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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - January 25, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta 12 - THE IETHBRIOGE HERALD - Monday, January 25, 1971 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon TUESDAY. JAN. 26 Your birthday today: You may be thrust into vigorous acitivity this year before you are clear of previous ventures which must be settled. Emotional ties become more important, perhaps a bit harder to manage. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Get started in good humor and stay that way while you drive an excellent bargain. Plan to tidy up details tomorrow; get the broad outlines set now. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Continue yesterday's approach, vigorously. Friends are full of theories, while your main trend of inUrest has gone on to more practical matters. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): All sorts of financial documentation afford an area for confusion or correction. Ventures can be more readily organized. Be ready for visitors. CANCER (June 21-July 22): An early start and a full day of effort bring feelings of achievement. You can coax favors for an evening of social enjoyment. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Ex press yourself fully and direct . ly, beginning as early as local of circumtanees permit. Competi-tion is just enough challenge to make it fun. VIRGO (Aug. 23rSept. 22): Follow up good news this morning with corrections, revisions of your business and financial plans. S'eck backing for worthwhile projects. LIBRA (Spct. 23-Oct. 22): You'll be surprised at how much routine can be done with consistent effort. Family affairs are amendable to planning tonight. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Think about self-improvement as you zip thru work. Strive for efficiency, seek more logical sequences for doing things. Gather loved ones this evening. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Get ready for a campaign of greater effort. Revise your plans, organize your resources. Evening promises a change of atmosphere. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Rise and shine as an in- Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to Darrel Morgan, age 12, of Calgary, Alberta, for his question: What makes sounds disappear? Sound is a form of energy and energy tends to spend itself. The energy of sound is spent on traveling through air, water and various solid, liquid or gaseous mediums. One reason it grows weaker is because it balloons outward as it goes. This disperses and thins the intensity of its energy. Some of the sound energy also is lost by friction with resisting molecules. Under standard conditions, a sound diminishes its intensity to one-fourth as it doubles the distance from the energy that created it.   * Sounds borrow their energy from outside sources. The whistling wind is started by moving air, brushing the leaves and crashing around the corners of solid buildings. A throbbing drum-beat borrows' its energy from the muscle power of the drummer. As he strikes his sticks on the taut drumhead, it bounces with vibrations that bash the air molecules and set them in jogging motion. The energy of muscle power is transferred and converted into sound energy. To keep the sound going, the drummer must sustain the beat to supply continuous energy. Otherwise the throbbing pulse diminishes and finally fades away into silence. The original energy that starts a sound sets molecules into jogging motion. This cannot happen in a vacuum. Sounds can pass only through mediums such as air, water and metals. The vibrating energy vibrates the molecules at its source. These molecules jog those behind them and waves of sound balloon farther and farther from the source. Molecules are bouncy particles of matter but even the air resists these punching vibrations to some extent. As the sound energy is transferred on and on from the source, some is lost by friction. But this is not the major reason that sound diminishes. Energy can be measured in units and that which starts a sound has so much and no more to spend. Its force is strongest at the source, where naturally the sound intensity is strongest. As it balloons outward, the same amount of energy spreads through a wider region. It thins out and loses intensity. Finally the original energy is spread so thin that it grows too weak to make molecules vibrate - and the sound fades away. Acoustic power is the time rate at which sound energy is dispersed. It can be measured in units based on watts of energy striking a solid surface of one square centimeter. Under standard conditions, echos and other interferences are eliminated and the temperature adjusted to 0 degrees centigrade. As the distance from the source is doubled, the area of the spreading sound bubble is four times as great. Hence the sound intensity diminshes to one-fourth. At three times the distance, the wave front area is nine times greater and the sound fades to one-ninth of its intensity. # * * All sorts of other factors can interfere to change the pattern of the sound bubble and increase its intensity with echos and reflections. When sounds traveling through the air meet a solid wall, they tend to bounce back with a spurt of extra energy. This bounces spheres of molecules back and forth from walls and ceiling. These sound waves form intricate patterns. But when the source of the sounds stop, they too use up their borrowed energy and gradually subside into silence. Questions asfced by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington Beacli, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1971) dividual. Realize your grace and dignity as you make use of your improving energy. There's much to celebrate in the evening. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)s Just when you are set to try something new, along comes somebody with a big story. Stay with your main pro- jects. Extra help is available. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): This is an open opportunity day in which you more or less have your own way by using what you know to best advantage. Assume good will all around. 