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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald {Newspaper} - 1974-01-11,Lethbridge, Alberta rridty. JWHMry 11,1974 — THE LtTHiMDOE HMALD —19 DEAR DR. LAMB-I have been OD a diet for alnxMt three weeks now. I have only lost two pounds. 1 weigh 128 right now. I feel that I am starving myself. I eat annwimately 1300 calories a day and exe^ xiiae everyday. I’m 25 years «Id and very active. I’ve got a huge stomach and roll around my waist and big thi^. ' Is dieting more effective ihan exercise? Am I still con' Sliming too many calories? What would you suggest? Also. I love dry toasted sunflower seeds. Are they really good for you and do - -they contain a lot of calories? DEAR READER - You didn’t say bow tall you are, so it is more difficult for me to ■Judge Just how overweight ^ou might be. You are, a typical example of ie wbo run the rislc of luy damaging tbeir health me type of diet program ihey pursue. ■ Young, active people on 1600 calories a day lose weight, but also have serious health problems develop, including -toss of muscles, hair, sex drive and ability and peri sonality changes. I can’t speak out too strongly about the ill-advised practice of overly-restricted diets. You have some protection if you have excess fat since those calories will be used in the process, but you and everyone else should be careful ateut overdoing the diet bit. You also represent a common problem in weight reduction, the faUure to lose weight at the beginning of the program. It is not unusual for 'the fat to be used, and the water that is formed in converting the fat to energy be retained in the body. As a result, it may be three weeks before any real change rars on the scales, hen there is a sudden elimination of lots of water with a significant weight loss. : Another period may follow " when there is no apparent can do too much yourself with the yourself programs. The other point is to be content with a slow loH. More than two pounds a week Is too muth, too fast ^ter tbe initial decrease from elimination of retained food residue and 1^ of water. If you insist on being on such a restricted diet, you can expect problems, including loss of energy and peitaps even your health. Exercise is a wonderful way to lose weight. I would prefer that you have a better diet and exercise more each day and that exercise should include as much walking as you can get into your program I'm skeptical ' about how ' calories you are eating. Sunflower see& are a good source of polyunsaturated fat. They are very high In calories as are all nuts, and I would no^ recommend them for anyone on a calorie restricted reducing diet. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new* spaper, P.O. Box ISSl, Radio City Station. New Yorii, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb’s booklet , on losing we^ht, send SO cents to the same address and ask for “Losing Weight" booUet. Fun with figures several weeks. When they don’t understand this, they get discouraged and stop the diet or cut down even further on ^calories. ■ I am convinced that no one should be on a diet for more . than a week that has less than llSOO calories without being un-:der a physician’s care. You By J. A. H. HUNTER llie guests had gone and now there remained the clearing up to be done. “What say you wash all the glasses, Ted,” Susan suggested. “They were your friends.” “What a chore! But that’s okay. Mom,” replied the boy. “How many are there?” “About a hundred, and I’ll you a nickel for every wash,” Susan told you pay me for any you breaK- A dime the first, 20 cents the second, 40 cents the third and so on. Doubling up.” This was agreed, and in fact it turned out quite well for Ted. He ended up $1.75 to the good. How many did he break? ■ (Answer Monday).., Yesterday’s answer: SCARCE was 139735. SATURDAY, JANUARY It Your birthday today: Brings on a long and interesting year of fluent personal expression. You experience a growing need to operate alone and on strange frcMitiers, dealing with novel questims or special problems. Imagination deepens in response to prevailing stimulation. Relationships are easy, less demanding. Today’s natives usually have some special hobby discreetly pursued, are seldom fully understood by mate. ARIES (March Sl-AprUl»): The bee in your bonnet today can lead you into high adventure, episodes of selffulfillment, or mischief, according to how well you understand yourself. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You have so much going for you now that you are tempted to take the easy way out, let others carry too much of the burden. Give yourself a break. