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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - August 28, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta IS LITHBRIDGE HERALD Auguit 1973 Your horoscope By JEANE DIXON WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 29 Your birthday Opens a year of three main Broad exploration or expansion of con- frontation with competition and hard and organization of a workable and fluent system. You can't afford to neglect any oppor- tunity. Chose what will best fit your long range goals. Today's natives can listen to anything and still go thier own way un- swerving. ARIES 21 April The inconvenience you take in stride makes possible some general public good. You are probably more concerned over the welfare of someone nearby than is really necessary. TAl'RUS 20 May The subtleties of daily living form a fine background as you press forward with necessary chores. On many issues there's little you can do at the moment. Be keep work- ing. GEMINI 21 June It's a mixed day of diverse in- a different story every few none of them complete. Enjoy your favorite pastime. Pay attention to the progress of your partner. Be helpful. CANCER 21 July The morning urgency fades out or changes direction by after- noon. In the don't let anything faze you. Spontan- eously organized expedients fill the turn out to be more exercise and fun than anything else. LEO 23 Aug. You'll be proud of holding your temper and remaining serene in the crosscurrents of today's moods and frustrations. Avoid irritating others by appearing to hold back your share. VIRGO 23 Sept. Purchasing is the most tempt- ing activity for you today. Make your selection next there's a new sort com- ing out which is preferable. somebody wants to borrow ask what for. LIBRA 23 Oct. After a slow process of setting up. your high tide of ac- tion and success begins in the later hours. Make the most of ft all. and bring along with you those vou really care about. SCORPIO 23 Nov. Your energy commences a buildup. Avoid wasting time on trivial nuisances most of of them take care of them- selves in the course of the day. The soft sell works better than pushing on career deals. SAGITTARIUS 22-Dec. Very early hours offer short term gains. Midday is mostly for personal requiring no decisions. Evening finds you pursuing fresh perhaps an old flame relighted. CAPRICORN 22 Jan. Your depends more on consistent effort even can't be assumed to hold all day. It's better to collect on past get current sit- uations straightened out as you go. AQUARIUS 20 Feb. News is some of it unwelcome. Be your usual log- ical pause for give your intuition time to re- spond. Your patience with de- lays earns praise. Avoid re- criminations. PISCES 19-March Be specific with your opinions about money and its many pos- sible uses. However much there may be. there's always the chance family funds may be better spent. An extra shows up in your work. The Chicago Tribune Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Each distinct letter in this addition stands for a particu- lar but different digit. It may not seem too but you'll get CASH if you really try. Yesterday's 24 years. Mr. Hunter answers all let- ideas welcome. GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN e TM Tram Both vulnerable. Sooth deals. NORTH A A7S f A5Z O 10 9 8 4 1098 WEST AKQJS63 A 84 2 OJ32 065 4QJT64 SOUTH 410 Q JT4S O AKftT AK2 The Booth West North East I O 2 A 3 V Past Pass 5 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening King of A I Preemption is a two-edged treapon. it con- enznes much of the oppo- bidding space making it difficult for them to bid accurately to the proper con- tract But there are times it drives the opponents to a successful contract that they might not reach under their own power. This deal Iron the 1973 world champi- onship qualifying round en- counter between the U. S. team and the Aces illus- trate this point Six diamonds is a good contract for but it is unlikely that it would be reached in a normal auc- tion North-Sooth have a combined high-card count of only 27 points. The slam is makeaple because the two hinds fit perfectly and every nine and eight is a work- ing card. West's jump overcall of two spades is the weak vari- ety popular in tournament play. While it achieved part of its pnrpose in keeping North-South out of their best were never mentioned in the propelled them into a heart slam that declarer was able to make because of a fortu- nate lie of the cards. North stretched his values slightly when he bid three hearts over the jump over- call. Jeff Rubens of New checked for aces and landed in six hearts. West led the king of and prospects were grim. In the heart suit could be developed for but in hearts them was no place to put th.e los- ing club. The best chance for the contract lay in East having both the queen and jack of clubs. There was no point in de- laying declarer the ace of spadce and immediately ted the eight of clubs. East played low and so did South. When it held. Rubens protected against the possibility of East holding four hearts to the king by leading a low heart to the jack. West won and played a second but declarer drew the outstanding trumps when the dia- monds broke he could claim his slam. In the other the Aces bid up to five hearts. Declarer also took the club finesse to make twelve but still lost 13 Inter- national Match Points on 9HMNW9P Ask Andy Silverfish Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Stu- dents. Encyclopedia to Kim age of Effing- South for her Where do silverfuh come The whiskery little silverfish always seems to be in a great hurry. You hardly catch a glimpse of him as he scuttles to his safe corner in the kitchen. He of rated as a household pest. The silverfish we catch in the kitchen hatch- ed from an hidden in some secret crack in the walls or floor. He descended from in- sect ancestors that shared the world with the dinosaurs. He is called a silverfish be- cause his skinny body is cover- ed with powdery scales that rub off when you touch him. Ob- vously he is not a fish because he lives on preferably in the walls behind somebody's kitchen or bathroom. His three pairs of plus several other qualify him as a mem- ber of the vast tribe of insects. Scientists classify him as a primitive insect because no member