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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 1, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDGE Your horoscope By Dixon Ask Andy DEC. 2 Your birthday today Action often seems only to stir further action-reaction in many short steps You can direct them all up- ward with the help of prayer and self-assertive and it's worth all the struggle Today's natives tend to high physical skills coordination ability in practical arts ARIES 21-April The more concise you can make your the better people seem to have ears for the wrong in- complete and to be in a hurry for no particular reason TAURUS 20-May Capricious confusing circumstances are normal for this Sunday Make an early showing with your proper share of the community's ac- customed rituals GEMINI 21-June Where relationships are well stress can be ongoing toward better things Don't expect newcomers to un- derstand what the priorities are CANCER 21-July Relationships of all sorts receive a in precipitating long-delayed ac- tions and clearing the in provoking excitement missing until now LEO 23 Aag. Vivid expressions of feelings and turns of events lead to broader understanding of what makes the people around you tick be aware that you are transparent to all VIRGO 23-Sept. You are almost certain to get involved in some challenging bit of cooperation brought on by circumstances Pitch in and do your fair share promptly LIBRA 23-Gct. replace discussion perhaps with surprising revelations It is your respon- sibility not to bring in any more confusion than already exists SCORPIO 23-Nov. Being calmly present in all your natural dignity saves the day early Evening circum- stances turn in your favor and you may advance some per- sonal cause a giant step SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec Almost any casual thing you do arouses questions or resistance if the reasons for your move are not clear or if you are concentrating solely on your own material gain CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan Turbulent influences br- ing news an odd or unac- customed view of life and reality stressful at the mo- ment but with a good final out- come promised AQUARIUS 20-Feb In this day of cross- you have little chance of being heard unless you make a special effort Anything other than the search for spiritual growth is confused PISCES 19-March Your own best interests require that you pay close attention to what you do this Sunday and what the results of decisions entail Choices have to be made on short notice DEC. 3 Your birthday today. Creative ventures are featured all likewise deepening involvement in close relationships Self- disciplined effort is needed to keep self-improvement regimes going Meditation should be a regular part of daily life Today's natives are generally active in physical usually talented in practical arts ARIES 21-April Advance planning is key to security and success but keep youur schemes to yourself until they come into actual use Much interesting diversion is available tonight TAURUS 20-May You have much going for should be able to take time off to fulfill some emotional ex- pression Encounters with new acquaintances are probable GEMINI 21-June You have to listen to many things from many people to- day as you sort out your per- sonal problems Your resources increase with moderate effort and the help of others CANCER 21-July Put a little distance between yourself and your associates and customary both in spirit and in location Try something or a difteient method of getting at it LEO 23-Aug. This is the day to break out of long- set ruts of go your own free way Keep your personal affairs simple with direct decisions VIRGO 23-Sept. Grow yourself a thick hide to withstand the commentary you may attract from older or competitive individuals Peo- ple your own age are no trouble LIBRA 23-Oct. Decisions seem easier this mainly because you have only part of the story to go on Try to secure what is available rather than seek some exclusive monopoly SCORPIO 23-Nov. Be up and busy very early Make the big changes first You will have some cheerful news to spread and to celebrate for a long active evening SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec Budgetary im- largely are feasible Older people put themselves out to be may come up with fine ideas CAPRICORN 22-Jan Being prompt and out- spoken brings your suggestions into favorable consideration Time out to pick up neglected emotional ties this evening AQUARIUS 20-Feb. In the scurry to achieve good you inadvertently overspend Put business aside at quitting concentrate on rewarding personal endeavors PISCES 19-March You are at peak of your persuasive powers Ask for whatever you can't reach make deals and accept promises in wrumg if possible The Chicago Tribune THE PARALLAX a complete 20 volume set ol the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Caroline Grant age 15 ol Kingston Ontario for her question What does parallax