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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 24, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 18 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, February 24, 1975 Ask Andy FLYING Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Wayne Halicki, age 13, of Willowdale, Toronto, Ont., Canada, for his question: How high can birds fly? This is not an easy question to answer because human observers are not likely to be around when birds make their altitude records. Since the birds themselves do not divulge this information, we can form only tentative conclusions, based on a few spot checks, taken here and there. Scientists hesitate to give a definite answer because so far they have devised no provable experiments. All we have to go on are scraps of data from reliable observers who happen to be in the right place at the right time. For example, mountain climbers report that flocks of geese and perhaps other migrating birds regular- ly fly over the highest peaks of the Himalayas gossiping as they go. Considering that the air at these five mile altitudes is too thin for humans, this is remarkable. However, based on other in- formation it well may be true. So far as we know from our scanty information; the cham- pion altitude flier of the bird world is most likely one of the choughs. These clownish characters are crow size Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 24, 1975 The German Workers' Par- ty then an insignificant political group was founded in Munich 55 years ago in 1920. Within one.year Adolf Hitler had taken over leadership of the group and changed its name to the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' Party, the foundation of the infamous Nazi party. 1785 John Adams, later appointed U.S. minister to Britain. 1815 Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat, died. 1903 The U.S. acquired a_ naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 1916 Gen. Philippe Petain was placed in command of the collapsing French front at Verdun. 1943 The British 8th Army broke a German counterat- tack at the Kasserine Pass, North Africa. relatives of the ravens, jackdaws and sassy blue jays. And they have a positive pas- sion for peaks and lofty heights, where they perform fantastic aerial acrobatics. The yellow billed Alpine chough of Europe romps through life with a flock of 20 or so friends and relatives. Often these sky-rocketing daredevils use a rising air current to ascend to five miles or more above sea level. From this awesome altitude, the frolicking flock begins to play. Some seem to play dead, fold their wings and plummet like stones down dizzy precipices. Some des- cend with a series of somer- saults and other impossible aerial antics. However, the reckless tumbles always end safely a few feet above the ground. After the fun, they return lazily aloft, perhaps breaking another altitude record before the next swoop down. The Alpine chough has a cousin who lives, wouldn't you know, right there among the high Himalayas. He is known to nest on the shoulders of Mount Everest at altitudes of feet. No doubt this possible champion can clear the world's tallest peak, which is in his neighborhood and more than feet above s.ea level. However, this has not been verified by on the spot human observers. Quntiont by chil- dren of Htrald be mailed to Aik Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER "These are the same as my wife bought last declared Greg. "She got 120 and I think they came to just three bucks." "That's Linda told him. "A dollar each and no tax." "Okay, I'll take said Greg, handing her a five dollar bill. The girl gave him his three dollars change, and he left the store with his purchase. What do you imagine Greg can have bought? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Magic total 450. Numbers 105 to 120. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF im.TheChiutoTribune Q.l-Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 4AKQ3 f A8762 Partner opens the bidding with one spade. What do you respond? A.-Two hearts. The hand is a trifle too strong for a jump raise of three spades, so we temporize with two hearts, intending to vigorous raise at our next offer a v opportunity. If we jump raij we won't know what to do when partner next bids four spades. Q.2- Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 6QJ732 Partner opens the bidding with one spade. What do you respond? clubs. Not an easy hand to bid. It is a whit too weak for a jump raise, but far too strong for to return to four clubs. vulner- able, as South you hold: 4AK10.VKJ76 49763 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West I Pass 1 V Pass 2NT Pass What do you bid now? no A simple matter of addition. Partner's jump rebid in no trump shows 19-20 points and you have 14. Thus, you have enough for a small slam and what better place to play the hand than in no trump? Any other bid is simply dallying. Q.6-East-West vulnerable, as South you hold: Partner opens the bidding with one spade. What do you respond? Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omarr Leo likes to be "the talk of the town." Pisces could shyly hide behind the scenes but not for too long. Aries wants credit for being first with the while Taurus insists on being paid in full without the frill. Gemini wanders, tests, tries, cries, laughs, cajoles entire operation and makes people aware of basic re- quirements. Virgo pitches in to provide unique touches and services, while Libra paints and plays and makes us aware .of the music of the spheres. Scorpio provides intensity, depth and dimension, while Sagittarius makes prophecies, links the old and new and crumbles language barriers. Capricorn makes the opera- tion viable, causes it to stick together, provides perspec- tive through history. Aquarius is here with humor and challenge and is responsible for the credo, "Never a dull ARIES (March 21 April Accent now is on being practical while doing some personal investigating of current situation. Member of opposite sex plays role. Gemini, Virgo persons are likely to be involved. Job, diet and health dominate. Don't give iip something before you find something else to replace it. TAURUS (April 20 May Your creative abilities find outlet. Your sense of what is beautiful and useful is utilized. You become in- volved, gradually and then with greater intensity. Member of opposite sex'is not playing games. Know it and act accordingly. GEMINI (May 21 June You may have finished project without knowing it. Review data. Separate facts from wishful thinking. Real estate, property, business seem to be emphasized. Frank talk is required. Skip the false phrases, cliches. Use words with meaning. CANCER (June 21 July 22) Ideas could mean money. If you fail to do your homework, ideas could cost you plenty. Carelessness now will be noted more so than in recent past. Older person with broad experience is putting you to test. LEO (July 23 Aug. You reach more people; royalties could increase. Ac- cent is on profit, collection, universal appeal, distribution and advertising. Aries, Libra individuals could figure prominently. You face some realities and can come through with flying colors. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. Lawrence Lamb M.D. no trump, which shows specifi- jump raise, nut tar too strong for a simple raise or a jump to four clubs. You have the spades. The solution is a tempo- wrong shape for a jump to three rising to be followed by a spade raise on the next round. Q.3-North-South vulner- able, as South you hold: 4AKJ87542 Partner opens the bidding with one club. What do you respond? spades. Support for partner's suit is not a pre- requisite for a jump shift. Here, your spade suit is self-sustaining, and you can play in spades even jf partner is void in the suit. The important thing is to advise part- ner immediately that you are interested in you don't, you might never be able to catch up. vulnerable, as South you hold: 83 41072 4Q10952 The bidding has proceeded: Wcit Nerth Ettt South 1 UMe. Pus 2 3 Pais What do you bid now? A.-Three no trump. Partner must have a pretty good hand to raise you to the thrcorlcvol when you have not yet promised him a thing. You have a fairly good five-card suit and a solid stopper in the enemy suit. If partner's raise is based on distribution rather than high cards, he is free cally a flat 4-3-3-3 pattern. Here, you could have a slam in either of your suits. You choose two clubs rather than two hearts as your first response because a bid of two hearts almost always shows at least five cards in the suit. Q.7-Neithef vulnerable, as South you hold: 4Q10962 VK873 Partner opens the bidding with one no trump. What do you respond? spades. Your hand is not strong enough to employ the Stayman to check on major suits. A bid of two clubs in an attempt to probe for a major fit requires a hand of 7-8 points at least. Q.8-Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: f J7 AK105 KQ76 Partner opens the bidding with four hearts. What action do you take? A.-Pass. You must be off two aces or an ace and a trump trick. If partner had something like seven hearts headed by the ace- king-queen and an outside ace, he would have opened the bid- ding with one heart rather than with a preempt. Dear Dr. Lamb As a punishment my son's gym teacher makes the class do 60 situps and 60 pushups. The next day his stomach muscles are very and painful. I know this is good exercise, but usually you work up to this amount gradually. Could this sort of thing be harmful in any way? My son is 12 years old. Dear Reader Excessive exercise beyond what the body is trained to do will cause minor injury muscles. That may be one reason for the muscle soreness we all experience after such episodes. Such ex- ercise bouts actually slow down the rate of body develop- ment and the development of exercise capacity. The rule is: Train, don't strain. The excessive exercise in this form is not likely to do major harm to the health on the short term basis. Why do I say short term basis? Because the gym a pattern of shunning exer- cise. I wish every physical education teacher would take this to heart. If they want to motivate their students to want to exercise, stop that archaic practice of using ex- ercise as punishment. Dear Dr. Lamb Please tell me something about leg aches. I just came home without finishing my shopping because the pain in my left leg was so