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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 5

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Lethbridge, Alberta Opinion Peter Scott editor 328-4411 saturday january the Lethbridge Herald a5 Lethbridge Herald serving the South since 1907 Greg Lutes publisher and general manager Bill Whitelaw director readership development Ryan Mcadams advertising manager Peter Scott assistant managing editor Abe fast director of finance Tim Leskun manager Reader sales and service As Long As there is paste in its pot or Lead in its Pencil. The Herald will Bow to no one and Endeavor to do Justice to All. It will spare no Effort to obtain legitimate news rom whatever source it might from the Herald t Flat editorial published by Thomson Canada United at 504 7 is. S., Lethbridge. Alberta. Canada t1j2h1 publication mail registration no. 584126 our opinion Hearty applause for reinvestment albertan have developed a healthy scepticism when they hear political promises All Good things come to those who wait. Albertan it seems Are about to reap the rewards of provincial cutbacks politicians told us were necessary to get our fiscal House in order. In his televised Agenda for Opportunity address this week Premier Ralph Klein indicated a Vari Ety of ways albertan will benefits from monies Edmonton is now ready to reinvest. From our perspective the most heartening sign is the government s readiness to put Money Back into education. Ask any teacher principal or school Board trustee How they View the government s performance of late vis a vis education and the response will be a self Ful filling prophecy. Educators have suffered personally and profession ally As a result of the government s desire to aggressively tackle Alberta s finances. By Extension students have suffered. Evidence largely anecdotal has consistently surfaced in the last three years about Over sized classrooms shared textbooks and outdated technology. From the parental perspective it was becoming apparent that the edifice of education was displaying some rather substantial cracks. In particular fund raising always a fact of school life became a function of providing the necessities rather than the luxuries of education. Still the focus cannot be exclusively on elementary and secondary education. Alberta s colleges and universities must also be seen to be part of a seamless system the health and viability of which bears directly on the province s current and future Prosperity. Clearly the government s Challenge is to direct funding Back to education in a Way that convinces users that the tories Are serious about the commit ment. That is a function of two factors. First there must be must be seen to be some Relief to users. Second additional funding must reinforce and strengthen the elements that underpin Quality Educa Tion. To that end teacher training current technologies and reduced class size Are All areas in which additional funding must be spent. It won t be an easy task. Albertan have developed a healthy scepticism when they hear political promises. Indeed that reality compounds the Challenge in that the tories will have to go to great lengths to convince people they re reinvesting in education because it s the right thing to do and not simply an act of Polit ical expediency. Alberta press Council the Herald is a sponsoring member of the Alberta press Council. The purpose of the Council is to con Sider complaints from individuals about the conduct of the press when gathering and publishing news and advertising. If after bringing your concerns to the attention of the Herald you Are not satisfied you May Contact the Alberta press Council in writing at . Box 73029, Woodbine postal outlet Calgary. T2w Call 403 251-9500 fax 403 251-2172 or by email letters to the editor Here a Pat on the Back for the Post office editor As a member of the Public who has in the past criticized Canada Post for its service i would like to use your columns to congratulate them on a splendid Effort in getting a let Ter to me which was very poorly addressed. It came from an old Friend who had lost my cur rent address but he remembered that i had been associated with Columbia seed company in the past so he addressed the letter to them but instead of sending it to Vau Liall it was addressed to Lethbridge. The surprising part about this is that i got the letter and i am delighted that my old Friend is alive and Well. All of this took place during the course of the christinas Rush and the letter was dated inside for 16th december and i received it on Janu Ary 6th not a bad Effort at All. So my Hearty congratulations to Lethbridge postal workers. H. Arnott Lethbridge some example of soccer sportsmanship editor what about sportsmanship and setting the example for youth the soccer tournament held recently at the new Complex Only had one flaw the . Lethbridge soccer association decided to enter a team in the recreation division stacked with players from tier 1 tier 2 divisions. When they entered the Field Only a few faces were recognizable. When asked Why this was done the response was they were All does t the . Determine the were Given to the other teams moments prior to the initial games the . Also placed itself in the Short Pool with three games spread out Over three Days while the other Pool had to play four games in two Days. Having