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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 22

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 22 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Tuwdiy, Fubruiry 18, 197S Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I have developed spastic colon problems. I have been to a doctor and have no organic disease. I have also had x-rays which show spastic colon. For several weeks the doc-, tor kept me on a diet without any whole wheat bread or any food with roughage. This diet did not seem to help a whole lot. After I read your column on this problem I went on the diet you suggested, after which I began having considerable pain in the lower left side. Is this pain normal after going on a whole wheat diet until your body adjusts to it? I bak- ed my own bread with whole wheat flour so I was sure to get whole wheat. I'm stumped as to what to eat. Dear Reader Some peo- ple do have the problem you describe when they start a diet that includes more cereal fiber. The discomfort is related to excess formation of gas. This lasts about three weeks and then disappears. If you have too much trou- ble with it try to gradually increase the roughage in your diet. That will help some. Cereal fiber is particularly good for bowel function since it is not absorbed and it does soak up moisture. Its bulk with the moisture it retains helps to increase the size of the stool and prevent it from becoming a hard dried out residue that is related to the spastic colon problem. The spastic area is com- monly on the left side. That is thought to be the reason the diverticula (pockets of the colon) develop on the left side too. They are related to spastic colon and poor bowel habits. Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 18, 1975 Western planes delivered the ton of supplies into Soviet blockaded Berlin 26 years ago in 1949. The blockade was imposed in June, 1948, in an attempt to force the Western powers to abandon their rights to the city. The blockade ended May 12, 1949, after the airlift which continued to September, 1949 had cost 1479 George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, was ex- ecuted by being drowned in a barrel of wine. 1688 Quaker community of Germantown, Pa., made first American denunciation of slavery. 1725 The Order of the Bath was revived. 1930 The planet Pluto was discovered. 1944 70 Allied bombers were lost in raid on Leipzig in Second World War. Switching from white flour to whole wheat flour and products containing whole cereal, particularly whole wheat products, often cor- rects bowel problems. The whole program is a bit more involved. For people who have this condition I recommend a bowel training program with the increased roughage. You get the details of this program by writing to me at P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019 and asking for the booklet on spastic colon. Enclose 50 cents and a long self addressed, stamped envelope. It is important to realize that excess gas can be a problem for the first three weeks. But, if you can tolerate it, this condition will gradual- ly disappear. While increasing the bulk in your diet, it is a good time to start cutting down on foods that contain lit- tle or no bulk. That means sugars, sweets, and refined flours used in white bread and desserts. A good source of cereal bran is plain, unprocessed miller's bran. A ready source is ALL-BRAN. You can use this as a breakfast cereal. The more you use to begin with the more likely you will have gas problems. So don't go over- board at the beginning, just start perhaps first by just changing from white flour to whole wheat flour products. Then after a week start using a small bowl of ALL-BRAN for breakfast. Incidentally, rice does not contain any significant amount of fiber and you won't get much benefit from it. Otherwise most of the un- refined cereals such as the brans and shredded wheat are useful to provide roughage. There is some evidence that the fiber may also help pre- vent absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract and may even aid in controlling blood cholesterol problems. People are beginning to dis- cover cereals again and it is a good thing for our health. Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omarr HERE'S JOE MOTOCK055 6oiN6 our TO STAIfT HIS BIKE... The Sun enters Pisces at this morning, Pacific Standard Time. Pisceans are a "breed" difficult to com- prehend. The native keeps something in reserv.e while revealing all. Here is the in- dividual who perceives, is sen- sitive and yet has a tough hide. Here, too, is the psychic poet, the human lie detector, the mirror of our experiences. The Sun has entered Pisces as of this morning. Take a Pisces friend to lunch and don't try to hide anything! ARIES (March 21 April Accent is on movement, ideas, chance to better get ideas across to close relatives. In other areas, you should know that member of opposite sex is serious. If you are interested only in game playing, do some thinking and revising of plans. TAURUS (April 20 May finish rather than begin you deal with Aries, Libra persons. Emphasis is on Good lunar aspect coincides now with favorable response to manuscript submission. Communications are clarified. What you say, write receives more serious atten- tion. Talkative people seem to surround you. Maintain appreciation of your own foibles. