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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 28

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald {Newspaper} - 1974-01-16,Lethbridge, Alberta 28-THE LETHBftlOOE HERALD~WcdnMdiy. January IB, 1S74 Pt VXI 1 ^ DEAR DR. LAMB - Thank you for your interesting discussion of faults in popular books on low carbohydrates diets. Your detailed explanation of nutrition tallies for me as I learned it in home economics classes. My question is. of what nutritional value is wheat germ and how much to use? A friend has told me she simply adds about a tablespoonful to her morning dish of cereal. She has used this much for several years and believes it to be the answer to disappearance of certain conditions. 1 remember she mentioned a brown spot disappearing from her skin. I began using it the same way about a month ago as her list of conditions sounded relevant to my own experiences. DEAR READER ~ Many people use wheat germ. You should think of it as food. It is the germ part of the wheat seed that sprouts the plant. Most of the rest of the seed is stored starch to feed the sprouting plant. About one-fourth of its total calories are good quality proteins. Another 25 per cent of its calories are fat. Most of this is the more desirable polyunsaturated fat as opposed to the saturated fat. And, about half of its calories are from carbohydrates. It is rich in vitamins. It’s a good food item, but it won’t work miracles in anyone who does not already have a deficiency in their diet. If you are getting the proper amount of vitamins and protein from the well-balanced diet, it is not essential to health. It won’t hurt you unless you happen to be one of those rare people with medical problems related to absorbing cereal products. And it tastes good, too. How much should you use? As much as you like. It is food- DEAR DR. LAMB - Is the human species the only species which carries venereal disease? I am consulting you on this because a friend told me that venereal disease can be gotten by letting a dog lick your face around or at your mouth. Is this story true? I am quite concerned about this because quite often my dog awakens me by licking my face. If dogs do carry the disease, is it harmful to them? I would like to know the answers to these questions not only to relieve my anxiety, but to prove to my friend that this is or isn't just a .fallacy. DEAR READER - Being licked by a dog is not necessarily the most sanitary thing in the world — but you can forget about getting venereal disease that way. Tell your friend that according to the latest edition of Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine man is the only natural host for the syphilis germ. Gonorrhea is also strictly an Infection of man. In very recent times scientists have finally succeeded in infecting monkeys with the disease. This is important for disease studies. Many diseases are studied this way. Much of the polio research was done on monkeys. The major difficulty scientists have had in ever being able to infect any animal with gonorrhea is good evidence of how resistant animals are to . this problem. I only wish humans were equally resistant. It would surely save a lot of problems and misery in the world. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1S51. Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb’s booklet on balanced diet, send 30 cents to the same address and ask for "Balanced Diet” booklet. Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Aunt Ada’s age is thirty-three Plus half a truly perfect square. In 8 years’ time her age will be Another square. The clues are there. (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday’s answer: HESTA was 10296. Mr. Hunter answers all letters: ideas welcomed. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN » )f74, Th* Ckitt» TritaM Both vulnerable. South deals. NORTH A A JS i? J9«S 0 KC4 4^852 WEST    EAST ATS    « 9862 A873    0 2 082    0 109753 «AKJI09 4Q«4 SOUTH *    K Q 10 4 <7 K Q 10 4 0 A Q J ♦    T9 The bidding: South West North East 1    NT Pacs 2 « Pass 2    4 Pass 2 NT Pass 3    ” Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of 4k A total count of 27 points is usually enough to make a major suit Ramc. However, a bad break combined with excellent defense by West scuttled South’s four heart contract on today’s hand. We are not enthusiastic about a no trump opening bid on a hand that contains a weak doubleton. Nor would we venture to find a 4-4 major fit with North’s perfectly balanced hand—our own taste runs to a raise to two no trump. But in this case, two peccadillos combined to