said that the . Team did t beat any team by More than one goal and the final game came Down to a shootout. Which is a credit to the other teams who played with their regular season players and probably an embarrassment to the . We Are very fortunate to have a first class indoor facility in Lethbridge and can Only Hope that in the future the . Will show the same class. Stephen j. I lung Lethbridge putting thoughts to paper in a letter to the editor some pointers. Keep it Short. Ask yourself How Long you would spend read ing an individual letter. An Ideal Range is Between 150-250 words. Don t rant. Nothing turns away a Reader s interest like a misguided misdirected rant. Instead aim for a persuasive rational argument supported by facts and figures. In other words keep your focus Sharp. Be topical. Know the issues that Are in the news. Letters focussed on issues particularly local Are among the Best read. Pick Jour targets. Some people make a pastime of writing let ters. Frequent appearances on a letters Page dilutes the Impact of a submission because readers will see the writer s name and skip Reading it entirely. On being edited. Expect when it does t happen great. All newspapers Reserve the right to edit for a variety of reasons. The primary purpose is to ensure a letter is readable. While care is taken in the editing process not to impair or destroy a writer s Point of View a Well formulated letter requires less editing. Make it Good the first time. Not everyone owns a computer or typewriter but please make Handwritten letters legible. If need be print Kim la1ng Community comment where is the sense of fair play Stop in at any gymnasium swimming Pool hockey rink athletic Field or sport facility and you la find people of All Ages competing. Competition in itself is Good especially for youth when presented in a positive atmosphere while teaching about values ethics fairness Success and failure. However there is another Side to Amateur sport that has. Always existed but has spread to epidemic proportions in the past several decades. I m refer ring to the win at All Cost mentality the coach who shortens the Bench consistently so that the athletes can succeed by winning. They justify their actions by saying All the other coaches do it we have to be competitive the players really Don t mind Riding the Bench they know they re a part of the team the Bench warmers can contribute in other a Lack of norms or agreed upon values and beliefs is hurting All sports at All Levels resulting in tremendous conflict and frustrations Between coaches athletes officials parents and volunteers. Many of the negatives we see in today s Var ious sports Are a direct result of egotistical parents coaches and athletes who Are More focused on satisfying the ego of individuals at the exclusion and Sacri fice of the whole group. With values beliefs vision and a Mission that provides All participants with a purpose Opportunity to contribute and direction Success is very Likely. By identifying personal goals values and reasons for participation we then can develop a positive and productive plan that will help All Levels of athletes find Success and longevity in their sport. At a recent professional development seminar hosted by hockey Alberta for the upcoming Alberta Winter games in red Deer Rick Polutnik shared with us a Short but profound statement on values and leadership. It read keep your thoughts positive. Because your thoughts become your words. Keep your word s Posi Tive. Because your words be come your actions. Keep your actions Posi Tive. Because your actions become your habits. Keep your habits Posi Tive. Because your habits be come your values. Keep your values Posi Tive. Because your values become your destiny. Positive attitude fair and knowledgeable leadership organization and effective communication Are essential tools in developing a winning formula in sports. Beit on an individual basis or team Situa Tion All persons involved must have equal value equal Opportunity equal Worth for without it Success is unlikely. We All participate in various activities at a variety of Levels and for different reasons. Through sport work or individual Pur suits we All have experienced the sense of Victory or achieving a personal Best. It is through participation contribution Strong values and fair Ness that this is achieved and maintained. Write us save a stamp the a Clobridge Herald welcomes your letters. Letters should be topical signed and include your full address and Telephone number for verification. Please keep letters to fewer than 20x1 address letters letter to the editor . Box 670, Lethbridge a t1j 3z7 or drop them off at 504 7st. Phone fax or email us phone 328-4411, fax 329-9355 email address we value your letters to the editor so highly that Well pay your postage just give us a Call and Well Send you two postage paid envelopes and a guide on what constitutes a Good letter. All you have to do is provide your thoughts comments and opinions and drop it in the mail on us. The letters Section is one of the Herald s Best read features providing a forum for spirited and intelligent debate on a Range of issues and events As averse As Southern Alberta and the people who live Here Oab editor Wake Law or assistant editor Peter Scott at 328-4411 to arrange for delivery of your envelopes

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