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Exotic or distant people and places seem nearer, more available, while the nearby continues to lack some quality. Stop and pray for perspective. CANCER (June 21 - July 22); Be alert and begin early for the greatest benefit, more fun. Avoid supply problems special shopping, other preparations while they’re convenient. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You can’t rest on your laurels this weekend; the competition is too busy. Money gets loose on almost any or no provocation, doesn't bring adequate returns. VIRGO (Aug. t3 • Sept. 22»: Keep on pitching for yourself, with such enjoyment that everybody will want to join in.' Waiting for others to begin .would be error at this point. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. »): You can’t have quite all that you bad planned, but what you can have by a litlle more effort is quite adequate, all that you can handle. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 . Nov. 21): Your friends have your best interests in mind but need some monitoring as to what they are getting you into. Check household for needed minor repairs. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 -Dec. 21): Progress in any one area tends to be at the expense of satisfaction or pleasure in another direction. Make your choices for the weekend early. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 -Jan. 19): Spending to gain the approval of others is a lost HtWPtPNTHELPME liJITHAKHÚUEumK. ANPI fMLfD! I 60TAN-F" I'M QUITE FUTTKeP.. SÛKT Of A OMPimtiT that W think M‘i'M6LP HAVE 5E6N 50 VALLlAft.£, tí SIIOItTldK IF IT WAS A COMPLIMENT, I C?(PI^AÆAN it;/ T byfrMko'Mil cause today, although passing lull help grou pp. some self-indulgence to group or family finance is desirable. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. Î8): Intuition comes in strongly, and you should listen despite apparent contradictions between it and what you have learned previously. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Avoid bickering, or at least don’t be the one to provoke dissension. Get busy early with the cnores, whatever is necessary for a full weekend. 1974, The Chicago Tribune BUGS BUNNY BY CHARLES H. GOREN « Iff«. Tk* CkkW TI4MIM Neither vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 97QJ7SZ 0 A Q 10 3 A»S WEST    east AQJ 1063 AA9S4 0    8S2    0 KJI 4b 10 742 «J8S3 SOUTH ‘    472 A K 10 8 3 0 764 «AKQ The bidding: Sovth West North East 1 ^ Pass 3 Pa*» 4 Pas* Pan P«»» Opening lead: Queen of 4. , Do the cards dictate the fate of a particular hand, or is the player master of his own fate? Sometimes an unfortunate lie of the cards will wreck a perfectly sound contract, Most times, however, man can dictate the final outcome. Consider today’s hand. A normal auction resulted in a good four heart contract. Tho South was considerably better than minimum, he took the conservative course in merely raising to four hearts because of his five Josers in spades and diamonds—it was too much to ask of partner to cover most of them. West led the queen of spades, covered by the king and won by the ace. A low 1    pa de was returned to West's ten, and a diamond was led thru dummy’s miit. Declarer finessed the queen and East completed the defensive book by winning the king. He exited with a club to South’s queen. Declarer drew trumps and led a diamond to dum-mgr’s ten. Unfortunately, East produced the jack for down one. “What terrible luck,” complained South, “three cards had to be wrong for me to go down!” It was indeed hard luck, yet declarer could have done better. See what happens if declarer does not play dummy’s king of spades at the first trick. If West continues the suit. East must win the second trick and dummy's diamonds are safe from attack. Since another round of spades will give declarer a ruff-and-sluff, East must shift. Declarer wins any return, draws trump and cashes his three clubs. Now he leads a diamond to the ten, and it is immaterial whether it wins or loses. li it iuses to the Jack, East must either give declarer a ruff-and-sluff, or lead a diamond into dummy’s ace-queen. What if, at trick two, West shifts to a diamond instead of leading a second spade? Declarer remains in command. He disdains the diamond finesses, and goes up with dummy’s ace. After drawing trumns. he takes his three high clubs, discarding dummy’s king of spades. The defenders will be held to one soade trick ai^ two diamonds.    ' CLOSEST TO SUN Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Kathy Kosednar, age 11, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, for her question; Which Nortbem Hemisphere star is closest to the son? This questicxi, of course, means tbe closest star we can see in our skies north of the equator. Naturally the distance between the sun and a star has nothing to do with our hemispheres. A star’s distance from the earth varies slightly as we orbit the sun. But compared with tbe enormous distances of even tbe nearest stars, these and other variations are too slight to mention. * * * When first place is out of ’ reach, a sensible person is content to settle for second place — which is what Kathy’s question is all about. The star that is closest to us and the sun cannot be seen in the skies above the Northern Hemisphere. It is visible only south of the equator and we have to settle for the nearest star we can see in our own skies. Actually, it is the sun’s second closest neighbor and it happens to be the brighest tually, it is a double star, though its tiny companion was not discovered until about a century ago. It is a little white dwarf star called the Pup — natarally. Small as it is, the Pup is made of super-dense material that is 50,000 times heavier than water. On earth, a thimbleful of this heavy star stuff would weigh more than a quarter of a ton. Though no biffier than a large planet, the hot and heavy little dwarf is as massive as a medium-sized star. The Dog Star and the Pup are linked by gravity in a double star system. Sirious barely wobbles while the little dwarf swings around it in a large, oval shaped orbit * • * The closest star to tbe Solar System is Proxima, a red BLONDIE by cNc yofHig HEAPING PLATTERS OF EXOTIC FOODS SEftveD BY gorgeous GlOtSj--- IN BIKINJIS SHAME ON WHV CASJ'r VOU DREAM EPUCATIONAL THINGS THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR MItslO? ARCWE by bob montana dwarf of the triple star system Alpha Centauri. The triplel shine as one bright star in the equator. is 4.3 star that can be seen from any place on the planet E^rth. It is a winter star, and you can’t miss it because it belongs in the most dasling group of stars we ever see. In the early evening, look for a long thin diamond of dazzling stars. The two brilliant stars at the top and the bottom mark the shoulder and the knee of the constdla-tion Orion, the Hunter. The three smaller stars across the center of the skinny diamond mark the heavenly hunter’s belt. Rising after Orion, come two small constellations called Canis Major and Canis Minor ~ Big Dog and Little Dog, There you will see a bright sparkler, snapping at the heels of Orion. This ^e-catcher is Sirius, alias the Dog Star — the closest star we see in our Northern Hemisphere skies and the most brilliant star ever seen from any place on the earth. Its distance from the Solar System is about 8.6 light-years. This means that light from the big bright sparkler takes almost nine years to get from there to lere. Sirius is quite a bit bigger than our sun and it sheds about 30 times more light. Ac- skies south of the Their distance light-years^ ^ ^ Andy sends a seven-volume set of 'The Chronicles of Nar-nia to Roberto Pincente, age 10, of Toronto, Ontario, for his question: How do rockt form In layeri? Some of the nicest looking rocks are arranged in neat, flat layers that remind you of the pages in .a book. Almost always, these rocks are formed under water that contained a lot of mud or other floating debris. Dust, as we know, tends to settle over everything in flat layers. In somewhat the same way, floating debris tends to sink down through the water and settle in flat layers on the bottom. Seas and lakes contain all sorts of floating debris, such as silty clay and specks from tiny shellfish. These fragments filter down and in time they spread themselves In flat layers on the bottom. Later, the region may rise up above the water. Then the moist flat layers dry out and become flat layers of solid rock. We call them sedimentary rocks because they are formed from dregs or sediments that settled down through the water. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1974) QuMllona atkad by chtid. ran of HaraM raadw* ahould b* mallad lo Aak Andy, P.O. Box. 76S, Huntington Baach, California 92Mt. (Cepyrlghi Chrenlela PuMlaMng Co. 1*73) HAGAR THE HORMBLE dik browne TklE MAtJ WtlO <^BTe MY little <&lf2L \S A ßEAU jeWeL MAKES ALL M&R CLCn\ÁB^ / '    ‘ BEETLE BAILEY by mort waHter U1 ABNER byalcapp TUMBLEWEEDS ZEKl WE ROLL ZE. OOB.PSE IM BP,ÉAD-CROMeS STRiOXBU'/ SEASONED VJIZ <3ARLlC — STOP TME PRESS, PERCYiJ I ©OTA PEIÖER-T Wl Id ■1—y II ILi > y - / OAPi WHAT A WNi I CAN SEE THE SCREAMER R(.AZIN' ACROSS "mE FINANCIAL F?\G£i:’'NBiaWPa SHUTS POWNi FLY SWffirrER SALES SMRri j'b. RRCìi!vr'ì>''i'>'ì'! ;