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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - January 27, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta IS THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, J.nuary 27, Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. I have hypoglycemia and would greatly appreciate any infor- mation you could send me about it. My oldest brother is a diabetic. My emlocrihplogist has me on a 1000 calorie high protein diet. Dear Reader The interesting thing about your diagnosis is your brother's diabetes. Sometimes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) precedes the develop- ment of diabetes (high blood In these instances the defect is really in the islets of Langerhan's of the pancreas, the place where insulin is produced. Normally when the amount of sugar (glucose) in' your small intestine rises after eating sweets the islets release an increased amount of insulin. Your body literally releases whatever amount of insulin you need to control the level of your blood sugar. When the islets are defec- tive they may release insulin too late, long after the peak sugar load. The result is the extra insulin, released into the bloodstream after the blood glucose level has already started to fall. The extra in- sulin drives the level lower still and hypogiycemia develops. As the islets become more defective, they fail to produce enough insulin. The defect literally progresses from producing too late to also producing too little. Then you have diabetes. There are many factors related to low blood sugar, some are endocrine and others are related to diet. A lot of people get that diagnosis who have other conditions, including anxiety. Fur more detailed information write to me at P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019 and ask for the booklet on low blood sugar. Send 50 cents to cover costs. Your horoscope lyJtmDuon It is common to put people with this condition on a high protein diet. I presume your doctor thinks you are also overweight and is restricting your calories for that purpose. In general, even for patients With low blood sugar, I prefer a well balanced diet, with plenty of bulk and relatively low in fat. So you need to be careful where you get the protein, since some protein foods are loaded with fat. Dear Dr. Lamb Do you think cancer can be cured when a person is in his or her 70s? Dear Reader Of course. It depends not so much on age as the type of cancer and how far it has progressed. An early skin cancer, for example, can be removed with a complete cure. Cancer of the prostate can be controlled for years after it is first diagnosed. The success in control depends a lot on how early it is diagnosed. The best aid you have to sur- vival from cancer is finding the cancer early before it has a chance to enlarge or spread. That means regular checkups, particularly for those who are more likely to have cancer. Early cancers found and treated can often be completely cured. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF Q.I vulnerable, as South you hold: The bidding has proceeded: South West North Last 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 3 4 Pass What do you bid now? Dospitr the fact that partner's bidding has done -little to encourage your hopes, you should not yet give up on slam. Your furth'er probe, spotlighting your diamond short- ness, mitfht extract some additional sign of life from part- ner. You could mala- a slam opposite nothing hut a good six-. card diamond suit. Q.2-Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 4107 f The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 Pass Pass What action do you take? A.-Double. In the balancing seat, you can make a takeout double with a slightly weaker hand than you would in the immediate position. This call is superior to a bid. of two dia- monds, for it gives partner more the choice to pass if his strength is in the enemy's suit. vulner- able, as South you hold: The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass Pass Dble. Pass Pass 2 Pass What action do you take? A.