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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 22 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Tuwday, February 11, 1975 Ask Andy TERMITES No doubt there were earlier Andy sends a seven-volume creatures, but they left no set of The Chronicles of fossils to show us what they Narnia to Laurie Meyers, age were like. The Paleozoic sea of Lethbridge. dwellers came later and many of them had shells and even bones. The oldest known fossils came from the seas of the ancient Paleozoic Era. Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omarr 777777717 Canada, for her question: What do termites eat? Termites eat mostly plant food, and any kind of plant food will do. A lot of other insects eat leaves, soft roots and lender twigs. But none of them can eat tough woody stalks and tree trunks. This is because wood is made of a very tough stuff called cellulose. Only the termites can digest cellulose. So the crawly little termites can eat wood and this is one of their favorite foods. Actually the termites themselves cannot digest wood. But living inside their tummies there are tiny creatures, too small for our eyes to see. They are somewhat like the mini- creatures called protozoa that cause wood and other things to rot and decay in the ground. These special protozoa break up the tough wood inside a termite and help him to digest it. PALEOZOIC CREATURES Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Alex Scares Ribeiro, age 12, of Montreal, Que., Canada, for his question: What were the Paleozoic sea creatures like? I Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 11, 1975 A report, considered by ex- perts one of the greatest state documents in the English language, was presented to Parliament in London by the Earl of Durham 136 years ago in 1839. Durham had been sent to Canada in 1838 as Governor General and lord high commissioner with almost dictatorial powers. His report laid down the prin- ciples that led to the union of Upper and Lower Canada and eventually to independence. 1774 The French and Spanish defeated the English fleet off the Mediterranean port of Toulon. 1869 Patrick J. Whalen was hanged at Ottawa for the assassination of D'Arcy McGee. It was the last public execution in Canada. 1922 The discovery of in- sulin for the treatment of diabetes sufferers by Frederick Banting and Charles Best was announced in Toronto. 1929 Vatican City was created by the L'ateran Treaties. 1956 Former British foreign office employees Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean turned up in Moscow after be- ing missing for five years. The word Paleozoic means ancient life, so one would ex- pect the creatures of those far off times to be smallish and rather simple. However, there were a few surprises, including a jawless fish with a skeleton and a water scorpion nine feet long. The Paleozoic Era began about 600 million years ago and lasted through more than 300 million years. So let's ex- pect to find some enormous advances and variations in this first long chapter of life on earth. For example, when it began, the land was bare. When it closed, there were swampy coal forests, pop- ulated with insects, amphibians and early rep- tiles. It was a mild era and shallow seas often slopped over much of the land. Our eastern and western moun- tains were unborn. The sunny shallow seas were less salty and the Paleozoic creatures had all the time in the world to im- prove themselves. From the beginning there were sponges and polyps, jellyfish and assorted sea worms. Corals had plenty of time to build reefs and offshore islands. And the waters teemed with assorted algae. During the first 100 million years or so, the most advanc- ed creatures were the trilobites, arthropod ancestors of our shrimps and insects: The first backboned animal was a jawless fish, who arrived with the mollusks about 480 million years ago. Then came the sharks arid the fish family branched out in assorted shapes and sizes. The Age of the Trilobites began to wane and the last of these ancestral arthropods died out with the Paleozoic Era. Meantime, about 400 million years ago, the Age of Fishes began. For a while they were the most advanced creatures on the earth. After 200 million, years of struggling to survive and im- prove, life in the sea was well established. The next great strides forward came with the plants and animals that left the ancient seas and establish- ed life on the dry land. Pisces is the undercover agent, the sensitive, the psy- chometrist, the human lie detector, the psychic with a sense of humor. The native money with Aries, has secret doubts about Aquarius, holds spirited discussions with Taurus, signs agreements with Virgo, is fascinated by Cancer, advances career with Sagittarius and