bad. After I have been walking for a couple of hours, the pain starts in the toe next to my little one. If I don't get off it immediately, the pain continues on up to the knee and is excruciating. I have been to the doctor three times with no im- provement. He has checked my circulation which is fine. I have had tests for uric acid, rheumatoid arthritis and the like, and ail are okay.' I'm 58, weight 135 pounds and have been very active. This problem is beginning to SHE TAKES ME WITH HER WHEREVER SHE 60E5.. RAIN OR J Cycle has moved up take initiative. Strike to heart of matters. Stress independence, originality, creativity. Lead rather than follow. Those who are envious may sing the blues. Ignore the refrain. Dance to your own tune. LIBRA (Sept. 23 -Oct. WAND LOIS and sticks pins -in stuffed Hospitals, clubs, institutions shirts. Cancer oversees the these figure prominently. Accent is on what is secret, unorthodox, hidden. You get access to previously obscured. Proceed in manner which reflects dignity and determination. You receive encouragement from surprise source. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Highlight ability to com- prehend fragmented pieces. Social activity accelerates. You'll have more fun than in recent past. Don't feel guilty about it. You could make con- tact with one who helps you promote a key project. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Accent is on stan- ding, career, ambition, leadership. You deal well with professional superiors. You are in line for promotion. Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio persons are in picture. Past efforts are recognized and could be rewarded. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. By treading lightly, you get what you want. If you issue ultimatums, there will be disappointment, to say nothing of embarrassment. Key now is to take long range view. Refuse to be painted into corner. Leave room for growth, creativity, change and compromise. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Costs; production time, special items these are emphasized. Taurus, Libra and Scorpio persons could be in picture. Someone may be trying to puncture your budget through family member. Be alert and reasonable. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Emphasis is on partnership, co operative ef- forts and marriage. You can afford to wait and be selec- tive. Judgment, intuition may be off target. Refuse to be rushed, especially where legal matters are concerned. See situation as it exists, not merely as you wish it might be. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are quiet within, introspective, subject to moods, sensitive, psychic and will experience out- standing month in April. Pisces, Virgo persons are drawn to you. You adore theatre while detesting theatrics. You are wonderful around ill or handicapped per- sons. You have knack of providing inspiration. IT THE N MANUFACTURER'S THEIR SWEATERS ALWAYS SHRINK. ID LIKE TO SEE THEM GET OUT OF THAT CLEANERS SHRUNK MY NEW SWEATER. THESE CARPS HELP US EVALUATE VOUK. JOB WHAT DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF? A CORNED BEEF SANDWICH BLONME PAewooa AREN'T YOU COMING UP r TO BED? i WISH HE WOULDN'T WATCH "THOSE LATE, LATE WESTERNS ON TV I FINISH WATCHING ALL NIGHT UONG HE WHINNIES IN HIS SLEEP WELL, THE RUMOR IS THAT THERE'S A 6REAT NEW ROCK GROUP AT HER YOU MEAN WHAT THEY'R HEY.'is ASAYINS ABOUT VERONICA? HEWV, MAN .'LET'S SET IT ALL TOGETHER OVER THERE AND START GROOVINV HAGAR THE HORRIBLE ATAWAY, BEETLE THE DOESN'T CARS TUMBLEWEEDS THIS MONTH THE COVETS? 0LACK FEATHER GOES TO THE TRIPE'S MARINE THAT SAVVY CHJ.-SJU.Y.' THAT EINSTEIN THE PRINY tfTHE ALGAE! nunoriASMic mew, NAME YOU INPIAN OF THE MONTH] teacher who uses exercise as .affect my activity! I- have a form of punishment is really been having it for about four defeating his or her own pur- pose. For children exercise should never be used as punishment. The idea is to make exercise pleasant and something children will want to do. This will help motivate them to want to exercise for the rest of their lives. When children or older in- dividuals are forced to do a physical task as punishment, the task is considered degrading, even if it is extra laps around the track. The ex- ercise becomes equated in the person's mind with punishment, not something pleasurable. No wonder, then, that these individuals develop months now. Dear Reader Aches in the feet and legs come from many causes. Circulation is one cause and I'm glad your doc- tor doesn't think that it's your problem. Osteoarthritis can also be a problem. So can a variety of disorders of the feet. You will need x-rays of the hip joints, the knee and a careful ex- amination of the feet. I would suggest that you ask your doctor to refer you to an orthopedic clinic or specialist for a more detailed examina- tion of the mechanical factors that might be causing your problem. PUT, WRE SO FAR'FROM PROTOi WHAT'S A MARINE PIOUXJIST POIN6 OUT HERE IN THE PE5ERTK WRONG TRACK NATIVES f- A6AINrr- WE MUST FIND save AS rNAUSEATED CLAMS V V NATIVES rr CONTRARI wiser.' NATIVES THEY IS HEALTHY CO THEY HAPPX.' LOOK SICK MISERABLe PO THAT "NIT MEANS VS6K6 MEAN WE'RE JONTHEWRONG HEAR TH' LETS TURN! ;