produce a sound enough game in the eight'Card major fit. It did not take much imagination on the part of West to work out that his partner was unlikely to contribute greatly toward the defense. His own 12 high-card points and thpe strength of the opponents' auction made it clear that he would be lucky to find partner with more than a queen in his hand. West led the king of clubs, and when dummy came down it was obvious that the defenders were going to lake at least three tricks with the ace-king of clubs and the ace of hearts. There were two possible sources to be tapped for the setting trick— a doubleton club in the East hand, which would allow East to ruff the third round of the suit, or a forcing game to set up a long trump in West’s hand. Both possibilities could be tested with the same initial defense. After the king of clubs won. West continued with the ace of clubs and another. It was only a minor disappointment when East followed with the queen and declarer ruffed. South ted the king of hearts, and West found the winning defense of withholding the ace, allowing declarer to win the trick. South continued with the queen of trumps and West ducked again. Wlien East discarded a diamond on this tiick, declarer suddenly realized that he was doomed to defeat At this point, Soiilti had only one trump left, wliile West and dummy had two. If declarer ted his last trump, West would win the ace and play another club, forcing dummy to ruff with its last trump. West would still have a trump and a Winning club. And if declarer did not draw another trump, sooner or later West would ruff a diamond or a spade with his low trump, and then score the ace for a one-trick set. THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 Your birtliday today: Finds you anticipating dramatic incidents, some of them planned, some of them beyond control and thus not amenable to planning. The ideal is to direct your energy toward constructive solutions, wasting no time pursuing unrealistic projects. Relationships face turbulent ting, with many ups and »wns. Late in the year all features of daily living reach a peaceful balance in which you benefit from early struggles. Today’s natives are patient, determined, better off selfemployed in most cases. ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19) ; Money comes and goes today, -quickly but not easily. Rivalry is subtle, serving no particular purpose and producing unexpected results. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) : Romance not favored for the moment. Business or vocational activity encounters complexity beyond the usual, for no apparent reason. GEMINI (May 21-Juae 20): Discretion turns out to be the better part of common-sense today. Assume nothing about any surprising disclosure: There’s apt to be more to come. CANCER (June 21-July 22) : No matter where you were going, take note of today’s incidents, think about revising plans, seeking a new direction. Action is better deferred. LEO (July aS-Aog. 22): Bring your notebook, keep track of the busy morning with its complicated encounters between the incompatibles. Inspiration as to what to do comes very late, for tomorrow’s use. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Consequences of recent activity arrive prematurely. Kn> courage the positive In yourself and others. Drop an unproductive line of endeavor now, for keeps, UBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): The turn of circumstance seems harsh, leaving no time for consideration or room for doubt. You face the issue or you duck it, once. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Hold where you were, pursuing nothing further. It’s a long enough day without any frills. No schedule is apt to remain as planned. 'SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Being cautious is not enough. You are likely tc spend the late hours today and tomorrow trying to bring local conditions back to normal levels. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):    From within yourself and your earned resources comes all that you need to cope with the day and evening of broken routines, upset schedules. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Your friends are interesting because of their departure from usual rounds of routine actions. Don’t get too far away from your own. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):    As you leam now, you have little direct control over others’ actions beyond appeals to their feelings, their sense of order. 