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Money, associated with partner or mate, is emphasized. Family conces- sion is due in connection with price or purchase of luxury item. Taurus, Libra in- dividuals probably will be in- volved. Message concerned with budget requirements will clarify matters. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Slow pace. There are loopholes. Your judgment may be slightly off center. Know it and wait observe subtle nuances. Accent is on legal matters, co operation, permanent ties and marriage. If patient, you win. Otherwise, you will be em- MIND LOIS NO WONDER THE COUNTRY IS RUNNING OUT OF CLEAN WATER. BUGS BUNNY I'M SURE YOU'LL ENJOY THE MOVIES I MAPE. OF I OUR LODGE collection, payment, working, barrassed and also pay a out money arrangements, steep price. Pun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Each distinct letter in this addition stands for a par- ticular but different digit. You should be able to find ELSIE without too much dif- ficulty. MISS MISS IT'S Nothing is going to be handed you on silver platter. Know it and take steps to insure finan- cial security. GEMINI (May 21 June Lunar cycle high; take initiative. Emphasize per- sonality, personal appearance, new starts and contacts. Get to of matters. Love is in picture. Your heart now "rules your head. Yet, you do land on your feet! CANCER (June 21 July Look behind scenes for valid answers. What appears "up front" could be deceptive. Trust hunch and follow through on it. You learn by teaching. Means don't be afraid to share knowledge. Family member may be vic- tim of indigestion. Don't pan- ic! LEO (July 23 Aug. Good Moon aspect emphasizes friends, hopes, wishes that "come true." Flexibility is keynoted. Refuse to be categorized or painted into corner. Gemini person from out of your past could make reappearance in person or through call or letter. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Steady pace, application draws favorable attention. You pass tests. You could be up for promotion. You deal with professional superiors. Your facts, figures are checked. Your position will be strengthened! Be patient and responsible. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Practical matters dominate. What you neglected in past could come back to haunt you. Know it and face issues as they exist. Learn from experience. More impor- tant, apply knowledge. Capricorn, Cancer persons figure prominently. Employ- ment picture will brighter. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. You gain added recognition. Member of op- posite sex pays meaningful compliment. Your ego gets a boost. There will be oppor- tunity for more creative ex- pression. Change and variety are featured. Popularity is on upswing. You can sell anything now almost! PISCES (Feb. 19 March Home, costs, security these are highlighted. One who "took care of you" may now seek to have favors returned. You may be grappl- ing with conscience, guilt feelings. Key is to know you must live your own life. Live it! IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are dynamic, attractive to opposite sex, have flair for drama and you are undergoing intense emotional experiences. Oc- tober could be one of your most important months of 1975. Leo and Aquarius per- sons play significant roles in your life. You are somewhat self centered, stubborn but also talented, sensitive and original. WHAT'S HILARIOUS? WHO'S TH' Ll'L 1 FAT IN TH' 1 FUNNY LOOKIN' OUTFIT? HE'S A THATS THE INTERNATIONAL IMPERIAL POTENTATE OF THE WOYAL ORDER OF BLONME ELSIE (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: 15 children, 20 women, 25 men passengers. Ask Andy Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOKEN AND OMAR SHARIF Both vulnerable. South deals. NORTH AJ5 J87 K J 10 9 5 K10 WEST EAST 109842 63 VA1052 9Q94 46 AQ42 SOUTH f K63 873 A073 The bidding: SouthWest North East 1 1 Pass INT Pasi 3 NT Pass Pass Opening lead: Ten of 4> "Why didn't you return my is an anguished cry heard frequently at the bridge table. Sometimes, however, blindly returning partner's suit can be an exer- cise in futility. Here is an example An orthodox auction let to a reasonable three no trump .game. West led the ten of spades, and when dummy came down South was de- lighted with the final con- tract. Even if he had to lose two diamond tricks, it seemed that he was assured nine tricks. Declarer won the spade opening