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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 26

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Wrtnmday, February 18, 1975 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb What causes people to lose weight? I'm 68, five feet tall and weigh 101 pounds. I have lost 25 pounds in the last two years. I'm taking two Dilatin cap- sules daily for arteriosclerosis. My blood pressure is normal and my blood sugar is normal. Why have 1 lost weight? Dear Reader Weight loss is a simple balance between calories in and calories used by your body. The most com- mon cause for weight loss is a decreased intake of calpries either from not eating as much food or eating food that contains fewer calories. Beyond that you can begin with things that prevent food from being absorbed through the intestinal wall into the cir- culation. There are a host of medical problems that can do this from the diarrhea type disorders associated with pancreas disease to types of inflammation of the intestinal wall. Arterosclerosis or changes in the arteries that supply the intestines can also interfere with their normal function and lead to weight loss. If the calories get absorbed then it's time to think about the things that can happen to lose calories from the body. High on the list here is diabetes with loss of sugar, and hence calories, in the urine. Any illness can increase the need for energy in the body cells. This can be a chronic ill- ness like tuberculosis or an acute illness like pneumonia. Or, the thyroid can step up the metabolism like turning up the thermostat and more energy will be used. So, it isn't easy to say why you have lost weight. Because some causes for weight loss are serious medical problems. I believe anyone who has unexplained weight loss needs a good medical examination. Don't forget that cancer can also be a cause of weight loss. Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter "You and Bill, taken last week, said John, looking at the photo on the desk. "Very nice too. How old is the boy Mike did some quick figur- ing on the back of an envelope. "A teaser for he replied. "If you divide your age by mine and subtract the result from your age divided his, you get just one seventh of your age." How old was Mike? (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: ELSIE was 13751. So, don't delay. Go get a good examination to narrow down the possibilities and then if you must, get .the proper treatment. I don't want to alarm you since it is probably your diet, but because of cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes as factors in unex- plained weight loss, you simp- ly must see a doctor. The same applies to anyone else with unexplained weight loss. Dear Dr. Lamb Can you please tell me what an oc- cipital headache is, its symp- toms and its cuases? I heard this is conversation while on a bus recently. Yes, it does per- tain to me, I think. I'm close to 82 years old. Dear Reader The skull is made up of many separate bones. The large flat bone that is the back of the skull is the occipital bone, and this part of the head is called the occiput. When a headache causes pain in the back of the head it is called an occipital headache. The term merely defines its location. The location of a headache often has something to do with its cause. Headaches associated with high blood pressure may affect the oc- cipital region, while migraine headaches commonly affect one side or both sides of the head. As with other headaches, a careful ex- amination and detailed history is necessary to find out what type of headache you have and its cause. Then proper treatment can be given. Dear Dr. Lamb Would you kindly advise me if you feel it is unwise, from a health standpoint, to put young children (ages 8 to 16) on a more or less vegetable diet with no meat except fish and chicken? Dear Reader It won't hurt a bit as long as they get enough fish and chicken. The protein in fish and chicken is about the same as the protein you get in mammal meat. Any one, in sufficient quantity, is adequate to meet the body's protein needs, even for young growing children. Milk pro- tein is also very good. For most purposes you can pretty well exchange fish, chicken, and mammal meat with each other. The apparent advantage of fish and chicken is that both are lower in saturated fat than most mam- mal meat. This is believed by many scientists to be beneficial in preventing heart and vascular disease. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this news-, paper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents and a long self addressed stamped envelope to the same address and ask for the "Losing Weight" booklet. Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omarr Aquarius women have way of widening their eyes as a form of expressing many, many emotions running the gamut from surprise to passion, puzzle to enlighten- ment all done with the eyes, it seems, by opening them wide as only an Aquarian woman apparently can do. ARIES (March 21 April If you insist that the "old way" is the best, you could be throwing good money after "the old." Means revise ideas, plans. Relative is sincere but misses major point. Do your own checking. Get-ready for cold plunge into future. TAURUS (April 20 May Take added steps to 'preserve and protect assets. Someone wants something for nothing and you could be a prime target. Know it and res- pond accordingly. Some of your hopes, wishes will have to be revised. It is necessary to streamline procedures. GEMINI (May 21 June Partner or mate may be asking for something that doesn't exist. Open dialogue. Share knowledge and emotions. Aquarian could figure prominently. Your in- tuitive intellect is on target. Legal loophole should be closed. Scrutinize documents. CANCER (June 21 July Shake off'lethargy. Socialize. Accept invitations. Get correspondence going be "in touch" with friend at a distance. Come out of shadows. Start laughing again especially at your own foibles. More people are on your side than might be im- agined. LEO (Juiy 23 Aug. Emotions dominate you tend to be aggressive now and extravagant. You'll be dealing with Leo, Aquarius and Scor- pio persons. You could be in- volved in flirtation. Don't give up something of Value for temporary "thrill." VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Be prepared for change, travel, variety, a more meaningful relationship. Refuse to be intimidated by one who spreads gossip. Stand tall and those in authority will stand by you. Know it and act like you are aware of it. Message will be clarified! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. One close to you needs reassurance. This may be due to proposed journey. Domestic situation requires attention. Give it in loving way. What appears to be a dis- agreement is merely a tem- porary emotional storm. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. You see fine line and read fine print. You become more knowledgeable. You begin to specialize and gain respect for it. Pisces, Virgo could be in- volved. Costs are in picture. You learn what you must give up to obtain what is desired. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. You are seeing through prism. Means the im- ages may not be sharp, clear. Accent is on making reality out of dreams. Partnerships, special relationships are emphasized. Older person who cares for you may also in- sist on discipline. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Finish rather than begin get rid of losing proposition. Means exert pressure to change lifestyle. Aries, Libra could figure prominently. Health, sleep, diet these areas are spotlighted because of some concern. You are going to receive letter of appreciation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. You could fall madly in or out of love. Nothing seems now to occur in moderation. What happens is intense all or nothing. Specifically, a dream world seems to become solid. You get chance to prove intentions to others and to yourself. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Whether or not you like it, practicality will be a necessity. Means puzzle pieces fall into place. What is "extra" will be discarded. You know instinctively what should be done. Key is to do it. If you procrastinate, you pay a dear price. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are sensitive, moody, sexy. You will ex- perience one of your most significant years, with September an outstanding month. If single, you marry. If married, there could be an ad- dition to family. Married or single, you assume added responsibility and could go into business for yourself. WE 60 AROUND THIS TURN, AMP DOWN BETWEEN THOSE TREES... ITfe REALLY A BAD HABIT. SEEMS LIKE I'LL WATCH I SUESS MOM'S RI6HT. I PO SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IN FRONT OF THE TV SET. THIS DUMB TV- HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR TWO PO YOU HAVE A PAID-UP MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN THAT WIUL COVER MY FEE BEFORE WE GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, I'LL NEED SOME INFORMATION." PLAYIN DOCTOR, r AGAIN, HEY, CICERO Ask Andy THE IGLOO Goren on Bridge BYCHARIES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF C Both vulnerable. North deals. NORTH K9 t K J109 Q10 A 1084 3 WEST EAST J 8 63 A 10 5 2 9542 976 49843 4KQJ 49613 SOUTH Q74 9 AQ83 AKJ2 72 The bidding: North East South West 1 Pus 1 9 Pass 2 9 Pass 2 4 9 4 NT Pus 5 Pass 6 9 Pass Pan Pass Opening lead: King of 4 The defenders are often at a distinct disadvantage. Sometimes they wiilhave to make a crucial play before they've had time to discover declarer's weakness. De- clarer might even manage to further cloud the issue during the auction, as happened when Germany played Switzerland in the 1974 European Champion- ship held in Herzliya, Israel. Once North had supported his hearts, the German South, Dirk Schroeder, de- cided that slam was a possi- bility. Rather than reveal his strength, he decided to muddy the waters with a fake bid of two spades. North liked his hand enough to jump to-four