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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 28, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Frldsy, February 28, 1976 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Please wrile something in your column about endometriosis. Is there danger of this re- occurring 10 years after a hysterectomy in which both ovaries were removed because of this condition? Should one Luke female hor- mone injections regularly or couJd this cause any en- dometrial implants to ac- tivate again? Dear Reader This is one of the more interesting dis- eases that affects women. It is caused by small, or not so small, areas of endometrial tissue growing in the wrong place. The endometrium is the lining tissue of the womb. This specialized tissue un- dergoes changes in response to a woman's menstrual cycle. It enlarge and prepare for the implantation of the fertilized ovum. The overgrown tissue is shed from the womb by menstruation if pregnancy doesn't occur. Endometrial tissue may be transplanted outside the uterus, within the ovaries, the colon, bladder or even in dis- tant places like the lungs. The transplanted tissue responds to the menstrual cycle in the same way it does in the uterus. It enlarges to a max- imum amount just before ovulation, then degenerates if pregnancy doesn't occur. How does the endometrial lining tissue get into the ovaries and other locations in the pelvis, and abdomen? There are still disputes about this, but one factor in many cases seems to be discharge of the endometrial tissue through the tubes off the uterus. Normally the menstrual flow is out of the cervix, but in some cases ap- parently the tissue and blood are forced headword or out through the open tubes of the uterus directly into the ab- dominal cavity. The ends of the tube are normally open so the ovum can enter the tube after it is released from the ovary to be fertilized. If the tubes are not open, pregnancy can't occur. Most of the tissue is im- planted in the ovaries or in the pelvic region. It becomes at- tached and is really a tissue transplant. It may invade the organ it attaches to, but it is 1 not a malignancy or cancer. There has, to be additional explanations for the implants in the lungs and areas outside the pelvis and abdominal cavity. One idea is that the tissue cells are picked up by the bloodstream or by the lymphatic system and cir- culated to distant spots. We know cancer cells spread this way. What effects do these im- plants have? The most strik- ing feature is pain. It can be severe. The location of the pain depends upon the loca- tion of the offending implant. It may affect the ovaries, and often does, causing pressure which causes the pain. Characteristically, the pain is just before the onset of ovulation, the time when the endometrial tissue should be at its near maximum develop- ment in the cycle. Implants in the bowel can cause intermittent obstruc- tive symptoms and pain. If the invasion of the intestinal wall is deep enough it can cause bleeding into the bowel at the time of the menstrual periods. This can be separated from cancer by examining the tissue and noting this response in relation to the monthly cycle. Invasion into the wall of the bladder can cause bladder pain above the pubic bone and also may cause periodic blood. in the urine. These are just a few of the' symptoms that can be caused by the multiple variations in implants of endometrial tissue throughout the body. Painful bowel movements and painful intercourse can and do occur in some cases. The other big symptom of endometriosis is infertility. You might think this would be from blockage of the tubes from surrounding en- dometrial implants. The tubes can be demonstrated to be open and still pregnancy is impossible. Of course a cer- tain amount of ovarian destruction can occur, too. Interestingly, women stop having symptoms of en- dometriosis when they are pregnant. The absence of menstruation and ovulation during a pregnancy provides relief from the problem. Some doctors recommend that one way to prevent en- dometriosis is to get pregnant. It is also a good form of treatment if the woman can still get pregnant when her difficulty becomes apparent. The pregnancy may enlarge the small virginal cer- vix and promote better menstrual flow, thereby minimizing the chance of squirting blood and .tissue out through the tubes. If it is possible it is better for the woman to have all her children and get them out of the way early in life to help prevent endometriosis. There is an added benefit, too, if she still gets endomelriosis at least she will have had her children before it causes in- fertility problems. The woman who develops endometriosis has been described as intelligent, am- bitious, a perfectionist and even as egocentric. This does not mean these personality traits cause the disease, rather these are the women who are more inclined to delay pregnancies to reach other goals in life. The delayed pregnancy provides a better chance to have en- dometriosis. Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omorr Goren on Bridge BYCHABLESH.GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF ItTS.ThiCkkiioTribim Neither vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 41052 f KJ63 4864 WEST Q108 10954 KJ78 SOUTH 4AKQ864 74 EAST f A952 J86 4A1095 The bidding: South Went North East 1 INT Put 3 Piss 4 Piss Pmn Opening lead: Three of t. Terence Reese of London has the reputation of being one of the great player- writers of all time. He was a member of the British team that won the 1955 World Team Championship, apd several of his books are con- sidered classics. As is to be expected, Reese's entry in the Bols Liquor Bridge Tips Com- pcptition is sage advice for every bridge player. Reese maintains that a study of the early discards that a de- fender makes can be most re- vealing, if declarer draws the correct inferences. De- clarer should ask himself: From what holding would the defender most readily have made those discards? The answer can often help solve a critical guess, as was the case in this hand. North-South reached a reasonable four spade con- tract. When South jump re- bid his suit, to show.interest in game. North decided that his ace. king and three trumps were enough to ac- cept, despite the fact that his hand was perfectly balanced. West led a low club. East won the ace and returned the suit to his partner's king, and West continued with a third club, which declarer ruffed. It is obvious thai the contract hinges on a heart guess, but South should de- lay making a critical decision just yet. First he should draw four rounds of trumps. West discards a card from each minor suit, and declarer should discard diamond rather than a heart from dummy. (It is good technique to keep dummy's heart hold- ing intact.) East sluffs a club and a heart. Now, declarer leads a heart and West fol- lows with the eight. Should declarer finesse the jack? Yes, because of East's heart discard! Holding A-x-x-x in hearts, East knows that the contract must depend on a heart guess, so there is no reason for him to keep all four hearts. However, if he held Q-x-x-x he could not afford to let go a heart, for if declarer had A-x of hearts, he could set up the jack by playing ace-king ,of hearts and ruff- ing a heart. The discani tciis Ihc story. SATURDAY, MARCH 1 Cancer women smother me with promises. This lady, a fine cook with a sexy demeanor, seems always to be promising "something else." With the Cancer woman, I get confused. Am I being invited to take too much for granted? Am I taking too much for granted? Soon, I am consulting iny ephemeris, checking the position of the Moon. The lady gets me going in circles. The Cancer woman can make me talk to myself. Do you know the meaning of your Cancer lady? ARIES (March 21-April The unorthodox is featured. You learn facts of life concerning "hidden ex- penses." The individual who promises everything may soon vanish into woodwork. Know it and strive for greater self reliance. TAURUS (April 20 May You get respite from pressure. Opportunity exists for fresh start. You actually are given chance to erase some past mistakes.' Accent is on public relations, marriage, a relationship that leads to special project. GEMINI Co-operative effort is featured. Study Taurus message. Deal with Aquarian. Those who perform basic ser- vices may be restless or careless. Do some checking. Protect your interests. Be aware of security re- quirements. CANCER (June 21-JuIy Relationships intensify. What was bland becomes vivid. Clarity replaces obscurity. Nothing is apt to be lukewarm it is hot or cold, all or nothing Know it and don't play games. Member of op- posite sex is Now is time for practicality, direct, approach, the reinforcing of ideas, policies. Review basics. Be sure the "lines" are not being adlibbed. One who should know better could be taking liberties at your ex- pense. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. Movement, ideas, talk these are featured. Relatives, close neighbors are in picture, more so than in recent- past. Gemini provides spark. Another Virgo could show the way to understanding of potential. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Speculative ventures tempt you. Key is to have fun and ex- press yourself without forgetting basic obligations. Means avoid extremes. One close to you wants you, not a facade Be yourself. You need not try to impress through foolish extravagance. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Cycle is such that you can and 'should be selective. Choose quality. Avoid get rich quick schemes. Pisces, Virgo persons figure prominently. Accent is on your personal appearance, .personality and initiative. Be a self starter! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. What seems a "heavy load" may be lighter than you imagine. Stop duck- ing shadows. You have more going for you than is apparent on surface. Shake off fears. Sleeping pattern will improve. You're going to be more relaxed! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Accent is on achievement through unorthodox procedures. Usual channels simply do not work create different avenues, approaches. Get rid of burden Fun with figures By j.A.H. Hunter Jack watched as his friend shuffled the cards. "There are some he said. "Count them." "I replied Andy, placing the pile of cards face down on the table. "It's only about half a deck but that's plenty. Now draw two cards." Jack complied, and then turned the two cards face up. "A red and a he declared. "I wonder what the odds were against that." Andy checked the cards carefully. "I make It exactly 2 to 1 he declared. And he was right. How many cards were (Answer Monday) Yeilerdiy'i anwer: PLEASE was UWI3 (STAMP KU1, not rigmly your own. Reach beyond what appears to be a limitation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Direct approach to one "in charge" brings good results. Your unique style attracts favorable attention. Obstacle is overcome. Promo- tion is due. Standing in com- munity is elevated. You can dance to your'own tune! PISCES (Feb. 19-Marcb Study Aquarius message for valid hint. Broaden horizions, emotional and otherwise. Follow through on hunch. Teach and learn share knowledge for best results. You may be intrigued by travel possibilities. Study a language! IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are sensitive, psychic, creative and stub- born. You also are sensual, spoiled by the opposite sex and somewhat vain. This is a power year for you. You go into business. If single; marriage is highlighted. If married, an addition to family is distinct possibility. June and September are out- standing months. Leo, Aquarius persons play impor- tant roles in your life. LOOK OUT FOR THE FENCE' LOOIC OUT FOR THE TRUCK! LOOK: OUT FOR THE SKICK WALL (LOOKOUT FOR THE CAR.' LOOK OUT FOKWIIR POOR, INNOCENT SON HMO WANTS TO AMP HAVE A LIFE OF HI6 MM0LOIS COME TAKE YOUR rOH, NEVER MIND, I FOR6OT VOU MAD ONE THIS MORNING. WHOLE LIFE JUST FLASHED BEfORE MY EVE' BUGS BUNNY TH' MOOCHEKS, SYLVESTER AN' CEDRIC.' TIME T' HIDE TH' CRACKERS AN' REFKAIN FROM r y RIDICULE WE WOULD LIKE THE BEST PROVENDER. YO EATERY CAN PROVIDE FOR. THIS CURRENCY. BLONME Ask Andy BEAVER BUILDERS Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Melissa Ann Oliva, age 12, of Berlin Center, Ohio, for her question: Why do beavers build dams? Judging from his remarkable dams and waterways, the busy beaver seems to be an architectural genius. However, recent observers tell us that, though usually a smart fellow, he does not have a super IQ It seems that he is by nature a born builder and his talents work as a sort of instinct that drives him to build build build. No doubt the beaver's story began in the dim distant past, when his rather slow, roly poly ancestors lived in woodsy regions beset by famished foes. Those that survived long enough to bear baby beavers escaped by swimming in and under the water of a pond or stream. For added protection they dug burrows and_ raised their families in muddy banks. The beaver kits with webb- ed toes and strong digging claws on their fingers had a better chance of surviving. So did those with nose valves to close during long swims under water. Their rodent teeth grew constantly and constant gnaw- ing kept them comfortably worn down. Since children resemble their parents, more and more beavers Inherited these useful family features. Through countless generations, they also inherited a fantastic group of behavior patterns. For safety's sake, they protected their range with ever present supplies of water. To ac- complish this amazing feat they cut down trees to dam up streams, creating ponds where they built elaborate houses with underwater doors. Beaver parents mate for life and the family unit includes teen agers plus a new brood of two to eight kits. No doubt the teen agers learn a great deal about constructing waterways dur- ing their two years at home. But this Is not the whole story. We know now young beavers separated from their parents repeat the family building skills. Captive beavers use whatever building material is handy, even when no safety structures art. needed. For these it seems ob- vious that beaver builds because he feels he must. Basically the elaborate dams and waterways make it possible for the beavers to survive in hostile territory. But they do not figure this out. They inherited not only cer- tain useful physical features, but a whole group of Inborn talents that impel them to build and build and The busy beaver just does what comes naturally. AND YOU SAY I DON'T UNDERSTAMD TODAY'S MUSIC THAT WAS REALLY A GOOD SONS.' DAD, I WAS JUST I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT LETTER FOR YOU TO DELIVER TO THE HEAD OF THE SCHOOL BOARD YES, I'VE HEARD OF ENGRAVING THIN6SONTHE HEAD OF A PIN.' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE A SECRET A SECRET MESSAGE. i MEAR. iou TALKJINlS.' ATTENTION JO OEPEK5 OF THE PAY PLBASE, LT. FLAR ISN'T VOUK CCMPANV" ATTEN- LOOK FOR AN UPSWING-IN LAW ENFORCEMENT. UlUNER ARE IN SUCH I BECAUSE THEY TRIEP To EAT S R-APALOo eees n CAN VOU IMASIME ANVONe IGNORANT" ENOUOH care) LI'LONE-AH THINK AH'LL IT AH LIKES RAW- ;