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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - February 26, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta 18 - THE IETHBRIDOI HE RAID - Friday, February 36, 1971 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon SATURDAY, FEB. 2T I YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Sudden opportunity, often presented for brief moments only, pops in and out of a busy year of delicate inner readjustments. Nothing is quite as anticipated, often much better than planned. Material earning tends to improve, likewise the time and effort spent on improving one's resources. You may have many sudden decisions to make; even the most trivial involves subtle changes which become very important later. Today's natives have a knack for gadgets using electricity, often inventing new ones or improving old ones. ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19): Get your weekend chores squared away promptly. Pursue and enjoy excursions, conversations, social developments. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Family members are intent on following their own paths. You learn more by listening than by pressing questions. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Let your home improvement program announce itself - don't talk about it, just do it.' CANCER (June 21-July 22): Inspiration comes this morning, and you follow it. The rest of the day falls into some revised format later. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Find something constructive that really requires your concentra-tior. Friends tend to exaggerate. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22>: Be sure your home has all the accustomed amenities avail-able; onceover-lightly for the rest of the chores. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You are a bit freer with money, other resources than some of your friends. Let intuition guide you thru tense moments. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): If there is something you want, get out early and search for it. Old puzzles resolve themselves now. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You may be late with some action, but go ahead as the impulse prods you. Your neighborhood is quite lively this evening. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The run of coincidence turns your way. Personal promises are kept despite your fears of losing out. LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. Epilepsy despite normal brain scan Dear Dr. Lamb - My brain scan, EEG (electroencephalogram or brain wave) and pneu-moencephalogram all turned out O.K. My doctors tell me I have epilepsy. How is this possible? Dear Reader - It is. The common form of epilepsy is diagnosed on the basis of history of the seizures and surrounding events. The seizure is really caused by an electrical storm in the brain. The normal brain activity is disrupted and confused signals are sent out all over the body. The nerve impulses stimulate the muscles to contract, causing convulsions. In some cases the brain puts out high voltage signals that are typical of a person who has seizures. The EEG is very helpful in spotting these cases. However, in as many as 25 per cent of the people with eoilepsy the brain waves may be entirely normal between attacks. This is why EEGs are often repeated and additional procedures added to the test to try to evoke the abnormal electrical activity of the brain. Clearly, you must be one of the 25 per cent with a normal wave pattern. A brain scan is a test using radioisotopes. By counting the density of radioactivity over the brain, a map of activity is formed. The doctor is looking AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Avoid talking shop this weekend by choosing happy-go-lucky friends who don't. Domestic issues suddenly clear up. PISCES (Feb. It-March 20): Take advantage of the quieter hours to seek an original, profitable thought. Meanwhile, be as pleasant as you know how. (1971: By The Chicago Tribune) Ant eggs for an abnormal area where the density of the count is changed. In this way he might be able to spot a tumor or mass of any ytpe in the brain which could be a cause for the epil epsy. Obviously, in your case the test didn't suggest that you have a tumor. A pneumoencephalogram is a test performed by injecting a gas to outline the anatomy of the brain. This test is used, too, in a search for a brain tumor or other abnormality in the structure of the brain. Again, you had no evidence o� this. The end result is that some rather sophisitcated tests failed to show any structural damage to your brain or evidence of a brain tumor and your brain wave is fairly typical of about one in four patients who have epilepsy. Now my comments do not mean you have epilepsy. Obviously, your doctor has made this diagnosis on much more information than was included in your letter. Police pay upped REGINA (CP) - An arbitration award which would increase a first - class constables salary by 15.09 per cent to $765 a month was released here. Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to Jennifer Weaver, age 10, of Visalia, California, for her question: What are those snail white objects that ants carry around? Many people think that those little white bundles are ant eggs. In fact, pet stores call them ant eggs when they sell them in food packages for tame turtles. Nevertheless, this is not so. An ant egg is no bigser than a pinpoint, hardly big enough to be seen. As the baby insect grows up, her body goes through a couple of amazing changes that do not look at all like an ant. At one stage, she mav be a little white bundle- and grown - up nursemaid ants often carry her around. * *  You see this happen when you step on a busy ant hill. The upset shatters dozens of tiny tunnels and rooms that the worker ants have built in the crumbly soil. In the teeming ant world, this is a disaster and every little worker dashes to repair the damage. The first things they tend to are he children. There are dozens of them in various stages of development, tucked away in underground nurseries. Some are clumps of pinpoint - sized eggs. Others are grubby larvae in assorted sizes. Some are pupa ants sleeping in papery sacks. When disaster strikes, the worker ants first rush to the rescue of the oldest youngsters. These are the helpless pupae, asleep inside their cozy sacks The pupae of certain ants are encased in white cocoons that look like miniature bags of flour. These are the little white bundles that the ants rescue first. A sturdy worker grabs a pupa's loose skin in her pincers, hoiss it aloft and carries it away from the falling debris to safety. Later the rescue squad tends to the grubby larvae. These are pale, helpless youngsters with pointed heads and tails and no legs. Some are bitsy babies just hatched from their eggs. The older ones are larger and almost ready to advance to the pupa stage. When the assorted larvae are carried to safety, the rescue squad tends to the eggs. These are wadded in a ball and kept in an underground nursery. A sturdy worker may carry the ball to safety or the job may HAVE EVfeR KEN OUT TO THE AIRPORT? iVe son the ARPorr.wTM never roun on a plane... i took a "trip on a n$ 0nc6... 1$ life like aw on a w*? LANCELOT-By Coker ft Penn / LANCE, l&T MS \ I, INTRODUCE A\y \ be done by a team of two or three. The scurrying ants seem to be in a panic. But this is not so. Every step of the rescue is well organized and done just so. Some of the workers are trained nursemaids and all of them treat the youngsters with great care. They must use their fierce, sharp pincers to carry their precious burdens, yet not one of the helpless children gets stabbed or injured.  *  The nursemaids have plenty of practice in toting the children from place to place. One of their duties is to make sure that the nursery air is proper-lv warm and moist. For example, when the top of the ant hill gets too hot, they carry all the youngsters to cooler rooms downstairs. Sometimes they carry white bundles outdoors for a sunny airing. These are the pupae asleep in their papery cocoons. Soon they will hatch into adult ants and help the other workers with their duties. * *  Andy sends a World Book Globe to Andv Bellflower. age 13 of Pamplico, South Carolina, for his question: What is the value of platinum? The price of platinum is about $80 an ounce, which makes it more than twice as costly as gold. Some years ago its market price was $170 an ounce but it became cheaper as more deposits were found and mined. Platinum has all the features required to qualify as a precious and very valuable metal. It has the gleaming beautv of silver but unlike silver it does not tarnish in the air. Most strong acids do not harm it. V is tough and durable hut readily mixed with other metals to form super - hard alloys. It resists high temperatures and has unusual chemical proo-erties that make it useful in the lab. Best of all, platinum can be modeled and molded almost as easily as gold. For this reason, it is popular in jewelry settings for diamonds and other precious stones. Questions asked bv children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 197!) BLONDIE-By Chic Young BftTlE BAILEY-By Mort Walker U'L ABNER-By Al Capp Political independence by 1980 ARCHIE-By Bob Montana EDMONTON (CP) - Quebec will win political independence before 1980, Jacques Larue-Langlois, one of five Montreal men acquitted of seditious conspiracy two weeks ago, said here. However, the complete rev- GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN (� If Ml �t