in his hand and ran the eight of diamonds to East's queen. The spade re- turn was won by dummy's jack and the king of dia- monds forced the ace. East shifted to a heart, declarer played low and West's ace of hearts was the defenders' last trick. Making four-odd. East should have realized that there was no reason to persist in attacking' the spade suit. He could hope for no more than 4 or 5 points in the West hand, so West could not have the two entries needed to establish and cash the spade suit. Careful analysis would re- veal that only the heart suit offers any'hope of defeating the contract. Specifically, West must hold A-10-x-x of hearts to beat- the hand. At trick three, East must shift to not just any heart. The only card that will do the trick is the nine of hearts, unblocking the suit! If South plays low, so does West and dummy's jack wins. When East gets in with the ace of diamonds, he continues with the queen of hearts, and the defenders score three heart tricks in addition to the ace-queen of diamonds. It is equally futile for de- clarer to go up with the king of hearts on the first lead. West ducks, and when East comes in with the ace of dia- monds, the defenders can again cash three heart tricks. MUDSKIPPER Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Jim Kukucska, age 14, of Milk River, Alta., Can., for his question: What is a mudskipper? Though the mudskipper is a genuine fish out of water, he looks to all the world like a popeyed, supersize tadpole of the amphibian clan. Naturally, as a fish he is not related to our native mud pup- py, who is a genuine amphibian. He is at home along warm, muddy shores, in the sort of places where very young children love to play. The mudskipper belongs to the goby family, a multitude of small fishes that dart among the rainbow colors of coral reefs. As fishes they have gills to extract oxygen from the water. But unlike most fishes, they also have tissues inside the mouth and throat that can extract oxygen from the air. From his wide, froggy face to the tip of his tapering fishy tail, a mudskipper measures from 5 to 12 inches, depending on his species. His scaly skin and his remarkable fins are likely to be dotted and spotted with bright browns or reds, es- pecially during the courting season. His bulging cheeks are large gill chambers where he can carry supplies of water during his long hours on the beach. His most noticeable feature is a pair of round, turreted eyeballs, set side by side on the very top of his head. He can pivot them around to survey the scenery on all sides and from time to time, he winks one of his bright green or blue eyes. Also from time to time, he waves a gaudy fin'to greet a neighbor- ing relative. One of his favorite haunts is a brackish mangrove swamp where tidal waters wash around soggy roots. There, loiiing beside a group of friends, he uses his shoulder fins like elbows to rest on the mud, while his tail dangles down in the water. When alarmed, he scuttles across the mud, often faster than you can run. He can make his getaway with floppy, 3 foot leaps. Nobody seems to know ex- actly how long a mudskipper can live out of water. However, his favorite places are near the high tidal level, where he often builds a soggy burrow. In some species the dorsal shoulder fins are joined to form a sucker. These specialized fins are used to climb way up the trunks of .mangrove trees. However, from time to time this fish out of water must moisten his scales and his eyes. He also must dunk to replace the water in his bulging gill chambers. The various mudskippers in UJm are at home in soggy swamps ififn along the shores of West Africa, the Red Sea and parts of Australia. Some species live along lake shores of the Sahara region, where a fish must come prepared to cope with long spells of dry weather-. OASWOOO, RUH DOWN TO CHARLIE'S PLACE AMP GET ME A HAMBURSER MR. DITHERS, THAT'S PEMEANING AND INSULTING" YOU'RE TREATING ME LIKE AM OPPICE J WHEN YOU GET BACK WITH THE HAMBURGER, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, IS IT I- STEREOPHONICJ DON'T OR -SKNOW! QUADRAPHON YOU'LLl I USED L TO, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. NOW.' WHY, I THINK SYSTEM IS QUITE. SOUND ...BASED ON 35 YEARS OF TEACHING.' I MEAN, LIKE DO YOU PLAY MUSIC AT MISS GRUNDY, DO YOU HAVE A SOUND SYSTEM? HAGAR THE HORRIBLE WE WrtO ABOUT TO PIE SALUTE US A TOAST, WHY SLJCM -A PUAAB ToAST WHAT A MISS BUXLEY JUST AROUND WHILE WE vo ALL REALLY? WHAT DO YOU SUE COULD AT LEAST Of AROUNp TAB OFFICE.' OHi TRAGEDY OPTKAeePIES! SHAU- CAU- FOR A TKIPAJ- PAY QFMQUKNINSi YOU TO THINK OF THE HORRIW.E INCONVENIENCE YOU MUSTPE SUFFERING YOUR ROOJ.OTB PAU. IS MISSING-'? REWARD OFFERED by chN- drtn Herald theuM IM nuHwl Art Andy, P.O. Xunllngton I'LL HANDLE? IT: WAS QUITE A WHEN I TO RISK HIS LIFE IN THE AMAZON! INFLATION HASNT HIT A COCL TO MERELY FACE DEATH OH, MS'CITY SPORTS THROWS MONEY AROUND LIKE ;