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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 22

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 14, 1971, Lethbridge, Alberta 22 'HE IETHBRIDGE HERALD Tuesday, December 14, 1971 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon i'i-: Your lurtluhiy early miiiilh.-. "f tin ahead invotvr irlliim fl haliils, values ing bi'ttrr homes for ings that no longer serve ymir needs. Then comes a greater simplicity :IIH! stroller fnjoy- rncnl of hat ymi are becom- ing, evolving to be. Today's na- tives :ire (jitiaiistie and ehar- itahle. AKIl'S (March 21-April AT sorts of ifieas demand at- tention. Details of reeenl events come in sliaip niu! clear. Move swiftly while they're fresh or skip action in favor of .some- thing more important. T.UTU'S (April 2ll-.May Pay attention to results of past experiences in coping to- day's complexities People near them fed hnv uphill it can be to keep tilings going. l.lllli.A (Sept. 2.1-Oct. A sense of humor is than a safety valve at present it's a v, luile way of life. SCOIiPIO 2.1-N'ov. See the strings en any sugges- tion of easy money; figure your oun .schemes to he sounder. NAOITTAltll'S (Nov. :i i: So many changes, some of them unplanned, to make in so short a time bring you ex- citement and an adventure. CAIMUCOHN (Dec. 22-Jan. Without noticing, you may have cut a little toa close on dealings with friends. AQUAUK'S (Jan. 2fl-Fob. All types of people fill your stage today, most of them only for the moment. See life as a parading circus PISCES (Fell. 19-Marcli Social affability is the key to r.K.MIXI (.May L'l-.liMie j here and now forget yester- Quick comment is cheap and easy, impossible, to cancel once day and be at peace, angry at nobody (1371: By The Chicago Tribune) Sentences cut you've said too much. CANt'KK l.lmic 21-Jnly 221: For many, the thought may oc- cur: What am I doing here? If by tomorrow you hnvc no good AMMAN (AP) King Hus- ansvcr, pet ci'acking on plans sein of Jordan commuted death for serious change. i.Inly Aug. Yoiincer. iv.-jrr vigorous people j ment for 15 years. The four charge back and forth over j were convicted in September of ycvtr fieid of view. It's doubtful sabotage and subversion. Last that their doings mean any- j week Ihe king commuted death I sentences against four Palestin- i ian Arab guerrillas to imprison- thing much to you later. sentences against 60 other guer- V1RGO (Ana. rillas, condemned on similar Allow others to supply the charges, to imprisonment for energy, turn all the wheels. Let Allergies can cause swelling GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H.. GOREN ;ie TriboM] South ICefrrtHtft mi, 17 IM Chl Both vulnerable. deals. NORTH A A K B K2 K A K rj.i W-EST EAST A Q J B 3 A 7 C Q .MO f> 5 .1 ASTfi 4k A 10153! SOL'TH 10 9 5 4 2 A Q J id B 0 Al Hie bidding: South West Nortli East I A Pass ,1 0 Pass 3 Pas-. t, pass V Tasb f NY Pass Pass 6 Pasj Tnss Pass Opening lead: vueen o! 0 Fault for reaching an un- sound six spade contract in today's hand lies squarely on Smith's shoulders. The first two rounds of bidding were routine. South opened the bidding with his higher rank- ing five card suit, spades, and North made a jump shift to three diamonds, holding 19 high card points and a fit. When South showed his sec- ond suit, North gave a spade preference. At this point. South should merely carry on to game by bidding four spades. The four heart call cannot be in- terpreted as anything but a slam try and North could not be restrained carrying on to slam. South's spade holding as well as the mini- mum nature of his opening hid should have alerted him to the necessity for slowing partner down. Altho a club opening would have assured declarer's ulti- mate defeat, inasmuch as the defenders cannot be pre- vented from scoring a trump trick after the ace of clubs is cashed. West chose to lead the queen of diamonds. South briefly considered the possibility of cashing the two high trumps and then running his hearts, in the hope of discarding the three clubs from dummy. For this play to succeed, he would not only have to find a three- two division in spades, but also the player with the three trumps must hold four hearts, so that he is unable to ruff in until all of North's clubs have been discarded. The diamond suit offered greater probability of profit- able establishment for a dis- card from his own hand. South accordingly won the first trick with the ace of diamonds, crossed over to the king and then led a third round. East trumped with the seven of spades in the hope of promoting his part- ner's holding in the trump suit. South ovcrruffed