stability but include increasing differences of opinion and choice. Today’s natives often pursue unrealizable ideals or begin projects which take generations to complete. ARIES (March 21-April 19): At times you like to get there and back before anyone knows you’ve gone. This is one day you should be sure those you love are aware of your,moves and plans. TAURUS (April 2fr-May ZO): Correction of recent error is important and within your reach. Social situations develop actively but are by no means settled at present levels. GEMINI (May 21-Jime 20): Pay close attention to that sudden idea from out of the blue, particularly if it begins: What would happen if? Speculative activity is favored. CANCER (June 21-July Z2>: Even though you are asked to join a different project, stay on your own course. Later hours are for moderate celebration, sharing of entertainments. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Walk softly; it’s all too easy to step on omer’s egos. Plan for an evening of good conversation, but make no promises. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Critical questions may as wdl as be asked today, readjustment ensues spontaneously, possibly needs your active follow-up. Lost objects should be sought now. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Begin early and take the required steps for positive results. The needs of both friends and competitors have to be taken into account regardless of your attitude. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 23): You may be in the middle of shifting your approach to many of the Issues of the day. Remember existing situations are not permanent; may be changed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 2Î-Dec. £1): Letting things drift piles up extra work. Be observant, ready to question any momentary development. In many matters the facts are less than what meets the eye. CAPRICORN (Dec. «-JtB. 19)    : Make a shrewd move to consolidate your resources. Things in general cannot remain as they are unless you supply support and definite continued effort. AQUARIUS (Jan. 2»-Feb. IS) : Today's fantastic scheme may become tomorrow’s dull routine. Whatever you’re doing, carefully check your facts and figures. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20);    Despite deep enootional surges that seem to propel you along, you should pause and think where you’re going and what the results may be. (1974, The Chicago Tribune) Pun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER We have 3479 for the game today. Using alt four digits each time, one of each but no other digits at all, you form expressions for the consecutive numbers from one up. Any arithmetical signs may be used, but no summation or factorial symbols. Don’t forget both ^pes of decimals, also powers and roots (no extra digits). For example, 74 plus 9 equals 3 is a solution for 80. The limit without a break in continuity seems to be 132. 1 shall be glad to check solutions, and vrill send hints to help in future games if requested. Yesterday’s answer; aNDY was 20163 (odd). . BUSINESS OUTSIDE Canada’s nine chartered banks maintained 272 branches and agencies outside Canada at the end of 1971. Dear Dr. Liub — Will you please explain to me aoout taking lecithin for cbolesterd trouble? My cholesterol has been high, from what the doc-, tor tells me, and 1 have been taking lecithin, at least, four tablespoons a day, but it doesn’t seem to help. I watch my fats in the diet and anything that is cooked, eliminating all fatty foods, butter, whole milk, etc. Will lecithin help lower my cholesterol? Am I wasting my money In continuing to teke it? The doctor says it wilt not help, and he has never heard of lecithin helping cholesterol. Dear Reader — If you are on a proper diet to begin with, it will not help in any way except to d€*rease the amount of money you will have available to spend on food. Lecithin is a fatty acid, combined with choline and a phosphate. When you swallow it, the lecithin will be broken down into these three parts before it can even be absorbed. You get plenty of phosphate anyway. If you eat lean meat you will be getting plenty of choline. The remaining fatty acid is just fat, and you don’t need any more of that. Sometime the fatty acid is unsaturated fat, and if a person is deficient in fatty acids, it might help. But you should be getting plenty of I wlyunsaturated fat in your. : ood from fish, vegetable