builds property with Gemini. .Oc- tober could be a money month for many Pisceans in 1975. ARIES (March 21-April Tread lightly. Sudden change of policy is due. Closed door meeting may find you subject of main interest. Be flexible. You may be given assignment that requires travel. Be aware of potential. You will get chance to learn truth and your' position will be strengthened. TAURUS (April 20-May Light touch gets best results. Means feel your way. Avoid making definite pronouncements. Aquarian is likely to be in picture. Some of your fantasies will be brought to light. You may replace one dream with another! GEMINI (May 21-June Career, ambitions, standing in community are spotlighted. What seemed a valid deal could have a loophole. Know it and read between the lines. Pisces person has answers but is reluctant to give Ihem. Turn on charm! CANCER (June 21-JuIy Practical matters could slow pace. You have budget to be concerned wilh and an in- dividual who refuses to act chronological age. Com- munications could be garbled. Do some double checking. Job has been left half finish- ed and mighl be tossed into your lap. LEO (July 23-Aug. You get involved. You may suffer emotional bruise. But you learn and live. Member-of opposile sex makes you feel wanted, needed. You get run- down on financial facts of life. Partner, mate is in picture, more so than usual. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Pace may seem to be a crawl. Patience now is indeed a vir- tue. Concepts require time lo develop. Emphasis is on legal matters, co operative ef- forts, special relationship including marriage. Taurus, Libra individuals figure prominently. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Be selective. Insist on quality. Be sure that service is up to par. Relative may be sincere but misinformed. Heed your own counsel. Accent is on how you get job done with limited time and personnel. You're being observed! SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Take conservative course despite temptations. Ex- travagance now is more cost- ly than usual. Your relationship with one young in spirit is pul lo test. Give of yourself, not necessarily material goods. Cancer, Capricorn figure prominently. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Universal appeal is featured. Means more persons will have opportunity to see you, to test your product. Distribution methods are highlighted. Property and the closing of a deal these are very much in picture. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. One who whispers "con- fidential" information may be a victim of wishful thinking, self deception or both. Know it and maintain emotional balance. Emotional responses are sharp don't overreact. Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may be in picture. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. What was an apparent setback could become a profitable enterprise. Know it and refuse to be sidetracked. Emphasis is on special collec- tions, ability to correlate in- formation, to synthesize facts. Another Aquarian is in pic- ture. PISCES (Feb. 19-March You have ally at top. Sub- tle influence is being exerted for your benefit. Accent per- sonalily, initiative, originality. Stick to game plan. Your popularity is on up- swing. Press forward. You're going to win! IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have terrific sense of humor and somewhat of a weight problem. You are attractive to opposite sex, restless, unorthodox and now completing a major cycle. August should be your out- standing month this year. Gemini, Sagittarius persons play key roles in your life. Lawrence Lamb M.D. QuMtiont aikod by chil- dren of Hirild should be mailed to Atk Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Btach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF 1975, TheChkigo Tribune Neither vulnerable, East deals. NORTH VVoid 4852 WEST EAST 410873 VQJ9 4AKJ64 SOUTH 4K6 AK843 0.103 The bidding: Ent South West North Piss 1 Pass 1 4 2 Pass 2 Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Past Opening lead: King of France earned the right to represent Europe in the 1975 World Team Champion- ship by capturing the 1974 European Championship held in Herzliya, Israel, in November. This hand is from the France-Austria match, and was declared by the ris- ing young French star. Christian Mari. Since he had a five-card major, Mari elected to open one heart rather than one no trump. Thus, he was faced with a considerable problem at his second rcbid of one no trump would con- siderably understate his values, while a rcbid of two hearts had the added dis- advantage of suggesting .a six-card suit. Therefore, he manufactured a rebid in a three-card suit, then showed his strength by jumping to the no trump game when his partner bid