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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 10, 1975, Lethbridge, Alberta 18 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, February 10, 1975 Ask Andy PALM TREES Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Stu- dent Encyclopedia to Leslie Olson, age 11, of Vauxhall, Alia., Canada, for her question: How many different palm trees are there? Ages ago, when the worldwide climate was warmer, palm trees thrived in Canada and almost everywhere else on earth. Later, most of them retreated to the tropics. Those of us who live in cool climates know about coconut and date palms and perhaps a few others. Ac- tually there are more than 600 different palm trees. The average palm has a tall, stately trunk topped with a handsome crown of enormous green leaves. It may survive in arid deserts, high on a blustery mountain or up to its ankles in tidal sands. But it cannot abide cold winters. It may be a 3 foot midget or a giant, more than 100 feet tall. A few types have pencil slim stems and twine like vines, hundreds of feet through the jungle trees. Aside from being very hand- some, each of more than different palms has something to give to the world. As tropical and semitropical evergreens, they provide shade where shade is needed most. And through the sunny hours, their greenery. pours fresh oxygen into the air. Their shady boughs provide homes, roosts and food for an assortment of birds and other animals. But most of their generous gifts are reserved for people. Various date palms have been cultivated for ages. Certain wild palms donate a sugary syrup called toddy. Other species produce hardheaded coconuts. Many palms yield rich oils used for cooking and making margarine. Others have leaves coated with wax, which is used to make polishes for shoes and furniture. Many species yield tough fibers, used to make string and rope. Wider palm fibers are woven into hats and baskets. The list of useful palm products goes on and on and many of them are taken for granted in our daily lives. In the tropics various palms provide posts to build leafy roofing thatch and twines to tie the pieces together. Young palm leaves provide leafy vegetables. Other types yield dates, coconuts and sweet beverages. Palm wax is used to make candles. There are palm oils for cooking and making soaps and even tough palm nuts for carving buttons and figurines. QuMllont by chll- drtn of Htnld should miiltd to Atk Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Bnach, California 92648. (Copyright Publishing Co. 1973) Astrological Forecast by Sydney Omarr Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 10, 1975 The great migration of the Latter-day Saints from Nauvoo, Utah began 129 years ago in 1846 after two years of persecution by local mobs. After wintering in Indian territory Brigham Young's advance party of 148 people reached their destina- tion in July, 1847. Before the railway reached Utah in 1869, about Morman pioneers crossed the Great Plains to reach their "promised land." Several thousand more died on the way. 1840 Upper and Lower Canada were united. 1876 St. Catharines, Out., was incorporated as a city. 1949 Narayannvinayak Godse was sentenced to be hanged for the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi. 1956 Wilbert Coffin was hanged in Montreal for the murder of three United States hunters who had been killed in the Gaspe in 1953. 1962 U.S. spy pilot Gary Powers was exchanged by the Soviets for convicted spymaster Rudolf Abel. PAINTING STOLEN HARTFORD (AP) A painting by Thomas Gain- sborough valued at more than was ripped or cut from its frame at the Wadsworth Atheneum and stolen Thursday, police said. The title of the painting by the 18th century English master was not immediately available. Goren on Bridge Impressive Cancer: 0. J. Simpson. Sincere Capricorn: Floyd Patterson. Foolish Libran: Joyce Brothers. Misguided Sagittarian: John Davidson. Smart Leo: Mae West. Foxy Capricorn: Muhammad AH. Regal Scor- pio: Katharine Hepburn. Leo I wish I had known: Carl Jung. Aries I adore: Bette Davis. The signs and celebrities and astrology they go together and what do you think about it? ARIES (March 21 April New Moon position highlights self discovery, ability to love and be loved. You draw people to you with tieir problems. You gain respect and allies. Some of desires are revised, many will be fulfilled. TAURUS (April 20 May What you want to do becomes plausible and possible. One who pulls strings does some pulling in your behalf. Leo, Aquarius could be in picture. Be a self starter where special project is concerned. Prestige will be on upswing. GEMINI (May 21 June Accent is on long distance communications. You are able to sense potential needs. Your intuition is on target. Follow through on what appears to be a hunch. Series of incidents are related get in on ground floor! CANCER (June 21 July Usual routine does not suffice. There is work procedure change. Leo, Aquarius could be involved. You will be asked to initiate a "different" policy. You will receive co operation from those who perform special services. LEO (July 2.1 Aug. Spotlight is on details associated with agreements, legal or otherwise. Now is time to get views on record, to articulate ideas, to be specific about needs. Much of what you request will be fulfilled but you must ask in direct, frank manner. You'll see! VIRGO (Aug. 23; Sept. One who asks favors may be testing, probing. Know it and know when to draw the line. Another Virgo and a Gemini could figure prominently. Review methods, procedures. Get streamlining process under way. You are going to get answers to many questions! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. New Moon position coincides BY CHARLES H.GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF 1975. The Chiewj Tribune South, vulnerable, you hold: The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass 1 1 4> 2 2 4> What do you bid now? hearts. There is no need to place any further strain on partner. His free heart raise shows a-hand that is better than minimum, and the auction has marked him with at most a singleton spade. The two hands should fit well, so game must he odds-on. vulnerable, as South you hold: VA9642 The bidding has proceeded: North Easi South 1 Dble. What action do you take? suggest an. immediate bid of one heart. If you elect to pass now. hoping to come into the auction later, aggressive opponents could have the bid- ding at too high a level for you to take any later action with any de- gree of safety. Q.S-As South, vulnerable, you hold: 4A1065 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 V Pass 1 Puss 2 NT Pass What do you bid now? 14 points opposite at jeast 19 in partner's hand, there is no question about bidding a slam-it is simply a matter of which is the best slam. We sug- gest that, for the moment, a bid of three diamonds is adequate. If partner raises diamonds, showing four-card support, six diamonds should he your best bet. If partner returns to throe no trump, raise to six. South, vulnerable, you hold: The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass 1 V Pass 3 NT Pass What do you bid now? A.-With a conservative partner who will always have at least 21 points for the hid. six no trump seems reasonable. Howevr, if partner is aggressive and might make the bid with fewer high- card values but with a long dia- mond suit, a slam invitational raise to four no trump would be adequate. South, vulnerable, you hold: 4A92 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass Pass 1 Pass 1 4 Pass 3 Pass 3 4> Pass What do you bid now? diamonds. Despite the fact that partner passed origi- nally, slam prospects are excel- lent. If partner cue-bids the ace of hearts next, you must sign off in four spades. But if he raises diamonds, you should try six clubs, which should be a better slam than six spades because your suit is solid. vulnerable, as dealer with 80 on score vou hold: VAJ10976532 What do you open? hearts. With a nine- card suit, it is most unlikely that you will be able to buy the con- tract at a lower level, so you might as well bid the full value of your hand at the start in order to make it difficult for the oppo- nents to get in. vulnerable, as South you hold: 48753 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass Pass 1 Pass Pass Dble. Pass 1 What action do you take? As a general rule, it is unwise to play for penalties at the one-level when you have only four trumps and partner is balancing. Still, it is unlikely that your side can make a game and your defensive prospects are excellent. vulnerable, as South you hold: VAQ762 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 Pass Pass What action do you take? A.-Pass. We are reluctant to sell out to an opening bid of one diamond, but ho other action appeals to us. Partner could not enter the auction over one dia- mond, so chances are that the opponents have a heller con- tract, possibly even a game, in one of the black suits. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I have been bothered with what I think is a very unusual problem for about five years. It sounds so foolish, but it is very frightening to me, and I desperately hope you will print this with some kind of an answer for me. Whenever I get around peo- ple or children, which of course is every day, terrible thoughts flash through my mind. I mean of hurting someone. They just come and go and I have a lot of pressure in the head which could be from these scary feelings. I have always been con- sidered well adjusted, have a lovely family, and have always been a happy person. I don't understand these thoughts. Also a year ago I went to the doctor with these headaches and he found my blood pressure was 190 over 110. He put me on a blood pressure pill, Hydropres. Strangely the terrible thoughts seem to go away a tremendous relief. But around the time of my period they come back, headache and all. I'm 36 years old. Please, do I need psychiatric help or medical help? Could I have hypertension? 