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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - February 2, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 18 - THE LETHBRIDGE HERAID - Friday, February 2, 1973 By JEAN6 DIXON SATl'KDAY, FEB. 3 Your birthday today: Begins a whole new cycle in your life. The lesson to be learned is that of distinguishing yourself from the crowd, finding some path that is uniquely yours. Today's natives are restless, sometimes impractical if left too much alone. AKIES (March 21 - April ID): All that you dispense or give LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. eats but can t Dear I)r. Lamb - I am one of your readers, but I never thought that I would write for advice. Lately, I have been eating constantly. No matter how much I eat or how often I eat. as soon as I've eaten, I am starved again. I don't feel full at all. I do not and haven't gained weight except when I was pregnant". I don't think that I am pregnant because I am taking birth control pills and I have not yet missed a period. Sometimes when I haven't anything that I want to eat or after I have eaten I get cramps in my stomach. Someone told me that there were such things as tapeworms, that if you have one in you, you eat constantly and never gain weight. Is this true or do you think there is a possibility of my being pregnant? I was told that tapeworms are 30 feet long. I am worried half to death. I don't want to go to a gynecologist yet. I don't know what to say or whether he would Today By THE CANADIAN PRESS Feb. 2, 1973 . . . Tlie Great S w a b i a n League, one of the last in-ternation police bodies of medieval Europe, was dissolved 439 years ago today -in 1534-after 200 years of more or less continued existence. The League was formed by Ulm and 21 other states to defend against neighboring kingdoms of southern Germany. It was reconstituted in 1488 by Emperor Frederick III, to back war in Hungary, but it expired when European politics was reshaped by the new phenomenon of the Reformation. i960-Charles de Gaulle summoned a French parliament to demand a one-year decree of power. 1949-S i x t e e n hardrock miners died when a shaft cage' fell more than 1,500 feet, after a cable broke at Paymaster Mines near Tim-mins, Ont. 1908-The one-time heavyweight boxing champion, John L. Sullivan, died. 1882-The Knights of Columbus was founded at New Haven, Conn. 1848-M e xico ceded Texas, Arizona and California to the United States. gam examine ms. I don't have money to go to a private doctor. I go to clinics, so that is why I am consulting you. Dear Reader - If you are really eating a lot of food and not gaining any weight you simply must have a medical examination. I am not very much impressed with the idea that you might have an important disease. One of these is diabetes in which a lot of the food energy a person gets is lost by losing sugar in the urine. Thus, an individual with fairly severe diabetes will eat a lot of food and net gain any weight. These individuals often drink lots of water and have to urinate frequently as well. Another cause for this type of problem is an overactive thyroid gland. The metabolism is markedly speeded up and as a result the body uses an awful let more energy even without doing any significant amount of work. The amount of food a person with an overactive thyroid can eat and not gain weight can sometimes be tremendous. Tins is an important medical problem and deserves attention. I hope not to frighten you, but there are other medical problems that also cause weight loss. Tuberculosis is still a fairly frequent disease, particularly in some communities and in older people (although the latter may not apply to you). Weight loss from tuberculosis is a serious sign and usually means considerable disease. Tuberculosis can usually be controlled or cured with proper treatment and it doesn't take as long as it once did. Of course, you may not have tins at all, but you must find out. I doubt that you are pregnant either if you are eating that much and not gaining any weight. Most women who are pregnant gain weight and wh/i they eat a lot of food it shows up on the scales. I believe you simply must go see a doctor to get a better idea of what is causing your problem. If you have an overactive thyroid it can be treated and you will need the treatment. directly to those who need it today will come back to you later, many times over. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): In pursuit of romance and pleasure, you stumble on interesting ideas that may change your whole future. Be alert. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Faraway places, exotic people, unfamiliar ideas and habits come to your attention. Making sense of it all is a puzzle. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): It seems your wallet springs open and your cash takes flight at the slightest provocation. Select long-term investments. I/GO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You will be doing very well just to cope with the regular weekend routines, as tomorrow will take you off on a different track. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22):: Ask for proper recognition. You have encouragement and others are waiting for your approval before they are free to do for themselves. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Mediate discrepancies between those around you, make amends where you are involved, forgetting who was at fault. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Turns of circumstance bring you disclosure of what people think of you, perhaps an insight into your complex psyche. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dcc. 21): You talk your way into either the most complex tangle you've been in, or into a clear lead over rivals. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): It is a day for moderation in all things, time for you to enjoy creature comforts, share pleasant outings with old friends. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): You have promised to do so many things for acquaintances that you have left yourself and your interests out of it for the moment. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Now is the time to consider your health and continued well-being. Drop old habits that do not contribute benefits. (1973, The Chicago Tribune) I>1 \m is WONT IT BE 6REAT IF HE CAM COME? JOE 5HLA60TNIK 15 CHARLIE BROWN'S FAVORITE BA5ESALL PLAYER... HE PftWrWWON'TBEAftETD. 