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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 22, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta i ne LCI IIBNIUUC Watergate must end Nixon must go By Shaun Herald special commentator Election reform The election law now before Parlia- ment should not get bogged down in amendments to such an extent that it becomes unworkable or simply fails to survive an interminable debate. No doubt it can stand refining. No doubt every MP has definite views on the subject which he wishes to write into the law. it is long past time for regulating campaign contributions and expenditures and it is to be hoped that common sense will prevail in the matter of amendments. At the same the guidelines on conflict of interest tabled by the Liberals ought to be enacted into with whatever modifications suit the members of parliament. It is not enough just to have the situation needs the force of law. It is not unknown for political ambitions to outstrip per- sonal integrity and Canadians should not have to be at the mercy of the good will or the good intentions of public servants or the guidelines of the party in power. men in government should welcome the existence of such as a not a form of censure. While financial aspects of politics are being there are other cam- paign practices where the casual approach should be dropped. It is now possible for a person to belong to more than one party and to take part in the nominating conventions of more than one giving in two or more votes. Some parties also sell memberships at the door for nominating conventions. This opens up the possibility of buying or at least controlling a party's nomination. Local opinion seems to be that this just isn't done would and that social pressures work to maintain the integrity of the nominating system. This may have been sufficient insurance at one time but Canada's population is growing and something more substantial is needed to prevent misuse of the system. SALT talks stalled Because of the present weakness of the U.S. the Russians seem to have achieved a propaganda and perhaps even an actual in the area of strategic arms limitation. They have once more proposed that the five major powers in the United Nations Security Council cut their military budgets by 10 per cent and they are waiting at the SALT talks in Geneva for a reply from the U.S. to a draft treaty they put forth in September. The treaty was in response to a set of American proposals advanced last spr- ing and was unofficially described by some Americans as the Russians are in the ad- vantageous position of waiting for an answer. The problem of limiting arms is com- plex. According to SALT the first which President Nixon has considered a major achievement of his the Soviet Union was to have the numerical advantage in launchers and because the U.S. held the lead in accuracy and in the number of separately deliverable nuclear warheads. WEEKEND MEDITATION Some U.S. observers are now convinc- ed that the Soviets have violated the spirit of the first agreement by up- grading their missiles and equipping them all as MIRVs. Their warheads are speculated to be in the megaton instead of the kiloton range of U.S. MIRVs. Significant differences of opinion exist among various U.S. agencies as to what steps to take next. President Nixon can- not point out the obvious defects in the first agreement without undermining his own prestige at a time when he needs all he can retain. Mired as he is in his own political and deflected by the energy he cannot seem to provide the leadership needed in this area. The only strong man on the scene who could pull from the the State the Arms Control and Disarmament the National Security Council and others a consensus as to how to answer the Russians is Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. He is otherwise occupied and the SALT talks remain as one more casualty of Watergate. Christmas the hope of the world The spirit of Christmas is a necessity if the world is not to go down into utter disaster. Far too many people think of the day as a sen- timentality involving colored and Bing Crosby crooning a lullaby about a dream of a white Christmas. Far too little attention is paid to the fact that The Magnificat has been properly described as most revolutionary song ever has put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low Too little attention is paid to the message of that God comes to man. that this is a spiritual universe and man is a spiritual being with eternal dimensions and infinite that man is beloved of God and goodness and loving kindness are at the heart of the universe. Now there is simply no hope for man unless he can be redeemed from fear and unless he can gain a conviction that life holds and beauty and he need not be overwhelmed by and that materialism is not the answer to the nature of the and that the universe is not purposeless and unintelligent. Christ- mas is the good news of the Kingdom of the coming doom of the violent and the the end of lust and of race prejudice and war. Man need not forever be the victim of but can be more than conqueror both in the personal life and the international life. Christmas has been trivialized by the ma- jority when as a matter of fact it has lifted the ceilings of proclaimed a new nature for a new a new a radically new conception of human life. It was said of the early Christians that they begotten again unto a living When the world was frozen and dark the good news came of a loving God whose hands held the history and destiny of the human race. James Reston recently wrote an article showing that the selfishness of nations would bring their doom. Unless man can discover a way of discover that the Christmas beatitude is the truly sensible way to live are the merciful for they shall ob- tain he will destroy himself. The life streams of humanity are poisoned by hate and greed. Civilization is in breakdown and culture has run into intellectual and moral bankruptcy. In his from an Oxford Paul Elmer More one of the very greatest minds of this century tells how he became a Christian and left his longing for some audible voice of the in- finite silence rose to a pitch of torture. To be satisfied I must see face to face. I must as it were handle and feel and how should this So the answer comes