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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 22

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Lethbridge, Alberta S2 THE IETHBRIDGE HERAID Monday, Decomber 21, 1970 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon TUESDAY, DEC. 2! Your birthday today: Those bora before a.m. EST today arc Sanitarians, those born later are Capri- cornians. The time of the change is different in dif- ferent y e a r s and. over a long period of time, ean even be on the 21st or the 23rd. Both Sagittarians and Capri- cornians born today face a year of increased power, re- sponsibility, plus much to learn in how to deal with unprecedented situations. To- day's Sagittarians are au- thority-oriented; tbese par- ticular Capricornians are more selfless in their ambi- tions. AUIES (March 21-Aprll Expect unscheduled incidents, difficult shopping conditions. Let others handle the chores ivhile you organize activities. Romantic interests are hinder- ed for the moment. TAURUS (April Zft-May By keeping your inner serenity a 'm i d today's turmoil, you serve your own interests and those of your group. Present a eaim surface, in any case. GEMINI (Slay 21 June Reasonable care ivith me- chanical equipment, vehicles isn't quite enough. You also need patience and courtesy. Take time for prayer, medita- tion during the day or evening. CANCEU (June 21-July You wind up doing tilings in unaccustomed sequence, w i t h new details. Social activity gets squeezed out by the re- arrangement it can wait, and don't rush to incur the ex- pense. LEO (July 23 Aug. Realize that others have prob- lems and questions to re- search, so don't take their abrupt manner personally or seriously. Let well enough alone among friends. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. You can easily let yourself in for a long-term expense today. Friends have a tall story which is incomplete. Important issues need a night or two of sleeping on them. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. When you take the initiative, you may end up with unwanted responsibility. Check carefully beforehand. Your judgment ibout others' problems like- ivise cause trouble let their; alone. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Be sure of what you've got be- fore asking for more. Travel brings you lo unplanned places, u i t h something to learn, t e m p o r a r y inconvenience. Avoid overcxcrtion. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dcc. You find yourself headed in a somewhat different direc- tion from people you thought were with you. Fresh starts re- quire more planning, better communication. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Nothing goes as planned at work it's a test of your placement in the job. Make plans to do something slruclivc about it. Meanwhile grumbling docs no good. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Fcb Talkative people lake u much of your time. You hav no idea of Die plight you ma be protected from by belli tied up with the talkers par ticularly if they are relatives. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Follow all the formal amcrn tics according to the rules Agreements are faulty, nee further thought. Any flaw ir your budget shows up at ai embarrassing moment. 1970, Newsilay, Inc. LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D Drinking Jjiggesl student hangup Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to James A. Pierce, age 12. of Shreveport, Louisiana, for his question: How do they determine the cal- orie value of foods? Scientists perform these won- ders by testing the amount of energy each bile of food can give to the body. The calorie, with a small c, is a unit of heat energy. The large Calorie, spelled with a capital C, is worth 1.000 small calories. This is the unit used to determine the value of foods. So if wish to be strictly scientific, the values on a diet should be spelled Calorics. The body breaks down the food we eat to produce energy that can be measured as heat. It uses a very slow burning process called combustion. In mechanical terms, the heat produced by this process can be called energy because it can be converted into energy to run the multitude of chemical ac- tivities in the cells. Hence it is easier to determine the value of foods according to how much heat the body can extract from them. And the basic unit for measuring small amounts of this sort of heat is the small calorie. The calorie is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a gram of water by one degree centigrade. The weight unit of one gram equals only 0.0353 ounces and one degree centi- grade equals 1.80 of the Fahrenheit degrees we use to take the temperature of the weather. It is