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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 18, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 THE LETHBRIOGE HERALD 18, 1974 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I'm sure you won't put this letter in your column, because you know nothing about vitamins to speak of, let alone write about. Tell the woman who asked about turning hair dark and what vitamin she should use, to try a B vitamin called para amino benzoic acid. It has been proven to work many times if given a fair chance (at least six months to a year) along with a multivitamin and mineral preparation a day. Try it, you'll like it. Until then, don't knock it. Dear Reader I found your letter rather amusing, and I enjoy a good laugh once in a while. If you had any scientific background, I would tell you to read Goodman and Oilman's text, "The Phar- macological Basis of Therapeutics." Other good reliable texts would do as well It explains that para- aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is not really a B vitamin. It is used by certain bacteria to enable them to manufacture folic acid. The folic acid is es- sential to the growth of bacteria. Interestingly, that is how the sulfa drugs work. They interfere with the bacteria's ability to form folic acid in the bacteria and, through this method, prevent them from dividing and growing. Without reproduction, they soon die off Mammals do not have the ability to convert PABA to folic acid. We have to get our folic acid from other sources. We don't stop cell reproduc- tion and die off when we get sulfa. Now, about that gray hair. Gray hair can be produced in some animals by giving them a diet deficient in PABA. Goodman and Oilman and other reliable texts, will tell you there is NO EVIDENCE THAT GRAYING IN HUMANS IS IN ANY WAY RELATED TO PABA. So, my dear, unless you are a micro-organism being at- tacked by sulfa drugs, I'm afraid you won't benefit from PABA. In other words, you are all wet. I might add that if and when someone finds a way to pre- vent graying of the hair, without using hair coloring of some form, we will all know about it It won't be much of a secret. Another reader wrote to tell me I was wrong and stupid. That hair was made up of vitamins and minerals. I found this remarkable state- ment also very educational. Hair is a specialized form of skin. It is mostly keratin protein, not vitamins or minerals. Vitamins are essen- tial to health, but they are not used as building blocks for body structures or secretions. Such comments aren't just amusing, they are dangerous and point out the great need for public education about vitamins. Vitamins are very useful and good when used properly, or as a food supplement for those who need them. However, they have none of the magical qualities often ascribed to them by enthusiasts in the vitamin trade. They don't cure cancer or arthritis, and they don't change gray hair back to its original color. I recognize that it is futile to try to provide factual infor- mation to those who don't want to be confused by the facts. Hopefully, presentation of facts will be useful to those who do want to learn and profit from factual infor- mation. Your horoscope Flashback By The CANADIAN PRESS Dec. 18, 1974 The United States Congress passed an amendment to the constitution abolishing slavery in the United States 109 years ago in 1865. The victory of the Union over the Confederate states in the Civil War ended slavery in the U.S. 1813 British forces took Fort Niagara from the Americans, capturing 300 prisoners. 1889 The first Canadian Pacific telegraph junction with the Atlantic cable was made at Canso, N.S 1854 The Town of Bytown was incorporated as the City of Ottawa. 1943 Gun practice caused an invasion scare on the Cana- dian East Coast. THURSDAY Your birthday today: Is a milestone commemorating your conversion from an older set of habits to a freer, hap- pier life style. You have closer contact with reality and better co-operation, ac- cording to the energy you in- vest in a good image. What you sincerely promise tends to come true. Today's natives are tolerant, good natured people, often gifted in music and the arts. ARIES (March 21 April Don't worry about adver- tising your talents if you get your work done well and promptly. Be skeptical about facts, figures and stories from distant places. TAURUS (April 20 May Friends and money deals mix poorly, whether it's your money or theirs. Be self reliant; meet them halfway. Shared pastimes attract romantic interest. GEMINI (May 21 June You may as well accept a heavy schedule and get down to work. Don't comment or complain. Let others loaf and squabble: stay clear of them. CANCER (June 21 July You can't get away with a fast line or incomplete work. Give special care to machines. Home life mellows and should be comfortable. LEO (July 23 Aug. Conventional methods are preferable in dealing with marital resources or jointly owned property. Instant prof it that is promised is apt to be il- lusory. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. There are more busy people than you anticipated. Give them space and time to move. Keep your statements to the point. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Expect extra work to be push- ed on you and learn efficiency in getting it done. Those you love are full of good inten- tions; give them a chance to talk. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Keep money in secure savings; spend as little as possible. Whimsical action in travel or amusement stirs repercussions. You've got a long evening to fill sensibly. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Take it slowly and precisely so nobody mis- interprets what you are doing or where you're headed. Home situations require attention and possible changes. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Secrets surface when least expected. Prac- tical matters suffer since you are preoccupied with emotional situations. Don't take sides in others' dis- agreements. AQUARIUS (Jen. 20 Feb. Friends exert themselves to claim more attention and ask a great deal from you. Take a conservative approach to progress on personal pro- jects. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Early starts seem to cause more talk and delay than necessary Late in the day the situation quiets down a bit and you can hope for a quick response. ITS THE MOLK7AH' SEASON, CAT; IT'S TIME FOR fOUANPME TO FOK6ET OUR iT'f TIME TO I AM To mot; TME RIGHT MANP OF SHORT MIS IP POPGE ClTV By NOON WAND LOIS 0UT WITH THE CHRISTMAS RUSH, ITu. TAKE THREE' WEEKS TWE BARBER WHO SAVE ME MY HAIRCUT. WHO SAVE fcUTHAT LOLLIPOP? BUGS BUNNY Ask Andy HEY, ABOUT A RMSE HE'S GOT vicious SENSE 0% HUMOR J BLONME Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF Chlc.go Trlbun. Neither vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 865 4QJ10 WEST EAST J1094 732 4965 Q1074 48643 SOUTH AKQ V AQ753 82 The bidding: South West North East 1 Pass 2 Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Jack of The standard safety plays and deceptive stratagems can all be found in the many books on the play of the hand. However, the books cannot always teach when to apply these tactics. On this hand. South learned that the poet was right when he said that "a little learning is a dangerous It did not take long for North-South to reach a rea- sonable four heart contract. Once North boosted hearts, South's hand revalued to 20 points, so it was a formality to jump to game. West led the jack of spades, and many declarers would find no problem with the hand. The> would force an entry to dummy in the c.ub suit take tlie heart LIT ABNER finesse. When that succed- ed and trumps split 2-2, they would make their contract no matter what developed in the other suits. However, declarer's trump combination permits a a standard safety play to maximize the chances of holding the losers in the suit to one. It is to cash the ace, then enter dummy and lead toward the queen. Since de- clarer was a well-read fellow, this was the line he chose. After cashing the ace of hearts, he led a club toward dummy. West grabbed the ace and shifted to a low dia- mond. Declarer guessed wrong, playing the jack, and ended up losing three tricks in the minor suits in addition to a trurnp. Safety plays are a sensible you can afford to lose a trick. Declarer erred in taking the safety play before he knew whether he could afford to surrender a trump trick. Best techni- que is for South to tackle dia- monds before he plays trumps. If he takes the right position in diamonds, or if West grabs the ace, then de- clarer can avail himself of a safety play in trumps, for that would greatly increase his chances for the contract. However, if declarer loses two diamonds in addition to the ace of clubs, he must bring in the trump suit with- out !oss to make his con- tract. The only hope then is that East holds a doubleton king of hearts, which allows declarer to pick up the whole suit witn a finesse. PLANETS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Jean Pinegar, age 10, of Des Moines, Iowa, for her question: Which planet was made first? Naturally, no human reporter was there to take notes when the planets were created. But as far as possible modern scientists have traced back the fabulous story to the very beginning. The nine planets and their moons are members of the sun's family. Most experts agree that this entire solar system was created at the same time, almost 5 billion years ago. Nobody can prove all the details. But scientists have gathered enough evidence to make an educated guess which is called a theory. They tell us that the evidence suggests that all the planets were formed together. This would mean that giant Jupiter is no older than little Mer- cury. All are the same age as the sun. Some of the faraway stars are much older than the sun and its family. They were there more than 5 billion years ago, when our part of the heavens was dark and empty. At that time, our region was occupied by nothing more than an enor- mous dusty cloud. Then, perhaps about 5 billion years ago, the mysterious forces of creation began to shape that shapeless cloud. It shrank and became a huge saucer. The saucer began to spin and never stopped spinning. After 100 million years or so, most of the dustry gases had concentrated in the center. This was the dark, un- born sun. Nine or 10 bands of dust formed bull's-eye rings circling around the center. These were the unborn planets. Gradually the dusty debris clogged together and most of the material in our circle merged to form a round ball. This baby world was times wider than the modern earth and 500 times heavier. The same thing happened to mold the other rings into round planets. Gradually the materials packed closer together. The big baby planets shrank and so did the big baby sun. The young sun and its planets were spinning around. Each planet was in orbit at its own speed and at its proper distance from the sun. All this part of the story happened in total darkness under the black starry sky. Then at last the sun started up its mighty nuclear furnace. At last its warmth and dazzling daylight were shed upon the whirling planets. Most likely this theory explains how the Solar System really began. If this is so, then all the planets were formed together. Nobody is certain how the earth got its golden moon. But most experts think that it was formed from the same dusty ring. Maybe the earth and its moon grew side by side. Maybe at first they were far apart and later the earth came close enough to capture the moon. QUMtions Mktd by chil- dren of Herald mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1073) IS THAT DRAWING YOU MADE SUPPOSED TO BE OH, NO, BOSS- SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR WIFE BOX YOU'VE CAPTURED HER PERFECTLY ACTUALLY IT COULD BE EITHER ONE OF THEM ARCHIE Pun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Doug was standing at the window. "The lawn's too long and he declared. "I'm planning to change it." "A bit long, but it's the same sort of shape most peo- ple Eve told him. "What do you have in "Two Doug replied. "With length seven feet less and width three feet more we lose just one square foot of area, but we have four square feet if I make the length 11 feet less and width six feet more." What were the dimensions? (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: POPS was 3331. AFTER YOGA BOOK YOU I'M JUST GOING TO SIT AROUND CONTEMPLATING YOUR. NAVEL? ARCHIE, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THE BIG HARD- ...IT' COVER NOT HAS HE SEEN A CHIROPRACTOR? HAGAR THE HORRIBLE YoU wrrvi WOMEN ri'ui. TELL WHAT'S wiTH1 WOMEN. THEY WANT To LIKE WOLILP THAT BEETLE BAILEY WHAT COLOH. WOULD 6O ON COVSR OF OUR REPORTz WITH PEP 2 I PON'T you NEEP ANOTHER COLOR, BEAUTIFUL THSV ALWAYS TRY TO OUR TUMBLEWEEDS I HOPE WE PONT LOOK LIKE FOOLS FOLLOWING THOSE BUT SINCE WE WERE FIRED FROM THE FORCE FOR STUPIDITY WE" HAVE WO PEPUTATIOMS TO LOSE INTO AM APARTMENT T! PONE LOCKEP MYSELF IN THE CBJ. A CAKE WITH A FILE IN IT' ;