1971 by Chicago Tribune LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Baldness in women really can happen Dear Dr. Lamb - I am scared and don't know where to turn. I'm 28 and have three children. Other than an operation for appendicitis I have never been ill. Four years ago my hair started falling out and it falls out by the fistful. I go to the beauty shop every Saturday. A young operator told me I'd be bald in two years. I can't sleep or eat and just the thought s t a r t s me to cry. My husband says it is all foolishness, but I would rather be dead than bald. Would you please tell me who I should see or what to do to help me? We don't have much money, but I'd gladly go to work if necessary. Dear Reader - Baldness in women is more common than you might think, although it usually occurs in later years. Of course, you are not bald YET. There are a lot of causes for baldness. Sometimes it is the result of a glandular disturbance. The small gland at the brain sometimes is injured in childbirth and leads to multiple gland problems. The thyroid gland function is important too. Nervousness sometimes causes a loss of hair - even in patches. This may be a contributing factor in your case. Another cause for loss of hair is frequent use of harsh chemicals in beauty treatments. That trip to the beauty parlor every Saturday may be costing you more than money. Considering some of the things that are dene to hair it is a wonder that any of it survives. Oxygi en apparatus for baby centres cooks in seven minutes By KEN KELLY Canadian Press Science Writer OTTAWA (CP) - Nurseries and intensive care units for premature babies may be equipped with oxygen apparatus bearing "safe level" instructions that makes its use anything but safe for infants, says a Montreal expert in the care of the newborn. Dr. Leo Stern, director of the department of newborn medicine at Montreal Children's Hospital said yesterday the so-called safe level for oxygen administration to premature babies can, in fact, be too high for some children. Most equipment has plates warning that the oxygen content of the incubator atmosphere should be held to about 40 per cent. This is based on a discovery of the 1950s that premature infants given high concentrations of oxygen frequently go blind with scar tissue and retina damage from oxygen-induced bloodvessel changes. Dr. Stern said the 40-per-cent level was decided at that time without any scientific basis. Now, he said, work by an associate reported to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons yesterday indicates ihe 40 per cent can be too high for some infants. Dr. Stern's colleague. Dr. Jacob V. Aranda, a research feHow at the same hospital, found that the important factor in the dangerous blood vessel changes was the level of oxygen in the arteries of the child's eye rather than the oxygen level in the atmosphere breathed. At 40 per cent, some infants had arterial oxygen tensions that produced early symptoms of the blood vessel changes which result in blindness. H e recommended frequent monitoring of oxygen pressure in the arteries of premature infants to ensure the oxygen tension does not go above 100 millimetres of mercury. I think you really ought to go see a skin specialist (dermatologist). He can tell you if you also need some studies for endocrine gland function or if you just need to stop all those hair treatments. If your loss of hair is caused by nervousness, perhaps knowing this is the cause will help you to relax and nature will solve your problem. Since you don't have much money, why don't your drop the beauty parlor off your list and merely shampoo your hair at home (not too often) for a few weeks and see what happens? Don't use bleach or tint or other beauty preparations. About one-third of diabetics can be treated with dietary management alone. The figure might be even higher if all those who are overweight really lost all their excess fat. I have personally seen many people who had diabetic blood reactions become completely normal after significant weight loss. * * * Many people fail to realize that their living habits include the regular use of drugs. Coffee or colas contain caffeine, which is a drug. If you need a tranquilizer, you don't need a stimulant. The two drugs would counteract each other. * * * Do you know anyone who has violent reactions after drinking alcohol? Usually, these people have brain damage, according to Dr. George Thompson, a Los Angeles psy c h i a t r i s t. Dr. Thompson found that these people had abnormalities in their brain wave (EEG) similar to those reported in certain types of epilepsy (psychomotor). As little as two drinks can precipitate the reaction in some people and they may not even remember the incident afterward. REAL PLANKS In the early Christian era, as skiing was beginning to catch on in Scandinavia, skis were real planks. GOREN ON BRIDGE Face-slasher lo jail goes EDMONTON (AP) - A year - old woman was tenced here to 12 months jail for slashing another ... man in the face with a knife. Provincial Judge C. ii. Rolfe sentenced Delphine Turning-robe for the incident on Dec. 2(1 and said that her record suggested that she becomes more and more violent time she drinks. Elizabeth B u 1 lshields, was wounded in the incident 26-sen- in wo- each 37, BY CHARLES H. GOREN (� 1�71: *r TM CWcaes Triteee) ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ Q. l-As South, vulnerable, you hold: AAK6 P�� T What do you bid now? A.-Four spades. Nothing more aggressive ft indicated. Your opening bid of two no trump was based on 33 point) and has the infirmity ot �n unstopped �ult, which Is exceptional. Unless partner can take aggressive action on the next round, there will be no slam. Q. 2-Both vulnerable, as South you hold: *62 S?K642 OK53 e>Q842 The bidding has proceeded: North East South 1A Dole. ? What do you bid? A.-Bid one no trump. This will Inform partner that jnou have scattered values. If you choose to pass, the bidding may progress at to rapid a pace that you may never have the opportunity to enter the picture Q. S- As South, vulnerable, you hold: sM� 8 What is your response? A.-Three diamonds. You have sufficient high card strength for a jump to three no trump lis points), but the three diamond bid Is superior, tor it will produce the same result with the added advantage of providing; partner with the opportunity lo bid three spades. If he happeni to have a four card major auit; and, with the slightly unbalanced hand, a suit contract may prove to be superior. t). 7 -Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: *>AJ7 52 AKQ The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1A Pass 3 4> Pasa 3 as East Pass highly will which certawl'f*..rrAkE cia55kal WJ&C, por instance ,..tu)0 people who 'shared a love for beethoven coup become very cuke,,. LANCELOT-By Coker * Ponn / 60 ON/ NOW { \ (&t0p STALLING.' \ A OUT won SO! J / now /vwtfce m can have , f A LITTLE PBACB ANP