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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald {Newspaper} - 1974-01-23,Lethbridge, Alberta IS—THE LETHBRIDOE HERALD—Wtdiwfdiy, J«mwry 23,1974 Ask Andy THE WOODPECKER Andy sends a complete 20' volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Julie DiMasi, age 13, of West Warwick, Rhode Island, for her question; Why do woodpeckers peck? When you watch a woodpecker pecking, you wonder whether the pretty little bird has lost his mind. He jab-jab-jabs his beak into a tree trunk, using his feathery head like a hammer. Surely, he must expect to suffer through the world's worst headache. Actually there is no need to worry. The woodpecker has a perfectly sensible reason for pecking a tree trunk and, so far as we know, he never gets a headache. * • • The woodpecker is designed for life in the trees. The 200 or so cousins in his family include the flickers and sap-suckers and a few members are at home in wooded regions almost everywhere in the world. One of our North American favorites is the little downy woodpecker, dressed in speckled black and white with a small red spot on his head. Another of our favorites is the larger red-headed woodpecker, who nests throughout the United SUtea and Canada, with the exception of the far north and western mountains. He wears a bold outfit of black and white, set off by a vivid red cap that completely covers his head and neck. Though a sizeable bird of perhaps ten inches long, we rarely sec him. But if he happens to dwell in your favorite woods, you surely will hear him. When he flies from tree to tree, he goes by in a jerky flash — with two or three fast wing beats and a dipping glide. Chances are, he lands with his tummy flat against the trunk. His body is designed to make this odd position quite comfortable. Each toot has two sharp claws that point forward and two more that point tp the rear. You can see how these four prongs can get a good ^ip on the side of a trunk. When he's securely anchored, his short stiff tall feathers spread flat like a fan and help to keep him balanced. The bright-eyed woodpecker now is all set to start work. He uses his sharp, super-strong bill to hammer out a loud tattoo — tap-tap-tap on the tree trunk. In slow motion, you would see that he whacks first from one side, then from the other side, as a woodsman does as he chops wood. He can whack with all his might because the extra strong bones in his skull are designed to withstand the pounding shocks. The woodpecker is drilling and digging for his favorite food, which happens to be the grubs, bugs and assorted insects that make their homes in and under the bark, When a victim is exposed, the woodpecker shoots out his extra long tongue and scoops it into his mouth. • • • When nesting time comes around, the woodpecker parents team together and use ...... talents to scoop their „    . a deep nole in a tree trunk. The small entrance leads to a cavity perhaps a foot deep. Two to eight white eggs are laid in the unlined nest at the bottom of the hollow. For a couple of weeks, the male and female take turns at sitting on the eggs. When the chicks hatch, both parents toil to feed and educate them in all the skills that a successful woodpecker should know. Quwlion* a*k*d by eMM-r«n «f Herald    thouM b«    to Ask Andy, P.O. Boi. 795, Huntington Boach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicl* Publiohlng Co. 1973) Curb auto insurance rate hikes THURSDAY, JANUARY M Your bh>thday today: Sees you off and striving well with wergy and determination in a year of novel circumstances, Self-improvement is critically important; you must study to ke^ up with world growth. Relationships contain many interesting, mosUy happy surprises, according to how you pursue them. Today’s natives are modest but firm, sometimes obstinate in line with the facts as they see them. ARIES (March 21-ApriI 1»): You have to turn the wheels now, make the first advances, set up preliminary or demonstration situations. If your point is worth making, then do what it takes to make it. TAURUS (AprU 20-May 20): With a moderate effort on your initiative, progress can be made. If you are not sure of what’s going on, find out before proceeding. GEMINI (May 21-JuDe 20): For every story you hear there are several more. Take no sides unUl you’ve at least heard a majority of them. The young tend to bring you cause for concern, questions to ponder. CANCER (JuneSl-JulyM): Being critical comes all too easily today. You have neither the complete responsibility nor the hcense to go beyond the surface. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22); Supply is the keyword for the day. See that feature of all enterprises, and where you can, bring your establishment up to being ready for a wide range of probability. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. *2): Simplify your position and schedule wherever possible. Be flexible. The stitch in time today saves several times nine! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. St): First responsibility is to yourself and for your own inner serenity. Put external affairs out of your mind until you have come to terms with your own needs. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In most human affairs, there is more than meets the eye. Your insight briiigs ywi Information best kept to yourself. You could make things worse for all concerned by rash moves. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): (jet Off your home base, reach for extra benefits. Old friends and familiar places are good for another round of enjoyment, but be wary of making any large promises. CAPRICORN (Dec. Zi-Jan. W): For once the expansive trend appears to favor your interests and personal ventures. Be receptive, alert, and move swiftly. Waiting for your friends to agree is a losing cause. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feh. 18): If the work at hand is yours, then do it without complaint. If the conditions are not clear or to your way of thinking, let somebody else do it. Find something uat supports your beliefs. PISCES (Feb. IS-March 20): Explicit and perhaps harshly expressed opinions are the order of the day. Give yourself room to maneuver by acting rather than talking ahead of time. Social “Luck” is now yours. 