in the the Word made flesh. God comes with hope for our life for our love for our light for our deliverance from our and joy for our sorrow. The world needs three things a critical a merciful and a hopeful outlook. Jesus came and his most typical words of good So lift up your Christ- mas is the time of good cheer. You need and the world needs desperately the good cheer of the Christmas truth. O give me back my visions ud dreams. Restore my ideals. Help me to hope. Teach me to live life with joy. F. S. M. NEW YORK It's more than it is to listen to literate Americans talking now about their presi- dent and their predicament. I do not mean only the sort of people who haunt the world of power in Washington but peo- ple who live in the shadow of that world and feel its effects in their lives and most of all in their assurance of what it means to be an American in an increasingly insecure world. The odd thing is that I found no real difference between the views of those who once sup- ported him and believed in and those who have always held him in contempt. Contempt is the almost un- iversal feeling towards him. It now appears to be the general belief that as a apart from any evidence of what he is as a he is truly utterly un- trustworthy in things both great and small. Operation Candor appears to have deepened the contempt in which he is held and if there are those who have been reassured by the great ma- jority have had their now settled opinions confirmed and strengthened. All his efforts to improve his image have the same effect. The truth appears to be that no matter what this man now attempts to do to clear himself from charges of both personal and public dis- the more he creates the impression that he in a nauseatingly sanctimonious attempting to manipulate the American people. I found only one man who thought that in spite of his manner there just might be some truth in him. He hoped he wasn't he wanted to believe because he had once believed. There was a great deal of interesting talk about the effects of Mr. Nixon's present standing on the security of the Western world. it was himself is our greatest securi- ty This it was that nothing Mr. Nixon did could be in the sense that any inter- national move he might make could not be divorced from the possibility that all he was do- ing was designed to improve his position at not to deal effectively and honestly with the situation that existed abroad. Added to this was the con- viction that no international statesman could put any con- fidence in anything the presi- dent said or for the same that Americans themselves now appear to hold suspect everything he may attempt to do. He is simply out of credit and there seems no prospect at all that he can recover much of it. Watergate must they but when pressed for an explanation of what that has to was the unvarying explanation. Watergate as such does not any longer seem to concern them except of course that must never be possible What concerns them is much wider and far more in their eyes. They now believe not that Watergate is a part of some conspiracy against the West but'that it broke in the middle of the game-plan of just such a and aided it enor- by its destructive effects on the confidence of the Western allies in the integrity of United States leadership. I found a very firmly held belief that the Soviet Union has executed a brilliant and carefully prepared game-plan which relied for its success on the long-delayed persuasion of the Arab oil-kings to use their supply power against the ostensibly as a tool against Israel but in fact as a weapon to weaken the tohats all -about nobody arujmofe Canadian smugness changes to greed By Richard Toronto Star commentator the Canadian vices have been dullness and timidity. Under the pressure of the energy these seem to be chang- ing into selfishness and meaness of spirit. We are as Rene Levesque expressed it in an interview the other excuse for a The source of our is not race and language as Levesque but money. In factories can operate only three days a and television shuts off at p.m. to conserve the country is on its back. In the United airline flights will be cut by 20 per cent and aviation workers will be out of trucks jam the highways to protest speed limits and high prices. In Holland the only country in Europe to keep its word and its the huge port of Rotterdam is idle as the supertankers stay and the Dutch move around on bicycles and in horse-drawn carts. by are affluent and almost obscenely lucky. Except for Soviet Letters to the Editor we are the only in- dustrial nation in the world to produce more oil than it con- sumes. We have no rationing as yet no shortages. Two in three Canadians are sheltered from world oil prices. Without our having to lift a our national as expressed by proven reserves of oil and has increased by something like billion. That is worth about for each woman and child in the country. So what do we We bicker. We accuse each other of and practice it. We are less united than the Arabs despite their centuries of tribal and family wars. Last Energy Minister Donald Macdonald and Premier Allan Blakeney of Saskatchewan finally talked to each other. Then Mac- donald in the Commons says that Blakeney said to him he would under ad- the possibility of delaying the new oil and Blakeney promptly says he said no such thing. Who knows who's telling the or .gilding it. Who but the actors Share Christ's gift i_i------ What has happened to All the depart- ment stores and shops do not care about the religious aspect of Christmas at all. Their main I mean their only is to sell their products and rake in the money. Newspapers are filled with nothing but adver- tisements for this so-called festive season. Television also is absolutely nothing but com- mercials that paint a picture you can't just to sell their products. We must remember that Christmas was designated to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The whole religious idea is taken out of Christmas and put into Why can't we act like we should and show love to one another. Let's put back the Christmas spirit and joy without all the commer- cializing. We must remember that the gift of love is far more important and meaningful than a lot-of ex- pensive gifts. Above all let's put Christ back into our Christmas. Isn't that what Christmas is