-Raise to three spades. Thus far, you have promised partner nothing, and you really have quite a useful hand in the light of the bidding. You have four- card support headed by the king and ruffing values in the minors, and if partner goes on to game you should expect to make it- Indeed, we would not criticize an aggressive jump to four spades immediately. Q.4-East-West vulnerable, as South vou hold: 4Q1054 V762 4KQ862 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 2 f 2 Pass What action do you take? Bid four spades. In view of West's strong opening bid, you obviously do not expect to make this. However, by-lipping the level of the auction to four .spades, you are posing tremen- dous problems for your U1JUNER opponents. They will no longer have the bidding space to ex- plore for the right contract and will have to guess'at a high lev.el. vulnerable, as South vou hold: VJ108752 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South I Dble. 2 What action do you take? three hearts. While it might seem odd to advocate a free hjd at the three-level with a hand containing only two jacks, the auction has marked partner with heart support more than a singleton spade, so the hands should fit well. Failure to hid now lead to the loss of a part score, or even a game; sinco partner might not have the values to compete further. vulner- able, as South you hold: VAKQJ105 What is your opening bid? heart. Though you have game in hand, it would bo improper to open with two hearts, since you lack the re- high-card strength. It is too risky to ope'n with a demand, hid on your freak hand. Should partner hold some totally worth- less values like king-queen of spades and ace-king of clubs, there could be no stopping him from pushing on to a hopeless slam. Don't worry about gettinff passed you don't believe me. just deal out the other 39 cards and see for yourself. Q.7-Both vulnerable, as South you Hold: 4AK73 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 Dble. 1 1 NT Pass 2 2V 3 9 What action do you take? three hearts. By bidding twice vulnerable in the face of an opposing takeout double, partner must have a good six- card suit. Since you have already limited your hand with your pass at your second turn.'your three quick tricks and singleton-dia- mond should sway you toward a competitive raise. TUESDAY, JAN. 28 Your birthday today: You learn to live and prosper among powerful neighbors this vear: bridging com- munication gaps, easing co- operation and carrying stronger roles in your career. A transition period to an en- tirely new stage of develop- ment comes late in the year. Relationships are too often neglected and need your care. Today's natives attempt the unusual, optimistically are serious thinkers. ARIES (March 21-ApriI Proposals and invitations have strings attached to them; don't accept any of them. Don't mind friends' schemes or comments; you have work waiting for you. TAURUS (April 20-May Be early since you've got more to do than you bargained for. Reply late to give yourself time to think before dealing with associates. GEMINI Everyone rushes into action today, but little is gained by the commotion. Don't pay attention to gossip; more than the usual is floating around. Relax and be natural. CANCER (June 21-July There's no short cut in the long run, but try to economize energy. Stay put where you are and take time out to meditate, instead of dashing about needlessly. LEO (July 23-Aug. If you can't quite find joy and glory, in harsh and intemperate remarks, you've proven you're still human. Get away from the crowd if you can. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Plan for yourself today; do things alone where possible. An early start helps, as does a steady pace with rest periods for readjustments. Quit early LIBRA 23-Oct. You and your opinions become the biggest obstacle in your path today. It may seem as though others are just guessing; if they're incorrect, let them learn by themselves. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. If you procrastinate at work, you won't finish in time for the extra benefit that shows up later. There are no miracles or easy roads today, but don't complain. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. The error you catch can save your project if you check it further. Put off publicly declared decisions until you're free of emotional distraction. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Partnership and group actions require explicit agree- ment on fine details, precise figures. Don't force issues, be prompt in responses, and check travel times carefully. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Anything you do is bound to cause gossip. Do what you really believe is right, despite a clash of personalities and opinions. PISCES ('Feb. 19-March Be alert; sort out the trivial from the significant. Hold your comments until you've put the whole picture together and made up your mind about what you intend to do. THERE'S A- LI6HTON IN PATTY'S HOUSE..: SHORT BBS 1 WANT TO PUT OUT A CONTIJACT.CW BANANA- NOSE. HOW MUCH SIR, RKWT POOR UlAS WIPE OPEN SO I WALKEP IN... I ALSO TMINK THATAU (fWR FURNITURE 15 6ONE...' I (iJAS LUCKf THAT WK NEW kWTCHPOfi PIPN'T IF I EVER SET. OFF THIS UIATERKP, I'M 60NNA BITE THE WATCHCW.' SALES WRES NO TAX TAX. ON RUBBIN'A SUV OUT IN THIS