The parallax originated in geometry progressed to land surveying and graduated to astronomy It is a conundrum that starts with the base of a triangle and divulges where its two sides meet to.form a parallax angle at the top Surveyors use it to measure the curved surface of the earth Astronomers use it to measure the earth s distance Irom a star We can measure an inch worm with a ruler and the trial of a snail with a tape measure But the scope of the sky is boundless and ordinary earth units cannot cope with its cosmic dimensions For we use large units and clever devices One ot tnese devices is parallax This angle at the apex of an enormous celestial triangle can reveal the distance of a star A triangle naturally has three sides with an angle at each corner When we know- the length of its base line its two angles we can figure the rest of the triangle After all its two sides must slope up at those angles and at a cert tain distance meet at a tain point the apex If a triangle is short and the parallax angle at the tip is wide A tall skinny triangle has a narrow angle at the apex So the size of the parallax angle reveals the dis tance from the base to the top of the triangle Let s select a likely star to be measured and construct our immense celestial triangle The base line is the earth s distance from the sun known to be about 93 million miles To get the rest of the picture we photograph the star near a more remote star in the background Now we wait six months and photograph the same scene again Meantime the earth has swung around to the far side ol its orbit Our viewpoint has changed and created a slight change in the relative positions ol the two stars You can see how this works with tne help of a wall two stamps and a pointing linger at the end of a stiff arm Stick a stamp on the wall the other on vour pointing finger and step back Close one eye and line up the tw-o stamps one in Ironl ol ihe other Repeat us- ing the other eye Now the stamp on the wall seems to have moved to one side because vour viewpoint has changed Irom one eye to the other eve This happens when our two stars are seen from two sides ot the arth s orbit To com plete our celestial we use the first picture to construct a line from the earth through the first star to the second star Then we do the same thing for the second picture in which the relative positions of the stars is slight different The two lines angling from dillerent viewpoints converge on the first star and c ross over to the second star Thev meet at the first stai and give us the parallax angle at the top of our celestial triangle The size of the parallax angle reveals the dis- tance of the star These celestial triangles are ext'-emeh and thin No star is close enough to have a parallax angle of one degree However for mini angles the degree is divided into 60 minute units and there are 60 second units in each minute Centaun the sun s closest neighbor has a parallax of 0 760 seconds This translates to a distance of 4 29 lightvears which is roughly 27 million-million earth miles No wonder we needed such a big triangle Questions asked by c ren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntington California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. ROLL THAT MAKE IT HOUI A60UT I HAVE TO COMIN6 OVER 5TM HOME TONI6HTANP TONIGHT CHARLIE 0ROUJN MOM ANP PAP 60IN6 TD A PART'.' FOR ALL THE PARENTS OF LEA6DER5 THEY'RE REALLf INTO PON'T K CMARllE BROWN TO SNOUWLLi. SHORT RIBS byfnnko'niil we -WE SAME PANKINS ALL N LONG SHAME WE OX1DNT HAVE SETTER THAN LAST HI AND LOIS by dik browne YOU SHOULD SEE ALL THE LEFTOVER DIP I HAVE TO EAT REALLY WHV2 I THINK IT WILL TAKE ME A WEEK TO RECOVER PARTY YOU HAD LAST BUDDY HOW DO YOU BUGS BUNNY MAKE YOUESELF COM- PORTABLE... I'LL BE I'M VEWY llsJTEW- ESTEP IN THAT ACCIPEMT INSURANCE POLICV YOU MENTIONEPON HOW MUCH AKE THE PAYMENTS IT WAS A LOT OF TWOUSLE BUT IT WAS WORTH BLONDE by chic young Lawrence Lamb M.D. FIND LETTER BOMBS TEL AVIV Three booby-trapped letters sent from Switzerland have been intercepted by security men at the Israeli general post police said Tuesday They were address- ed to a hotel in Tel a hotel in Ashkelon and a firm in Ashdod Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN c TIM CMcito Trlbunt WEEKLY BRIDGE QUIZ Q. 1 North-South vulner- as South you hold AAKJ4 .J7 OK7 4AQ952 The bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 5 Pass o What do you bid now'' Q 2 North South vulner- as South you hold AAK54 VK7 OJ7 AAQ952 The bidding has proceeded South' West North East I 4 Pass 1 Pass A Pass 5 Pass What do you bid now' Q. 3 North-South vulner- as South you hold 0954 The bidding has proceeded West North East South to 3 A Pass What do you bid' Q. 4 North South vulner- as South you hold kAKQ OQ10853 4KQI054 The bidding has proceeded Vest North East South 4 Dble What action do you take7 Q. 5 Neither as South you hold AKQ1092 The bidding has proceeded South West North East I I A 2 Pass What do you bid now7 Q. as South you