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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

The Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - January 2, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 LETHBRIOOE HERALD WcdiMtday, January 2, 1974 Ask Andy Andy sends a complete 20- volunie set the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Dane Stevens, age 11. of Santa Maria. Calitornia. for his Question How deep do sunspots go? The suriace of a major sun- spot may be at least a million square miles Its high energy eruptions can span 93 million miles to reach and disturb the upper atmosphere of the earth But astronomers can- not tell us how deep these dis- turbances go down below the (ace oi the" sun. If they knew this, thev could tell us what causes sunspots If they knew what causes them, they would be able to tell us at what level they begin. All the evidence suggests that sunspots boil up from belowthe surface. Photographs show the average spot to be a darker blob on the dazzling face of sun The darkness is caused by a somewhat lower temperature The pattern shows an eddying vortex, with the darkest region in the centre It certainly looks like a seething outburst bubbling up trom below. What's more, trom time to time a sunspot erupts enormous flares of charged particles out into space. Other evidence is related to the intense magnetic fields that go with a sunspot. Electricity is the motion of electron particles and an electric current always sur- rounds itself with a magnetic field. On the sun. an erupting vortex of electrically charged particles would be likely to surround itself with an enor- mous magnetic field. All this evidence suggests that sunspots do indeed well up from below But astronomers cannot sav at what level the disturbance oc- curs. The bottom of a sunspot may be just below the surface or it may be down in the fiery core of the sun. perhaps thousands of miles below the surface Many other questions will be answered when we know how and why these stormy rashes appear and disappear on the tace of the sun Usually they torm in pairs, within fair- ly narrow belts north and south of the sun's equator. One leads the other and if the lead spot has a negative charge the following spot has a positive charge The positive-negative pattern reverse south ot the equator. The whole thing reverses when one sunspot cycle ends and a new one begins These sunspot cycles are another battling mystery For a period of about 11 years, the number of sunspots increases and decreases. The cycles are separated by a year of minimum sunspots. Year by year the numbers increase and at peak production there may be 100 times more. At present, nobody can say why this occurs, or why the mighty magnetic foices of a sunspot behave as they do In any case, a sunspot up- heaval i stupendous and quite in keeping with what we would expect fro.-n the super- stupendous sun The sun's densely packed gases contain more than 99 per cent of all the material in the. Solar System Their temperatures, seeth and the fiery core is a continuous nuclear powerhouse. Every second day and night it converts four million tons of hydrogen fuel into nuclear energy Com- pared with this activity, a few surface sunspots must seem like minor upsets Questions asked by child- ren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Your horoscope ly Jem Dhon Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER We'll start the year with a very easy one. Each distinct letter in this tiddiium >umds lor a par- ticular but different digit. What's the CLASP? SNAP SNAP A CLASP (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: Age 74 years. Mr Hunter answers all letters, ideas welcomed. THURSDAY. JANUARY S YwvMrtfcfeytofey: Brings to bear old and traditional forces for orthodox influence directed at your effort to change and grow. Your main concern may be retaining per- sonal freedom of choice while accepting support from out- side sources. Relationships settle to a quieter, more stable pattern. Today's natives hive natural talent for administration of technical or political authority. ARIES (March 21 April Self expression is easy. Just be sure to do a full, balanced job of it, so everybody within reach is able to hear the entire story. TAURUS (April May Initiative passes into your hands, and in your anx- iety, you may neglect some significant actions if you do not discipline yourself to be thoro. GEMINI (May 21 June Avoid undue expense, work within the existing facilities toward fair and impartial settlements of all issues. Leave the center of the stage to others. CANCER (June 21 July Your friends are very helpful, or try to be so, all day. Be sure you do not inadvertently encourage them to go beyond the limits you set for yourself. LEO (July 23 Aug. Potential changes of status make it advisable to let others carry the ball for now. You will have no difficulty regain- ing whatever is legitimately due vou later, so relax. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN C IfM. Tkt Tritaw Neither vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 0 Q J 10 7 S 4 A 10 7 3 WEST EAST 497653 A 10 842 OA3 OK8C4 J5 4Q94 SOUTH A JS65 012 The bidding: South West North East 1 V Pass 2 0 Pass 2 V Pass 3 Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Five of You don't have to be a mathematics whiz to play good bridge. Nevertheless, a basic understanding of the percentages of card distribu- tion is an invaluable aid in the play. North was slightly aggres- sive in the auction, holding only 10 high-card points. However, his hand offered good offensive prospects if he could find a fit in one of his two suits, so his holding merited a secern! bid. Three no trump was a perfectly sound contract. Declarer won the opening spade lead in dummy and ran the ten of hearts to West's queen. Declarer won the spade continuation, crossed to dummy with the ace of clubs and took anoth- er heart finesse. West won the king and removed de- clarer's last spade stopper. Declarer had only eight tricks, and there was no way to set up a ninth in either minor suit without first sur- rendering the lead to the op- ponents, and then the de- fenders could take two spade tricks to set the hand. Declarer started off with six tricks in top cards. To develop three extra tricks in the heart suit would need more than finding one heart honor with would also require a 3-3 heart split. The diamond suit offered far better prospects of produc- ing three tricks. Any time the suit splits no worse than 4-2, three tricks can be es- tablished by force, and eer tain S-l splits can also be handled. The combined chances were almost 90 per cent. Thus, after winning the king of spades declarer should immediately lead a diamond to his nine. Best defense is to allow declarer to win this trick, thus pre- venting him from setting up the suit because of a lack of entries to dummy. But de- c 1 a r e r has an adequate counter. One diamond trick brings declarer's total of sure tricks to seven. Now declar- er turns his attention to the heart suit. Since he needs only two more tricks, he can afford to concede tricks to the king and queen of hearts by leading a low heart to dummy's ten. Declarer comes to nine tricks via three spades, three hearts, one diamond and two clubs. VIRGO (Aug. 23- Sept. An active day on all fronts assign priorities very early and stick to them despite much levity and interesting but misleading tales going the rounds. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. The materials you need seem just beyond reach, with much depending on your ability to persuade others to co-operate in making them available. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Financial matters near at hand run a bit on the pessimistic side, while those far away look promising. The bird in the hand is worth any hypothetical number in the bush. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 82 Dec. This is no day for startling innovations or abrupt change of tactics, but you have a great deal to gain from a straightforward routine effort. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Creative ventures are strongly favored. In home and working areas your tidying up schedule should include a check for safety and security. AQUARIUS (Jan. 28 Feb. You may revise your thinking in the light of today's experience, and ought to declare any changes of mind promptly among those who value your opinions. PISCES (Feb. 19 March The normal drift for to- day should lead you into unac- customed places. Reasonable actions and attitudes are preferable to emotion-guided temperament. 