STATE. DUMDUM. [AND NINETY- NINETY-EIGHT flSrfT CENTS. CENTS FOR? YOU'SOTTA PAY TAX ON THE CEMENT AND THE BWHTUB. HI AND LOIS Ask Andy NEAREST STAR Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Rhonda North, age 10, of Salt Lake City, Utah, for her question: How far is the nearest star? The stars, of course, are those twinkling sparklers that shine at night in the dark, velvety sky. All of them are vast distances away, across the vast ocean of space. But let's not forget our very own personal star, the dazzling sun. Its distance is only about 93 million miles, which is much closer to us than any of the nighttime stars. I CAN'T RIGHT NOW, I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO I'LL PLAY.WITH HIM ANOTHER TIME. DITTO WANTED TO PLAY HIDE- AND-SEEK WITH BUGS BUNNY Pun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter "Okay, said Harry. "Call me next week." His friend smiled. "I'll do that, but what's your new number? I know the ex- change, of course." "Easy to replied Harry. "The first half of each is the second half of the other, and you know my old number. Also the new number is one less than twice the old number." What was the new number? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: 313 blades at S3.13. Flashback Q.8-North-South vulner- able, as South vou hold- The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 Pass 2 9 Pass What do you bid now? A.-Two spades. Your hand 13 not good enough to introduce .a new suit at the level of three. That action, known as a "high requires.a hand with considerably more than mini- mum values. 1859 German Emperor Wilhelm II was born. He died in 1941. 1891 109 miners died in a mine at Mount Pleasant, Pa. 1938 The Honeymoon Bridge at Niagara Falls collapsed after being damag- ed by an ice jam. 1939 R. B. Bennett, former Canadian prime minister, left for retirement in England. 31 trampled to death at Seoul railway station. Outer space is so enormous that a million earth-miles is but a tiny step. Obviously we need a larger unit to measure the distance between us and the nighttime stars. One of the sky's measuring units is the light year. Not counting the sun, the nearest star to us is a distance of 4.3 light years. Unless we know more about the light year, this figure does not mean very much; This clever measuring unit is somewhat like so many miles per hour. It is based on the speed of light, which is roughly miles per se- cond or almost 700 million miles per hour. But this is not all. The stupendous light year is the distance that light travels in one earth year. One light year equals about 6 million million ordinary earth miles. You can write this figure as 6 plus a tail of 12 zeros. The nearest star, not counting the sun, is about 27 million million miles away or 4.3 light years. It would be nice to look up and see our nearest neighbor in the starry sky. But this star does not shine in our skies. It appears in the Southern Hemisphere, south of the equator. There it is the brightest star in the constella- tion Centaurus, the Centaur. Astronomers use the Greek alphabet to list the stars of a constellation- according to their brightness. Our nearest neighbor is Alpha Centauri, the brightest sparkler in Cen- taurus. Actually it is a close family of several stars. The one that is closest to us is call- ed Proxima. We cannot see the nearest star, gut we can see the se- cond nearest. It is Sirius, the dazzling Dog Star that shines in our winter skies. Its dis- tance is 8.6 light years, which is twice as far as Alpha Centauri. But Sirius is bigger and much-brighter. In fact, it is the brightest star seen from anywhere on the earth not counting our razzle dazzle starry sun. QuMtfom by chll- drtn of readers, mtlltd to Atk Andy, P.O. -Box. Huntlngton Bcieh, CtlHornli 92M8. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. EXCEPT FOR v-----x PERIOP1C CATNAPS, I HAVE LABORED LONG AND FAITH- FULLY IN YOUR EMPLOY FOR. A PITTANCE DOES THIS MEAN YOUR. ANSWER. IS "NO" BLOHDIE Illir4" DID YOU p- HEAR ABOUT MAVis HOPGOOD? THREE POUNDS AND ALL HEC FRIENDS ARCHIE OKAY.' SHE CAN J STAY IN MY ROOM.' HOLD "MINNIE" WELL, WELL, MINNIE JUGHEAD, THE YOU SAID YOU DJAAOOCHEK TAKE CARE OF I MINNIE WHILE JHAVEN'T I'M AWAY.' HER OVER HERE FOR A LONG TIME.' MOMMY HAD HER POPPIES HAGAR THE HORRIBLE ILLTE.L.L You (4AS-AP FIRES YOU'RE BEETLE BAILEY WE'RE TO 8UILP UP Trig CONFIPENCE OF (XX faxes, WB MAtS RUN. THIS COURSE RAV APTEK PAY THEIR' BEETLE, HERE, PROBABLY SEEN AT IT TUMBLEWEEDS I'P STAKE LIFE THAT UNDER ICE- THIS is A LOOK OUT THF-KE ACC-J ANOTHER AHJfHE CATUE PKIVEJ: PANORAMA OF All, THE RAW ROMANCE PA5PANWOFTHE lYESTJ'... AH.' PRISTINE SOOL- STIRRINe SVMRU. OF CUR HERITAGE.' WHAT A P2AWFUL SIGHTJ ;