hold A63 OJ32 418762 The bidding has proceeded North East South West I 2 4k 2V Pass 4 0 Pass What do you bid now9 Q. as South you hold 4AQ7 OA AQ10652 The bidding has proceeded South West North East 14 I 20 Pass What do you bid now' as Q. South you hold- 4U03 9A74 OA92 4A8752 The bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 4 Pass 2 4 Pass 2 4 Pass 2 NT 3 4 Pass What do you bid now9 lor answers Mandotil Dear Dr Lamb l am is years old I have been menstruating for two years I don't know if you will unders- tand my but please help me and ans- wer my questions I can't get along with my period Everytime I have it I get emotionally upset because I can't feel good or free or act like I don't have it I always feel down I cry a lot and just get so mad at myself Maybe you can't understand but I just think that if I didn't have I could be happy and live so much better About 99 per cent of it is because of sports Basketball means a great deal to me Plus ten- nis etc I love sports I just can't play well when I have it It upsets me so much Is there any kind of opera- tion to stop the menstrual period7 How long would it take to recover from such an operation7 Would you have any trouble with it afterwards7 Do you have any other advice for me7 Dear Reader It isn't un- common for women to have changes in mood and behavior before and during their menstrual periods In recent times the woman's lib move- ment in part has stimulated a rash of public articles saying this is all or literally in your mind The message is that if women weren't con- ditioned to the idea that they would have such signs of femininity that they wouldn't have such problems That is a nice but it doesn't square with reality You can see the same type of changes in the animal if you look for them You can also cause changes in animal benavior by ctr eliminating hormones such writings not- withstanding hormones can and do make a difference The animal experiments and animals in their normal en- vironment haven't been con- ditioned to behave like females but rather respond to hormonal and natural influences I mention this to tell you that you do have a physiological basis for having a problem Being female you will continue to have changes associated with changes in female hormone formation How much it does affect can be influenced by attitudes and even fears as long as you are it is something you might as well accept as part of you Many women engage in sports in spite of menstruation it doesn t seem to hurt them Some doc- tors think that regular physical activity and staying in good shape actually minimize the problems that can occur You are probably going to feel better as you get f during your periods A lot of the types of problems you are now having tend to disappear after having had children or usually by the middle 20s This is particularly true of painful cramps You may continue to have mood swings feeling and energetic in the first half of your cycle and down in the latter part I think it is important for peo- ple to recognize this cycling change and I mean both men and women It only takes a lit- tle bit more consideration from one's family and associates to make the more difficult days go a little smoother and happier for all Send your questions to Dr. in care of this new- P.O. Box Radio City New NY. 10019 For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on the send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. DAGWOOD WE COULD MAKE A PORTUME RAISING CHINCHILLAS' 12 WHY NOT'7 ALL WE 1 APE TWO -Vl CHINCHILLAS V- TO START WITH' Y WITH OUR LUCK THEY PROBABLY WOULDN T LIKE EACH OTMER ARCHIE by bob montana I'LL GIVE YOU A _____ ROAAANIAN HAVE A LITTLE HUNGARIAN GYPSY MUSIC TO GO WITH LUNCH ARCHIE SAID YOU HAVE A VERY FINE GOULASH- DOWN HERE.' SOMEONE LEFT IT UNDER A TABLE HAGAR THE TERRIBLE dik browne TIE Flashback By The CANADIAN PRESS Dec 1973 President Franklin D Roosevelt Prime. Minister Winston Churchill and Russia s Joseph Stalin concluded their historic meeting in Tehran Iran 30 ago lodav in 194.1 at which thev reached agree- ment on the scope and timing ol operations to smash the German armies in the Second World War The Allied leadei s also planned a peace era in which all nations would be in vilcd to join a world family ol democ ratic nations 1942 Gasoline rationing began in the I'nited States 1872 The term of office of Hon A G Archibald first lieutenant-governor of Manitoba expired 1869 All the Hudson s Bav Icrriioiv was translerred to Canada 1825 Alexander 1 ol Russia died 1135 I ol England died FASTEST SNOWMOBILE Kv Michaelson was timed at 114 5 mph in a snowmobile at ThJAT ALL YA OOTTA SAY rj MO BEETLE BAILEY by mod walker I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT BEFORE LI'L ABNER by al cipp THISISTHM IOEEL PLACE TO TRY I TH' NEW SNOW BOMB-J WATCH our WHOSE HAD YOU'RE STEPPINK FOREIGN THIS UPPER O IT WAS-'.' WE COULD USE A _y FEW OF 1 THEIR L WARM BLIZZARDS p _ f THEM IT T HERE.WECALL PLAIN BE U TROPICS. VOU IM PLAIN LOWEST ;