oils and cereal. In my opinion, encouraging healthy people who eat a normal diet to take lecithin to lower their cholesterol borders on fraud. Dear Dr. Lamb — I really need your help. My nose has really fixed me. t mve a feeling Just like a headache in the nose (just the left half.) Six years ago 1 had this a few times, then it rapidly disappeared. Recently it appeared almost every day for a month. I tried very hard to discover the common causes and to analyze the Similarities, but 1 failed. It usually happens In the morning and It's just like an electronic pulse hits me once every few seconds. ’The frequency and amplitude become hi^r and bigger as time goes on. After a peak it becomes . slower. It lasts about an hour, and it makes me feet terrible (sometimes intolerable). During the period of discomfort, my left eye can feel some tears coming out, and my left nostril may gather some liquid. I am 27 now and in good health except the nose problem. Any piece of advice from you would be highly appreciated. Thanks a million, doc! Dear Reader - You have ^ven me a classic descrlpUon of a cluster headache. They are so called because they occur In clusters and may occur ever day for a week or month and then stop suddenly. After the cluster of headaches are over, the person feels just fine. Some authorities consider them to be related to migraine headaches. During the cluster of attacks, alcohol se^ to induce attacks. Unlike migrainies, they are more common in men than in women. Cluster headaches usually begin at around age 30. The tearing of the eye and the fluid in the nostril are common characteristics, and they are usually on one side. Your doctor can treat your problem. You will need to take medicines during the time the clusters strike. In between time, you should be aU right. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 1»19. For a copy of Dr. Lamb’s booklet on cholesterol, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for “Cholesterol" booklet. EvefW Mtmuö MOW PeoAi-i HEK SlKÊ this same lilW, ANP tr^ AMAZlMd HOU SHOflTMK iVs S£5K '-i ^3û•Jr wJhs ^ '5-r "-S MiiHAUSTe^/ Qoren on Bridge BY CHARLES O. GOREN • n* CHcH* TiMan Both vulnerable. West deals. NORTH A Kit 3 ^ Q 10 S 4 OJioai    ' «10« EAST ♦ A«5t A» O 154 4k A74Z SMtCh INT 3NT WEST AQ984 C?K753i 0 VoM 4b 9853 SOUTH 4Jt 0 AKQ98T ♦ KQJ TTie bidding; West North East Pass Pns 1 4 2 4 I NT Pau Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 'niree of <0 East and West combined in an enterprising defensive effort to deny South of a po> tential gain from unorthodox bidding. With both major suits wide open. South’s overcall of one no trump is, to put it mildly, rather unusual. However, South rated to take about eight tricks in hit own hand at no trump. In view of East’s opening bid, It seemed unlikely that North-South could make an eleven>tr^k contract, so South decided that his only chance for game was in no trump. When North competed to two no trump. South placed partner with vahies in the major suits, and so he decided to ihoot for game. From the auction. West suspected that a chib attack might prove futile, tho in the actual case it could have beaten the contract, so he led his fourth-best heart. East won the ace, and it would have been all too easy to return a heart or shift to a club. In either case, dedarer would have romped home with his game contract. However, dummy’s heart holding made it obvious that that suit held no future, and the fact that West had not led a club made attacking that suit unattractive. Therefore, East decided to go after the shorter of dummy’s two remaining suits — spades. At trick two, he returned the deuce of spades. Declarer played low and West, in turn, made a superb play — he inserted the eight. Dummy's ten won, and declarer tried to set up club tricks by leading a low club. East went up with the ace and continued the fine defensive work by shifting back to hearts. West took the king of hearts and returned the queen of spades, pinning c*e-clarer’s jack! Whether declarer played dummy’s king or not was iiiunaterial — the defenders were bound to collect three spade tricks. Added to two heart tricks and the ace of clubs, this spelled a two>trick defeat. Note that after the opening heart lead, the defenders have to play their cards in exactly this way to defeat the contract. If they diverge in any way from this line, declarer would midce his no tramp game. ANIMAL