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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 22

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - January 20, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta Int LktHBHlUGt HtHALU Monday, January 20, Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Is it possible to alternate insulin and Orinase? I've been on both and have both on hand. I'm on Orinase now. Dear Reader While many, doctors prescribe oral pills for I must tell you that the American Medical Assn., The Diabetic Assn. and the Food and Drug Administra- tion have all advised against their use. Most diabetics who can have their blood sugar controlled by the oral medicines can do as well, or according to statistics even better, when managed by diet alone. The rub is many patients will not follow the doctor's ad- vice about their diet and will not lose excess fat. Finally the doctor gives up and prescribes the pill thinking that it will be better than nothing but even that is debatable. There is another psy- chological factor involved. Doctors are human, believe it or not, and they want to do something about the patient's problems. It is difficult for them to do nothing. So they prescribe sometimes when they might just as well have done nothing. The patient is usually happier because he wants the doctor to do something. I do not think patients should change their insulin and pills around without their doctor's' approval. I would never recommend mixing the oral tablets and insulin on your own. The two medicines are not the same. I have had readers write and tell me I was wrong about stating that one can't take insulin by mouth. But those oral preparations are not insulin and quite apparent- ly do not do all the things in- sulin does. Perhaps more im- portant they may also do some things that insulin doesn't do that may not be good for the body in all cases. So, don't confuse the oral medicines used to lower blood sugar with the real thing in- sulin. In general, for mild or moderate diabetics I am all for doing everything you can with diet first, particularly eliminating any excess obesity, if any is present. Then, if it seems indicated, in- sulin can be used. I want to emphasize, though, that many abnormal dieabetic-type sugar tolerance tests become entirely normal after elimina- tion of obesity. Correcting the obesity goes .to the heart of the problem in correcting a major factor causing the condition which is preferable to using artificial treatment. Your horoscope ly JMIW MXM Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new- spaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on blood sugar, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Blood Sugar" booklet. Goren on Bridge TUESDAY Your birthday today: Hold onto whatever comes into your hands during the earlier months, as you'll need all reserves for the complex, transitional period near the end of this year. Relationships range from precarious to rewarding. Keep oh your toes. Today's natives go their own way, seldom if ever heed ad- vice. Today's men usually prefer serious, simple lives. ARIES (March 21-April Business deals are brisk, long- standing matters settled readily. Ease tensions in your home; talk of the "good old childhood memories. An is suggested. TAURUS (April 20-May Renovations, replacements are in order. Review your budget, current plans. Constructive hobbies should fill any gap left by basic routines today. GEMINI (May 21-June It's up to you to set your own pace now, so make definite appointments early. A friendly, cheerful approach makes a second round of benefits possible. Keep at it! CANCER (June Si-July Moves that have been secret can successfully be brought into the open. Career sur- prises are likely. Changes relating to your household are favored. LEO (July 23- Aug. Let somebody else speak for you, and in turn do the honors for someone who has earned recognition. There's plenty of opportunity, aside from these amenities. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Wind up a long job or project, at least to a good stopping place. Associates are all for taking short cuts. Be prepared for serious study. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oel. Consult an expert rather than relatives on insurance, in- vestments, technical matters. You'll have to make your own decisions, but you'll be better informed. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Replenish your wardrobe. Get rid of anything around the house that has lost Its pur- pose. Clear space for the arrival of articles not yet seen or measured. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Traditional approaches to health care pay off again. Intuition rises in case of discrepancy (probably there'll be Follow quietly where intuition leads. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Old objects come into use out of context with original purposes, Current questions vex you to the point of doing something about them but nothing rash. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Listen carefully to your premonitions. They may be off a little, but near enough to put you well ahead of problems. Parents, older peo- ple require unusual attention. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Be sociable, accept what is at hand as the dispensation for the day, do what you can with it. Routines must be dou- ble checked. Quit early. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOK COMING OVER TO STAtfWTHMf. SNOOfY. ANP I HOPE LIKE THE WATERBED... AW CAD.WILL K WORKING LATE FOR ANOTHER WEEK C'MON, I'LL SHOW wu OUR 6UE5T HAVE IT ALL TO IN THE HOUSE ALuNE IWATS.SURFA FANCY NEW CHOPPING BLOCK A VELVET CUSHION AN DA VELVET-LINED BASKET... NaWjOLD-PLATE EXTRA-SHARP AX... ..FOK THOSE WHO WISH TOGO HI AND LOIS DOVOUKNOVV DO YOU KNOW' WHERE THEY HOVy'MUCH PRICESk. ARE NOW? WENT UP THIS WEEK? THEY'VE I SONE RIGHT THROU6H THE ROOF. AS IF WE HAVEN'T ear CNQLJSH TROUBLES. BUGS BUNNY BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF spades to the king and the ace of diamonds. Do not jump to three of either major because this would not be forcing. Both vulnerable, as Vulner- able, as South you hold: 4AK83 South you hold: The bidding has proceeded: 4KQ1072 VAQ6 South West North East 1 Pus Pass 2 4 Ask Andy I DIDN'T HEAR A WORD YOU SAID, BUT I CAN TELL YOU ARE UNHAPPV WITH BLONME 106 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass 2 P.88 Pass opportunity to double an 'What do you bid now? iponents bid before partner s made a bid, the double is for no, trump. You hay, What do you bid now? Since this is your 2 NT first oppo penalties" 'This the minimum for your jump shift, leaves all avenues open. If part- ?.nd hand ls balanced. Your ner responds in diamonds, you ta4 ls to Pass along this will, of course, return to hearts, Partne.r- If J" If he bids spades, you have better than a minimum, enough to raise. And should he Is fre.e .to for instance, convert to penalties by pass- to four no trump, ing, your all-round strength n a XT -J.L i 11 should insure a reuonaVli! vulnerable, as profit. South you hold: VJ872 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West vulnerable, as South you hold: V QJ865 K J10 J10 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 9 Pass 2 Pass 2 Pass 2 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 Pass What do you bid now? 1 Pass 2 Pass 2 NT Pass What do you bid now? spades. It cannot be right to suppress such excellent support for partner's suit. By bidding three spades, you have the best of all worlds your rebid is forcing since partner has no trump. It would shown extra values by rebidding seem that partner holds a good two no trump, and gives him a club suit, ace of spades and heart choice of rebidding no trump or support. However, a fair portion carrying on to four spades. On of your strength is in diamonds, certain hands he might even be- so the no trump rebid seems pre- come interested in a slam, ferable, especially since your heart suit cannot be described as vulnerable, as robust- you South you hold: AQJ6 4KJ54 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South INT Pass Pass What action do you take? You must, consider partner's likely reaction when answering this question. Since a double in balancing seat of a one no trump opening bid could be made on as little as 14 points, and rebid hearts, and is free to cor- rect to four hearts. vulnerable, as South you hold: 4KQJ643 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass 2 Pass 2 Pass What do you bid now? tough problem. While a since you and West hold between rebid of three clubs would make 'east 35 points, partner our hand sound considerably almost certainly run it' you weaker than it actually is, the double. The wiser course is to de- suit itself surely merits a rebid. fend and hope for a set of 200 No trump is out because we lack points or better, a heart stopper, and the only 0 alternative is to raise partner's vulnerable, second suit, but this should be as South you hold: avoided with only three-card 410763 492 tZTcViantTas the' ffast'of The bidding has proceeded: evils. East South West North Pass 1 1 2 Pass 3 f East 1 vulnerable, as 2 South you hold: pMS 7 What do you bid now? The bidding has proceeded: A.