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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 8

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - February 8, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta THE IETHBRIDGE HERALD - Thursday, February 8, 1973 YOUR HOROSCOPE By JEANG DIXON FRIDAY, FEB. 9 Your birthday today: Brings on a sustained drive to consolidate and deepen present achievements. Today's natives possess potential power for gathering crowds, attracting friendly co-operation from all sides. Personal energy is usually high. ARIES (March 21-April 1.9): Aside from taking special care of emotional needs of your loved ones, it's a great day for striking out on your own. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Expect little or no close cooperation either at home or on the job as you close out the workweek at a steady pace. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. What is a homosexual? Dear Dr. Lamb - Would you please tell me what a homosexual is. One person told me it is a man who dresses in women's clothes and another person told me it is a man who has affairs with other men instead of women. 0 Dear Reader - The term is unfortunate because it is an inaccurate label. It Is scientifically inaccurate to use the term in reference to an individual. "Homo" really com�s from the Greek word referring to "the same" as you see in the common word homogenous, like homogenized milk. It is the opposite cf the Greek stem het-ero meaning "unlike." Thus, hetero exual activity involves individuals of the same sex, whether it be two females or two males. The term homosexual is often confused with the Latin term homo meaning man. This is incorrect as its real origin is from Greek and means "same." Men or women who engage in homosexual acts do so with an individual of the same sex. Such activity of one level or another at one or more times in a per-sons's life is relatively common, particularly in the developme-tal stages. Just because an individual has engaged in sexual activity of some type with an individual of the same sex does not mean that is one's total sexual outlet, and it is a mistake to label such an individual as a homosexual. Such labelling can be extremely detrimental to the individual who, in fact, may not be greatly different from the individuals doing the labelling. The reasons for an individual to engage in a homosexual act are highly varied, and if there is any question about such an act and its significance, profes- sional consultation with a psy-ciatrist is the best approach. In some situations it is fairly common behavior. It frequently occurs when either sex is isolated from heterosexual contact as seen in prison situations. * * * Dear Dr. Lamb - As I remember, some time ago you wrote an article on the avocado, saying it had so much cholesterol in it and also that it was very fattening. I enjoy avocados, but have high cholesterol. Would I be able to eat them? Dear Reader - Avocados do not contain cholesterol, but they are high in fat. T"*e larger portion cf the cho1 \">rol in the blood is formed by our own bodies. It is believed that when a person is on a high-fat diet the body manufactures more cholesterol. This is why heart specialists often recommend limiting the fat intake which would include avocados. The American Heart Association's diet plan recommends avoiding them or using them sparingly. This same thing is true of all foods that contain a lot of fat. Scientists believe that the fat In some way stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol which is passed by the bile into the intestinal tract and then absorbed. The cholesterol in the blood stream literally is a combination of that produced by the body and that we eat, which is all mixed together within the small intestine and absorbed from that location eventually into the blood stream. So, you have to think of two things, what foods stimulate the body to produce cholesterol and what foods contain cholesterol. Avocados are believed to be in the first category. It is all too easy to dismiss routine in favor of pleasure, but if you skip too many details you may spoil future opportunity. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Minding your own business gets to be a needed art today, with all sorts of people trying to get back into contact and influence. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): A break with the past is feasible, if you really want it. If you don't, special care and tact are in order. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): At least some of today should be given over to solitude, meditation, prayer. Dealings with familiar people require patience. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Spending to impress others does not work. Let the economy of your presentation be part of its merits. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN e im, Th* CMcita Trlbont North-South vulnerable, �Couth deals. NORTH AQ5 OKQ94I + A84 west east 4AJ983 41074 vqv9 VK7 079 oj851  JfJ +10762 SOUTH 4K82 OAJ543 OA 10 *K West North East INT Pass 3NT, Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Six of a Possession of a five card major suit is no deterrent to opening the bidding with one no trump, provided that the other requirements are met. South has 17 well distributed points. North, holding 11 high card points and balanced distribution, proceeded directly to three no trump. West opened the six of fpades and declarer put up the queen from dummy which held the trick. Observe that, if North plays the five, East will dislodge South's king and then the queen is subject to easy capture subsequently, no matter which defender gets in. Declarer had eight top tricks now-one spade, one heart, three diamonds and three clubs. If the diamonds divide favorably, or if the jack drops, South will have two more tricks. If East holds a well-guarded jack, however, he may gain the lead in time to deliver a fatal salvo in spades thru declarer's king. As a safety play, South led a small diamond from dummy at trick two and finessed the ten in his hand. He was quite willing to concede a diamond trick to West, for the latter was not in position to attack spades without establishing another stopper for declarer. When the ten of diamonds held, South cashed out all his winners to score an over-trick. His play of the queen of spades at trick one was the key to success on the deal, no matter which defender held the ace of that suit. Suppose, for example, that East can top dummy's qusen of spades with the ace and continues the suit. Declarer ducks one round and Wins the third spade with the king. He cashes the ace of diamonds and then leads the ten tor a finesse thru West. If East wins with the jack and returns a spade, then that suit will have divided four-four and the defense is limited to three spades and one diamond. If East has no more spades, then the diamond finesse thru West has served to keep the dangerous hand out of the lead until declarer has established his ninth trick.