necessary to base the values on the weight of the food, so the test requires small samples. However, the small calorie is too small for this job. If we multiply it by 1.000 we have the Great Calorie, the one used to determine the heat en- ergy value of foods. In the lab- oratory, the chemist weighs a food sample in grams, then puts it into the chamber of a Dear Dr. Lamb What is the biggest drug problem in high school and university? Dear Reader It is alcohol. All the other drugs that get the publicity and the tax dollars are minor problems compared to the excessive use of alcohol even in high school today. Dear Dr. Lamb I was tak- ing Hutin and Vitamin C tab- lets three times a day for chol- esterol. Tile doctor who pre- scribed it now is deceased, but Ire told me to take them the rest of my life. You can't get P.utin any more. The druggist said that taking 100 milb'grams per day of niacin would do the same thing for high cholesterol. At present I do not have the means of going to another doc- tor but I want to keep my chol- esterol down. Would you please tell hie if this niacin will do the trick? Dear Reader Niacin or ni- cotine acid has been used to lower cholesterol. But it takes 39 to 60 times as much as the druggist recommended and it has to be given in divided doses. In these large amounts it some- times causes side effects that are quite unpleasant for the pa- tient and must be taken under a doctor's supervision to avoid compared with the degrees difficulties, including liver dam- calorimeter. This instrument consumes the food sample by a combustion process similar to the body's slow burning pro- cess. As it burns, the food gives off heat energy. The calori- meter is fitted with a ther- mometer that registers the ris- ing temperature inside the chamber, plus dials to report the results to those outside. The combustion that goes on inside the calorimeter breaks the molecules of food down into small particles. When this is done, the food has released all the heat energy it can. The temperature inside the cham- ber is as high as it can go. The weight of the food sample gives its potential heat energy I age. in terms of Calories'. As we know, some items on the menu yield more Calories than others. The basic building block in the starches and sug- ars in carbohydrate foods is glucose. When 6.4 ounces of glucose is burned in a calori- meter, it yields heat energy equal to 673 Calories. The same amount of buttery fat yields 1670 Calories and the same amount of lean meat yields 670. Many dietary charts spell out calories when they mean Cal- ories. This is an error and we have to multiply them by 000 to get the true values. Calories tell only part of the food value story. Vitamins and other essential elements may be destroyed in cooking and food processing. The body uses or loses about 60 per cent of its Calorie intake as heat. The other 40 per cent is converted into chemical energy to carry on its cellular activities.' Questions asked by children j of Herald readers should be j mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. j Box 765, Huntington Beacli, California 92643. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1970) There is no evidence that vita- min C lowers cholesterol but i may be important in preventing cholesterol and fatty particles from building up in the walls o the arteries. Studies in animak and man show that a deficiency of vitamin C can cause fatty de- posits in the artery, which can he removed when enough vita min C is given. Hopefully most people ge enough vitamin C to preven this but some people may well benefit from increased amounts of vitamin C parti cularly if their diet is margina in this respect or if they are heavy smokers. The most effective way to lower cholesterol in most people is to get rid of excess body fa and alter the diet. A proper die and exercise program help many people. I have treated irany patients with high cholesterol and other evidence of heart and vascular disease this way. Most people decreased their cholesterol lev els far more than would have been possible with medicine The principle is to eliminate an- imal fat, use poly unsaturatet fats, like those in corn oil and decrease the calories enough to lose fat. Of course, it is usually necessary and desirable to be- gin an exercise program. Neither of these exercise or diet should be a crash ef- fort, but a way of life. GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN EO im> TIM CMcm Trikm) ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIS Q. 1 Neither vulnerable, partner opens with two no irump and you hold: VKQ9'8743 OKQ32 What is your response? The only information you require If the number oE acei In partner's hand. The recom- mended bid, therefore, Is an 1m- mediate response