6ET AUA'n.rTHEY'RE PRETTY W9rU East 1 It appears that South must go down to defeat in his four heart contract, inasmuch as all of the outstanding high cards are unfavorably located. Declarer found a way, however, to put the opposition to -work for him and thereby reduce his losers on the deal. Although a spade opening would have proven more advantageous to the defense, West chose on the basis of the bidding to pursue a passive course, and therefore led the jack of hearts. South won the trick in his hand with the king. A successful campaign appeared to hinge on the fate of the diamond finesse and the distribution of that suit. South observed a method for improving his chances, however, by partially stripping out the hand and then throwing the opposition in. The ace of clubs was cashed, the last trump was drawn by leading over to North's queen and the remaining club was ruffed by declarer. The ace of diamonds was played, followed by a small heart to the nine. A diamond was led from dummy and South played the eight putting West in with the ten. West was not In position to cash the king of diamonds without establishing his op� ponent's queen for a spado discard from dummy. A club return would present the declarer with a ruff and discard, so West made the only safe play by exiting with tho live of spades. The four of spades was played from dummy and East put up the queen to win the trick, however, he found �himself to ibe hopelessly end-played on the return. He had no more diamonds and a club shift would clearly surrender a trick. East therefore led back a small spade. South's ten held and, after cashing the ace' of spades, lie graciously conceded another diamond to the opposition. In all, declarer lost two diamond tricks and one spade. Barbers clip customers for $3.50 TORONTO (CP) - Remember the old saying: Shave and a haircut . . . two bits Now try: Scissor-and-clip-per job . . . 28 bits. Translated, that means a plain old haircut, anywhere in Metropolitan Toronto, soon will cost $3.50. The Metro Barbers-Hair Stylists Association set the new rates Wednesday, including a minimum charge of $6 for hair styling, which features a wash and set. Association treasurer Laury Alexis said he was sure all 4,-000 barbers would abide by the new rates, although some have maximum charges o� $15 for some services. ''An up-to-date barber should make at least $130 a week, and we're trying to bring the more old-fashioned ones up to that," said Mr. Alexis. "Montreal and Vancouver barbers set the same rates a year ago,' said Mr. Alexis. "We're not clipping you." Hamburg chain asked to drop lie tests SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -The McDonald's hamburger chain has been asked to stop coercing its employees to take lie-detector tests, the state division of labor law enforcement savs. Bryan Seale, a division hearing officer issued a cease-and-desist order Wednesday seeking voluntary elimination by the chain of any procedure that might lead a person to believe his employment or promotion chances would be jeopardized by refusal to submit to polygraph tests. McDonald's uses the lie detector to investigate losses of money and violations of employer rules and regulations, testimony during a hearing by Seale showed. cide to spend the whole winter in the western forests of the United States and Canada. For reasons known only to themselves, they may fly farther north or farther south for the summer nesting season. In a general way, their unpredictable roamings throughout most of North America may be guided by food supplies. The males of both species wear colorful plumage and the females wear less noticeable outfits of greyish green, tipped with patches of yellow and white. The male American red crossbill is a warm shade of brick red with darker wings and a brighter tail. The male white-winged crossbill wears a bright shade of pink, accented with a black tail and flashy wide white bars on lus dark wings. This species is even more prone to flit from place to place, though both are quite unpredictable travelers. The nesting season begins in the spring, when a couple of crossbills chance to come upon a grove of evergreen trees where the boughs are loaded with suitable cones. The nest is built on a fairly high bough among the dense conifer foliage. It is a neat structure woven from grasses, twigs and rootlets and softly lined with scraps of hair. Mrs. Crossbill lays four or five pastel green eggs, freckled all over with spots of pale lavender and brown. The major food item on the family diet is pine seeds, pried from their tough cones with the greatest of ease. As soon as the youngsters are ready to travel, the family moves on to some other unscheduled spot in Canada or the United States. 'Die crossbills belong in the order Passeriformes, or sparrow-like birds. They share the family Fringillidae with the finches and song sparrows, the buntings and grossbeaks. Their cousins tend to keep up their ancestral habitats. But the crossbills are continental gypsies. A couple of parents rarely if ever return to the location where they buflt such a durable nest last year. * * H Andy sends $10 to Linda Panaro, age 12, of Pincourt, Quebec, for her question: Does the sun really rotate on its axis? We compare rotation to the spinning motion of a top. This seems reasonable when we think of the earth. Its solid globe can rotate around its central axis as a single unit. However, the sun is a ball of blazing gases. And gases are famous for swirling and whirling, especially hot ones. This factor prevents the sun from rotating around its axis as a single unit. However, it does rotate. The sun. and almost everything else in our solar system rotates from west to east. All its seething gases rotate around with the big ball - but because they are fluid gases they rotate at different speeds. As on earth, the surface rotation speed is fastest at the equator and it slows down toward the poles. On the sun the rotating gases lag behind between the equator and the poles. The solar equator completes a rotation in 24 days and latitudes farther north and south take longer. At latitudes 75 degrees, the rotation period is about 33 days. The average rotation period of the suns surface is about a month. Questions asked by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765. Huntington Beach, California 92(148. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973> ANP NOW L0TSA LUCK, PcAft I MUST "TOPPLE ALON&I...UH...MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFi V SCRIBBLE A&ULLET^SMApgMYpAY. 12-Z BLONDIE-By Chic Young LET'S SEE ONE HELLO, SIR-- V,f5J? I'M SELLING THE ff LATEST THIMG ^ BURGLARS J\ |(f^\ �^iwimul BEETLE BAILEY-By Mort Walker LI'L ABNER-By Ay Capp ARCHIE-By Bob Montana HI AND LOIS-Bl Dik Browne SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neol BUGS BUNNY CICERO HAS GOOD POTENTIAL IN HIS / SCHOOL WORK'S HE'S INTELLIGENT/ QUICK TO LEARN... ...BUT HE HAS OA/iff FAULV THAT MUST BE COPPECTEP^/j ;