1974, The Chicago Tribune 'AU.WTH6 VALLE«!'OF MATH CArWWTDTMELÉFrOF'THEM, P HOM£ A6AIN ihi Piece.........I think; SHORT ms WASHINGTON (Reuter) -The Cost of Living Council put a 60-day clamp today on any rises in motor insurance rates while it studies what effect lower speed limits are having on the number of accidents in the United States. Department of transportation figures showed there had been a I5-to 20-per-cent drop in motor accident fatalities in November in 16 states which had lowered highway speed limits because of the energy shortage. BY CHARLES H. GOREN e m«, .TM CMCHt Ttlkni* Both viilneraUe. South deals. NORTH *    «54 i;? 87 0 as3 ^ JS742 WEST    EAST 4KQJ10 «A832 (?4S    ^K«S3 0 »882    0 74 «>63    ♦Qt*5 soirni *    »7 <7 AQJlt* 0 A K J 1« « AK nie bidding: Sontli West Nortii East t    Pass 2 NT Pan 3    0 Pats 3 q? Past 4    <7 Past Past Pait opening lead: King of *. Declarer used what little of value he found in dummy to best advantage, and brought home a heart game that would have failed with less careful play. North made a well-reasoned bid when he gave a false preference to South’s first suit. Despite the fact that he held three diamonds to an honor, North realized that the most likely game *as at a heart contract, which would require only 10 tricks, rather than diamonds at a level higher. The defenders started with three rounds at spades, declarer ruffing the third. There was a temptation to use the only entry to dummy to take a heart finesse, and that would have been a perfectly satisfactory line had the trumps split 3-3. However, that was against the odds, and declarer had to guard against a 4-2 trump split. If he gave up a trump trick OR the third round and was forced again with a apade, one of the defenders would be left with a long trump. To counter this, declarer made the fine play of the queen of hearts from his hand. It would not have helped East to win the trick and play another spade, for declarer would ruff that in dummy. Nor would any oth> er return do the defense any good. Accordingly, East came up with an excellent defensive gambit—be allowed declarer to win the trick. Had South continued with another heart from., his hand. East’s tactic would have been rewarded with a one-trick set. However, declarer was up to the diallenge. He crossed to dummy with the queen of diamonds and led a heart, finessing the jack. The ace of hearts was cashed, and declarer’s foresight was rewarded when the king did not drop. All that declarer had to do was abandon trumps and play his side-suit winner». East could ruff whenever he wished, hnt declarer still had a trump to control the spade suit. His only losers were two spades and a trump. DEAR DR. LAMB - A column of yours dealt with the subject of individuals who drink more than five cups of coffee per day being more prone to heart attacks, but that a decaffeinated product would obviate this problem. - In another column in the same paper a doctor disputed this statement b^ saying a collaborative drug study ruled out caffeine as being responsible for the increasi^ heart attacks in those persons drinking over five cups of coffee per day. Please clarify, as many persons are interested in the facts. DEAR READER - I believe if you read my column carefully again, you \^1 note 1 stated that scientists had reported this relationship. In fact, they have. The latest report was in Lancet, a respected medical journal. This is not the first time coffee has been reported as a factor in heart attacks. Dr. Paul of Chicago, and formerly president of the American Heart Assn., reported this relationship a number of years earlier. Other scientists have disputed the validity of the observation. I don’t think anyone can make a definite statement Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Peter handed back the photo. "Your grandson, eh?” he commented. “He's got your chin. How old is he now?” “I thought you’d ask.” Mike chuckled. "Some years ago he was the square root of my age then, but that same number of years from now I’ll be five times what he'll be then.” Well? (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday’s answer: SONNY was 103M. C?05£\=S. D.-'    VSL'ïï VVA5'-NJ ENER5N M AND LOIS by dÜi bromi« filKSniNNY BLOMNE RUSH SPARKED The Klondike (»old Rush of 1896 was sparked by Nova Scotian Bob Henderson. that can be proved without controversy on the evidence at hand. However, I do believe that coffee is harmful to Uie heart and circulation of many people. It is true that a heavy coffee drinker will have a considerably faster resting heart rate than a person who does not use coffee. It is true that people with resting heart rates over 80 beats per minute are much more likely to have a heart attack or drop dead than people with resting heart rates below 70 beats per minute. It is true that coffee will stimulate the heart to have extra or skipped beats in many people who have these problems. All competent heart specialists recommend patients with these problems should svoid coffee and cigarettes. Individuals with serious heart disease who tend to have some of these types of irregularity are more likely to have a serious irregularity of the heart. However, many healthy people with such skipped beats do not have serious heart problems and in them these beats, although annoying, are not life threatening. It is true that patients who have burning in the pit of Uie stomach, ulcers, and often diarrhea all tend to do much better if they avoid caffeine. It is true that people who are nervous do not need the additional stimulus from caffeine, a powerful nerve stimulant. It is not necessary to wash down tranquilizers with coffee or any other drink containing caffeine. Now, if you don't have any digestive problems, are not nervous or tense, don’t have any skipped beats, and your resting heart rate is well below 70 beats a minute, you probably can use appreciable amounts of coffee without harm. But, if you have any of these findings, you would be better off with a decaffeinated drink, or none at all. These are the facts as I see them. Send your queitions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1S51, Radio City StatiOB, New York, N.Y. IWIO. For a copy of Dr. Lamb’s booklet on cholesterol, tend M cents to the same address and aik for “Cholesterol" booklet. MV HEAD ACHES, MV E>ÆS ARE VATHRifJG AMO MV NOSe IS STUFFED UP.' by chic young I'D BETTER GO^ ARCHIE by bob montana ^ H£AÛS// m HAGAR THE HOmUUi dik browne beetle BAIL£Y by mort waHwr iniiMnkyalcipi) TimauMtais Nij V, '■r ii'h-i flRCüîVE ;