hearts, so Schroeder launched into Blackwood and settled in the heart slam. West led the king of clubs, and Schroeder saw that there was a chance to make the hand legitimately. If West held just the three missing club honors, and no' more than two trumps and three diamonds, declarer could win the first club, draw two rounds of trumps, play four diamonds discarding dummy's two and then concede a club. He could then establish clubs with one ruff and thus hold his losers to one club. However, that possibility was too remote. Schroeder decided that his best chance was to brazen out the matter in the hope that West would not realize that it was criti- cal to shift to spades at trick two. Therefore, he allowed the king of clubs to win the first trick! Put yourself in West's position. Having heard de- clarer bid spades and seeing the doubleton king in dum- my, would you shift to a spade? West did not even consider it. He felt his best shot for the setting trick was in diamonds, so he shifted to the seven of that suit. Declarer needed no more. He won in dummy, cashed the ace of clubs and ruffed a club with the queen of trumps. When that suit split evenly, it was a simple mat- ter to draw trumps and claim the rest of the tricks, for dummy's spades could be discarded on the diamonds. Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Neil Cohen, age 14, of Philadelphia, Pa., for his question: How do Eskimos build their igloos? Nowadays the Eskimo peo- ple liv.e in towns and sttlements in ordinary every- day homes fitted with electricity. Most of them work for wages, feed on store bought foods and wear store bought clothes. Some are talented artists and make a living from handicrafts, from carvings and pictures of wildlife in their Arctic homeland: Igloo building went out of style early in the century, when the Eskimos gave up their former lifestyle in favor of modern communities. Previously most of them had built shelters of clods or animal skins where they spent the short, coolish summers and snow house igloos to protect themselves during the bitter winters. No doubt most of the younger generations have forgotten how to build a traditional igloo. But many old timers remember and sometimes build one on a hunting trip or perhaps just for fun. Their ancestors did the job with a long straight blade made of bone, called a snow knife. First they cut blocks of hard frozen snow, measuring about 3 feet long, 1 K feet wide and 5 or 6 Inches thick. The blocks were stacked in a spiraling wall, winding up from the ground in smaller and still smaller circles. The main part of the work was finished when the snow building blocks formed a dome with a small ven- tilating hole in the top. More blocks were used to line the inside wan ledges for sitting and sleeping. The floor and these ledges were carpeted with furs and skins. Other ledges were added for cooking pots, tools and uten- sils. The oil burning heater and cooking range was a sim- ple bowl carved from soft soapstone. There were no win- dows, and -a crawl tunnel made from more snow blocks led to the low doorway. Often a couple of storage rooms were added on the sides of the tunnel. It is claimed that an Eskimo could build a family igloo in about two hours. In olden times the Eskimos were Arctic wanderers, and usually their homes were tem- porary quarters. Their summer homes were tents made of skins anchored down with stones. More permanent summer residences were made from grassy clods, shaped like domes with win- dows and a doorway minus a tunnel. All this is ancient history, though no doubt some still retain fond dreams of the so called good old days. QuMUoiw Mtod by chfl- dren of Herald nulled to Art .Andy, P.O. Box. 78S, 'Huntlngton Beach, CailMmta nut. (CopynoM ChronlCM PubHtMng Co. Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. II, INS United States Marine Corps troops landed on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima after more than 70 days of shelling had failed to soften the Japanese positions. Four days later the United States flag was raised atop Mt. Suribachi. 1473 The founder of modern astronomy, Coper- nicus, was born in Poland. UN 205 drowned when Hungarla wrecked on Cape Sable, N.S. 1I7J Thomas A. Edison patented a device called the phonograph. BLONME FIVE BUCKS IN THE POCKET OF THIS OLD 1- BLONDIE, I FOUMO FIVE COLLARS IN AN OLD PIVE DOLLARS IS EXACTLY WHAT'S DUE ON THIS PACKAGE; MRS.BUMSTEAP, AMP THAT WHOLE SBISLY EPISODE JUST FIFTEEN SECONPS ARCHIE I'VE TRIED ALL DAY TO SWAT THAT FLY, WITH NO LUCK.' DILTON, ASK MR. FLUTESNOOTJ IF HE HAS AN INSECT SPRAY .'J HE SAYS LLALL RISHTi WE ARE >vASK HIM ENDANGERING IFOR A OUR ATMOS- PHERE.WITH INSECT THEM.' 1 KILLER.' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE r i4oME MY WOULDN'T I LIVE A SToMEfe TMf3oW MERE... A MATTER OF FACT- TMAT'S WIFE blow--. BEETLE BAILEY l-'A I fSBL LIKE I'VE ENTERSP TME EYE 'Of A TUMBLEWEEDS DIMMER IT WXSNT VALUABLE THE FLIMFLAM FUND FINANCE THEY'RE IN SOY54RS THEyVE-SPENT IOO MILLION AND 97 COLLARS. IPO MILLION! FOP. THEIR SALARIES, AND FOR HUMANITY- ;