of four clubs, Ihs Gerber convention. Jf North bids four diamonds showing four aces, you will told a. grand. Warn; M he bid's four no trump, three aces, you will set- tle for a am all slam. Q. As South, Vulnerable, you hold: Youngsters are worried about asking for too much fathers Neal, a store manager, said. "Almost every one replied, "Daddy makes cars.' Many families in the Detroit area were affected by the day strike against General Motors Corp. which ended Nov. 23. Many auto workers also received layoffs of vary- ing length this year because of slow car sales. Ono Hny of about five asked fiim: "Is your factory rebuilt yet? "I hope it's finished by Christmas. My mommy said it had burned down and maybe there wouldn't be many toys this Christmas." TAYLOR, Mich. (AP) "S'o many of the kids seem worried about asking for too much." says a department store Santa Clans. Children who normally swamp Santa with gift orders apparently are heeding ad- monitions of thrift from their parents this year, he ob- served. Puzzled by the number of modrsl reqursUs, part-lime Santa Ncyl conducted a quiet survey while taking Cltrislrnas orders a I, a shop- ping centre in Taylor, a Dc- Iroit suburb. "I asked all of the youngs- ters who seem hesitant about asking for things where their SANTA'S CHRISTMAS Wolf Disney The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 3 4 Pass 3 NT Pass- 3 y Pass T What do you bid now? Partner has Insisted upon game contract despite the warn- ing' that you might have a very weak hand with no particular fit, Actually you have a near maxi- mum holding on which a one no trump response may be made. Therefore, It Is necessary to bid one more heart than is necessary. suggested call Is five hearts. Certainly partner cannot expect than this, clso you would have made a more constructive response. 3, South, vulnerable, you hold: S2KQ74 OAQ62 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 V Pasr I NT Pass T What do you bid now? A. Having' reached the con- clusion that there is jio possible game In the hand, x pass Is Indicated, known maxi- mum is 10 points which toother with 15 not add lip to required 26. Q. Both vulnerable, as South you hold: The bidding has proceeded: West North Eart Swlh 1 V Dble, ?ass 3 4 Paw 1 NT Pass T What do you bid now? the fact thnt you have only six points In high cards thli Ji jtQod hand, facing a partner who Is strong to double and then bid no trump. The recommended bid Is two dia> monds, tho a hid of three diamonds could not be severely crltldied, Partner could not reasonably expect much more, Inasmuch as you responded With cnly upade, not two. (t. Neither vulnerably partner opens with two hearti and you What is your response? The properi If thres hearts. With normal trump support and leven Immediate raise should, b4 given, Q. East-West vulnerable, 53 South you hold: 4AKJ92 The bidding has proceeded: South West North Eart 1 A Pass 1 NT 7 What do you bid now? You should hot be lied with, anything leu than same, but you should every effort to Insure reschlng Same In the best contract. Thli can be done by a forcing rebld of three diamonds. Such i bid allow partner to ihow preference. IE partner does not care for spades, -will no doubt bid fhree no trump, which you arc prepared, lo Q. Both vulnerable, South you hold: 4K96 0 A IB t 4 The bidding has proceeded: South West North If? 2 2 A What do you bid now? Your partner hw f oHHA you to rebld at the level of three and must, therefore, havn a very strong1 hand. The Mig- gcsled bid IK three spades rather than a rebid of your owa suit. Free bids by responders In sulti higher in rank than the opener'a suit are very drastic acts and should consequently be accorded great respect q. vulnerable, part- ner opeas with ons spade and you hojd: What, is your response? This hand Is not us good t U looks at flrft Mush. U his 10 Mgh card polntt. it not rich In pinylnir strength, and the suggested response it two spades. THE OWLV PLACE IN THE KINGDOM 15 THE CASTLE OF MALEFICENT. SANTACIAU5WS YOU PRESENTS, mmi IFWRt'NOTSOOP, raeHT HE DOESN'T BRING UIKONS.'HAVEWEVER KI6fn HEAR? OF ONE CA5S LANCELOT-By Coker Penn LET'S B1WTHI5 TIE WI4 THINK, LORI BLONDIE-By Chic Young BEETLE BAILEY-By Mort Walker PCOROTTO. I OU5HTA LET HIM SLEEP IN HERE WITH ME I'LL GO DOWN5TAIPS AND SET HIM. HE BE PEISHTENED. I X HEAR MIS TEETM 111 ABNER-By AI Capp f-ISTHERE. AMYTHIMGIW :k NORTH f AMERICA YOU HAVE THE BODY OF A S WOMAN-Bur THE SIMPLE DESIRES I rr ARCHIE-By Bob Montana AREVDU SAVIN RETORNABLES7JCOLLECTION.' HI AND LOIS-By Dik iHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal NO. DONT LIKE TO -TALK fHA.TAtlO-1. Voa PRESiPENT WSJ W UP''. bUNNY VA PREPARED A SREAT EVERYTHING'S WHAT WAS THAT FANCY NAME VA HAP FEB THESE HUNKS O'MEAT ON TH'STICK? ;