of his family has wings. he does not pro- gress through the complicated changes called metamorphosis. His life begins as a tiny which his mother hides in a se- cret dark crevice perhaps in the walls or under the floor of a house. When he his first project is a search for food and the search for food will occupy most of his time through the rest of his life. his hunting is limit- ed to after dark because the silverfish cannot abide any kind of light. When he hatches he is a min- iture copy of his al- most too small to be seen. As he his scaly skin be- comes too tight. Meantime a new skin grows underneath and. when all is the old skin sp'its apart. He crawls out and enjoys the comfort of a new larger skin for a while. As he grows the sec- ond and then a third skin have to be replaced. Experts suspect that he continues to grow all his life. Even as an now and again he molts into a new skin. His favorite menu is mainly starchy with maybe a helping of glue for dessert. He bites into cake crusts of scraps of cereal and any other starchy leftovers he can find in the kitchen. Some- tunes the little wretch attacks the glue that holds a chair to- gether. He also feasts on the glue that binds pages into a book. If you want to catch him in the wait until the house is dark and quiet. Then tip- toe into the kitchen and switch on the light. There he goes in a whirl of scuttling to- ward the dark security of Vs secret hideaway. When fully he measures about an including his long hairy antennas and the tuft of whis- kers on his tail. Many of his kinfolk never invade human homes. They live under the bark of tree trunks and in other dark hideawavs out in the wilds. Their family tree dates back at least 250 million years which was ages before humans arrived and invented houses. Ancestral silverfish shared the ancient coal forests with the dinosaurs. No doubt they learned to scoot out of sight because some of the small diinosaurs were small lizards that spent their time hunting for insect meat. Questions asked by children of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy. P.O. Box 765. Hunticgion Beach. California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. LAWRENCE E. M. D. diet trim pot belly Dear Dr. Lamb I have a high basic metabolism as my weight stays constant regard- less of the food I eat. I am 6- 2-inches and weigh 189 pounds. I have a pot on me like a moose due to the mas- sive quantities of beer that I have consumed during the past five years. Would you please suggest to me a method by which I can remove my pot belly. Dear Reader The first step in removing your pot bel- ly is to remove yourself from the bar stool or the source of your quantities of Even though you are 2-inches and weigh 189 I have no real way of knowing whether you are fat or skinny. Some tall people are really bean poles and others shouldn't weigh so much. There is a gen- eral tendency to think that a tall person can carry a lot of weight. This isn't always the truth. The only way to know for sure is to examine how much fat there is underneath the skin. If you've got a roll of fat around the small of the back or around your waist or any degree of a spare mean- ing fat under the you are too regardless of your height. A second cause for a like a is loss of ab- dominal muscle tone. Exercis- ing the abdominal muscles isn't easy and a lot of our dai- ly activities do nothing to main- tain their strength and tone. for on level ground doesn't involve contraction of the abdominal muscles. Sitting at a bar stool or in front of the TV doesn't involve the abdominal A great deal of yard work doesn't involve the ab- dominal muscles. Because our daily life activ- ity doesn't involve the use of the abdominal muscles very it's often necessary to institute a set of exercises that will help in this regard. The two that I most commonly rec- ommend are which help to strengthen the tone of the upper abdominal and leg which help to strength- en the tone of the lower ab- dominal muscles. Most people know how to do sit-ups so I won't dwell on those ex- cept to say that those who are strong enough should learn to do their sit-ups with the knees rather than the legs straightened out. This will put more load on the upper abdom- inal muscles rather than using the muscles that bend the hips themselves. It's the exercises for the low- er abdominal muscles that are meet often neglected. These are done by lying flat on the floor. lower the heels back to the floor. By repeated lifting and lowering the heels in this way you put a load on the low- er abdominal muscles. You can vary these exercises by spread- ing the once the heels are both off the then bring- ing the feet back together and returning the feet to the floor. Combinations of these kinds of exercises help to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles I suspect from your brief comment that you're going to need to do some exercises of this sort to help. if you've got fat stored in the ab- dominal and many peo- ple who eat too much it's going to be difficult to reduce the size of that old pot until you get it emptied out and that means Iccing fat internally. Send yoar questions to Dr. in care of this news- paper. P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. HAOAR HORRIBLt-By Dlk Brown. COOL SM5 TMIMKS HIM THE tOVSUeST TO UJUEN I SWST SCHOOL NEXT THE SAME HAP UCT HOtlbftLZNMl' IWSGN weeeo Tom K. Ryan WHAT ARE YOUPOIN60N YOUR BLONOIE-By Chic Young ITS ABOUT TWO BLOCKS THAT WAV UMO LITTLE START ON TOUR WAV BEETLE BAILEY-By Mort Walker AND T I'D BE LE TO 6ET DONB WHEN WASN'T 6 BUKLEV'5 AT rMe wosv. LI'L ABNER-By Al Capp CHARLIE I I CHANDLER HCKANDLE.R STABLE SANITIZIWG T IN WHICH OF MAM. IF IT'S A V SANITARV AM USES THIS I BUT IF IT'S A DETECTIM' AH USES WHICH BROOM OR ARCHlE-By Bob Montana Y THE PRICE DAD. I THOUGHT WE IS OUT WERE GOING OF TO GET A SPR1NSBOARD FOR OUR POOL THIS ONE OP THESE TRAMPOLINES WILL BE MUCH CAN YTJU6ET ENOUGH SPRING TO DO OR A CERTAINLY HI AND LOIS-By Dik Browne IWANTAU.M3UMDSTO TELL YOUR MOTHWS TO BUV SOME TODAVJ HOW CAN 1 TELL HER WHEN X CAN'T EVEN TALK BABIES WHO CANT TALK YET TO START CRY1N6 AND POINT SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neal i THAT SOUNDED LIKE ONE OFOMf COIHS. SJR. BUGS BUNNY WHCRC ARK THOSft FlOJttS IT'S QOMFOHTtHB KNOW HAW PAPER CLIPS ON HANOI X ACKBD FORT ;