1974, The Chicago Tribune IF THE UJORLD COMES TO AN ENP, WHAT 6OOP WILL IT DO TO HAVE A SACK OVER WUR HEAP 7 HATE QUESTIONS LIKE THAT i SHORT MBS by frank o'neal CCT'DS KM. NOW XX WATCH INK? -OTTSALL rs A UOIDS? >ou INTO A POOTBAL HI AND LOIS by dik browne Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Can you explain what causes a person to pick his nose7 We are all made alike. Some people do it and some do not. I was always taught not to, but to use a handkerchief or tissue. I never found my husband doing it until lately, and it not only distresses me, but I find it a disgusting habit I have dropped a couple of hints, in fact came right out and said "he never used to do it." But, he continues to do it, and I find it hard to respond to an embrace a short while afterward Dear Reader It can be a nervous habit. Another problem that is frequently a factor in this habit is the dry nose This happens to some people as they get older. The normal moistufe of the lining of the nose dries out When the dry nose is the problem, a good idea is to place a small amount of petroleum jelly in the tip of each side of the nose each morning. You can use a cotton swab to put the small amount of lubricant in. Press the nostril shut on each side to help spread the lubricant around This will serve as a moisturizer and keep the skin from getting dry and irritating the person. It will also help to prevent the for- mation of tight adherent crusts. Tell him "try it, you'll like it." Dear Dr. Lamb I find when running and needing wind, if I try nose breathing only, the nostril opening is not nearly wide enough. Will this change with more exercise? In winter if one nostril is stuff- ed with a cold, the other would not be adequate if I were to breathe more than usual. Is there a safe way to correct this? Dear Reader Most people who must breathe heavily or move a lot of air breathe through their mouth. Just watch the runners during competition There is nothing wrong with this. A lot of people have a nose that is more for decoration than functional purposes. That is too bad since the small hair structures in the nose help to filter the air and the nasal passages warm the air before it reaches the lungs. If the air passageways are too narrow for reasonable breathing, it is possible for them to be increased in size by surgical methods. The septum between the two sides of the nose may need to be straightened or excess tissue in the passages removed. Your doctor can tell by examining you if you need to have the passages opened or not. The passages won't enlarge with exercise. If the passages are so narrow that a person normally must use mouth breathing then something should be done to correct the problem. Persistent mouth breathing during the development years can affect the appearance of the face and chin area. One of the best examples of this is the facial characteristics of the person with enlarged adenoid tissue in the back of the nose that interferes with normal breathing The medical dic- tionary describes it as a stupid expression, so you can see it is not a pleasant expression. The adenoids are often removed when the tonsils are removed Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of tbis new- spaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Balanc- ed Diet" booklet. Dakota crop increases TARGO, N.D. (CP) About acres of winter wheat were seeded in the fall of 1973, the North Dakota crop and livestock reporting ser- vice said this week. The service said this represents a 63 per cent in- crease over the previous year Based on Dec. 1 conditions, the service forecast produc- tion of the 1974 crop at 3 77 million bushels. Nationally, the seeding of winter wheat in the U S reached a total of 51 million acres, 18 per cent more than in 1972, the service said. Peru claims copper mine LIMA (Reuter) Peru will take over today the giant United States-owned Cerro de Pasco mining corporation un- der a government decree issued Sunday night. The company, which has op- erated in Peru since 1902, is the country's biggest mining concern and one of the largest in Latin America. TO THINK THAT OUR RELATIONSHIP HEL-D> I TOGETHER BV A COUPLE V OF BANANA PEELS WE FEP BREAPCRUSTS TO THE BIRDS, COFFEE 6ROUNPS IN THE 6ARPEH ANP TOOK THE PAPERS, CANS ANP BOTTLES TO THE YOU PONT HAVE MUCH GARBAGE TOPAV J ANP THE SAME TO VOU... BLONDIE by chic young RUN UPSTAIRS AMD WAKE DADDY OR HE'LL LATE FOR WORK' WHAT COULD BE KEEPING THEM? i- GOOD THEY EVEN SNORE LIKE HE ARCHIE by bob montana X CARVED LION JUGHEAD.X. LYIN' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE dik browne JUST AS THE NEXT BEETLE BAILEY by mort walker HAPPEN WHILE 1 OUT? OH, BEETLE ACTING UP AMP GARGE REALLY 0AT OH CHEWED HIM OUT, HUH? ICM.'.' MWTCH HIM IAT LUMPJ OF LISTEN ME M4WHILE- GREGORY PIKE'S IUM A DOSE o' CASTOR, on- SHOULD OLE HENfW JEST HAINT HIS OLE SLUGGISH byalcapp TUMBLEWfEDS FALL ASLEEP ON LOOKOUT PUTY ONE MORE ANP ItL PBBP WaiHEAfflSJ PI6? BETTER KEEP THOSE R4PY PAOWNS WIPE WIPE (i NOW, PACK TO YOUR TOST! ;