1974, The Chicago Tribune RICHTER SCALE Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Claudia Jean Falenski, age IS, of Natrona, Pennsylvania, for her question: mat is the Richter Seale? The energy of a major earthquake may be 10,000 times greater than the early A-bomb. When it strikes in some faraway place, we hear about it within hours and soon see fleeting ’TV pictures of the damage- Meantime our rescue planes have left to aid the stricken victims. Sometimes we get a chance to help with personal donations of food, clothing and such. With our concern for the victims we wonder how bad it was and also how big it was. After a few days, we get a Richter Scale rating which tells us how big it was in comparison with other major earth* quakes. « * e The surface damage to rocks and buildings is earthquake intensity. It may be rated on the Mercalli Scale of Earthquake Intensity, in Roman numerals. The size and scope of the entire crustal upheaval is earthquake magnitude. It is rated on the Richter Scale of Earthquake Magnitude, in ordinary figures and decimals. Intensity tells us how bad it was in a certain area. Ma^itude tells us how big it was in relation to the earth. Earthquakes are triggered by crustal upheavals, sometimes 100 miles below the surface. Their trembling vibrations sweep around the world and also down through the globe. Worldwide seismology centers have super-sensitive seismographs that monitor these vibrations, moment by moment. They are recorded in zig-zag lines. Data from far-flung centers is compared to pinpoint the center of a medium or major quake. In 1935, Charles Richter worked out a system to measure the relative magnitudes of earthquakes occurring anywhere in the world. When a quake occurs, seismograph and other records are gathered from several centers in and near the region of upheaval. All this materials is assembled and compared. When different centers show slight variations, average figures are taken. All these estimates are matched against figures on standard charts and tables. The final answer is based on the degree of earthquake activity at a distance of 100 kilometers from its epicenter. The figures on the Richter Scale are not so simple as they look, for they are based on logarithmic tens. For example, a monstrous earthquake of magnitude seven is ten times greater than a major quake of magnitude six. Magnitude six is ten times greater than magnitude five. ’There is an' enoTTOous difference between one whole number and the next. For this reason, most earthquake magnitudes fall between the whole numbers. They are rated in decimals as, for example, 6.2 or S.8. * « * There is no limit to the possible categories on the Richter Scale. But thank goodness the top records are no higher than eight or nine, and upheavals of these dimensions are very rare. On the Richter Scale, the magnitude of a major monster is 100 million times greater than the constant little shivers that constantly go on in the earth’s restless crust. * * Andy sends a seven-volume set of The Chronicles of Nar-nia to Sara Morris, age 8, of Lethbridge, Alberta, Tor her question; How big is a baby polar bear? Papa Polar Bear is eight feet lung and weighs almost half a ton. Mama Polar Bear is somewhat shorter. But she weighs a whopping TOO pounds — which is about as much as five or six human mothers. You would expect such huge parents to have big bouncing babies. But this is not so. A newborn human baby weighs about as much as five newborn polar bear cubs. The mother polar bear gives birth to one or two, three or four cubs in the middle of the winter. Each baby bear is about one foot long and weighs one and a half pounds. 'Their first fur coats are rather thin and scraggly. So up there in the frozen north they stay very close to their big warm mother. The cubs open their eyes after about 33 days but they don’t hear very well for the first couple of months. ■They stay with their mother until they are about ten months old. Then they are big enough and smart enough to go off on their own. QuMtiont aak«d bjr chlld-rait of H«raid raatfw* «tiouMi b* nialtod to Aak Andy, P.O. Box. 7A5, Huntington B«aeh, California «264«. (CopyriflhI Chronlcl* PuMlahIng Co. 1973) I FlNTMiiseLF UOfîR‘i'iStô A30\Jr ÊVERlTHlNÔ... TAKE THE EAÄTH»«, IN^ANCÉ.. U)gAlXA(ïgaiNÔIN$ ■THAT lïlPL£i«LYT!)TjH:5ft.ÔÎÊ «KÜItTUweTMRX/ÔHSfACg Q — SimTMB WsVs 3££N. 0\ A .NL'MSSft 7=vc=<s. " SOMa -WAT WO«< OPP^ TUS CiANKCiSe..,SO.w£ -TÎ^ATWOSKOPP -rWE-êXHAüST SYSTEM- HMD LOIS by dü[ browiw BUGSBUNNY I love icrj£ aooü?    TH AT'S FREE, coffee; [ FuocJSVi ARCME bv bob montana HMM 1% KOMHBU dik browne «EVEN oblocK ANP ALL (S (tolTEN / I MeVER Mes tMê ôeVen aciooi MEWè. BEETLE BAILEY by mort walker trL ABKRbyalcapp TUMBLEWEEDS icck. N l w y A' > K.S B f; h ! V i: 'î. c o rr ;