with the nine. The deuce of spades was led next, West followed promptly with the three and after some consideration, de- clarer put in dummy's eight. East snowed out, discarding a club. South continued to establish diamonds by ruff- ing out West's jack even tho this reduced his spade hold- ing to the ten-five, while West retained three trumps Ithe. Q-J-6] and North, the lone ace-king. A heart was led to the king and the now established eight of diamonds was played on which declarer fi- nally unloaded his club loser, West discarded a heart A heart was led to the sen which West ruffed with ihe six of spades and returned the jack to dummy's king. The king of clubs was put thru and tho East did not cover, South discarded a heart. The queen was cov- ered by the ace and declarer ruffed with his last trump. The queen of hearts was led, trumped by West with tha queen of spades, over trumped with the ace and North's Jack of clubi took the final trick. When South leads tha deuce of. spades from hij hand, it does West no good to split his honors. North cov- ers the jack of spades with the king and East shows out. A fourth diamond is ruffed as before to establish dum- my's long card, and declarer starts running his hearts. West ruffs the third round with the three and dummy overruffs with the eight. The ace of spades is cashed leav- ing South with the ten and West with the queen. The eight of diamonds led and the of clubs is discard- ed. West presumably also sluffs a club. Now the king of clubs is put thru to ruff out East's ace and altho South is out of trumps him- self, he plays his high hearts. West can ruff with the queen of spades but must then surrender the last two tricks to dummy's high clubs. Had East discarded on tho third round of diamonds in- stead of ruffing in, declarer would have most likely played the ace and king of spades irora dummy oncft long diamond Is estab- lished in the hope that trumps are three-two, In which case he would hava Rone set. Dear Dr. Lamb Could you please explain an allergy thai would cause my lins (one or the other) to swell? Tho doc- tors' opinions seen) to vary as to the cause, one suggesting that it might be something in the air or another suggested it could possibly be from some- thing I'm eating. Could you please advise me what to do or what can be taken? Dear Reader Tho problem you are describing is called angio neurotic edema. Fluid seeps out of the small blood vessels into the tissues under the skin. One or both lips are common locations for the swell- ing. It often affects any part of the face, the hands, feet and genitalia. It is really a type of hive. The swelling usuallv does- n't have a definite border and skin over the swelling is usually normal color and temperature. There are two forms of the problem. In some people it ap- pears to have a tendency to be inherited and in the other form it isn't. The latter form usual- ly causes the least amount of trouble but it docs recur all too regularly, just like other aller- gies. If it keeps recu r r i n g about all your doctor can do to prevent it is to look for differ- ent factors that may be related to an allergic response. Some- times it is related to an infec- tion of the teeth or sinuses. In other people certain foods can lie identified as the offending agent and, of course, these should then be avoided. Like other allergies the problem seems to be aggravated by emotional stress. Prolonged observation and skin testing to identify aller- gies does help. Offending agents can then bo avoided. During attacks the usual medi- cines used for allergies are given, including the anti-histi- mines and in severe cases even hormones, like those related fo adrenal gland function. II o r- mones and adrenalin are usual- ly reserved for cases that have evidence of serious and imjjor- tant complications. This is a very small number of the cases and, hi most instances, rthe problem mil go away spon- taneously in a few days. Don't be cross with your doc- tors, it is difficult to find out v.