-Four hearts. Despite the fact that we made our raise in a competitive auction, partner is South West North East 1 Pass 1 Pass What do you bid now? still looking for game. Though it seems that our diamonds nai ao you ma now.' not pulling thdr wei ht clubs. The hand is too no guarantee that West hu strong for anything less than a the king of diamonds, and we do jump shift. We have enough to have a ruffing value in clubs, insist on game, and slam is likely Partner should have a play for if partner has as little as five game. LftABNER BOBWHITE Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Jackie Brown, age 12, of Milwaukee, for her question: What sort of bird is the Bob white? Most of the time he hides among the grasses, where his speckled feathers blend with the brownish scenery. You are not likely to spot him, but from time to time he tells you his name bob-white, bob- white. For a change of pace, he may utter poor bob-white, no doubt because this chubby little quail leads a very risky life. Like all the quails, the bobwhite is a ground dwell- ing bird. Sometimes he takes to the air with a whir of wings. But most of his rather hazar- dous life is spent walking around in search of food. He nests on the ground and even roosts on the ground. He rare- ly travels more than a mile or so from where he hatched. His 10-inch body is very plump and round, with a bulg- ing breast. He has a short stubby tail, a small rounded head and a short stubby beak, suitable for eating seeds. The male's handsome plumage is speckled with shades of brown and buff, plus a few black and white streaks on his wings. The whole outfitis set off with a white bib and a pair of white streaks over his eyes. The female also wears .handsome speckles, but her colors are more brownish. After all, she must be as in- visible as possible when she sits on her nest, which is merely a straw lined hollow on the ground. She may lay as many as 20 smallish white eggs but perhaps only two of the brood will survive their first year. Their hungry enemies include cats and dogs, owls and hawks and man the hunter. Bobwhites are fond of their kinfolk and the family stays close together in a group call- ed a covey. At night, they crouch close to the ground in a circle, with tails pointing toward the centre. When a hungry enemy approaches, they take off with whirring wings in different directions. When the covey searches for weed seeds, grain and oc- casional insects, they chatter to keep in touch with each other. Their happy hellos sound like bob-white, bob- white. Soon after the covey scatters, the separated birds cry ka-Ioy-kee, ka-loy-kee which is bobwhite language for where is everybody? Other members of the quail family live in Europe, Asia and Africa. Unlike the bobwhite, some of them wear feathery tufts on their heads, and some species migrate. Perhaps the most handsome member of the family is the California quail, who wears vivid black and white speckles and a very proud crest on his proud little head. QuMHom Mkcd by chil- dren of Herald should milltd to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 76S, Huntlngton Beach, California (Copyright Chronleto Publishing Co. 1973) DASWOOD, WILL YOU LEND ME TWENTY DOLLARS? NO, HERB-REMEMBER WHAT SHAKESPEARE SAID NEITHER A BORROWER NOR A LENDER BE'' i THAT S EASY FOR HIM TO SAY- HE'S A WEALTHY ARCHIE CAN'T PLAY IN THIS CONCERT UNLESS YOUR KETTLE DRUMS ARE IN PERFECT TUNE.' THE CONCERT IS CALLED OFF BECAUSE OF HIS KETTLE DRUM? Pun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER She does look rather young to be teaching, so maybe there was some excuse for Betty's students that first day. "How old am she said. "Well, figure it out if you want to know. I'm one year younger than four times what you get if you multiply together the figures of my age." How old was that? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Susan's share W4.40. Mr. Hunter answers all letters: ideas welcomed. Flashback HAGAR THE HORRIBLE THERE'S PEoBABLY AM SToEY BEETLE BAILEY The German warship Breslau was sunk off Irnbros in the Mediterranean. 1854 The first atomic powered submarine, Nautilus, was launched at Groton, Conn. BEETLE, TKCP BUT I TO TALK TO yOlJ V0U ON A A TO NOW OU HAVE TO R.AV THAT TUMBLEWEEDS WHASSAMATTEK, PROKEN POW STRING? WAR PAINT? UNKEQUITgPLCWN? IRON-TOOK R.OOP? PANPRUFF? HAPPEN.7 TH' VISES COULQ SEND' 7 TEETHWW ROCK A-CRASHW C AM' A-MASHIN' POWN AFTER f ALL THeser CENTURIES rr- AAAWJ rWFUOTSA LUCK'S IN ONE OF HIS PEEP imp ;