the fourth suit. West led the king of clubs, then shifted to the queen of spades. Declarer could count only seven top tricks unless diamonds broke 3-3. Whatever additional tricks he needed would obviously have to come from the spade suit. There was one other problem could not be allowed to gain the lead. If East ever got in, he would play a club through the queen, permitting West to run the suit and defeat the hand. The natural line seemed to be to win the queen of spades and hope for either a 3-2 spade break or a 3-3 diamond division. But .this risked the contract if spades split 4-1. Mari found a neat method of catering to all distributions. He allowed West to win the queen of spades! Now the defenders were powerless. Whatever West did next, de- clarer would win the trick and run dummy's spade suit. In all. declarer emerged with ten three diamonds and two hearts. The astute reader will note that Mari could have made the contract even if he wins the queen of spades, but his line was a sure thing. Dear Dr. Lamb Would a pacemaker help a left bundle branch block? How is a pacemaker installed and is it necessary to stop the heart? Dear Reader There are numerous types of pacemakers. They represent a really important advance in saving lives of people with heart disease. Supreme Court Justice Douglas has had one in place for years now.'Without it he could not have survived. This is a well-publicized fact, so I am not revealing any state secrets. The pacemaker has nothing at all to do with bundle branch block. H is used when there is a serious block between the top and bottom of the heart. Before each heart beat an electrical impulse passes down over the top chambers (atria) and enters the lower pumping chambers When disease affects the area between the top and bottom chambers the impulse cannot get through. The pumping chambers may not pump fast enough on their own or even pump at all. When this happens then there is not enough circulation, if any, to the brain and vital organs. The pacemaker literally bridges the gap where the dis- ease is and stimulates the pumping chambers to contract regujarly fast enough to maintain adequate cir- culation. The electrical mechanism may be set at a given rate or may even change as the rate of the top of the heart changes. These differences are variations in the types of pacemakers available. You can have a pacemaker machine outside the body used as a temporary device while the heart is recovering from a heart attack or even after heart surgery. If the heart regains its normal capacity to beat automatically on its own it can be discontinued at that time. When the disease causes permanent damage a small pacemaker unit for power is surgically placed under the skin and the wires from the unit go to the heart. This enables the person to go about his usual business, even hiking if he has a mind to do so, and there are no other disease complications. Incidentally, you don't have to stop the heart to put in the pacemaker. Bundle branch block (right or left) refers to a problem in transmitting ,the electrical impulse to the left or right side of the pumping chambers. It may cause a momentary delay, in the order of hundredths of a second, in contraction of the blocked side. This has no im- portant consequence. These blocks are mostly important only in relation to what causes them. If it is a birth defect it may not be important at all. If a bundle branch block develops because of a heart attack, it is important only in that it reveals the presence of the heart attack. I'M FRACTIONS I IJRITE 'EM SETTER THAN I 5M HI AND LOIS IF I TAKE A PENCIL FROM YOUR DESK Pun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Each distinct letter stands for a particular but different digit. Of course it all adds up to that PLUM, but what's the value of that? MUM MUM MY PLUM Thanks to J. L. Gates, Halifax, England. (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: Distance, 24 miles. I JUST 6AVE VQU A NEW PENCIL, DITTO, WHAT DID 51 YOU DO WITH IT? BLONME WHATSATHERMOCOUPLE? YOU PON'T KNOW WHAT IM THAT CASE L IT'LL COST A LITTLE MORE YOUR THERMOCOUPLE is OUTAND IT'LL COST S3S A THERMOCOUPLE GOODNESS .DON'T VOU TO SAVE OIL, I TURNED OFF THE HEAT IN AAY I COVERED ALL THE WINDOWS WITH AND CAN YOU KEEP WARM U I DON'T IT WAS SO SCARY I'M SLEEPING AT THE Y.W.C.A.? CURTAINS AND PUT UP HEAVY DRAPERIES TO PULL ALL AROUND THE 4--POSTER BED.' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE I NEVER SAW WITHOUT i "ibUf? MAT. 1-toW PO <5ET IT HORNS WHAT APE YoU AT r TUMBLEWEEDS "HUSPANP HUNTER'S HAMPPOOK If you must propose to HIM, WILL YOO MARRY ME WITH flKE TACT? Future Bride, sure to do so with extreme tact." LIIAWER tf 1O' TOO BOOTIFUL FO' THESE LOUTS V-_ IN TH' U.S.A. VO' COULD MARRY REDFORD-RALPH MAPSR BUT ONLY IF yo" WAS WIDOWS ;