SPECIES Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Mark Phillips, age 11, of Lansing, Michigan, for his question: How many species of animal are there? If we count all the animals that have been named and .classified, the number comes to well over a million. But who knows whether they missed some shy little rodent, living high on a forgotten mountain? Or perhaps they missed a rare frog species, at home by some untravelable river. In the dim steamy jungles, no doubt there are a few glamorous butterflies waiting to introduce themselves. Naturally, we can count only the animal species we have met — and at present the list is incomplete. • • * It would take quite a while to count the million-plus species so far identified. A Noah’s Ark parade of the animals would take many weeks to pass by. And such a parade would bring a few major surprises. In our everyday lives, our closest animal friends and associates are the furry mammals. For this reason we may tend to assume that mammals make. up the bulk of the animal kingdom. .Actually the mammals are Uie second smallest minority. Since the mammals tend to be sizeable animals, probably almost all their species have been found, named and classified. All told, there are about 5,000 species of mammal living at this time. The handsome grey wolf, the magnificent blue whale and several others, sad to say, are threatened with extinction in the near future. Though most reptiles tend to keep out of sight, we are aware of certain snakes and crocodiles, turtles and lizards. The number of known reptiles is about ft,000 — 1,000 more than the mammal group. Chances are you might underestimate the bird world. CAvj 3URN uPA urroF SbtNÿ^ AS< Th£' rH&'K thin<in3 iOfo MM IMS tiy dik browm BUGS BUNNY [seeMEMBER, TM!S cluck V61? Fli&HTlM' ONLy HASTWDAPiMS ArJ' TWO UE&S. TH' SAME AS you; |6ULP; YEAH, SLTTIT \ TAKES rm> OF) MINE ID MAKE < QMS OF H\Sl J CA\ON,TH' )_ REFeRÊÊ'S RCAPV T'&iVS hilS JNSTRUCDONâ/ 1 WAKiT A &000, CLEAN ) _— eiAut! —____^ t'30 BLONME by chk young YOU'RE SHOUTINÖ AT ME-EVERY80PY SHOUTS ATME The answer is more believable after you consider the vast variety of bird populations that inhabit the different climate zones — and add the sea birds. Even so, it is surprising to learn that there are more than 9,000 known bird species. No doubt you can name some of the species of fishes. But remember that most of our planet is covered with water and that almost all of this water supports fishy pop-• ulations. If your estimate of the known fish species is around 30,000, you are about right. This figure, however, does not include the multitudes of non-fishy creatures that inhabit the seas. Most of them are classified in the enormous group of arthropod creatures. This largest phylum of the animal kingdom includes assorted shrimps, lobsters and other cnisty-coated creatures with -jointm appendages. And the most numerous group of arthropods is the class Insec-ta. The list of known insects includes some 800,000 species. « « « The list of animals also includes crusty shelled crabs and mollusks, the octopus and his kinfolk, assorted worms and various soft-bodied creatures of the deep. Without a doubt, the largest group is the insect class. TOe smallest group is the 3,000 or so froggy amphibians who were, strange to say, among the first botdies who left the ancient seas to live on the land. Ou««tl6nt wMnd by elill<l* rin of HAraki r«ad«r« thouM b* malM to Atk Andy« P.O. Box. 7U, Huntinston B««ch, Catifoml« 92M8. (Cepyrlgm Chroniel» Publishing Co. 1973) FUR INCREASED The amount of fur exported from the Yukon increased in 1972 by 25 per cent over the previous year's figure. The value of the marketed fur was almost 1200,000. ^ I DONY THINK ^ HES EMOTIOWALLY EQUIPPEP FO« THIS JOB JUICHIE _ A "SHAKY CHAIR.^ by bob montana mm' A tMGM Ilk HOndBLE I CMlr MapbY Voü, BdpMêY I -You're too immature . i dik brornie iM Ti^AT CASB VioÚLD Yolj u^b TO play }ioP6corcU r’ BEETU6MLEY by mort walker 0ÊMÈRAL CAN'T V DO ÍOú COf^B TO THe WAR 0AME5 tMiNkí tAb today, so TMAT box MÉN W)U WtLI. REPKe^ENT XuNPER^TANP HEAPauAfSTEE^ / V THAT? 7 OM, TMeV UNPEK6TAND IT ALREAP/ Lil ABNER THASS HER,'ORE HOMOFt.— MS. SHADDOP, RJJFE."-. „ I^TH'CRIW'MUL HERE. AH'kk DO TH' TAlKI N * hW • by alcapp TUMBLEWEEDS ¡rr MR. WlUL YOU HOLP MY / POLLY VVHILE Í RUN AN ERfWNPi BB \ VERVWTTHOUGHJ SHE'S ASLEEPJ ma ■äs? f\ /1 J \ 1 y •/.. , . . pmVilWHATMßUaBS HDü WIN'WITH tHATPOa?i /ßö Nibs;‘'V!':-RfinCH!yCííí‘0 «.rot. ;