Tfti CHOW TritaM] Both vulnerable. North deals. NORTH *KQJ8 53 OS OKJ1M7 + K6 4 3 * 87 i SOUTH A 1032 OQ6543 *AJ10� The bidding: North Eait Seath West IV Pasi INT Pats 2 NT Pass 3 NT Past Pass Pats Altho West's selection of an opening lead against Sooth's three no trump contract was not culled from any hook of rules, it was very logically contrived and proved to be a lethal thrust. North's raise to two no trump with only 16 points was a mild overbid but the presence of two reasonably good suits influenced him to take the aggressive course. South, holding nine high card points, was warranted in carrying on to game. West realized that, inasmuch as he had a reasonably good hand, his partner could not be counted on for very much and, therefore, he would have to produce the bulk of the defensive commit- meet from his own resources. It would be necessary to rely on the heart suit to produce the setting tricks, and the issue reduced itself to a question of which card to select for the opening assault. West counted a minimum of nine cards in hearts between his hand and the dummy, so that the other players rated to be very short in hearts. If all the outstanding heart honors were located in dummy, then the defense might as well abandon hope. However, if one of the other players held a high heart, it might be Important to prevent that card from hindering the development of West's suit. West decided to lead the king of hearts. South put up the ace from dummy and the queen dropped from his hand. The queen of clubs was led and finessed. West was in with the king and he continued with the jack of hearts and then the nine to dislodge North's ten. A spade was led and South put up the ten. West was in again with the ace and he cashed the eight and seven of hearts to set the contract. Observe that, if West makes the normal lead of his fourth best heart, declarer can win the trick in his hand with the queen and proceed to develop nine tricks with no strain, inasmuch as dummy still retains two stoppers in the heart suit in toe. ace and ten. clution sought by the Front de Liberation du Quebec may take longer, he told about 150 persons at the University of Alberta. Mr. Larue-Langlois, a for-m e r Canadian Broadcasting Corp. producer, said the Parti Quebecois will be elected in Quebec "by the second election from now." This likely will lead Quebec out of Confederation but "the capitalists would still come pouring in from the United States and Canada." IT DIDN'T WORK He said the War Measures Act was introduced to behead the independence movement in Quebec. "They thought they could frighten us into keeping quiet. It didn't work and it won't work. "More and more people are ready to make the sacrifice. We have had a taste of the jails and they are comfortable today. The food is as good as in the average hospital." British diplomat James Cross didn't suffer too much while a captive of the FLQ, he said and when considering the kidnap-murder of Pierre La-porte "you must also consider the deaths of construction workers in so-called accidents." One such accident, he said, killed 12 men when a building under construction collapsed. Wooden forms to support concrete were not built strong enough because the contractor wanted to save money, he said. Also to be considered was the unemployed man with 12 children who wonders where he will get money to feed his family. "That is the continuing type of violent situation, perhaps worse than a temporary violent situation." Mr. Larue-Langlois still faces a charge of belonging to the FLQ but said he doesn't believe his case ever will come to trial. Calgary area is invaded by skunks CALGARY (CP) - Northwest Calgary residents are being invaded by skunks and the smell, according to some witnesses, is unbearable. In a letter to the city Thursday, the North Haven Community Association asked for help in quelling the incursion. "We in North Haven feel we have many attractions as a community," said T. C. Donnelly, association president. "But we have not, as yet, much of an idea as to why we are being invaded by skunks." He said one reason for the "sudden popularity" of the skunks is that increased building in the area has caused them to look for new homes. New commander WASHINGTON fReuter) -President Nixon has named Lt.-Gen. Michael Davison, at present a field commander in Vietnam, to be commander - in-chief of the United States Army in Europe. He will take over Aoril 1 from Gen. James Polk, who has commanded the U.S. Army in Europe since 1967 and is retiring after 37 years of active service. Y X OUST HOPE HE DOESN'T MAKE ROTS IN THE LAWN.' HI AND LOIS-By Oik Browne SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal WELCOME HOME/WHAT DID NOU BRING M� FROM PLANET EARTH? BUGS BUNNY WELL; KIP.../WT. GASP... WHEEZB... HOW DO VA LIKE _ OUR MUSIC? ;