-hat a person is really allergic to. Time, observation, and trial and error are necessary in the search, II could indeed be eith- er something in the air, some- tiling you eat, or even an aller- gic reaction to sonic localized infection, like of the sinuses. Dear Dr. Lamb Will you please help me? Have been to the doctor and dentist and had all the tests, and tonsils re- moved, and use a mouth wash, but still have bad breath. I also quit smoking. Dear Reader Unfortunate- ly, bad breath has many- causes, besides those found in the mouth for example, prob- lems with the digestive tract. A frequently overlooked source is the tongue. It is a good idea to brush the top of the tongue with toothpaste each time you brush your teeth. This will help some people, but not all. Question of horns Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to Linda Einarson, age ]1, cf Two Harbors, Minnesota, for her question: Do all cows and bulls hnve horns? This question brought problem into the life of the girl who asked it. Her coun- try ccusins called her a city slicker because she did not know the answer. They laughed when she asked them to explain. Now she suspects that they don't know the an- swer either. The problem gets more complex because it leads a person to wcnder about the borns of other and female. Most male and female calves sprout permanent horns that gradually grow into a pair of neat curves. But iiere are certain domestic strains that never grow horns. These are called polled cattle. However, not all the hornless cows and bulls we may see around were born that way. Their horns may have been ait or burned off, usually when the animals were about Jrree weeks old. After all, the lorns of domestic cattle can je a nuisance. A bad-tempered Mill's horns are fearsome weapons. Cattle crowded in trucks on the way to market may gore each other. Cattlemen have bred several strains of polled or hornless cows and bulls. One of the most famous of these is the stocky Black Angas, a lazy ype who takes life very easy. As a result, his beef is tender. The handsome Hereford is red with a wide, white face. In most cases, the bulls and cows vear horns that curve out- ward. But once in a while a cow bears a hornless calf. Tiesc mutant offspring were ised to breed a polled strain jf hornless Hereford. Other >cefy shorthorns come in vhitc or yellowish roan, plain red or red blotched with while. few males and females are }orn polled, others may have heir horns removed. The gray or white Brahman cattle have humped shoulders and horns that dip behind their floppy ears. The bull's horns often are removed because the powerful critter is very bad-tempered. These na- tives of India have sweat glands and when bred with our cattle they produce strains that can withstand the ark prairies. The curly black Gal- loway is a beefy breed with a shaggy coat fo withstand the cold. These are polled cattle and neither the bulls nor the cows ever grow horns. Dairy- cattle are slimmer and usually gentler than the beefy breeds. Most of the bulls and cows grow curved horns with pointed tips. Sometimes a fierce old bull's horns are re- moved to keep peace in the pasture. Usually the cows are allowed to keep their horns. Cows, sheep and goats have permanent hollow horns, sup- ported by bony bumps on the skull. They are made of kera- tin, similar to the tough sub- stances in the claws, hoofs and beaks of other creatures. Sonre male and female sheep are hornless. Most billy goats and my goats have permanent horns and all of them the right to refer to their offspring as kids. The various males and one female of the deer tribe grow antlers, usually with hand- some branches. These solid y structures grow from the skull. Antlers are shed each year and a larger, fancier crown is grown for the next mating season. The only fe- male deer who grows antlers is the caribou, alias the Christ- mas rcin'leer. The male rein- deer sheds his crown in early winter, the female keeps hers until May. Questions asued cWMicn of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 765, Huntington BeacH, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle I'ulilisliing Co. 1571) HERE'S THE WuRLP-FAWS I LAWRENCE E. LAMB. M. D. Y7 THE ICE 15 6ETTIN6 VH A LITTLE ROUeH-1 MOST. ICE ARENAS HAVE A RESURFACING MACHINE. WOOP5TOCK RESURFACES OOR ICE WITH AWETTEA-BA6! rUMBLEWEEDS-By TOM K. RYAN A AH! CANT FOOL MBJ...THEY AIN'T NOSHEEPS'THIN A HUNNgRT MILK tf HERE i WHLIfS YER RILLY 1KOOLY NAME? SHOULPVE KNOWN I COULPN'TPULL THE WOOL YOOR EYES! WHUT'S YER NAME, STRANGER? BLONDIE-By Chic Young X M tyypy BACK' bftTLE BAILEY-By Mori Walker Woll Disney's-THE CHRISTMAS CONSPIRACY LI L ABNER-By Al Capp HOLD IT, MISTAH TOOTH DEMOM-WEaOTA TOOTH TO PUT UHTJER ARCHIE-By Bob Montana MISS THIS IS OUST A HAMBURGER.' IRIGHT; YOU'RE NO FOOL, ARE. YOU? THI3 IS THAT'S FILET MI6NON AND LOBSTER TAIL ONCe UPOH A TIMS THERE WERE TWO HI AND LOIS-By Dik Browne IT MAKES SOUNDS LIKE THE TV SET, BUT IT DOESN'T SHOW ANY PICTURES: eOSH.'WHATU. THINK OF NEXT? SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal J 1 i.'- fJ twi BUGS BUNNY VOU SAID DON'T rp BE TH' BLAME ME, HITOFTH' PORKY! PARTY IN HOW WAS THIS IT'KNOW COSTUME') PETUNIA 'DON'T LIKE GORILLAS SHE'LL GET OVER IT! IN TH' MEANTIME, LE S SAMPLE TH'SOODIES.' ;