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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 20, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 28 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Thurtdiy, February 20, 197S Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Possibly you can help with my problem of "phantom toes." TTiese at- tacks occur from' three weeks to three months apart, and last from 8 to 24 hours. My missing toes feel as though someone has given them an electric shock. These shocks last from a split second up to a full second or two, and my stump often jerks upward con- vulsively. This is very dis- tressing, although not really painful. My left leg was amputated in 1924 in the middle of the tiiigli. I have been most active on an artificial leg. I'm 68, five-feet-ten and have weighed 136 to 139 pounds for many years. In general I'm in excellent health. The various doctors I have consulted suggest aspirin for my phantom toes as an alter: Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 20, 1975 State Secretary Ellen Fairclough, 53, became the first woman acting prime minister 17 years ago in 1958. As senior cabinet minister in Ottawa she assumed the role when John Diefenbaker was campaign- ing in Newfoundland. 1521 de Leon sailed to found a settlement in Florida. 1839 U.S. Congress out- lawed duelling. 1905 112 miners killed at Virginia City, Va. 1915 The French cruiser Provence capsized in the Mediterranean, probably torpedeod. Of men aboard, only 850 survived. 1943 Afrika Corps cap- tured Kasserine Pass, Tunisia. Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Each letter stands for a different digit. You can be quite sure of this! Then what must our ROMAN stand for? NERO NO HERO TO ROMAN Thanks to L. D. Abbott, Lon- don, England. (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: Mike 42 years old, Bill 6. native to an operation. They say an operation on the stump is rather uncertain of success. I'm hoping you may have some helpful recommendation for me. Dear Reader The problem of the "phantom limb" is really a medical mystery. In most cases the amputee has the sensation im- mediately after it can occur years later. He may have the sensation of still hav- ing the complete limb that has been cut off. This can lead to difficulties. If he still has the sensation of the original leg and gets out of bed stepping on the phantom leg, he will fall. If it is the arm that has been amputated he may reach out with the phan- tom hand and nothing happens. As time goes, on the phan- tom leg may shrink into the stump and disappear. In other instances the leg may dis- appear, but the foot may remain, floating in the air so to speak. The same thing can. happen to the hand in relation to the arm. In your case I take it that you feel the presence of your toes, but not the missing leg- Obviously the sensation is transmitted some way through the nerves. There seem to be sensitive spots (trigger areas) that, when pressed, make the limb or the sensations appear. There are a variety of sensations reported, including tingling (the most common) and sen- sations of hot and cold. No one has been successful in defining the anatomy of the pain. It is not from irritated cut nerve ends. Surgery has been tried, even by snipping off the roots of nerves at the spinal cord, without success. Because of the lack of cor- relation of the pain with anatomy, some have thought the problem was related to psychological factors. While emotional upsets can trigger an episode, it just isn't that simple. You can inject the nerve areas and provide relief. One proof of the anatomic basis versus just "nerves" is that if you do not inject the right nerve areas or trigger points, there will be no relief. In general for patients with severe problems, efforts should be made toward treat- ment with injections of demonstrated trigger areas that set off the reaction of nerves to that area. This sometimes gives relief for many months and occasional- ly leads to complete remission. You may not need the injec- tions since your sensations are usually short-lived and you have long periods of freedom from your phantom toes. If your problem progresses, doctor may want to try local nerve blocks to see if he can help relieve the symptoms. Astrological Foreoast by Sydney Omarr Capricorn remembers big and forgets small the overall pattern or destination is what counts with this native. The everyday affair, appointment, promise, com- mitment might fly out of the window as contrasted to an ul- timate goal. Capricorn might slight the shopping list but will never forget the store. ARIES (March 21-April Accent is on completion, security, creative in- novations, an attitude of "make of utilizing available materials. Leo, Aquarius persons figure