1 will do anything you say. Life is too precious to be miserable. Dear Reader You could probably benefit from some professional counseling with a psychiatrist. It is not unusual for people to have momentary frightening thoughts, but if they occur regularly, as yours seem to, then you should try to get at the root of their cause. They are entirely out of your conscious control, and you will need some help to evaluate their importance and what to do about them. Your blood pressure level is' in the range that should be treated, if the pressure levels you mention are persistent. Many people have temporary elevations of the blood pressure during pain, fright or sudden anxiety as might ac- company a visit to the doctor. Several readings over several days are often necessary to find out what the blood pressure really is. It is best to know this before any form of treatment, other than weight control, is started. If the pressure is persistent- ly elevated, treatment should be started. The treatment varies in accordance with how serious the problem is and how the patient reacts to medicine. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new- spaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on cholesterol, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Cholesterol" booklet. IM THEV SIXES THAT'S UHV SIXES ARE EASf... NOSES ANP YOU SET SIXES! now with new lease on special project, unique relationship, affair of heart. Luxury item, sale or purchase, could be on agenda. One who knows plenty about gold and jewelry may be talking fast and using big numbers. Protect yourself: SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Real estate, property values and appraisals seem to be in picture. See clearly, in light of facts instead of fan- tasy. Avoid fooling yourself. One who flatters may have ul- terior motive. Pisces, Virgo persons figure prominently. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. You get answers to recent inquiries. You are enlightened concerning facts, figures and boundaries. Relative, very inquisitive, should be dealt with in humorous way. Older in- dividual advocates conser- vative course and could be right. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Emphasis is on money and how it got that way. Finish project. Let go of losing proposition. Payments and collections may be featured. Aries, Libra are likely to be in picture. What you did in recent past will be part of present to your credit. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Lunar cycle is such that you thrive on challenge. Add- ed recognition is due. Your powers of persuasion are highlighted. Get going on pro- ject which has intrigued you. Favorable response is due if you make contact with "live wire." PISCES (Feb. 19 March Aura of glamor prevails. Element of mystery is present. Important now to be discreet. Play cards close to chest. Don't tell all you know. One who taught you in past is likely to make reappearance. New Moon position "lights" areas previously obscured. You gain access to unusual files. If today is your birthday you are intuitive, a natural teacher, a person who es- chews ordinary procedures and is successful via un- orthodox methods. Aquarius, Leo persons play important roles in your life. September could be your most significant month of this, a year which should be outstanding. If single, you marry. If married, there may be an addition to your family. You go into business, you become more a master of your own destiny. HI AND LOIS I JUST WENT OVER YOUR HOUSEHOLD BUDSET. VQU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION? WHAT SOES UP, YOU .SOTTA CUT DOWN BUGS BUNNY ive TALKIM' T'VER. THESES eOOD NEWS, YEK HEART'S FINE, AN'YEK WJOPD PRESSURE'S OKAY, TH' DOC SAYS THERE'S ONLY ONE MOKE IMPORTANT T' CHECKED WHAT'S THAT.? YEK BANK BLONUIE DEAR, I NEED SOME MONEY POP MV -4 SHOPPING TRIP ARCHIE IN ECOLOGV CLASS WE'RE TRYING TO FIND IF IT'S BETTER TO BUY BEVERAGE IN CANS, BOTTLES OR Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Bert flopped down on to the chesterfield. "It took me just one hour to get here. The traf- fic was he declared. "From the cottage to the highway it was fine, and I kept to a steady 48 miles per hour." "That's halfway to Mary commented. "What about that "Wait a moment." Bert laughed. "When I reached the highway, wow! Bumper to bumper. So for the rest of the trip I averaged only 16 miles per hour." How far was the cottage? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: 31, and 62 years. IT TAKES MORE JUGHEAD, WHICH DO YOU THINK IS THE CONTAINER FOR YOUR FAVORITE ALUMINUM.'jRECVtLE -XfWTTI ETC I HAGAR THE HORRIBLE IT IMPORTANT f HPW PC YOU KNOW IT ZKenZ ZERO' FILLED )N THE PUZZLE MY PAPER. ROMORHASIT TrlATVOU'PHAVETO MY HEART ON MY1 SLEEVE? 6ETA1WNSPLANT Ill THEY'RE GDMIMG BACK TO THE WITH US.'! A SLOBBQVIAN WIFE NEVER LEAVES HER HUSBAND'S SIPS NOW, WOULD WHAT YO' CARRIED Z-. I SUPPOSE' WE'VE GOT TO FACE IT SOMETIME -BUT- UNLOCK THE GVERSEMCY I5OOR- WE MAY WAMT TO JUMP ;