all The gift of love is Christ's gift to us. Should we not share this with everybody CATHY MURRAY Grade 9 Gilbert Paterson School in this squalid drama even In Edmonton I interviewed Don minister for inter- governmental affairs. He made a couple of combative remarks about I scribbled them trying to unravel the story behind the Getty says that Macdonald while Mac- donald told me he said Then I stopped and scratched out my notes. What does it Who any longer has any reaction other athan In the Commons the Conser- vatives have been filibuster- ing legislation designed to give the government power to deal with an oil supply emergency. They have been doing this to benefit their tribal allies in Alberta because Ottawa could use this power to over-rule any attempt by Alberta to restrict oil supplies within Canada. Again in the Commons the New Democrats are stumbl- ing around trying to square their policy of no oil price as jus- tified increases in production as David Lewis put with the Saskatchewan policy of charging as much as it except in return for concessions. The provincial NDP cared so little for their federal and so much for the million or so a year in windfall that it wasn't until the day before he introduced the legislation that over a lunch with Tommy got round to telling him what he was going to do. On behalf of the federal government we have a prime minister who called a provin- cial premier who had said not a word about and and who works in a schoolboy's debating-crack about bilingualism in a reply to Jed who comes from Alberta and who is a strong supporter of bilingualism in a region where it does him no The things that bad manners haven't in- competence has. The PTA in could achieve such bungl- ing if it tried. Take the case of Ottawa and Saskatchewan. The day before Trudeau made his recent energy policy statement he sent Deputy Minister Jack Austin to Edmonton to brief the Alberta government. Ot- tawa that's right to send anyone to Regina. In Saskatchewan forgot to in- form or consult Ottawa about its new tax by the end of last week hadn't even got around to sending a copy of the bill to Macdonald. I don't think a single Cana- dian any longer gives a damn who said what to whom. I don't think a single except the idiots who print the the Eastern Bastards bumper that while every region deserves the best deal that the interests of the country as a whole should not come first. I am certain that Canadians want their politicians to not necessarily with intelligence which may be demanding too but with some some dignity in this season above with some generosity of spirit. 'that we really have become a nation of Scrooges. economic structure of the Western powers so that inter- nal conflict fostered by Soviet tools could have a free in that the Arabs believe they are striking for a change of policy among Western nations when in fact they are being used to create openings for Soviet economic sabotage. The interesting thing is that the state which held on grimly to the theory that this whole business was an Israeli-Arab has abandoned this innocent reading of the situation and now believes the rising problems of Western Europe are not of the Israeli- Arab but of the Soviet-American confron- tation. There is ground for believ- ing this. J. the Com- munist party leader in wrote a very frank letter to Edward Heath earlier this warning him of what his supporters could and would and now those powerful union leaders whose unions have the capacity to do what Mr. Gollan are say- ing it themselves almost in Mr. Gollan's exact words. The industrial action group of leaders who have brought Bri- tain to its present pass in the majority on their joint Communist party members. Americans are now turning to the view that the Nixon years have been an unquali- fied disaster for the United States and the West and that the president's now famous rapport with the Soviet leader rapport he boasted of at his famous press is proof only of his naivete coupled with his interested desire to do whatever made him look good during his term of no matter what the ultimate cost to the nation and the West might be. More and more Americans are talking of a parallel between their present situa- tion and the British and French situation before the Second World War in which goodwill and the desire for peace opened the door to men who wanted war and conquest. they appear to feel themselves confronted by men who want to achieve the same ends by more subtle means and who are finding the climate right for their ends and actions. History may very well record that the conquest of the West by peaceful means was closer than any of us wanted to believe. as one ardent Republican told Republican party must get rid of Nixon to prevent the destruction of the Republican and in saving itself it may incidentally do what has to be done to bring political realism back to the Western He went is not a Western leader who would buy a second-hand car from this and while that situation we are all wide open to destruction through our Will he resign or will he be I asked him. When the Congress comes back after he he will be confronted by evidence that Republican senators and representatives cannot sur- vive unless they get rid of he will be given the chance to resign and if he doesn't the Congress will go after him like hungry dogs after meat. We must save our own he because live soldiers are more useful than dead ones and in saving our own skins we'll save a lot more. Nixon has left this na- tion with nothing but enemies or former friends. Either he goes quietly or we'll impeach him. But he says he will never resign. said this man who is among the he said he was through with politics. And there he is in the White House. Any statement made by Richard Nixon is sub- ject to revision or reversal. So is his declaration that he will not resign. It will be interesting to see. Americans are ashamed of their president. That is a very painful situa- tion for them. They deserve our sympathy. The Uthbndge Herald 504 7th St. S. Alberta LETHBRIDGE HERALD CO. Proprietors and Publishers Second Class Mall Registration No. 0012 CLEO W. Editor and Publisher DON H. PILLING Managing Editor ROY F. MILES DOUGLAS K.WALKER Editorla' Page Editor DONALD R. DOHAM General Manager ROBERT M. FENTON KENNETH E. BARNETT Business Manager HERALD SERVES THE ;