prominently. Older individual will come to your side if you prove loyal to your principles. TAURUS (April Ztt-May You seem capable now of ris- ing above and beyond red tape. You grasp picture as a whole. You make wonderful contacts. You meet people who can make you laugh. There is respite from recent emotional pressure. Good! Go with the tide. GEMINI (May 21-June You get around, you plant profitable enterprises. Another Gemini and a Sagittarian could figure prominently. Count your change. Protect your own interests. Associate may be taking too much for granted. CANCER (June 21-July Lunar cycle is high; "breaks" come your way. Means elements of luck, timing are on your side. Personality sparkles. People are drawn to you. Popularity quotient shoots skyward. Make a new start and state your terms. LEO (July 23-Aug. For valid answers, get behind the scenes. Someone who should be telling you something is do- ing the opposite. Nothing serious. It is just that element of doubt, fright, deception is present. Clear air by showing that you do not fear shadows. You'll comprehend! VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Accent on getting your way. You do so by improving ser- vices or suggesting ways to get rid of wasteful methods. Friends will rally to your sup- port. You are due for reward and this could be in form of promotion. Taurus, Libra in- dividuals figure prominently. LIBRA (Sept, 23-Oct. 22) Emphasis is on authority, dealings with professional superiors. Be selective. Don't deceive yourself. See persons, situations as they really exist. Insist on privacy where dis- cretion is necessary. Don't succumb to false flattery. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Fine lunar aspect now points to long trip, higher education, greater ability to com- municate. Write, advertise and publish. You'll be handl- ing added responsibility both in personal and professional areas. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Highlight hidden corners, subtle nuances. Be alert to' cunning opposition. Tax and other loopholes are in picture. You are on brink of completing assignmenf, pro- ject which could bring wide acclaim. Protect yourself against well meaning friends who could upset apple cart. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Emphasis is on partnership, legal affairs and marriage. Play waiting game. Means don't rush to judgment. You may be slightly off target this is temporary. Patience becomes your ally. Refuse to affix signature to any docu- ment unless you thoroughly understand it. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Emphasis is on health, diet, employment, persons who perform basic services. You are drawn in more than one direction. Means indeci- sion is highlighted. Study Capricorn message for valid hint. One who taught you in past makes reappearance. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Creative juices flow. Means you are stimulated and take renewed interest in what goes oh around you. Be aware of opportunity involving change and travel. Gemini and Sagittarius figure in pic- ture. Young person revitalizes your hopes and wishes. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are restless, attractive, could have weight problem, draw Gemini and Sagittarius persons to you and will find August your most im- portant month of 1975. You are completing major project this year. Your views will be widely distributed. You will be sought after and your talent for drama will be utilized. HAND LOIS Ask Andy Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF e Both vulnerable. South deals. NORTH A85 t5 AQ642 K852 WEST EAST 10643 97 VKJ973 VQ10 4J975 SOUTH KQJ2 fA8642 K3 A7 The bidding: Sooth West North 1 V Pass 2 P.S8 2 Pass 3 3 3 P.88 4 NT P.8S 5 V Pass 6 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Four of' 4> The late Alphonse "Son- ny" Moyse, Jr. was a great believer in the power of the 4-3 fit. He wrote so many articles about this topic in "Bridge World which he edited, that it has become known in the trade as the "Moysian fit." De- clarer wound up in the best slam on this hand, but did not find the best line to handle this Moysian fit. Since his spade suit was powerful and he would be ruffing hearts in the short trump hand, South judged well when he chose spades as the final contract. Note that it is the only makahlc slam as the cards lie. Whenever the declaring side has shown distribu- tional hands, trump leads are to be recommended, and West got his side off to a sound start. Declarer could count ten top tricks, and two heart ruffs would bring his total to twelve. He won the ace of spades in dummy, led a heart to the ace and ruffed a heart. He crossed back to the ace of clubs and ruffed another heart. Unfortunate- ly East overruffed, and de- clarer still