- You like as not are wanting the impossible in both business and personal achievements. Even sightseeing lacks something for you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. ZD; Temperament is the order of the day-make your share of it what you want it to be, and take responsibility for what you do. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Being direct and forthright in your expression shouldn't go as far as being rude or arbitrary. Economy moves are favored. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fcb. 18): Remembering that others are apt to be sensitive today, you can manage good progress by discreet enterprise. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Intense relations suffer from moods, while calmer connections thrive and bring happi� ness. Look at what you've been doing. ]973. The Chicago Tribune PKANUTS N0ld,HER6'S AUSTOFALLTHe PEOPLE WHO AR� TO RECEIVE INVITATIONS TO CHARLIE B(?0!i)N'� TESTIMONIAL PINNER,... AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH ONE WE PUT R5.V.R WHAT P0ESJ 'REVISED R.6V.P. / fTANPARP VERSION; TUMBLEWEEDS-By Tom K. Ryan Ask Andy What is shellac? Andy sends a complete 20-volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Julie Nowlan, age 11, of Visalia, California, for her question: What exactly is shellac? This is a story about creatures that look like miniature scales and shells. They are called scale insects - and some species produce the glossy varnish known as shellac. The various scale insects live on favorite trees, feeding on liquid sap. Some species are rated as pests because their feeding habits weaken orchards and ornamental trees.    The useful scale insects that produce shellac live in India and Burma, the Philippines and northern Formosa. There they are encouraged to live freely in the wild, where they thrive on fig and banyan trees, soapberry, accacia and sometimes other forest trees. The blind, helpless little sap suckers are unable to move around They overcome this problem by covering themselves with shells made of lac. This is the natural resinous material we use to make shellac. When the eggs of the lac insect hatch, the larvae establish themselves on twigs of their favorite trees. They secrete a tacky substance around their soft bodies, which hardens in the air. Then they spend the rest of their lives anchored to the spot, inside their scaley shells. There is no need to roam because they have tough beaks to extract sap from the trees. These lac insects tend to crowd together and sometimes twigs are covered with half inch layers of their shells. The encrusted twigs are harvested before the larvae mature. Naturally some are left to produce offspring for the next generation. The twigs are broken off and removed from the tree - and the next job is to remove the valuable lac from the woody debris. The harvest may be stuffed into canvas sacks and heated over hot charcoal. The partially melted lac is squeezed through the canvas. This may be repeated sev- Alberta post for Sask. man REGINA (CP) - Wilf Totten will resign as executive director of the Saskatchewan Alcoholism Commission Feb. 14 to accept a position with the Alberta government. Mr. Totten, executive director since 1S68, will be co-ordin-ator of special projects in the health and social development department in Alberta. eral times to extract all the thick, orange colored lac. At this, stage it is called seed lac. Usually it is warmed and workers stretch it into thin sheets that harden as they cool. The sheets are bashed into flakes and packaged for processing. Spreadable shellac is made by mixing lac flakes with alcohol. Its natural color is orange but it can be bleached to make white shellac, which is colorless. It takes the scaley shells from about 150,000 lac insects to produce one pound of shellac. And the world uses 90 million pounds of the tough, shiny stuff every year. This requires the scales from about 13 million-million little lac insects. * * * We use shellac for other things besides adding shiny surfaces to indoor furniture. It may be added to glossy varnishes, sealing wax and certain printing inks. Some is used in electrical insulating materials. Before man-made plastics became so popular, shellac was used to mold buttons, plastic flowers and to make phonograph records. Questions asked by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765. Htratington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) HAGAR the HORRIBLE-By Dik Browne Sentenced to die MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) -James Edward Creamer, 43, was sentenced to die in the electric chair for the 1971 slay-ings of two pathologists, Drs. Warren and Rosina Matthews, outside their home here. Today in history By THE CAVADIAN PRESS Feb. 8, 1973 . . . Joseph Cardinal Mind-szenty was sentenced to life imprisonment in Budapest 24 years ago today-in 1949 -after being convicted of conspiring to overthrow the communist Hungarian government. On the same date in 1956 he took refuge in the U.S. Embassy upon his release. 1955-M a r s h a 1 Nikolai Bulganin became premier of the Soviet Union, replacing Georgi Malenkov. 1947-More than 100 persons were burned or tramped to death at a masquerade ball at Icarlslust Hale in West Germany. 1934-Verne Sankey, notorious Canadian-born kidnapper, committed suicide in prison at Sioux Falls, N.D. 1836-Gas lighting was installed in Philadelphia. 1791-The first U.S. bank was incorporated. VO ME A FAVOR, WILL YA?TELL HER I WENT THAT-A-WAYJ BLONDIE-By Chic Young ELEPHANT KILLED CALCUTTA (AP) - A police officer has killed a rogue bull elephant that killed 14 persons in two years in a forest of Ori-ssa state, 225 miles southwest of Calcutta. WHY CAUT.I GO ok) APAlD?j'MASTOUSrl AS AMY gECAUSEl (SIRL-S OS) BAtPS... THATfe MOMMA! W iticm. tak� H&oui moll OH, STOP CRYING, DEAR- youtL <3st Your ppess ALU (ZUSTV... BEETLE BAILEY-By Mort Walker WELL-BUILT, SKINNER. Boone/. l line ft' Y VCBS M�9 BUXLEY KNOW YOU SLOBSER .OVER LI'L ABNER-By Andy Capp ARCHIE-By Bob Montana HI AND LOIS-By Dik Brown* SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal LEY'S FACE. IT-MV. DIET KHT WORKING.' BUGS BUNNY VCKLE. ___. vex bugsv-, burger/ 'sorry folks, cl05in' time! i paip fdr this coffee, and? we're &oing to 0RINK it i be careful not t' litter th' street with those paper cups! ;