had a losing heart. Down one. Seven missing cards will divide 4-3 three times in five, so declarer can count himself rather unlucky to find West with five cards in hearts. However, it would have been better to play on diamonds. Declarer can make his slam if diamonds divide no worse than 4-2, which will be the case some 84% of the time. Correct technique after winning the ace of spades was to play a low dia- mond from each hand, con- ceding a trick to the de- fenders. The best they can do is play another trump. De- clarer wins, cashes the ace of hearts and ruffs a heart in dummy. He reenters his hand with the ace of clubs and draws the outstanding trumps, discarding two low clubs from the board. Now he cashes the king of dia- monds, crosses back to dum- my with the king of clubs and reels off the rest of the diamond suit for his slam. SHADOWS Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Chris Fellbaum, age 12, of Kingston, Ont., Canada, for his question: How do umbras and penumbras differ? Umbras and penumbras are super size shadows, and the average eclipse creates one of each kind. They form a pair of shadowy cones, one inside the other. The umbra is the very dark central cone, tapering outward from either the earth or the moon. Around it is the huge, dusky penumbra that fans outward from the earth or the moon. The earth and the moon are solid globes, and as they the beaming sun. The opposite side casts a long tapering shadow out into space. This is the dark umbra. It is shaped like a long thin cone, with its base centered on the night side of the earth or the moon. Out there in space, sunlight filters around the umbra, creating a much larger, less shadowy shadow. This is the dusky penumbra that fans out from the earth and the moon spreading wider and wider through space. The dark tapering umbra is centered in the huge dusky penumbra. Several times during an average year the earth and moon manage to cast their shadows upon each other. Then we get some sort of eclipse. When only the penumbra touches down, the eclipse is partial. A total ex- lipse is seen from only within the dark shadow of the umbra. Eclipses occur only when the sun is a straight line with both the earth and the moon. When the new moon passes directly between us and the sun, it casts its shadow on the earth and we get a solar eclipse. Its midnight umbra is no wider than 167 miles. Along its fast moving path, the dark moon blots, out the dazzl- ing sun and viewers behold a total solar eclipse. Meantime the surrounding penumbra casts a dusky shadow, maybe miles wide, where viewers behold only a partial solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is directly between the sun and the full moon. Then our shadow falls on the lunar landscape. At the moon's, distance, our large umbra is about miles wide. A total lunar eclipse may last an hour and 40 minutes, while the partial lunar eclipse may last almost four hours. In theory the orbiting moon should give us one solar and one lunar eclipse every month. But it travels a wobbly path and its average distance is too short to cast its shadow upon the earth. So eclipses oc- cur only when its wobbly path comes a little closer just when the sun, earth and moon can form a perfect lineup. OuMtlona by chil- dren of milltd to Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntlngton Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Publishing Co. 1973) I ALL MY HOMEWORK: STUCV THE TEACHER SAID YOU'D SAV THAT AND THAT I SHOULDN'T JUST MV LUCK TO SET A SMART VGUR TEACHER SAID YOU SHOULD DO TWO HOURS OF STUDIES EVERY NISHT. ID LIKE TO INQUIRE ABOUT SOME GOOD THINKIN, THIS ON6 WILL, GIVE YA GOOD SERVICE AN' TH' PRICE IS RIGHT.' WHAT KiND OF WARRANTY DOES IT HAVE? GUARANTEED PERTH LIFE O' YEK. CAR OR. THREE WEEKS... WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. THE LAST ONE VOU SOLD ME TASTED LIKE A BOILED POTATO HERE, TRY THIS ONE IP IT TASTES LIKE A POTATO, PUT A LITTLE GRAVY ON IT.' I WANT A NICE RIPE MELON THIS TIME VERONICA A WELL- SAYS VDO'VEJ NO- BEEN EATING ALL THE. FRUIT AT THE BOTTOM WAS OF THE. PUNCH BOWL.' JUSHEAD, HOW COULD YOU MY WRISTWATCH :RPK< JUSHEADA THAT S WHERE DO) FUNNY-N YOU GET LOOKING THE ON IE BUFFET? IS WATERPROOF I HAGAR THE HORRIBLE YEAN, BUT POM'T DO THE SAAAE NO, LI'L FeilA, I HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR WU.L... I PIPN'T KNOW YOU 6UYS PALEFACE GAMES...EVER PLAYEP By Gene AN INSTANT-ON TV PICTURE THAT APPfARSTHE MOMENT WU TURN THE SWITM-WiTM- OUT PREMEATIN9-IS NEAR, rrs POSSIBLE BECAUSE A HK5H ELECTRON ROW CAN NOW BE PRODUCED IN A COOL VACUUM TUBE... THAT TH' FLIMFLAM FUND'S IDEA, NATURALLV ft- THEY CANT OUT IOO MILLION IN STAFF SALARIES FRITTER THEIR ON HIGH T- IT TAKES 87 VMS BV TRAMP BUT its CHEAPER THAN FLVINS BECAUSE WE CAN WRK'CUR WAY ACROSS- ;